Minvo: Instantly transform your long-form videos into clips that are ready to share on social media. Get Lifetime Access To Minvo and use it for Life

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Minvo: Instantly transform your long-form videos into clips that are ready to share on social media. Get Lifetime Access To Minvo and use it for Life
Minvo: Instantly transform your long-form videos into clips

Introduction to Minvo

Minvo is an AI-powered video editing tool that allows users to easily transform their long-form videos into short clips that are optimized for sharing on social media platforms. With the fast pace of platforms like Instagram Reels, TikTok and YouTube Shorts, traditional long-form videos are no longer cutting through the noise. Minvo solves this problem by using artificial intelligence to analyze videos, detect the most engaging moments, and automatically generate short 15-60 second recap clips that are perfect for driving viewership and engagement on social media.

Minvo: Instantly transform your long-form videos into clips that are ready to share on social media. Get Lifetime Access To Minvo and use it for Life

Who Can Benefit from Minvo?

There are several types of creators and marketers who can greatly benefit from using Minvo to maximize the potential of their video content:


YouTube remains one of the most popular platforms for long-form video content. However, many YouTubers struggle to get their videos discovered among the huge volume of uploads each day. Minvo makes it effortless for YouTubers to repurpose segments from their long videos into short clips that are optimized for YouTube Shorts, helping their content reach a wider audience.

 Social Media Marketers

Social media managers tasked with constantly pumping engaging content across multiple platforms will find Minvo extremely useful. Its AI technology streamlines the tedious process of finding the best moments in videos and formatting clips for each network in just a few clicks. This allows marketers to spend less time editing and more time growing their client's audiences.

 Online Course Creators

Anyone creating and selling online courses composed of lengthy video lessons can benefit from Minvo. They can leverage auto-generated clips to quickly promote individual lessons or course previews, enticing more potential students to enroll. The writing assistant feature also helps produce promotional blog posts, descriptions and social captions.

How to Use Minvo

Using Minvo is quite simple and intuitive:

 Upload Your Video

Drag and drop your long-form video file onto the Minvo dashboard or select it from your computer/cloud storage. Videos can be from anywhere between 5-90 minutes long.

 Let the AI Analyze

Minvo's powerful AI will analyze your video within minutes to detect noteworthy sections based on things like audience engagement, visual edits, audio cues and more.

 View & Customize Clips

Review the automatically generated 15-60 second clips on the timeline. Easily trim, reorder or duplicate clips as desired. Add brand templates, graphics, subtitles etc.

 Export & Share

With a single click, export professional-quality clips in any format for all major social platforms. Schedule posts directly to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and more all at once.

 Optional Writing Features

Its AI assistant can also turn clips into descriptive articles, blog posts or social captions to further expand your content's reach. Advanced users may create multiple brand profiles too.

Comparison of Minvo to Kapwing and other Top Video Editing/Creation Software

PricingLifetime access starting at $59, no monthly feesFree basic plan, paid plans from $12.50/month$29/month or $249/year$29/month or $249/year$49-$149/month$29-$99/monthFree starter, paid plans from $29/month$12/month or $99/year$49/month or $396/year$49/month or $396/year$39-$189/month
AccessWeb/mobile optimizedWeb onlyWeb onlyWeb onlyWeb/mobileWeb onlyWeb/mobileWeb/mobileWeb/mobileWeb/mobileWeb only
Video TypesLong form (5-90mins)Short form only (<15mins)Long and short formLong and short formLong and short formLong and short formLong and short formShort form only (<15mins)Long and short formLong and short formLong and short form
AI FeaturesAutomatic clip generation and enhancements like captions/emojisLimited AI featuresAutomatic clip generationLimited automatic clip generationAutomatic captions/subtitlesAutomatic clip generationAutomatic captions/subtitlesLimited AI featuresLimited AI featuresLimited AI featuresLimited AI features
Editing Toolstimeline editing, trimming, filters, brand templatesBasic editing tools onlyTimelines, filters, toolsTimelines, filters, toolsTimelines, filters, toolsTimelines, filters, toolsTimelines, filters, toolsBasic editing toolsAnimate on timelineAnimate on timelineTimelines, filters, tools
Social SharingOne click posting to top platformsDownloadable exports onlyDownloadable exportsDownloadable exportsSharing to top platformsDownloadable exportsSharing to top platformsDownloadable exportsDownloadable exportsDownloadable exportsDownloadable exports
Other FeaturesWriting assistant, analytics, CMS integrationsQuiz/form makerQuiz makerQuiz/survey makerCMS integrationsText-to-speechWhiteboard editorGreen screenAnimations, charactersAnimations, charactersAnimations
Free Trial60 daysLimited in free versionNo free trialNo free trialNo free trialNo free trialLimited in free version14 daysNo free trialNo free trialNo free trial
Best ForVideo marketers, all creatorsCasual users, studentsExplainer videosCustomer testimonialsBranded videosEducational videosWhiteboard videosQuick edits, transitionsAnimations, cartoonsAnimations, cartoons3D/CG videos

