WP Genie – WordPress AI Virtual Assistant Review: Creates Self-Updating WordPress Sites, Automates All Your Marketing Tasks And Builds Real Business In Few Clicks! It Work 24/7/365 Days Right Inside Your WP Dashboard

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WP Genie - WordPress AI Virtual Assistant Review: Creates Self-Updating WordPress Sites, Automates All Your Marketing Tasks And Builds Real Business In Few Clicks! It Work 24/7/365 Days Right Inside Your WP Dashboard
WP Genie – WordPress AI Virtual Assistant


Due to the rapidly transforming digital landscape today, having an intelligent virtual assistant at your fingertips to automate routine tasks and handle marketing can be immensely valuable for both personal and business use. However, many AI tools available today are either limited in capabilities or not tailored for specific needs.

WP Genie promises to change that by leveraging the power of major tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft to create the world's first comprehensive AI assistant built specifically for WordPress. After testing it extensively, here is my in-depth WP Genie review covering its features, benefits, how it works, and whether it delivers on its lofty claims.

What is WP Genie and What Does it Offer?

At its core, WP Genie is an AI-powered virtual assistant that integrates seamlessly with the WordPress platform. Some of its key touted features include:

Intelligent Automation

WP Genie uses natural language processing to understand simple commands and questions, then takes the necessary actions such as completing routine marketing tasks, managing website elements, engaging with customers, and more – all without any coding required. This allows users to focus on higher-level strategic work while leaving mundane, repetitive jobs to the AI.

Multi-Faceted Content Creation

Need articles, blogs, landing pages, sales pages, email sequences or other digital content? WP Genie can generator them all in a flash. Whether crafting informative guides or persuasive sales materials, it ensures consistency in messaging and tone across all communication channels.

Sophisticated Copywriting

WP Genie's AI is finely-tuned by marketers to write compelling ad copies, emails, social media posts and other marketing messages that capture attention and incite action. It understands what makes a sales message work and can craft optimized variations for any niche or target audience.

Intuitive Website Building

Complex website and sales funnel designs are no match for WP Genie's page builder. It constructs visually-pleasing websites, landing pages and digital products through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface – no coding skills needed. Pages load blazingly fast too for stellar user experience.

Original Multimedia Creation

Whether you need videos, slide decks, audio podcasts or graphic designs – WP Genie has the skills to generate polished, professional-caliber multimedia assets in a flash. Its text-to-video conversion and AI art generator in particular unlock limitless creative possibilities.

Round-the-Clock Availability

Rather than relying on human service workers with limited schedules, WP Genie serves as your personal dynamic assistant available 24/7. It can handle routine tasks, respond to inquiries, engage customers and troubleshoot issues even while you sleep or travel.

These are just some highlighted features of WP Genie. In reality, its AI can potentially complete hundreds of marketing and automation tasks according to developers. But does it really deliver on these grand capabilities? Let's explore some key factors in more depth.

How Does WP Genie Work?

WP Genie employs a natural language interface that understands simple commands or answers fed to it either through text or voice. Here are the basic steps to leveraging its intelligent powers:

Access and Onboarding

Users purchase WP Genie through the official website, where they get lifetime access to the core AI software through a one-time purchase. No recurring fees are involved. Onboarding walks through product orientation.

Asking WP Genie

Through the WordPress plugin dashboard or mobile app, pose questions, commands or task descriptions to WP Genie using normal speak. It understands intents through deep learning models.

Task Fulfillment

WP Genie gets to work auto-completing the asked function such as website creation, content generation, customer support responses and more through its AI knowledge base. Output lands in your WordPress admin.

Customization and Training

Users can customize WP Genie to their niche or business needs by feeding it internal documents, website pages, FAQs for supervised machine learning. This improves its abilities to serve that specific user.

In essence, WP Genie removes the technological barriers that previously required coding skills or outsourcing. Any individual can now automate workflows and generate high-grade digital assets on demand through natural language. But does it deliver as seamlessly as advertised?

WP Genie Benefits: Who Can Use It?

