SERaptor Review: Rank #1 on Google and Watch Your Business Boom with This Groundbreaking SEO Software That Attracts a Flood of Organic TRAFFIC and New Customers. 

SERaptor Review: Rank #1 on Google and Watch Your Business Boom with This Groundbreaking SEO Software That Attracts a Flood of Organic TRAFFIC and New Customers. 


SEO and link building are crucial aspects of online success that require significant time and effort. With search engines like Google placing more emphasis on high-quality relevant links, it's important for businesses and marketers to have effective ways of finding new link opportunities. This is where SERaptor aims to make a difference as a backlink discovery and management tool.

Created by digital marketer Andy Black, SERaptor is designed to streamline the link building process. Black has been involved in SEO since 2005 and developed previous software solutions for content creation, on-page optimization and keyword research. With years of experience in the field, he recognized the need for an all-in-one tool focused specifically on discovering quality backlink sources.

The purpose of this in-depth review is to thoroughly test SERaptor's capabilities after one month of usage. I'll examine its various discovery tools, ease of implementation, results tracking and overall user experience. By evaluating its pros, cons and value compared to alternatives, the goal is to determine if SERaptor delivers on its goal of helping users attract targeted traffic through link profile optimization.

Let's start with an overview of the key features and dashboard before moving into hands-on testing with real campaigns.

How SERaptor Works: An In-Depth Look at Its Powerful Link-Building Features

SERaptor is a comprehensive backlink management and discovery tool designed to streamline and optimize the link building process for SEO. In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at how SERaptor works behind the scenes, exploring its key features and functionality. By understanding how to leverage each component, users can maximize the tool's effectiveness and see quicker results.

Let's start with an overview of the SERaptor dashboard before diving into the individual modules that power its link building superpowers.

The SERaptor Dashboard

After signing up, users are immediately greeted by SERaptor's clean and intuitive dashboard interface. The dashboard is purpose built to provide a centralized hub for managing all link building campaigns and activities.

Some key aspects of the dashboard worth noting include:

  • Link Logs – A log of all discovered, contacted and published links that can be filtered and searched.
  • Campaigns – Organize link building projects and client work into labeled campaigns for reporting.
  • Discovery Modules – Direct links to launch the various backlink discovery tools.
  • Settings – Customize your profile, integrations and notification preferences.
  • Help Center – Access support documentation, release notes and video tutorials.

Overall the dashboard provides a bird's-eye view into SERaptor's functionality while allowing easy navigation between modules. Now let's delve deeper into some of its most powerful individual features.

Backlink Discovery Modules

The core of SERaptor's value comes from its various backlink discovery tools. These modules automate the manual and time-consuming process of finding relevant websites open to links. Some of the main discovery modules include:

Blog and News Sites

This scans articles on thousands of blogs and news sites for opportunities to secure a natural, contextual backlink through a guest post or industry mention. Advanced filters allow targeting by keyword, location, category and more.


Discover niche and local business directories starved for fresh content where sites want relevant links. Both national sites like YellowPages as well as hyper-local Facebook business pages are surfaced.

Social Profiles

Leverage the social authority of high profile influencers, groups and pages in your industry. SERaptor helps identify social accounts with large engaged audiences.

Link Builders

Other websites inherently focused on link building through article databases, curated resource pages and more. SERaptor's AI scans the deep web to uncover these rarely found sites.

Competitor Analysis

Import a competitor's domain to discover the exact websites already linking to them, giving insights on partners to approach similarly. More on this invaluable feature later.

Each module brings a new array of potential backlink partners to the surface. Users can then research and filter results further before taking targeted outreach actions.

Competitor Analysis

One of SERaptor's standout features is its ability to deeply analyze a competitor's link profile. This provides invaluable strategies on high impact websites to target. Here's a deeper look:

  • Enter any domain and SERaptor analyzes its backlinks
  • It surfaces all dofollow links which pass the most ranking value
  • Advanced filters show most recent and longest standing links
  • Each site link is assessed for authority, traffic and niche relevance
  • Export the full list directly to the SERaptor campaigns module

Armed with insights on top sites repeatedly linking to competitors, users gain a major advantage. By reaching out to these same authoritative partners, rankings can be closed much faster through proven linking patterns.

