LeadBuster Review: Bring Your Lead-Capture To Life With Amazing Interactive Lead-Capture Videos #LeadsGeneration #Digitalmarketing
LeadBuster Review

LeadBuster Review:

LeadBuster by VideoRemix is a software that turns your videos into personalized, automatic LEAD machines. Transforming lead forms into a truly interactive experience that you will LOVE using. 

This Is Lead Capture Brought ALIVE.

The Brand New, Smarter Way To Convert, Capture And Remarket To Your Visitors.

With LeadBuster You will Bring Your Lead-Capture To Life With Amazing Interactive Lead-Capture Videos – With Mind-Blowing Visuals, Magical Personalization And Stunning Cinematic Effects That Will Drive You More Leads, Sales And RESALES – On Your Any Site, Store Or Social Media Platform.

For the first time ever, there is a Software that has combined the power of personalization, with the power of lead generation to create one of the most powerful video software on the planet – making your videos more profitable than ever. 


With an easy-to-use, slick yet simple editor and a unique template generator to create limitless personalized lead-grabbing videos right from the get-go – Getting leads has never been easy, so interactive, or so personalized.

LeadBuster Review:

Since Apple gave users the option to say ‘no’ to app tracking…Around 75% of users have been saying a big fat NO.That means for any of us who use Facebook for advertising – we’re now only reaching 25% of our audience.

LeadBuster Review:

And we’re not the only ones panicking. All of us who advertise on Facebook are losing access to some of their most valuable targeting data and have already seen a decrease in effectiveness of their ads.“Severing a data pipeline that has powered the targeted advertising industry for years” -Bloomberg

The negative effects are already having an impact on our bank balances:

  • It’s now harder to figure out which Facebook ads are working.
  • Your products and services are now being shown to less potential new customers.
  • More importantly, it also makes it more difficult to “re-target” people and to make repeat sales.

Retargeting is DEAD:

When users ask Facebook to stop tracking their behavior, re-targeting just isn’t possible.

LeadBuster Review:

Losing the ability to re-target products to customers after they viewed them online but didn’t buy is DEVASTATING businesses and is hitting small and medium businesses more because of their reliance on making impulse purchases from retargeting…

By revolutionizing how people interact with both lead forms AND videos LeadBuster is going to help you get more leads, more sales and COUNTERACT the toxic severing of profits – by getting and keeping your own customer data to milk for recurring profits – WITHOUT having to rely on Facebook whilst its effectiveness drops by 75%.

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