We think it is in your best interest that you understand the terms ‘web hosting’ and ‘reseller hosting’ before delving into the question ‘how to make money with reseller hosting?’ 

How To Make Money with Reseller Hosting.

What Is the Meaning of Web Hosting?

In today's world, you will agree with us that everything is done online, therefore, as a business owner you must have a website which can be designed by a web designer according to your taste, nevertheless, you must consider visibility which is the aim of designing the website in the first place. This implies that you have to host it somewhere on the server.


What Is the Meaning Of Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting can be best described as when a client buys the hard drive space and bandwidth from the hosting provider and starts renting it out to his customers. Simply put that with reseller hosting, you can offer to host to your clients whereby you act as a hosting company. Your take-home point should be that you can start your own hosting business and make gains with reseller hosting while in shared hosting, you are only permitted to host your website.

Who Is Qualified To Start The Reseller Hosting Business?

People who can start a reseller hosting business includes entrepreneurs who are planning to start a web hosting business as well as web developers and designers who wish to include extra services to run their business


Advantages of Reseller Hosting

Provide A One-Stop Service

If you are a reseller host as well as a web developer, you can offer a wide range of services to your clients, it means that you can offer a one-stop solution that includes website development + web hosting, your client can now get everything in one place without going elsewhere.

White Label for your Business

You can create your hosting brand by packaging and reselling it in such a way that it is recognized by the white label because all good reseller packages are identified by the white label, thereby making the client buy the hosting without any hesitation.

Design Your Packages

You also have the liberty to design your hosting plans and make it in such a way that they meet the needs of your client. In addition to this, you have to set up, manage and operate the back-end of the client’s website and manage domains and emails, then charge them for the services rendered.

Grow From Leap to Bound

You have the platform to start little and you have access to extra resources which you can rent as your reseller business grows, this means that you can start little and grow as your demand increases.

No Server Maintenance

Since the hosting provider from whom you bought the reseller hosting has taken care of the server management, you do not need to have expertise in technical maintenance. 

Earn Profit

We have gotten the biggest and most important advantage of becoming a reseller which is attached to finance. The good news is that when you sell hosting, over time, short-term clients will turn into long-term customers, and you know that this means an increase in the lifetime value of your customers and getting a steady income.

What you should consider before starting your reseller hosting business?

We have listed below the essential things you ought to consider before starting your reseller hosting business and they are:

Select the right hosting plans for your clients

If you wish to succeed in this business, you must learn to meet the needs of your customers. You can achieve this by ensuring that the plans you offer meet the needs of your clients instead of being dictated to buy resources and features of your reseller account. For instance, as a web developer, you already have an idea of your business and the type of hosting that is most suitable for your customers. But in a case whereby you are from a different background or profession, it means that you need to research to know your target market first.

There are other things you must put into consideration such as the disk space and also the bandwidth amount needed by your clients, the number of email accounts they will need including the type of software they will need for developing the website, the security measures like SSL, and so on. Also, you may think of designing a wide range of packages they can select from and still upgrade when their business grows. 

Manage your growth

If you are a newbie in the field of hosting, then starting as a reseller is good because you will have the chance to give in-depth into hosting as well as improve your client list while reducing cost.


Make sure you provide great customer service

After the hosting provider takes care of all the technical issues, everything indeed becomes automated but it does not stop there because your customers will have issues from time to time. This is where great customer service becomes very important because the way you respond to them will serve as a deciding factor to know if your business will improve or decline 

You should also note that intending customers expect you to be fast while responding to their inquiries about the package and existing customers will need to be replied swiftly to any issues. Now, having an in-house capacity in terms of staff number and professionals are of great importance, but if this is not possible at the moment, then you need to outsource the customer service for hosting.

Security and Reliability

This is an important aspect of the business that should not be neglected. You have to ensure that as a reseller, you have an adequate level of security which means that you need to take proper and effective precautions for your server (we recommend the use of strong passwords, and so on.). In addition to this, ensure that your host provides the necessary security measures, like daily backups and intrusion monitoring.

Reliability is another aspect that you can’t afford to miss out on as a reseller. No client will tolerate their website going offline because this will create a poor impression of their business thereby leading to financial loss. Generally, this is bad for your reputation, therefore, take the necessary steps to ensure that you have taken measures to reduce the potential downtime. You need to check the reliability and uptime rates of your host before selection, make sure to get an uptime of 99.95% from your host provider.

The Necessary Steps to Establish a Reseller Hosting Business

1. Choose a Good Hosting Company

The first thing to do while searching for a web hosting company is to check their reviews and their support team expertise to know if they meet your demands.

2. Buy Reseller Packages

We have numerous reseller packages that are available alongside the web host. What yoyu need to do is to compare and contrast the bandwidth and storage space of varioys hosting packages before deciding on the one to choose for your reseller business.

3. Have An Understanding Of Your Target Market

The moment you decide that you want to become a reseller, it’s important that you learn about your target audience.

4. Design Your Packages

When you are done buying the packages from your hosting provider, try as much as possible to design your packages for your clients and showcase them on the website.

5. Decide On Your Technical Support Options

Determine what the technical support options you will offer your customers would be. We recommend 24/7 customer support through the phone because we are sure that this is one of the best options that customers will love. What this implies is that you would need a good number of members of staff to take care of phone calls in comparison to email support. 

6. Choose a Payment Processing Solution

Things A Reseller Package Includes

  • Disc Space and bandwidth
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • White label branding
  • cPanel / WHM control panel for Linux or Plesk 17 control panel for Windows
  • Website migration and domain hosting
  • Additional hosting features for clients, e.g. email, cPanel, and security tools
  • Technical support (usually 24/7) offered by hosting provider
  • Domain Reseller
  • Payment Gateway

Choosing the Best Hosting Provider

Below are the basic things that you should check prior to buying reseller hosting from a provider –

  • Company reputation
  • 24*7*365 customer support
  • Support for Linux and Windows
  • Private name servers
  • Website migration service
  • Website backup service
  • One-click installer software
  • Domain reseller account

Make sure you check the costs and make-ups of a bank merchant account as well as the internet-based options. In addition to this, find out if the payment service can process credit cards of various brands and still support repeated billing of customers that subscribe monthly.

You have seen that becoming a reseller host is not a herculean task, you just need to check a few things that need to be checked. With this, you can make gains as long as your reseller hosting provider meets the demand of your customers. 

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