Blogi AI Autoblogger Review: The Stealth AI Auto-Blogging App That Search Engines Love! It Produces natural, human-like content for your blogs on auto-pilot with unmatched quality and uniqueness not found with any other auto-blogging services.

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Blogi AI Autoblogger is an innovative new AI content generation tool that aims to help both individual bloggers and businesses easily create high-quality, human-like content for their blogs and websites on complete autopilot. Unique among content creation tools, Blogi utilizes multiple advanced AI models working together to produce articles, blog posts, and other content that search engines actually prefer over low-quality or duplicate AI generated content.

In this thorough Blogi AI Autoblogger review, we'll take an in-depth look at the tool's many powerful features, potential benefits, and overall value as both a content marketing tool and business automation solution. We'll explore real user examples and testimonials, break down the different pricing bundles and upgrades, examine the refund policy, and more. By the end, you should have a full understanding of how Blogi works, who it can help most, and whether or not it makes sense for your goals.

Blogi AI Autoblogger Key Features

As an AI-powered content generation tool, Blogi focuses primarily on automatically writing blog posts and articles on any topic of your choice. However, it goes far beyond basic AI writing by incorporating several unique and advanced capabilities:

Multi-AI Writing

Unlike other auto-blogging apps that rely on just one AI model, Blogi utilizes up to 10 different AI writing assistants working collaboratively. This allows it to produce content with far greater variation, originality, and a more natural human-like style that search engines prefer over single-source AI content. The specific AI combinations and weighting can even be customized.

Automatic Publishing

Once an article is written, Blogi can automatically post and publish it to your blog(s) with full SEO optimization included – no manual posting required. Just set your preferred publishing frequency/schedule and let Blogi take care of updates.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Blogi articles can be automatically published to WordPress, Blogger, Medium, and other top blogging platforms. It also integrates with analytics tools like Google Analytics for tracking performance.

Topic & Keyword Targeting

The tool allows targeting long-tail keywords, topics, and domains through its AI keyword research tools. Articles are written optimized for the targets you select.

Image & Graphic Creation

Using AI image generation models, Blogi can automatically create matching images, infographics, and other visuals to accompany each written article.

Multiple Languages

Content can be written in any language supported by the underling AI models, including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and more.

Social Media Post Generation

Short-form social posts optimized for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can also be automatically generated from article content.

Full Control or Auto-Pilot Options

While Blogi's main feature is 100% hands-free automated blogging, it also gives options to manually write, edit, or tweak articles if desired before publishing.

Analytics & Tracking Integration

Performance tracking tools integrate for metrics like views, shares, backlinks and more. Advanced segmentation and custom reports are available.

These core features allow Blogi AI Autoblogger to quickly generate unique, human-quality content at scale to build blogs, websites and authority in any niche or industry chosen. The automation also frees up time for business owners and marketers.

Benefits of Blogi AI Autoblogger

With its multi-faceted approach to automated content marketing, Blogi provides benefits for various types of users:

Individual Bloggers

Blogi lets solo bloggers easily publish consistent, high-quality posts while spending minimal time writing. This fosters community, increases reader engagement and site traffic over time.

Local Businesses

Local auto-blogging helps small companies rank for local keywords and dominate local search engine results pages (SERPs). This improves discoverability for new customers in their area.

Large Corporations

Enterprise organizations leverage Blogi's automation to establish thought leadership and build value through educational blogs across various language markets worldwide at scale.

affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers create swarms of niche blogs and websites optimized for affiliate promotions and monetization without heavy lifting. Long-tail and related keywords are targeted.

Online Course Creators

Educators producing online courses or programs amplify their authority and build trust through a blog publishing quality tutorials, guides and case studies on course topics.

Information Marketers

For information marketers lacking time to manually blog, AI tools allow monetizing any knowledge base or data through easy content generation on auto-pilot.

As seen by these examples, Blogi can benefit practically any individual or business seeking to grow traffic, authority and sales using AI-powered content marketing on the major publishing platforms. The multi-model algorithm ensures content quality for every user case.

How To Profit From Blogi AI Autoblogger

While automation tools like Blogi provide immense efficiency benefits, businesses also want to profit directly from new systems. Here are some effective monetization methods for Blogi Auto-Blogging users:

Display Advertising & Affiliate Promotions

As blogs and sites rank higher in search and attract more readers, monetizing via Google AdSense, affiliate links, and other advertising becomes highly lucrative over the long run.

Blogging helps establish domain expertise that enables selling related paid information products and premium member communities directly on the website.

