Boost your career: Enroll in 7 Free computer courses online and receive certificates

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Boost your career Enroll in 7 Free computer courses online and receive certificates. Boost your career: Enroll in 7 Free computer courses online and receive certificates
Boost your career: Enroll in 7 Free computer courses online and receive certificates

The Importance of Computer Literacy in the Digital Age

Looking at the speed of internet activities today, computer literacy has become an essential skill for personal, educational, and professional success. The ubiquity of technology in our daily lives makes it imperative for individuals to develop and refine their computer skills to thrive in this digital landscape.

The Ubiquity of Computers in Our Daily Lives

Computers have become an integral part of our everyday lives, revolutionizing the way we work, communicate, and access information. From personal tasks like online banking and social media to professional responsibilities like document creation, data analysis, and online collaboration, proficiency in computer skills is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

The Role of Computers in Education and Learning

In the educational realm, computers have become indispensable tools for research, writing, presentations, and accessing online learning resources. Students who possess strong computer skills are better equipped to navigate the digital landscape, collaborate with their peers, and succeed in their academic endeavors.

The Importance of Computer Skills in the Workforce

Employers across various industries increasingly expect their workforce to possess a diverse set of computer skills. These include competencies in word processing, spreadsheet management, internet research, email and communication, and basic troubleshooting. Candidates who can demonstrate these skills have a significant advantage in the job market, as they can quickly adapt to the technological demands of the workplace.

The Benefits of Computer Skills for Personal Productivity and Communication

Beyond the professional and academic spheres, computer skills enhance personal productivity and communication. Tasks such as managing personal finances, organizing digital documents, and communicating effectively through email or social media platforms are all facilitated by a solid foundation in computer literacy.

The Benefits of Online Computer Courses

Online computer skills courses provide a flexible and accessible way for individuals to develop or enhance their computer proficiency. These courses offer several benefits:


Many online computer courses are available for free or at a fraction of the cost of traditional classroom-based programs, making them accessible to a wider audience.

Convenience and Flexibility

Online courses allow learners to study at their own pace and on their own schedule, accommodating busy lifestyles and various learning preferences.

Diverse Course Offerings

The online learning landscape offers a vast array of computer skills courses, catering to beginners, intermediate users, and those seeking to specialize in specific software or programming languages.

Certification and Credentialing

Many online computer courses provide the opportunity to earn certificates or other credentials, which can be valuable additions to one's professional portfolio and help demonstrate proficiency to potential employers.

Continuous Learning

Online courses enable lifelong learning, allowing individuals to continuously update their computer skills as technology evolves, ensuring they remain competitive and adaptable in the job market.

Selecting the Right Computer Skills Course

When choosing an online computer skills course, it's essential to consider your specific learning objectives, current skill level, and the course's reputation and credibility. Here are some factors to consider:

Learning Objectives

Determine the computer skills you wish to develop, whether it's mastering a specific software application, learning programming fundamentals, or gaining a broader understanding of computer hardware and software.

Skill Level

Assess your existing computer skills to ensure you select a course that aligns with your current knowledge and provides the appropriate level of instruction, whether it's a beginner, intermediate, or advanced program.

Course Content and Structure

Review the course curriculum, the types of learning materials (e.g., video lectures, interactive exercises, projects), and the overall structure to ensure it meets your learning preferences and needs.

Course Provider and Credentials

Research the reputation and credibility of the course provider, as well as the value and recognition of any certificates or credentials offered upon completion.

Learning Support

Consider the availability of instructor guidance, peer interactions, and access to additional resources that can enhance the learning experience.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can choose the right online computer skills course to develop the necessary competencies and advance your personal, educational, or professional goals.

7 Free Online Computer Courses with Certificates

The following free online computer courses with certificates offer a diverse range of topics and skill levels, catering to the needs of various learners. While the courses themselves are free, some may require a fee for the certificate of completion.

Alison — Certificate in Windows 10 Course (2020 Edition)

Certificate Title: Windows 10 Course (2020 Edition)
Program Length: Five to six hours

Certificate Overview

The utilization of Microsoft Windows as an operating system is widespread and highly favored worldwide, catering to both personal and professional computing needs. A commanding grasp of Windows-based software and tools has become indispensable across various industries and job positions.

