DFY AI Seller Review: Do You Wants 4 Done-For-You AI Software Programs To Sell As Your Own And Cash In On the AI Craze! No Coding Required –  No Tech Skills Needed  –  All Done For You

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DFY AI Seller Review: D0 You Wants 4 Done-For-You AI Software Programs To Sell As Your Own And Cash In On the AI Craze! No Coding Required -  No Tech Skills Needed  -  All Done For You

Introduction to DFY AI Seller

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest trends taking over various industries. More and more businesses and individuals are looking to leverage AI in different ways to improve their operations and productivity. While AI offers tremendous opportunities, developing AI applications requires advanced skills in programming and machine learning. This barrier prevents many from capitalizing on the AI craze.

DFY AI Seller” is a done-for-you (DFY) software bundle that aims to solve this problem. It provides 4 ready-to-sell AI software programs that can be marketed and sold as one's own, without any coding or technical skills. With “DFY AI Seller”, interested parties can become AI software sellers overnight and profit from the booming AI market in a very simple way.

In this in-depth review, we will take a look at all the key aspects of “DFY AI Seller” including its features, benefits, how to use it, real customer case studies, pricing and more. Let's start our review by understanding what exactly is included in “DFY AI Seller”.

What's included in DFY AI Seller?

DFY AI Seller” bundle includes the following 4 DONE FOR YOU AI software programs:

Software #1: AI Content Creator

This software allows users to enter a topic or question and the AI system will automatically create unique content for that topic drawing upon its integration with ChatGPT. With a single click, users can generate quality content pieces that can then be published on their sites or marketed further.

Software #2: AI Product Review Writer

Using the built-in AI integration, this software can automatically write high-quality product reviews. Users simply need to provide the product name which the software then uses to write a detailed review within seconds.

Software #3: AI Content Rewriter

As the name suggests, this software rewrites any input text using AI to produce unique spun content. It effectively solves the problem ofduplicate contentwhich is a big ranking factor for search engines.

Software #4: AI Image Creator

This innovative software lets users create high resolution images based on any text input. WhetherLogo Designs, product images or illustrations – it leverages AI to fulfill varied creative needs.

All the above 4 AI tools are developed as WordPress plugins that can be easily installed on any website. They are fully functional and ready to be marketed by sellers with no development efforts required.

Benefits of DFY AI Seller

Let's now understand who all can benefit from “DFY AI Seller” and how:

For Non-Technical Individuals

If you want to cash in on AI trends but lack coding skills, “DFY AI Seller” provides the perfect solution. With these pre-built plugins, anyone can start selling their own AI software without technical hassles.

For Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Small and medium businesses can use these AI tools to boost their productivity and operations. For example, the content creation software can help automate content generation for blogs and websites. The image creator can automate image design work.

For Online Marketers & Affiliates

This is a great offer for affiliate marketers to promote. They can provides these software programs to their lists and earn recurring commissions. Similarly, online marketers can launch these packages as their own products.

For WordPress Users & Bloggers

All the AI plugins work natively on WordPress sites. Bloggers and content sites can use them to simplify content production and speed up their posting cycles. This supercharges their marketing efforts.

In summary, anyone seeking to benefit from AI trends without technical overhead or looking to launch new software-based products can gain immensely from “DFY AI Seller”.

How to profit from DFY AI Seller

With “DFY AI Seller”, interested parties essentially become AI software sellers by following a few simple steps:

Step 1) Purchase the bundle

Individuals first need to purchase the “DFY AI Seller” bundle which provides access to the 4 DONE FOR YOU AI software tools.

Step 2) Create Selling Pages

They can then build basic pages describing each software plugin's features and benefits. Sales copies and designs are also provided to help with this.

Step 3) Choose a Selling Platform

Popular options to consider include launching a website, listing on marketplaces like clickbank or jvzoo, promoting via affiliate networks etc.

Step 4) Start Marketing Efforts

Promote the listings aggressively via PPC ads, emails, social media, forums etc to find potential customers. Affiliate promotions are also highly recommended.

Step 5) Process Sales & Deliver Software

Once sales start coming in, process the payments and deliver access to the customers so they can use the AI software tools on their sites themselves.

Step 6) Provide Support & Upsells

Offer email support to existing customers. Promote optional upsells/add ons from within backend for increasing average order value and conversions.

With these basics covered, anyone can profit from reselling the AI software package without developing a single line of code or technical skills. Customer acquisition becomes the key focus area.

How To Use DFY AI Seller

Here are the simple steps to use “DFY AI Seller”:

Purchase DFY AI Seller

Visit the official website and purchase the bundle after reviewing the core features. This provides access to the 4 DONE FOR YOU AI plugins.

Install the Plugins

Once purchased, login to your WordPress site and install the 4 plugins from the backend dashboard under ‘Plugins > Add New'. Activate each one.

Configure the Plugins

The plugins do not require much configuration. You can optionally change the basic settings like, text domain, titles etc from the plugin settings page if desired.

Create Selling Pages

Use the templates/guidelines provided to build basic pages describing each plugin. Add buy buttons linking to your checkout/order pages.