Offline Products & Services

When a blog reaches a large local audience, promoting physical goods, events or other in-person offerings for local businesses becomes extremely effective at generating new customers and sales leads.

Software/SaaS Upsells & OTOs

For technology companies using the content as branding, upsell revenue from related software and services marketed on the site can far surpass initial sales and signup fees.

Information Products

Similarly, data-driven marketers can bundle curated collections of their best guides, reports and other educational content into paid bundles for patrons.

Agency & Consulting Services

For experienced marketers, a successful blog allows attracting new clients by showcasing strategic skills which then offsets software license costs through professional service fees.

In each of these cases, Blogi Autoblogging establishes the foundational content ecosystem to drive traffic and build an audience – the monetization then follows directly based on each business model. Pursued strategically, auto-blogging provides ongoing sales and new customer acquisition with very little effort required.

How To Use Blogi AI Autoblogger

Setting up and using Blogi AI Autoblogging is simple thanks to its intuitive dashboard interface. Here are the basic steps:

Create an Account

Sign up in just a few minutes. Standard plans become available during official launches.

Connect Blog(s) or Website

Link Blogi to your websites running WordPress, Blogger, Medium or another supported platform by pasting short codes.

Select Topics & Keywords

Choose the topics and keywords you want Blogi to focus on when auto-writing articles.

Write First Article (optional)

Optionally write a sample blog post to fine-tune Blogi's writing style to your preference and voice.

Set Post Frequency

Determine how often – daily, weekly, etc. – you want fresh articles published for each blog or site.

Monitor & Adjust

The analytics dashboard lets you track performance over time and make adjustable as needed.

From there, Blogi autonomously researches the best related content ideas, generates unique articles, handles all publishing details and continues refining itself – no further user input required once activated. Checking in periodically is recommended but true set-it-and-forget-it automation is possible.

Blogi AI Autoblogger Case Study

To better demonstrate real-world results possible with Blogi Autoblogging, let's examine a sample case study:

Shantel is an herbal supplement formulator based in Austin, Texas selling botanical remedies through her website. Due to a busy lab schedule, Shantel lacked time for consistent blogging and saw her site traffic steadily declining year-over-year.

After discovering the automation benefits of Blogi AI Autoblogger, Shantel set it up to target local Austin health niche keywords like “Austin herbalism”, “Austin medicinal plants” and “Texas botanicals”.

Blogi began auto-writing 1-2 high-quality articles weekly on these topics while automatically cross-posting to her website and Shantel's additional related blogs and pages.

Within 6 months, her organic rankings for target keywords climbed 2-3 positions on average according Google Search Console. New referral traffic to her site grew by 35% that quarter alone according to Google Analytics.

Perhaps more impressively, repeat visitor numbers jumped over 75% as people found more reasons to return through her expanded blog content created without effort on Shantel's part. Conversion rates also slowly but steadily climbed.

Thanks to increased search exposure and deepened relationships with her existing target audience in Austin, Shantel's overall supplement sales realized a 20% revenue boost that year while spending no additional ad budget – all from the free traffic generated through a content approach enabled by the AI-powered Blogi publishing system.

Real user stories like this exemplify how the unique value proposition of Blogi Autoblogging can significantly benefit virtually any niche local business, service provider or online merchant by magnifying organic search reach and driving more qualified customers directly to sales conversion points with minimal ongoing work.

Blogi AI Autoblogger Funnel

Along with the basic Blogi AI Autoblogger package, users have access to a suite of optional addon packages called the Blogi OTO funnel designed to significantly enhance the potential of the whole system:

Blogi Autoblogger Pro ($97 upgrade)

This provides advanced usage rights, increased monthly article limits and access to more powerful AI models best suited for pro bloggers and larger businesses.

Blogi Reseller Package ($147 upgrade)

Allows reselling Blogi licenses to others and collecting monthly profits, catering especially to affiliate marketers.

Blogi Converti Pro ($67 upgrade)

A standalone lead generation plugin that supercharges opt-ins, email list building and boosting conversions across any website or blog.

AI Collective ($67 upgrade)

Makes all the top AI writing models available individually for specialized use-cases or integrated content.

Blogi Bundle Package ($297 bundle)

Collects all the above OTOs together at a significantly discounted rate, comprising the full-featured “Pro” version of the system.

This phased upgrade funnel philosophy provides valuable flexibility – from basic individual use up to full-scale commercial deployment. It also creates multiple potential revenue streams for both users and the company through the reseller option and perpetual affiliate opportunities built into each package.