Alison's comprehensive course delves into the essential features of Windows 10, starting with fundamental concepts like user accounts, display and power settings, desktop applications, file sharing and management, and personalization. The course is structured into a comprehensive series of eight modules, each covering distinct aspects of the subject matter. These modules collectively build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, preparing learners for the final assessment that serves as the culmination of their learning journey.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants are awarded a highly regarded Alison Diploma/Certificate, which is accredited by CPD (Continuing Professional Development). It is important to note that Alison applies a fee of $22 for digital certificates and $31 for printed certificates, ensuring the authenticity and professionalism of the awarded credentials.

Key Takeaways

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the Windows 10 operating system and its essential features.
  • Learn how to navigate the user interface, manage files and settings, and optimize productivity.
  • Earn a CPD-accredited certificate to validate your Windows 10 proficiency.

Mastermind Education via Alison — Certificate in Essentials of macOS

Certificate Title: Essentials of macOS
Program Length: 1.5 to three hours

Certificate Overview

macOS serves as the robust operating system that empowers Macintosh computers, including renowned devices like MacBooks and iMacs. This operating system seamlessly harmonizes with an array of Apple devices and services, fostering a cohesive experience that enables users to effortlessly leverage the complete potential of the expansive Apple ecosystem.

The comprehensive course offered by Mastermind Education encompasses two modules that delve into the fundamental aspects of macOS. These modules provide in-depth coverage of essential topics, including basic operations, keyboard and mouse shortcuts, system preferences, file management, and troubleshooting techniques. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to explore methods for optimizing productivity through the utilization of both built-in and third-party applications.

Once learners successfully complete the course and pass the final assessment, they will be awarded a prestigious diploma or certificate that is accredited by CPD (Continuing Professional Development). It is important to note that Alison imposes a fee of $22 for digital certificates and $31 for printed certificates. This nominal fee ensures the authenticity and professionalism of the certificates provided to learners as a testament to their accomplishment.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the core features and functionalities of the macOS operating system.
  • Learn how to navigate the user interface, manage files, and utilize productivity-enhancing tools.
  • Acquire a CPD-accredited certificate to demonstrate your macOS proficiency.

SimonSezIT via Alison — Certificate in Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019/365

Certificate Title: Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019/365
Program Length: Three to four hours

Certificate Overview

Microsoft Word remains a popular and widely used word processing application for both business and personal purposes. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Word 2019/365, teaching you how to maximize the functionality of this essential software tool.

Participants in the course are equipped with a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on creating documents, executing commands, and formatting characters using the diverse array of tools and features offered by Microsoft Word. The course is structured into five modules, encompassing a systematic exploration of the subject matter, culminating in a final assessment. Successful completion of the course entitles participants to a prestigious diploma or certificate, accredited by CPD (Continuing Professional Development), acknowledging their proficiency in Microsoft Word.

Key Takeaways

  • Develop proficiency in using the core features and functions of Microsoft Word.
  • Learn how to create, edit, and format documents effectively.
  • Obtain a CPD-accredited certificate to showcase your Microsoft Word skills.

Great Learning via Alison — Certificate in PowerPoint for Beginners

Certificate Title: PowerPoint for Beginners
Program Length: Two hours

Certificate Overview

PowerPoint is a widely used presentation software tool that enables users to create engaging and professional-looking slideshows. Great Learning's beginner-friendly course on PowerPoint aims to deepen your understanding of the software's functionalities and help you develop the skills to create compelling presentations.

This course consists of 11 modules, including self-paced video lectures. Participants explore key PowerPoint components, such as Slide Master, SmartArt, basic animation, charts, Excel data integration, and live charts. Learners apply their newfound knowledge by creating, presenting, and reviewing their own presentation.

Upon successfully completing the course, learners are awarded a certificate of completion. This certificate serves as formal recognition of their achievement and signifies their successful fulfillment of all course requirements. It serves as tangible evidence of their dedication and commitment to enhancing their skills and knowledge in the subject matter.

Key Takeaways

  • Gain a solid understanding of PowerPoint's core features and functionalities.
  • Learn how to craft visually pleasing and effective presentations.
  • Earn a certificate of completion to demonstrate your PowerPoint skills.