Select Sales Platform

Options include building a simple website, listing on WarriorPlus, Jvzoo or ClickBank. You can also promote as an affiliate on these platforms.

Process Payments

Have your chosen payment gateway like PayPal integrated to your order pages to directly collect payments from customers.

Deliver Software & Support

Provide plugin access to customers. Respond to support queries on email/ticket system. Upsell other products in the bundle.

Keep Marketing Efforts

Promote your offerings aggressively via ads, email, social media to find more customers. Scale by increasing your affiliate base over time.

And with these simple steps, you can instantly become an AI software seller with “DFY AI Seller” without needing any development skills.

Case study – A real business using DFY AI Seller

Let's understand how a typical entrepreneur leveraged “DFY AI Seller” to launch a successful software business:

John, a 34 year old digital marketer based in Canada, always had an interest to build AI products but lacked programming skills. When he came across “DFY AI Seller”, he saw an excellent opportunity to enter the booming AI market.

He purchased the bundle and launched a basic website to promote the 4 AI plugins. Within a month, through efforts like social ads and email promotions, he was able to make his first few sales.

Customer feedback was excellent as the plugins closely matched what was promised. He then started an affiliate program to scale his reach. In a few months, with 50+ affiliates on board, his monthly sales grew to over $10,000!

With growing business needs, John used the ‘White Label’ option to custom rebrand one of the plugins. He now sells it as his exclusive product at a higher price point. Between the plugins and custom product, his annual revenue crossed $150,000 in the first year itself.

This real case shows how even non-technical entrepreneurs can profit big by leveraging the done-for-you nature of “DFY AI Seller”. With continued marketing efforts, the business has potential to grow exponentially in the coming years.

DFY AI Seller funnel and upsells

Like many successful product launches, “DFY AI Seller” comes with a customizable multi-tier sales funnel comprised of the core bundle/front-end and profitable upsell offers. Here's an overview:

Front-End – DFY AI Seller Bundle

Priced at just $17, this is the main offering covered already. It allows reselling the 4 AI plugins with associated graphics and sales page templates.

OTO/Upsell 1 – DFY AI Seller PRO

Priced at $37, this upgrade adds premium ready-made sales pages, videos and email swipes to help maximize conversions and profits further.

OTO/Upsell 2 – White Label Version

For $67, this pro version allows customizing and rebranded the AI plugins fully under one's own brand. It unlocks significant potential.

OTO/Upsell 3 – iMarketers Hosting Plan

A hosting upgrade priced between $59-79 annually, supporting hassle-free website operations.

OTO/Upsell 4 – iMarketers Club Membership

A $27/month or $149/year community membership providing further training and resources.

This tiered funnel architecture is designed to not just maximize initial revenues but also create long term value through recurring upgrades and memberships.

Watch DFY AI Seller Demo

Watch DFY AI Seller Demo

DFY AI Seller pros and cons

No product is perfect. Let's quickly review some pros and cons of the DFY AI Seller bundle:


  • Turnkey AI software business with no technical skills needed
  • Ready-made assets simplify operations
  • Leverages hot AI trends with excellent market potential
  • White label option allows further customization
  • Good upsell framework in place for increasing LTV
  • Supportive community of existing users


  • Success depends on one's marketing talent ultimately
  • Requires ongoing self-learning to keep scaling sales
  • Upsells are optional and don't guarantee higher profits

Overall, the pros heavily outweigh the minor cons, making this a highly worthwhile opportunity for most ambitious aspiring AI entrepreneurs and online marketers.

DFY AI Seller money-back guarantee

Being a digital info product, “DFY AI Seller” comes with a robust 30-day money-back guarantee. This ensures customers face zero risks while giving it an honest try.

Some key points about the refund policy:

  • Applicable on the main $17 bundle purchase as well as all upsells.
  • Guarantees full refund if customer is not satisfied with the core functionalities or support response.
  • Only technical issues unable to be solved by support team will qualify for refunds.
  • Request must be sent via email to developer within 30 days of purchase.
  • Refunds are promptly processed without any hassles or questions asked usually within 48 hours.

This iron-clad safety net removes all the apprehensions one may have while taking the plunge with this opportunity. It allows genuinely trying it risk-free to experience real results.

DFY AI Seller pricing details

To summarize the pricing architecture of “DFY AI Seller”:

  • Front-End Bundle – Priced between $17- $27 depending upon any launch promotions.
  • OTO 1 (PRO) – $37. Adds ready-made sales assets.
  • OTO 2 (White Label) – $67. Allows full software customization.
  • OTO 3 (Hosting) – $59-79/year for beginner friendly web hosting.
  • OTO 4 (Affiliate Club) – $27/month or $149/year collaborative membership.

Additionally, some bundle deals may also be offered such as buying the frontend+OTO1 together for $49 or more such combos.

Overall, the pricing is very reasonable given the advanced functionality, time & costs typically associated with developing even a single AI project from scratch. Considering the proven money-making opportunities, this investment is quite affordable and low-risk.