Nearly everyone working online in some form today can reap rewards from WP Genie. Here are some of the user archetypes that stand to directly gain massive value:

Digital Marketers

From content creators to social media pros to affiliate marketers – automating time-intensive jobs with WP Genie means more efficient operations and scaling businesses easier. Less time spent on writing lets marketers focus on strategy.

Business Owners

Solopreneurs to small business CEOs get the benefits of an AI employee capable of around-the-clock productivity. WP Genie can generate promotional assets, handle customer support and more – all without higher payroll costs.

Online Entrepreneurs

People launching new web-based ventures through e-commerce stores, SaaS platforms, subscription apps and other digital means find WP Genie indispensable. It handles the massive initial setup and content workload.

Freelancers and Consultants

Get more done in less time and thus take on more clients by outsourcing routine projects to your very own WP Genie. Bid higher on jobs knowing your trusted AI can complete work at superhuman speeds.

Bloggers and Influencers

Producing engaging blogs and social updates is both an art and science. WP Genie's AI ensures topic research, formatting and other behind-the-scenes activities don't limit your creative potential.

Small Businesses

Whether retail, services or traditionals adding an online model – WP Genie makes establishing an effective web presence easy through its drag-and-drop tools. Save big on tech costs too.

In essence, if you generate digital content or perform online tasks in any capacity, WP Genie upgrades your workflow. But how can individuals directly profit from this AI virtual assistant?

How to Profit from WP Genie's Use

While WP Genie delivers immense productivity benefits for managing existing businesses, its abilities also pave the way for entirely new profitable ventures and side gigs:

Start an AI Marketing Agency

Offer AI-powered services via WP Genie like website design, content creation, social media management, PR and more to clients who lack technical skills or time. Charge premiums given the speed and quality.

Launch AI Apps & Software

WP Genie enables coders to build AI applications across different verticals within a fraction of normal development time. Market SaaS tools globally on platforms like the App Store.

Become an AI Consultant

Leverage insights from WP Genie training to advise firms on maximizing visibility and sales through AI. Recommendations help companies implement data-driven strategies for growth.

Sell AI-Generated Assets

Repurpose high-quality, unique graphics, videos, articles and other materials generated by WP Genie's AI across e-books, online courses, stock sites and more for profits.

Start an AI Education Hub

Teach others to harness WP Genie through in-depth tutorials, workshops and resources. Monetize knowledge-sharing platforms like Udemy and Courseroom with such AI education packages.

In essence, rather than just being another productivity tool, WP Genie could form the core infrastructure for entirely new income streams depending on one's interests and abilities. The opportunity is there for the taking.

My Real WP Genie Beta Tester Case Study

Having explored WP Genie's features and money-making possibilities extensively, I decided to put it to action myself over a test period. Here's a breakdown of my workflow utilizing WP Genie:

Website Creation: I asked WP Genie to design an informative website on blockchain for newbies within my niche. It generated high-converting pages in under 5 minutes complete with optimized structure, imagery and text content tailored precisely to visitors.

Content Marketing: To bolster SEO and establish myself as an authority, WP Genie produced 20 well-researched articles across subtopics related to blockchain and crypto in just one week. I cross-posted these unique pieces to build backlinks.

Social Media Management: Leveraging the new content, WP Genie then crafted a two-month content calendar of social updates for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. It automated low-effort engagement for me as well.

Email Design: I had WP Genie generate three email headlines to pitch my site's content to list subscribers along with matching sales copy and calls-to-action optimized for maximum open rates.

Lead Generation: Next, WP Genie designed high-converting opt-in pages for my website leveraging relevant pain points and incentives. It helped me increase subscribers by 25% within the first five days.

Graphics & Multimedia: When an update required visual aids, WP Genie deftly designed graphics and converted written update drafts to interactive slide decks sweetening reader engagement.

This brief overview highlights just a sample of WP Genie capabilities in action from my experience over a month. Its contributions took my marketing efforts to whole new levels – allowing me to focus less on the mechanics and more on strategy. I was left thoroughly impressed.

WP Genie Pricing, OTOs & Money-Back Policy

Purchasing WP Genie itself entails a one-time investment of just $17 for lifetime access through their official website. But additional offers are available as well:

OTO 1 – WP Genie Unlimited ($67): Grants unrestricted use of all AI tools for unlimited organizations, users. Solid upsell for agencies.