Great Learning via Alison — Certificate in Excel for Beginners

Certificate Title: Excel for Beginners
Program Length: 4.5 hours

Certificate Overview

Excel is a versatile and widely used spreadsheet program that is essential for a variety of personal and professional tasks, such as data organization, visualization, analysis, calculation, and budgeting.

Discover Great Learning's complimentary certificate course on Excel, designed specifically for beginners and individuals with minimal prior experience. This comprehensive course delves into the vast capabilities of Excel, equipping learners with a solid foundation in utilizing this powerful software. Through 4.5 hours of self-paced video lectures, participants will delve into essential topics such as formulas, functions, and conditional formatting, enabling efficient manipulation and analysis of data. Additionally, learners will develop proficiency in cell referencing, creating tables and borders, as well as sorting and filtering data, enhancing their overall Excel skills and productivity.

Upon successful completion of the course, you'll earn a certificate of completion.

Key Takeaways

  • Develop a solid understanding of Excel's core features and functionalities.
  • Learn essential formulas, functions, and data manipulation techniques.
  • Upon successfully completing the course, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion, serving as a tangible testament to their newly acquired Excel skills. This certificate can be proudly showcased to validate their proficiency in Excel, demonstrating their dedication and commitment to professional growth and expertise in data manipulation and analysis.

Codecademy via Alison — Certificate in Learn HTML

Certificate Title: Learn HTML
Program Length: Seven hours

Certificate Overview

Codecademy's free online “Learn HTML” course teaches the fundamentals of HTML (HyperText Markup Language), a crucial skill for building and editing websites and their content. HTML skills are essential for web development, particularly for front-end and back-end developers, but they can also benefit professionals such as writers and content creators.

This beginner-level course comprises lessons, quizzes, and projects covering HTML elements, structure, syntax, tables, forms, and semantic HTML. While Codecademy's “Learn HTML” course is free, a certificate of completion is only available with paid subscription plans, which range from $14.99 to $19.99 per month.

Key Takeaways

  • Gain a fundamental understanding of HTML and its role in web development.
  • Learn how to structure and format web content using HTML elements and syntax.
  • Obtain a certificate of completion to demonstrate your HTML proficiency (with paid subscription).

MITx via edX via Alison — Certificate in Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

Title of The Certificate: Introduction to Computer Science & Programming Using Python
Program Length: Nine weeks

Certificate Overview

MITx presents an exceptional opportunity with its introductory course on computer science and programming using Python. As the first installment in a two-course sequence tailored for beginners, this program provides a comprehensive foundation in key concepts. Participants will explore a range of topics, including algorithms, data structures, and testing and debugging, through a series of engaging lecture videos, interactive exercises, and challenging problem sets.

By leveraging Python 3.5, learners will gain practical programming skills and a solid understanding of fundamental computer science principles. This course serves as an ideal starting point for individuals aspiring to delve deeper into the realm of advanced computer science and programming coursework.

While this course is free to take, learners must enroll in the paid track to earn a certificate of completion. The certificate track costs $75.

Key Takeaways

  • Gain a basic understanding of computer science concepts and programming using Python.
  • Explore algorithms, data structures, and fundamental programming techniques.
  • Earn a certificate of completion by enrolling in the paid track.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Free Online Computer Courses with Certificates

How can I learn computer skills online for free?

To learn computer skills online for free, follow these steps:

  1. Identify your learning goals and areas of interest: Determine the specific computer skills you want to develop, whether it's mastering a particular software application, learning programming fundamentals, or gaining a broader understanding of computer hardware and software.
  2. Explore reputable online learning platforms: Many online learning platforms, such as Alison, Codecademy, and edX, offer a wide range of free computer skills courses. Browse their course catalogs to find programs that align with your learning objectives.
  3. Supplement your learning: In addition to the free online courses, you can further enhance your learning experience by accessing additional resources, such as tutorials, forums, and practice exercises. These can help you better understand the concepts and apply your newfound knowledge.
  4. Prioritize hands-on practice: Actively engage with the course materials by completing exercises, projects, and assessments. Hands-on practice is crucial for developing and reinforcing your computer skills.
  5. Consider certification: While the courses themselves are free, some platforms offer the option to earn certificates or other credentials for a fee. Evaluate the value and recognition of these certificates based on your goals and the course provider's reputation.

Are free certificates worth anything?