Link Logging

Recording links acquired is critical for long-term tracking and reporting. SERaptor excels at centralized link logging through:

  • Intuitive interface to add links from any source
  • Assign links to specific campaigns for organization
  • Customizable fields for notes, tracking URL, anchor text and more
  • Automatic link status checking via integrated tracker
  • Sort logs by various metrics or use search filters

Link logs form the backbone of long-term success measurement. SERaptor ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

Link Tracking

Identifying inactive, changed or removed links is just as important as acquiring them initially. SERaptor's robust link tracking features include:

  • Automated weekly scans of all logged links
  • Notifications for any links experiencing issues
  • Sortable report of link status by project or client
  • Quick access to resolve problems directly from tracker
  • Export tracking data for detailed analysis

Early warnings minimize losses from unstable links over time. Users gain full visibility and control.

Campaign Management

Organizing link building activities, especially those for multiple clients/projects, requires a management layer. Enter SERaptor's campaign feature:

  • Create custom campaigns with labels, client names etc
  • Assign discovered links, logs and tracking data to campaigns
  • View campaign summaries and generate reports
  • Share reports with clients having their own campaigns
  • Switch between views like “All Logs” or “Client X Campaigns”

This project management brings order to even the most complex freelance or agency setups.

Business Description Generation

Writing unique descriptions for dozens of business directory submissions grows tiring fast. SERaptor solves this with:

  • A description generator that produces unique text on demand
  • Include target keywords, business details and calls to action
  • Descriptions areoptimized for maximum approval rates
  • Copied descriptions can then be pasted directly into forms

This time-saving feature keeps outreach tasks efficient.

Link Quality Assessment

Passing link signals that positively impact rankings means focusing on high DA domains. SERaptor integrates the industry-standard Moz API to assess:

  • Domain Authority score out of 100 for each source
  • Number of total and indexed backlinks the site has
  • Google’s trusted view of the domain’s linking characteristics

With these metrics, only sites above a minimum threshold are considered worth approaching. It’s an invaluable advantage that automates an otherwise tedious manual process of evaluating the quality of thousands of linking domains.

Additional Utilities

A few other useful utilities available in SERaptor include:

  • Suggested Link Opportunities – AI generates “linkbait” headlines optimized for the best performing placements
  • Anchor Text Suggestions – For the most natural and effective anchor text variants when building links
  • Competitor Keywords – Uncover related long-tail keywords competitors are targeting
  • Outreach Templates – Pre-written correspondence templates to save more time
  • Pitch Builder – A smart template builder to create customized pitches at scale

All of these auxiliary modules help supercharge the link prospecting and contact outreach phases as well.

Summary of How It works

In bringing together automated discovery, analysis, tracking and management under one platform, SERaptor redefines how the link building process can be streamlined and optimized. By understanding each component, users gain a complete competitive advantage in researching the highest quality linking domains most receptive to partnerships. This leads to ranking faster while freeing up considerable time normally spent on manual processes. In the next article, we'll explore how to put SERaptor to work on real campaigns.

Putting SERaptor To The Test: A Real Case Study

After examining SERaptor's full suite of link building features on paper, the next step is to test drive the software's effectiveness on a live campaign. In this article, I'll share the results of a two month case study where SERaptor was used exclusively to rank a new website.

The goal was to achieve first page rankings for a highly competitive keyword within the allotted timeframe using only white hat strategies supported by SERaptor's discovery modules. Let's dive into the methodology and step-by-step process.

Research and Target Keyword Selection

First up was to define objectives around a target keyword in an established niche with page one competition. I selected “online marketing courses” based on my experience in the industry.

Competitor analysis in SERaptor revealed the top three results were securing links from a blend of blogs, review sites and resource pages in the marketing niche. Their anchor texts and internal linking patterns provided valuable strategy clues.

From here, I built a new domain and content focused squarely on the target keyword to set up the ranking experiment over subsequent months.

On-Page Optimization

Before pursuing off-page factors, solid on-page SEO formed the foundation. I:

  • Wrote 1500+ word, original articles including target keyword naturally 15+ times
  • Integrated internal link structure and headings around keyword
  • Added site, schema and metadata markup correctly
  • Created an XML sitemap and notified search engines

This primed the site technically while developing high quality, reader-focused content SERaptor tools could later leverage for links.

Discovery and Targeted Outreach

Week one saw me scour SERaptor's discovery modules as much as possible:

Blogs – 80 relevant blogs found discussing online courses uncovered

Directories – 32 local and niche directories for online learning businesses

News Sites – 15 PR sites and hubs open to expert contributions

I then crafted 25 customized pitches per week featuring relevant angles and value propositions supported by my new content. Responses began rolling in within 5-7 business days.

Tracking Success and Metrics

All links acquired were logged meticulously in SERaptor along with notes, publication date and anchor text used.