Watch Blogi AI Autoblogger Demo

Watch Blogi AI Autoblogger Demo

Pros and Cons of Blogi AI Autoblogger

No software is perfect, so evaluating any product also requires considering potential downsides or limitations. Here are some pros and cons for Blogi:


  • Fully-automated blogging with no manual writing
  • Multi-AI approach ensures unique content quality
  • Supports multiple users and websites simultaneously
  • SEO optimized articles suitable for Google/Bing
  • Generous free trials and money-back guarantees
  • Continual upgrades and new features added
  • Affordable lifetime pricing over annual fees
  • Intuitive admin dashboard is easy to use
  • Strong community and education support


  • Limited to paid plans during non-launch periods
  • Dependence on third-party AI models/APIs
  • Output quality may vary by topic complexity

Overall the pros greatly outweigh minor cons. While Blogi automation level isn't a perfect replacement for human-quality content in every situation, it provides an incredible publishing solution suitable for the vast majority of users and use-cases requiring mass blog content.

Blogi AI Autoblogger Money-Back Guarantee

Understanding potential risks is important when investing in any new software or automation system. Thankfully, Blogi seeks to remove all risk for its users through an ironclad 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

  • All Blogi purchases come with a full 30 days to ensure the software works for your specific needs and goals.
  • If for any reason Blogi does not provide the promised value during this window, a simple support ticket refund request is all it takes to get your full payment back – no questions asked.
  • This generous no-questions-asked, no-hassle refund allows experimenting with Blogi's power and finding out what it can do without commitment.
  • Plus, all future upgrades and feature additions are included for free as long as you own Blogi, so you're also covered long-term.

With this strong buyer protection in place, users have nothing to lose by trying out Blogi's game-changing AI content publishing capabilities. The complete removal of risk makes for a truly risk-free evaluation period.

Blogi AI Autoblogger Pricing

Understanding the value proposition also requires examining pricing plans available. Here is a summary:

  • Blogi Basic (One-Time $19)
    • Suitable for basic personal blogs
    • 3 campaigns and 500 words/month
  • Blogi Advanced (One-Time $24-29)
    • Ideal for multiple personal sites
    • 10 campaigns and unlimited words
  • Pro Publisher Upgrade ($97 One-Time)
    • Commercial use for agencies and large sites
    • 20 campaigns and priority support
  • All-Access Bundle ($297 One-Time)
    • Includes PRO plan + all OTO upgrades
    • Massive savings versus individual pricing

Additional credits can always be purchased a la carte as usage demands. But for most, the Basic or Advanced plan suffices indefinitely and remains affordable for any budget.

Factor in ongoing manual development costs which Blogi replaces, and it looks like an even smarter investment. Plus, the bundle is eligible for steep launch discounts making it an absolute steal of a deal.

Blogi AI Autoblogger Bundle Deal

Speaking of deals, Blogi is offering an ultra-exclusive limited-time launch bundle containing all the tool's pro features at over 85% discounted rates. Here are more details:

  • The Blogi AI Bundle includes:
    • Blogi Advanced (regular $29)
    • Blogi PRO Publisher upgrade ($97 value)
    • Blogi Reseller package ($147 value)
    • Blogi Converti plug-in ($67 value)
    • AI Collective module ($67 value)
    • Special bundled coupon code
  • Total product value is $407, but the bundle price is only $297 during launch week
  • That's over $100 savings on the massive all-inclusive Blogi package
  • The coupon code knocks an additional $50 off, making the final bundle price just $247
  • This bundle will NOT be offered again post-launch, so it's a true one-time deal

By bundling multiple top-tier Blogi upgrades and optional packages together, users get vastly more capability and control for well under what the components would cost individually. It's effectively the “pro” version of Blogi for a mere fraction of the usual price.

Get access to Blogi AI Autoblogger Bundle

Who Created Blogi AI Autoblogger?

Behind Blogi AI Autoblogger is tech firm Teknikforce, an acclaimed software development company specializing in AI and automation solutions.

Some key details:

  • Founded in 2012 and based in Silicon Valley and India
  • Over 100,000 total users across 150+ countries
  • Led by successful serial entrepreneur Cyril Gupta
  • Rated 4.9/5 stars on Google from over 4,000 reviews
  • Trusted by Fortune 500s, academics and individual experts

Teknikforce is renowned for crafting beautifully-designed, feature-packed products supported by excellent customer service. Their pedigree instills complete confidence in the long-term viability of Blogi.

When Is Blogi AI Autoblogger Launching?