The value of certificates earned through free online courses can vary, depending on several factors:

  1. Course provider's reputation: Certificates from well-known and reputable institutions, such as edX, Coursera, or Udemy, tend to hold more weight than those from lesser-known or less-established platforms.
  2. Course content and rigor: Courses that provide comprehensive and in-depth instruction, with a clear assessment of learning outcomes, are generally viewed as more valuable than shorter, less-intensive programs.
  3. Employer recognition: Some employers may place more importance on the skills demonstrated rather than the certificate itself. It's essential to research the specific hiring practices and preferences of your target employers.
  4. Personal and professional development: Even if a free certificate may not hold significant weight with employers, it can still be valuable for your own personal growth and as a supplement to your overall learning and skill development.

While free certificates may not always carry the same prestige as those earned through paid programs, they can still be worthwhile, especially if they align with your learning goals and help you develop in-demand computer skills. The true value lies in the knowledge and abilities you acquire, which can be demonstrated through practical application and portfolios.

Which website is best for online certification courses for free?

There is no single “best” website for free online certification courses, as the quality and suitability of the courses can vary depending on your specific needs and learning goals. However, here are some reputable online learning platforms that offer a wide range of free certification courses:

  1. Alison: Alison provides a diverse selection of free online courses, including computer skills courses that award certificates upon completion.
  2. Codecademy: Known for its interactive, hands-on approach to learning, Codecademy offers free courses on various programming and web development topics, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  3. edX: Launched by MIT and Harvard, edX is a renowned online learning platform that offers free courses from top-tier universities and institutions, including computer science and programming courses.
  4. Coursera: Coursera partners with leading universities and organizations to provide free online courses, some of which offer certificates or specializations for a fee.
  5. FutureLearn: FutureLearn features a wide range of free online courses, including those focused on digital skills and computer science.

When choosing a website for free online certification courses, consider factors such as the course content, instructor expertise, user reviews, and the overall reputation and credibility of the platform. It's also essential to ensure that the certificates align with your learning objectives and are recognized by potential employers or educational institutions.

What basic computer course is best for beginners?

The best basic computer course for beginners depends on the individual's specific needs and learning goals. However, here are some recommended courses that cover fundamental computer skills:

  1. Introduction to Computers and Microsoft Office: This type of course provides a comprehensive overview of computer hardware and software, as well as the basics of popular productivity applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Examples include Alison's “Windows 10 Course (2020 Edition)” and Great Learning's “Excel for Beginners” and “PowerPoint for Beginners” courses.
  2. Computer Basics or Digital Literacy: Courses focusing on computer basics or digital literacy typically cover topics such as computer components, operating systems, internet navigation, email, and basic troubleshooting. These courses are suitable for individuals with little to no prior computer experience.
  1. Fundamentals of Operating Systems: For those who want to delve deeper into the core functionality of computer operating systems, courses on Windows, macOS, or Linux fundamentals can be beneficial. Alison's “Essentials of macOS” and “Windows 10 Course (2020 Edition)” are examples of such courses.
  2. Introduction to Programming or Coding: If you're interested in learning programming or coding, entry-level courses that teach the basics of languages like Python or HTML can be a great starting point. Codecademy's “Learn HTML” course is a good example of a beginner-friendly programming course.

When selecting the best basic computer course, consider your learning objectives, current skill level, and preferred learning style. It's also helpful to research course reviews and discuss your needs with the course providers to ensure you enroll in the most appropriate program for your goals.

Conclusion on “Boost your career: Enroll in 7 Free computer courses online and receive certificates”

In today's digital landscape, developing basic computer skills is essential for personal, educational, and professional success. Free online computer courses with certificates offer a cost-effective and accessible way for individuals to acquire and validate their computer proficiency.

By exploring the courses outlined in this guide, you can enhance your skills in operating systems, productivity software, web development, and programming fundamentals. These certifications can help you stand out in the job market, improve your productivity, and unlock new opportunities for growth and advancement.

Remember, the true value of these courses lies not only in the certificates but also in the practical knowledge and skills you gain. Engage actively with the course materials, practice regularly, and leverage the additional resources available to maximize your learning experience.

Invest in your digital future by taking advantage of these free online computer courses with certificates. Elevate your computer skills, boost your confidence, and unlock new possibilities in the ever-evolving digital era.

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