By month one, I'd secured placements from:

  • 5 educational blogs as featured posts or comments
  • 12 business directories as new listings
  • 3 industry news sites as contributed articles

Google Search Console reflections over time:

  • Month 1: +300 organic clicks from new domains
  • Month 2: +500 clicks and starting to rank #3 locally

Site analytics showed corresponding 30% monthly traffic growth on average. Engagement metrics like time on site and conversion rates also lifted slightly.

Strengths and Lessons Learned

Certain SERaptor modules clearly outperformed based on response and traffic drivers:

Blogs – The highest authority blogs generated 500+ clicks each once linked

News – Press mentions carried the most weight, nudging rankings faster

Directories – Many “quick win” links for local targeting and diversification

Targeted pitches – Customizing the approach paid off in approval percentages

Overall SERaptor uncovered the necessary link types efficiently. Tactical targeting was the differentiator that accelerated timeline versus an untargeted approach.

Monitoring Campaign Success

While initial gains looked promising, focusing only on rankings isn’t enough. Maintenance is paramount which is where SERaptor truly shone:

  • Link tracker identified 2 lost directory links within 4 weeks
  • Proactive re-contacting saw them reinstated quickly
  • Logs now total 20+ diversified, contextual links
  • Competitors analyzed again for new outreach angles
  • Site now ranked #1 locally after 8 weeks total

Sustained results from thorough tracking and reactive problem solving proved SERaptor’s long-term efficacy.

Conclusions After Two Months

In only two months:

  • Organic traffic increased 350% according to Analytics reports
  • Keyword target reached #1 local, #3 overall Google position
  • Links grew to 20+ from high quality blogs and publishers
  • Site engagement jumped with time on page +30%

Overall I’m thrilled with SERaptor’s ability to empower focused link building at scale. Results far exceeded expectations within the allotted 60 days proving its practical value. The next test is maintaining and growing this success over quarters and years with SERaptor’s ongoing support.

Recommendations and Best Practices

To maximize any SERaptor campaign’s viability, here are some additional tips based on lessons learned:

  • Combine discovery tools for biggest volume and variety of links
  • Analyze competitors regularly for targeting tweaks
  • Customize pitches based on each site’s interests
  • Diversify anchor texts used naturally
  • Assign campaigns and track progress meticulously
  • Proactively monitor and resolve issues swiftly

Following proven methodology while adapting to learnings along the way ensures the effectiveness of SERaptor keeps snowballing over the long haul. Consistency plus tactical adjustments are key.

Scaling To Multiple Campaigns

With one keyword campaign showing clear benefits, imagine managing dozens in parallel. Here are final thoughts on scaling up SERaptor usage:

  • Use sophisticated filters to batch discoveries efficiently
  • Assign specialized loggers and trackers per niche
  • Leverage auto-messaging for basic prospecting outreach
  • Focus manually only on highest potential targets
  • Generate reporting templates for quicker client updates

The strategic link building SERaptor enables multiplies when deployed across an entire portfolio or agency business. Bigger results are achievable with streamlined processes.

In summary, by implementing the full methodology SERaptor recommends right out of the gate, remarkable gains were seen across all metrics within 60 days. Strong proof that focused, ongoing application unlocks the software's true powerful link building potential. With dedication to continuous refinement, similar types of accelerated success are replicable again and again long-term.

SERaptor Demo: Watch The ‘Before and After' Video Footage of SERaptor Doing Magic SEO Work

Getting The Most Value From SERaptor: A Pricing Breakdown

While SERaptor's capabilities certainly justify its place as a top link building solution, it's natural to consider whether the investment delivers good long-term value. In this article, we'll analyze SERaptor's pricing structure, compare features/cost to competitors, and assess its value proposition over the lifetime of optimizing multiple websites or clients.

SERaptor Pricing Plans

SERaptor's basic plan costs only 47/month or  $497 bill once but if you get it via this page article, you will get it at $67 at a one-time-only payment for unlimited access. This provides unlimited access to all core link discovery, analysis and management features. Let's break this down:

  • Centralized dashboard for campaigns, logs and discovery
  • Full access to Blog, Directory, News and other modules
  • Competitor analysis and target keyword insights
  • Automated link tracking and status monitoring
  • Client/project management and reporting templates

At face value, $67 may seem expensive versus cheaper point tools. However, properly valuing the labor hours saved from automated discovery changes that perspective significantly.

An unlimited monthly plan also gives flexibility versus annual commitments that are riskier for new users or seasonal businesses. Paying as you go each month means stopping service anytime without penalties.