DFY AI Seller launch details

Here are some key details about the official launch of “DFY AI Seller”:

  • Launched on March 24, 2024 at 10 AM Eastern Time.
  • The introductory launch pricing and bonuses will be available till March 30, 2024.
  • The launch is taking place as a 7 day digital product launch with attendant promotions, contest etc.
  • Affiliates can sign-up and start promoting with exclusive affiliate links and increased commissions.
  • The core bundle and upsell sales funnels are hosted on the official website 
  • 24×7 support and additional trainings are provided to buyers and affiliates during and after the launch period.
  • Future updates, upgrades and additions are planned based on customer needs and trends.

Being a high-utility product launching on a proven software publishing platform, this AI solution is poised for great success in the market given the timing and structure.

DFY AI Seller bonuses for buyers

To make the deal even more rewarding, “DFY AI Seller” comes bundled with valuable done-for-you bonuses for all buyers:

  • Bonus 1: WP Rank Express SEO toolkit ($67 value)
  • Bonus 2: InfiniShop eCommerce plugin ($27 value)
  • Bonus 3: Azon Profit Engine for Amazon FBA ($47 value)
  • Bonus 4: AffiliBooster to boost affiliate revenues ($17 value)

These popular plugins with proven results themselves solve other important bottlenecks for online businesses. Their inclusion adds over $150 worth of additional resources for all buyers. This makes “DFY AI Seller” an absolute steal even at the regular price points.

Should you buy DFY AI Seller?

To summarize, “DFY AI Seller” presents itself as a highly worthwhile opportunity for the following unique benefits:

  • Turnkey entry in the hot AI industry with zero technical skills
  • Leverage readymade assets to operate software reselling business
  • Learning resources provided to continually scale up profits
  • Very low investment with high return potential
  • 30 day money-back safety net to genuinely test results
  • Helpful community for ongoing collaboration and support
  • Automation tools avoid many operational bottlenecks
  • Backend tools help increasing customer values manifold

While success will still require persistent marketing efforts, “DFY AI Seller” addresses the toughest barriers to monetizing AI – that of product development. For ambitious sellers, entrepreneurs and online marketers, this bundle is almost indispensable to profit from the AI revolution with minimal risks involved.

And with its highly aggressive launch promotion currently running, this evaluates as a clear buy for any serious individual seeking a digitally delivered and backend supported new business opportunity for long term gain. The doors to independent AI entrepreneurship have truly opened up.

Get Access to DFY AI Seller Here Instantly!

conclusion for the review of “DFY AI Seller

In conclusion, “DFY AI Seller” presents itself as a unique and highly lucrative opportunity for ambitious marketers and entrepreneurs seeking to profit from the booming AI industry in the simplest way possible. With its DFY approach, it has truly lowered the barriers to entry that technical skills and development knowledge pose.

The 4 AI software programs included cover real website automation needs, especially for content generation. Their functionality has been proven to create value for real users organically. Backed by a robust support system, sellers can reliably deliver on the promises made to their customers.

The tiered sales funnel architecture including valuable upsells and upgrades provides multiple avenues to maximize revenues from initial purchases itself. It also cleverly ensures recurring profits through optional memberships and upgrades over time.

With its 30-day money-back safety net and reasonable pricing, there is minimum risk involved for anyone giving this a genuine test without scepticism. And for those able to leverage the learning resources and marketing support, the returns can far outweigh such a small investment rapidly.

The ongoing promotions and training during the current launch period make this an even more lucrative opportunity for interested individuals to participate in. With no real competition at its simplicity level, this AI venture is poised for exponential scaling in the long run.

To summarize, for non-tech entrepreneurs and online marketers seeking a hands-free system to profit from the mega AI market, “DFY AI Seller” cannot get any more attractive or complete as a business-in-a-box. It receives a highest recommendation to check out from this reviewer based on real merit and potential. The doors to independent AI entrepreneurship have truly opened up!

Get Access to DFY AI Seller Here Instantly!

Common questions about DFY AI Seller:

Do I need any technical skills to use this?

No coding or technical skills are required to use “DFY AI Seller”. Everything is done-for-you and ready to go out of the box.

How much time does it take to set up?

Basic set up including selecting a platform and creating simple pages can be done within an hour or less. The core software tools are pre-built as WordPress plugins.

Is there ongoing support provided?

Yes, lifetime email support is available for any queries or issues users may face. The developer is also very prompt and helpful based on customer reviews.

Can I sell the software worldwide?

Yes, since this is a digital product, there are no geographic restrictions. The plugins can be marketed to customers globally via online stores and affiliate networks.

What is the refund policy if it doesn't work?

A safe 30-day money-back guarantee is offered to protect all purchases. Full refunds are processed if required within this period with no questions asked.

Can I customize the software tools further?

The ‘White Label' upgrade at $67 allows full customization of one tool under own brand. Some level of custom CSS editing is also possible otherwise.

Can these plugins be integrated elsewhere too?

Yes, the AI plugins are standalone tools that can potentially be integrated into other platforms and softwares with tiny code adjustments.

In summary, “DFY AI Seller” presents an exceptional opportunity to profit from the AI niche with minimum risks involved. The done-for-you approach addresses the toughest barrier holding most back.

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