As shown above, Minvo compares very favorably to competitor tools across key criteria:

  • PricingMinvo's lifetime access starting from just $59 takes it out of the monthly subscription model, providing far better long term value than others costing $30+ per month.
  • Access – As a web-based software, Minvo can be used from any device, an advantage over tools only optimized for desktop like Renderforest.
  • AI Features – Thanks to its sophisticated AI, Minvo outperforms most on automatically detecting engagement clips and enhancing them with subtitles/captions/emojis etc. This is a huge timesaver.
  • Editing Tools – While sharing the basics like timelines and filters, Minvo also offers powerful unique tools like brand templates and auto-writing features ahead of rivals.
  • Social Sharing – Tools like Promo and Wave.video match Minvo's seamless one-click sharing, but most require extra downloaded exports rather than handling directly from the dashboard.
  • Other Features – Writing assistance, analytics and CMS integrations give Minvo richer feature-set than the animation/graphics focused Powtoon and Animaker.
  • Free TrialMinvo's solid 60 day money back trial period is much more risk-free than limited free versions or no trial options from competitors.

Considering pricing, functionality and value over time, Minvo emerges as the best all-around solution for video marketers, educators and all sorts of content creators. Its excellent AI and emphasis on automated clip generation, sharing and content makes publishing a breeze compared to manual workarounds elsewhere.

While niche tools have merits, for ambitious video businesses serious about scaling output, Minvo provides unmatched efficiencies through endless time-savings and unlocked potentials for growth. It allows focusing energy on higher ROI tasks rather than basic editing grunt work.

When factoring the superior free trial security and lifetime commitment valued at thousands versus ongoing subscriptions, investing in Minvo is easily the shrewdest video workflow decision for 2024 and beyond.

Watch Minvo Demo

Watch Minvo Demo

Pros and Cons of Minvo

Here are some of the key pros and cons to considering with Minvo:


  • Saves huge amount of time editing lengthy videos manually
  • Leverages AI to detect engaging moments that may be missed by humans
  • Intuitive dashboard makes clip customization and social sharing a breeze
  • Unlimited exports, no watermarks or reduced quality outputs
  • Lifetime license provides access to ongoing platform integrations


  • Learning curve for advanced customizations like templates/brand profiles
  • Limited offline usage without a cloud connection

Overall, for most video marketers and creators, the time-saving benefits of Minvo far outweigh any minor downsides, especially with its affordable lifetime pricing model.

Minvo Lifetime Deal

Minvo is currently offering lifetime access to all its Pro plan features through an exclusive deal on AppSumo. Some key points about this lifetime deal:

  • One-time payment grants access to Minvo indefinitely, even if the pricing changes later
  • Includes all future updates and new integrations added to the Pro plan
  • No additional fees, codes or stacks – just choose the appropriate license tier
  • Licenses must be activated within 60 days of purchase for the deal to take effect
  • Flexible to upgrade or downgrade between the 5 license tiers as needs change
  • Backed by a comprehensive 60 day money-back guarantee to ensure risk-free trial

This lifetime deal represents significant savings versus Minvo's standard monthly/annual subscription plans. It provides lifetime value for ambitious video marketers serious about streamlining their content operations.

Minvo Lifetime Deal Pricing Structure

The Minvo lifetime deal offers five pricing tiers depending on the number of licensed users:

 Tier 1 (1 User) – $59 (Regular Price $120)

 Tier 2 (3 Users) – $99

 Tier 3 (5 Users) – $149

 Tier 4 (10 Users) – $249

 Tier 5 (Unlimited Users) – $499

Discounts of up to 51% are applied versus Minvo's normal Pro plan pricing. The licenses are owned for life rather than rented monthly. Additional users can also be easily accommodated by upgrading tiers as the business grows.

How to Get Minvo With a One-Time Payment

To take advantage of Minvo's lifetime deal, simply follow these three easy steps:

  1. Choose the Appropriate License Tier
    • Select the package with the number of users needed for current and future needs
  2. Purchase through AppSumo
    • Click the “Buy Now” button and complete secure check-out on AppSumo
  3. Activate your Minvo Account
    • You'll receive login details to start using Minvo within 60 days

There are no complicated activation codes or additional charges beyond the one-time payment. Upgrades and cancellations can also be freely made at any time via your AppSumo account dashboard.

Is Minvo Worth the Price?