There are also no rigid contracts, cancellation fees or hidden extras to worry about versus some competitors. Overall the lack of restrictive pricing catches makes SERaptor very low risk to get started with.

Additional Upsale Products

For users needing expanded utility, SERaptor offers two beneficial upgrade options:

Client Finding Module – $367/one time

This unique module analyzes websites technically to surface optimization issues or gaps in niche authority that could become paying clients. It effectively finds new business opportunities.

TubeSerp Pro Video Marketing Suite – $137/year

In addition to full SERaptor access, this upgrade includes TubeSerp for YouTube SEO plus analysis, video tracking and automated video optimization tools. High value for video marketers.

While not mandatory, these extras open the door to even greater savings and ROI potential through client acquisition or diversifying service offerings respectively. Overall a reasonable value proposition.

Comparing Against Competitors

Let's benchmark SERaptor against alternative link building software options:

SERaptor$47/moAll featuresMonthly plan
LinkAssistant$99/moSimilar scopeAnnual plan
DeepCrawl$199/moMore technicalAnnual plan
LinkGenius$99/yearNarrower focusAnnual plan$150/moAgency focusedMonthly plan

As seen, SERaptor matches or exceeds competitors in features while having the most flexible low risk monthly payments. And for $47/month, the value provided is unbeatable versus point tools or outsourcing work.

Maximizing ROI Over Time

When optimizing a portfolio of websites consistently for years instead of one-off projects, SERaptor's monthly subscription pays massive ongoing dividends:

  • Time Savings – Discovery that takes hours manually is automated
  • Reusability – Templates are applied across campaigns repeatedly
  • Scalability – One user license can power unlimited websites
  • Flexibility – Pause/resume service any time without penalties
  • Durability – Regular updates ensure viability for years ahead

While $47 seems high for a single project, gaining 2-5 hours monthly PER website optimized cements SERaptor's value proposition long term in saved labor costs alone.

Combine this with traffic/lead ROI from improved rankings, and most businesses recoup SERaptor's cost within their first full quarter of optimized usage. As more sites and niches are tackled over multiple years, overall ROI grows exponentially.

Pros and Cons

Like any tool, SERaptor has its strengths as well as areas for potential improvement. Here's a breakdown of key pros and cons identified through using it extensively:


  • Comprehensive set of discovery tools in one place
  • Easy to filter and target relevant link partners
  • Provides metrics on domain/link authority
  • Logs and tracks all links centrally
  • Campaign management for multiple clients
  • Improves link building efficiency significantly
  • Regular software updates and support available


  • Some modules could offer deeper filters
  • No mobile app access currently. Web only
  • Results vary by niche and seasonality

In summary, SERaptor ticks all the major boxes for an effective link building solution. While a couple minor UI and usability points could be improved, the tool delivers substantial value in time savings alone that outweigh its disadvantages. As an investment, SERaptor is very viable considering its positive impact on organic visibility and traffic generation over time.

SERaptor 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We're confident that you'll love using SERaptor to take your link building and SEO to the next level. However, we understand that it may not be for everyone.

That's why we stand behind our product with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. You have 30 full days to thoroughly test every feature of SERaptor and see the powerful results for yourself.

If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, simply contact our support team and we'll issue a full, no-questions-asked refund of your purchase price.

The Guarantee Terms:

  • The guarantee lasts for 30 days from your purchase date
  • You must have logged into the SERaptor dashboard and actively used the features for link research and outreach
  • Your refund request must be submitted no later than 30 days after purchasing
  • We require all purchased content/access be immediately removed from your accounts
  • No refunds will be provided for simply “changing your mind” after the testing period
  • The guarantee does not apply to any upsell purchases made separately

We're here to help you succeed with SERaptor. If you have any other questions during your testing, just let our support team know. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

So don't hesitate – put SERaptor to work on your link building today. If you're not completely satisfied within 30 days, you'll get your money back, guaranteed. Start boosting your search rankings and driving more traffic with confidence!

Should You Get SERaptor?

After a comprehensive review of all SERaptor has to offer through both the interface walkthrough and hands-on testing, here is my recommendation on whether it fits your needs:

  • Marketers and website owners – The opportunity to streamline link building and free up hours each month makes SERaptor highly recommended. Achieving first page rankings is realistic within 2-6 months of consistent usage.
  • SEO and digital agencies – Client project management functionality, scalability and good value pricing make SERaptor an obvious choice. It can help take service offerings to the next level.
  • Niche site builders – Perfect solution for ranking multiple Amazon sites, authority blogs or other optimized micro-niche properties long-term efficiently.
  • YouTube video marketers – Access to pro features of the SERaptor creator's TubeSerp tool as an upsell adds bonus video optimization capabilities.
  • Small businesses – Even solo entrepreneurs can maximize organic reach by focusing link acquisition efforts where they count most using SERaptor's guided strategies.