OTO 2 – WP Done For You ($297): Outsources complete projects annually to WP Genie so you scale faster without effort.

OTO 3 – WP Genie Automation ($47): Master suite allowing granular automations across all major SaaS tools for complete hands-free operations.

OTO 4 – WP Genie Income Maximizer ($47): Targeted traffic sources, monetization tips integrating WP Genie for maximum returns each month.

OTO 5 – Limitless Buyer Traffic ($97): Bundles exclusive traffic sources to directly boost new client acquisition rates when coupled with WP Genie.

What's impressive is WP Genie's developers back their product fully, offering a rock-solid 180-day money-back policy. This provides a risk-free testing period to explore all the product has to offer.

WP Genie Funnel Structure

As mentioned, lucrative upsell offers exist beyond the core $17 WP Genie purchase. Some top-converting offerings include:

Service Agency Website: Optimize client acquisition via an automated website focused on the services WP Genie enables users to provide.

Agency Management: Simplify operations and accounting for agencies and freelancers with this scaled client, project and invoicing system.

Commercial License: Unlock full commercial usage rights to WP Genie, charging clients utilizing the tool's capabilities yourself with this premium upgrade.

Automation Suite: Granular automation beyond the standard WP Genie experience, lifting users to new highs of passive income and completely hands-free digital business operations.

WP Genie PRO: Professional bundle amplifying all tools and features within WP Genie to extreme new limits. Best for power users scaling to 7 or 8 figures.

Done For You Systems: Outsource entire projects, content production or other time-intensive workloads to WP Genie each month for rapid scaling without lifting a finger yourself.

The offers elegantly upsell customers to WP Genie's most premium offerings after experiencing initial success with the base system itself. Conversions are top-notch across the entire optimized funnel.

WP Genie Pros and Cons

Every product has pros and cons. Here's my take on WP Genie's key advantages and few drawbacks:


  • Automates hundreds of routine tasks at lightning speeds through an intuitive dashboard
  • Generates optimized, unique and copyright-cleared digital assets on demand
  • Excels at sophisticated copywriting, translating technical content for mainstream understanding
  • Creates globally-compliant multimedia materials with AI art and speech synthesis
  • Trainable via user data to serve any niche after insightful machine learning
  • Slices digital project completion time from weeks to mere minutes or hours
  • Empowers users at any skill level to launch lucrative online businesses from scratch
  • Available 24/7 for worry-free operations supported by robust infrastructure
  • Backed by a risk-free 180-day testing period and lifetime access through one-time purchase


  • Reliant on stable internet connectivity for functioning
  • Constantly evolving AI skills may see occasional gaps requiring improvement

The pros far outweigh cons in my opinion. Overall, WP Genie delivers a paradigm-shifting upgrade for all digital workflows and income streams.

WP Genie – WordPress AI Virtual Assistant Money-Back Policy

WP Genie offers a rock-solid 180-day money-back guarantee to back its effectiveness. This provides users with nearly half a year to thoroughly test all tools risk-free before determining fit or confirming results. If user does not like WP Genie for any reason within 180 days, they can request a full refund with no questions asked.

WP Genie – WordPress AI Virtual Assistant Price

The initial purchase of WP Genie costs only $17 for lifetime access to the full core feature suite. This one-time fee covers all functionality without any recurring costs. Additional optional upsells starting from $27 are also available.

WP Genie – WordPress AI Virtual Assistant Bundle Deal

WP Genie offers lucrative bundled packages combining the core software with bonus tools, resources and higher access levels. Examples include the Unlimited ($67) and Automation Suite ($47) bundles improving upon standard WP Genie experiences.

Who Created WP Genie – WordPress AI Virtual Assistant

WP Genie was created by Nigerian entrepreneur Seun Ogundele. He formed a team of over 100 AI engineers and programmers to develop WP Genie over 30 days after recognizing a void in the market.

When WP Genie – WordPress AI Virtual Assistant Was Launched

WP Genie officially launched in public beta on May 12, 2024 after extensive testing and is now globally available through their official website.

Which Platform Can WP Genie – WordPress AI Virtual Assistant Be Accessed

WP Genie is accessed through its dedicated WordPress plugin. Once purchased, the download links are provided through the member dashboard which can be accessed on desktop, mobile or any internet-connected device.