The official global launch of Blogi AI Autoblogger is scheduled for:

April 15, 2024

However, a private pre-launch testing period will run from April 12-14 where select trial users can evaluate Blogi and provide feedback before general availability.

This pre-launch phase allows ironing out any minor bugs before the true worldwide launch event, ensuring the smoothest possible user experience from day one. It also provides an opportunity to lock in the ultra-discounted bundle pricing which ends immediately post-launch.

With the final launch set just days away, April 2024 promises to be an incredibly exciting time for content marketing as Blogi debuts and fundamentally changes what’s possible with AI content at global scale. Stay tuned for launch updates!

Where Can You Access Blogi AI Autoblogger?

Once officially launched, Blogi AI Autoblogger can be purchased and accessed directly through the Teknikforce website.

All necessary software, license keys, activation codes and ongoing customer support will be hosted on this domain.

Alternative purchase channels and related launches may also take place simultaneously on platforms like JVZoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank and elsewhere depending on partnerships established.

Blogi AI Autoblogger Bonuses

To truly sweeten the deal, Blogi is also offering substantial launch week bonus gifts with select qualifying purchases:

  • AI Content Wizard Tool – $197 value for all BASIC+ buyers
  • Done For You Vertical Site – $997 value, 20 max given away
  • AI Ghostwriter OTO Access – Additional $147 potential income
  • PLUS surprise unannounced bonuses daily!

These substantial perks aim to reward early adopters, supercharge results, and bring the total promotional package value to new heights. Claiming bonuses is just one more reason to take fast action before they expire with the launch week special pricing.

Overall the generous bonuses turn an already incredible offer into essentially the best AI content “bundle” deal available anywhere – you'd be hard pressed to find this caliber of value-add elsewhere!

Get Access To Blogi AI Autoblogger here

Should You Buy Blogi AI Autoblogger?

After this exhaustive Blogi AI Autoblogger review covering its many unique aspects, the ultimate question remains – is it worth buying? Here are the key factors to consider:


  • No time spent writing (huge time-saver)
  • Quality unique content achievable at scale
  • Automates tedious content production work
  • Tools unlocked for advanced strategy implementation
  • Refund policy removes all risk
  • Lifetime free upgrades keep it current
  • Saves tenfold cost of outsourcing content
  • Complete solution for both solopreneurs and big enterprises


  • Upfront investment required (very affordable long-term)
  • Still depends somewhat on AI algorithms
  • Some customization not supported yet

Weighing these, for the vast majority of bloggers, online businesses and marketing agencies, Blogi provides an absolutely unmatched content production platform. The cost is very reasonable given ongoing value, and risk removal guarantees peace of mind.

Especially at the discounted launch pricing, Blogi is easily one of the best value software deals available today. It has the potential to be transformative; boosting organic reach, sales and unlocking new opportunities through high-impact content at massive scale yet minimal effort levels.

Within just a few short months of consistent use, Blogi is highly likely to pay for itself many times over through traffic, leads and profits driven from search – while saving exponentially on development time versus manual methods. It remains a no-brainer purchase we can wholeheartedly recommend to all seeking powerful automated blogging tools.

Get Access To Blogi AI Autoblogger here

Blogi AI Autoblogger FAQs

To wrap up our comprehensive Blogi review, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Can I try it before buying?

No- but the 30-day money-back provides unlimited usage to fully evaluate Blogi risk-free.

Is the content 100% unique?

While AI-generated, extensive testing proves Blogi content quality matches or beats humans for uniqueness through its multi-model approach.

What if I have multiple blogs/websites?

No problem – Blogi lets you set up and automate content flows for unlimited domains simultaneously.

Does it publish on social media too?

Not directly, but Blogi can auto-generate optimized social shareable snippets/previews from full articles.

How good is customer support?

Teknikforce is renowned for attentive, fast support available 24/6 via phone, email and live chat integrations built into Blogi's admin panel.

Will it keep working forever?

Blogi comes with a Lifetime License including all future upgrades and tool improvements at no additional charge long-term.

Do I need coding skills to use it?

None whatsoever – Blogi was designed from the ground up for user-friendliness. The intuitive dashboard requires zero technical expertise.

What if I have other questions?

Simply watch the in-depth demo videos, scan through positive user feedback or reach out to sales support – they're always happy to help clear things up!

I hope this FAQ collection proves how remarkably simple and frictionless Blogi autoblogging truly is for users of any technical ability level. If you're ready to explode organic growth through high-impact content, it's certainly a risk-free purchase worth making.

Get Access To Blogi AI Autoblogger here

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