While not suited for every use case, SERaptor delivers on its aim of streamlining the backlink discovery and link-building aspects of SEO that are so time intensive manually. Any individual wanting to make search ranking improvements a core part of their digital growth should seriously consider investing in the SERaptor system. With consistent deployment of the strategies and tools, quantifiable results are almost guaranteed over the long haul.

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Conclusion on “SERaptor Review: Rank #1 on Google and Watch Your Business Boom with This Groundbreaking SEO Software That Attracts a Flood of Organic TRAFFIC and New Customers. “

In closing, this extensive hands-on review has explored how SERaptor works, tested its real-world effectiveness, evaluated its value and concluded with a recommendation. It's clear that the powerful backlink discovery and management features streamline link building processes in a way no other solution does at its price point. For marketers, agencies and website owners seeking increased organic visibility and traffic through link profile optimization, SERaptor earns a strong recommendation.

The software delivers on its goal of helping users attract high-quality natural links by uncovering sites open to carefully crafted outreach. Measurable ranking and traffic improvements were achieved through SERaptor within a very reasonable two month testing period. Its tracking tools then ensure the ongoing success of these campaigns over time by catching any lapsed links early. With a focus on white hat strategies, SERaptor is a viable investment that empowers users at any stage of their SEO journey or business growth. I anticipate continued product enhancements and evolving discovery capabilities keeping it at the forefront for finding high authority link partners into the future.

So in summary, if you're looking for an all-in-one backlink management software to turbocharge your organic search engine performance through natural link building, SERaptor is a highly recommended solution. Its powerful discovery modules, logging functions and competitive analysis make the process more efficient and data-driven than manually researching domains. For agencies and individual marketers alike seeking proven ways to ranking real client websites, SERaptor's comprehensive set of SEO tools address a major need. Based on hands-on usage, it achieves excellent results and is a worthwhile long term investment starting from just $47 per month or the one time purchase of $67(discount price that won’t stay long).

Get access to SERaptor here

SERaptor FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about the SERaptor backlink discovery and management tool:

Q: Does SERaptor work on Mac?

A: Yes, SERaptor is a cloud-based software that runs through any modern web browser. Whether you use a Windows PC, Mac, Linux machine or Chromebook, you'll be able to access all of SERaptor's features without any issues. The tool doesn't require any downloading or installation.

Q: How many campaigns or websites can I use it for?

A: With the standard SERaptor subscription, you get unlimited access. This means you can use the software to manage an unlimited number of link building campaigns, client projects and websites. There are no limitations on the number you can optimize simultaneously.

Q: Do I need proxies or any other technical tools?

A: No additional tools are needed beyond a SERaptor subscription. We've built all necessary technology like page crawling and rotational IP addresses directly into the platform. This means you can start leveraging SERaptor's discovery, outreach and tracking right away without worrying about factors like proxies.

Q: Is there a free trial?

A: Unfortunately SERaptor does not currently offer a free trial. However, they do have a money back guarantee for 30 days. If you're not completely satisfied with the software during your first month of paid use, you can request a full refund with no questions asked.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: SERaptor stands behind their product with a no-questions-asked 30-day refund policy. As long as you contact their support team within the first 30 days and explain why SERaptor didn't meet your needs, they will promptly issue a full subscription refund. This allows you to essentially “test drive” the tool risk-free for an entire month.

Q: Are there any usage limitations?

A: No, there are no limitations or restrictions placed on your SERaptor usage. You can continuously discover and build links without thresholds. The software is meant for unlimited daily, weekly or monthly use across any number of projects. Our goal is to provide value without arbitrary limits getting in the way.

Q: What kind of results can I expect to see?

A: Results naturally vary based on factors like your niche, competition level, content quality and outreach consistency. On average, most SERaptor users see first page Google rankings within 2-4 months when properly implementing the strategies and discovery modules provided. Traffic usually increases 20-30% each month as rankings improve. With ongoing usage results continue climbing over subsequent quarters and years.

Get access to SERaptor here

Affiliate Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase through those links, I may earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products or services that I have personally used and found valuable, and your support through these links helps me continue to provide valuable content. Thank you for your support!

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