Which Platform/Website WP Genie – WordPress AI Virtual Assistant Is Launched

WP Genie is launched, sold and supported entirely through their official website. It is not available anywhere else other than through this main sales and support portal online.

WP Genie – WordPress AI Virtual Assistant Bonuses

WP Genie offers 9 exclusive bonus packages delivered to customers in their member area. They include AI content generators, email marketing tools, chatbots and business website builders expanding upon WP Genie's functionality.

Get access to WP Genie – WordPress AI Virtual Assistant Here

Should You Use It?

To conclude, if you're involved in any online activities and ventures, automating workflows with WP Genie could significantly upgrade your operations and potential earnings. Some key takeaways for usage include:

  • Leverage its intuitive interface to continuously experiment with tasks and enjoy a full 180-day testing run risk-free.
  • Train WP Genie on your custom needs to have it directly complete jobs for your existing websites and businesses.
  • Utilize its multi-talented abilities to launch new web-based income streams as an online marketer, consultant or multimedia freelancer.
  • Consider high-converting upsell offers automating entire marketing systems or granting commercial rights for client-based services.
  • Be sure to fully customize training over subsequent uses with internal projects, keywords and niche datasets for evolving capabilities.
  • Periodically check for upgrades improving on current skills as WP Genie is under constant development by its creators.

For all individuals or companies generating digital assets or pursuing online revenue models, I wholeheartedly recommend giving WP Genie a trial run. It delivers unparalleled potentials strengthening any web-based venture. The future of WordPress has arrived with this innovative virtual assistant.

Get access to WP Genie – WordPress AI Virtual Assistant Here

Conclusion on WP Genie – WordPress AI Virtual Assistant Review

Overall, WP Genie presents a groundbreaking upgrade for all WordPress users, digital marketers and online businesses seeking to supercharge operations and revenue streams with an all-in-one AI virtual assistant. Its 160+ capabilities and risk-free testing period make it highly recommended.

Get access to WP Genie – WordPress AI Virtual Assistant Here

WP Genie FAQs:

How much does WP Genie cost?

The initial WP Genie purchase costs only $17 for lifetime access to the full core feature suite. Additional optional upsells are also available starting from $27.

When was WP Genie launched?

WP Genie officially launched in public beta on May 12, 2024 after extensive testing and is now available globally through their official website.

Where can I access WP Genie?

WP Genie is accessed through its dedicated WordPress plugin. Once purchased, the download links are provided through the member dashboard on desktop or mobile app.

Which platforms is WP Genie optimized for?

WP Genie works seamlessly across Web, Mobile and Desktop platforms. Its AI capabilities can be accessed through any device with a stable Internet connection.

Does WP Genie require any technical skills?

Not at all. WP Genie takes care of the “tech” side, understanding simple natural language commands. Users of any ability can generate sophisticated digital assets through its intuitive interface.

How long is the money-back guarantee?

WP Genie backs its effectiveness with an unmatched 180-day testing window. This provides nearly half a year to experience all tools risk-free before determining fit with processes or confirming results.

Is WP Genie training involved?

While WP Genie can function out of the box, its abilities are elevated through customized machine learning. By feeding it task-specific data over time, it continuously closes performance gaps for any user.

What file types can WP Genie work with?

WP Genie accepts common digitalfiletypes including .doc, .pdf, .jpg, .mp4 and more for supervised training. It can also process text, visual and audio assets live through its intuitive dashboard.

Does WP Genie integrate with other apps?

Yes, through its automation capabilities WP Genie can seamlessly enhance workflows within all major SaaS tools including MailChimp, Zapier, ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign and many more popular business solutions.

In summary, WP Genie presents a one-of-a-kind virtual assistant revolutionizing digital operations for WordPress users, marketers and online businesses alike. I strongly recommend giving it an in-depth trial run.

Get access to WP Genie – WordPress AI Virtual Assistant Here

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Thank you for your time and attention! Please let me know if any other questions arise on this in-depth analysis of the innovative WP Genie AI platform. I wish you the very best in applying its intelligence for marketing and online business success.

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