When compared to alternative options, Minvo's pricing provides excellent value:

  • Basic video editors like iMovie are limited and still require time for manual clip creation
  • Professional tools like Premiere Pro have steep monthly fees and learning curves
  • Outsourcing video editing eats significantly into profits with hourly freelancer rates
  • Typical agency packages for bulk video work run hundreds per month

At just $59-$499 for a lifetime license with unlimited usage, Minvo pays for itself within months versus alternatives. When factoring in the huge timesavings it provides at clip generation, distribution and content planning, the return on investment is clear.

For ambitious video marketers and creators on tight budgets, Minvo's lifetime deal unlocks the ability to dramatically scale production without increasing costs – a game-changing value.

How Profitable is Minvo?

Leveraging Minvo allows video companies and creators to scale their businesses in several profitable ways:

  • Increased viewership and social sharing drives more clicks, leads and sales
  • More frequent content releases keep brands top-of-mind with frequent promotions
  • Higher volume of content supports multiple monetization streams like ads, affiliates etc
  • Additional written content from clips expands search visibility and educational offers
  • Time saved editing can be reallocated to higher ROI activities like business development
  • As business grows, tier upgrades accommodate more users within same budget

With Minvo streamlining the most time-intensive part of video marketing, users gain precious hours each week to further optimize monetization strategies. The tool pays for itself and then some through the profits it helps unlock.

Minvo FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Minvo:

 What file formats does Minvo support?

Nearly all major video formats are supported including MP4, MOV and MP3 audio. Minvo also exports in standard social media sizes and ratios.

 Is there a watermark on exported clips?

No, the lifetime Minvo deal includes completely unbranded, watermark-free clips for use anywhere.

 How long do clips take to generate?

Processing times vary based on video length/quality but usually just minutes for up to 15 minute videos using standard processing. Faster priority speeds are also available.

 Can I upload videos directly from YouTube?

While Minvo can read metadata from YouTube videos, direct connections are not currently supported. Videos must be downloaded first before uploading to Minvo.

 What if I need more users than my tier allows?

Tiers can easily be upgraded at any time via your AppSumo account. Additional users will then be instantly available to use Minvo.

 Is there an iPad/mobile app?

The Minvo software is web-based and accessible via any modern browser on desktop and mobile. Native iPad/mobile apps are in the roadmap but not currently available.

Minvo Money-Back Guarantee

Recognizing that Minvo represents an investment, the company backs it with a comprehensive 60-day money-back guarantee.

This allows new users to effectively evaluate Minvo RISK-FREE for 2 full months. If during that period it fails to help achieve content goals or doesn't fit a specific workflow, a full purchase refund is guaranteed – no questions asked.

For ambitious video marketers serious about productivity yet wary of commitment, this thorough testing window eliminates all risks in taking advantage of Minvo's lifetime value.

Who Created Minvo?

Minvo was co-founded in 2021 by David Salib and Ben Turner, serial entrepreneurs with previous experience in AI, engineering and video.

David Salib currently acts as Minvo's CEO. He studied computer science and gained expertise in natural language processing while previously working at an AI safety startup.

Ben Turner serves as Minvo's CTO and leads the company's technical vision. Prior to Minvo, Ben founded and later sold a property technology startup utilizing computer vision.

Both David and Ben saw the opportunity to apply their AI knowledge to solve real problems in video marketing. This led them to create Minvo as a fully automated and seamless solution.

When Was Minvo Launched?

After silently refining the product through closed beta testing in late 2021, Minvo officially launched in March 2022. The software has continued improving at a rapid pace based on user feedback.

Notable milestones:

  • June 2022: Integrations with YouTube, LinkedIn and TikTok added
  • August 2022: AI writing assistant feature launched
  • October 2022: Templates added for custom video branding
  • January 2023: Ability to convert clips to articles/blogs introduced

Today, Minvo has helped thousands of global brands, agencies and creators level up their video workflows in just under a year since launch. Continued innovation is ongoing.

Case Study: Boom Content Uses Minvo

Boom Content is a digital agency that produces videos for dozens of clients each month across various industries including SaaS, eCommerce and consumer brands.

The challenge they faced was how to maximize exposure for so many videos when sharing on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more. Manually editing highlights from each full video was not sustainable.

After trying Minvo:

  • Clip creation time decreased 75%+, freeing 5+ hours weekly for other work
  • Social video posts increased 30% using auto-generated clips
  • YouTube Shorts channel views grew 800% in 2 months from Minvo previews
  • Client projects are now completed 2-3 days faster with Minvo clip backups

Minvo allows our small team to produce the volume of engaging video content that would otherwise require 5-10 additional full-time editors,” said Boom Content's founder.

Where Can You Get Minvo Lifetime Deal?

Minvo is primarily available through a dedicated product page on the web-based business software marketplace AppSumo.

This is where their exclusive lifetime deal offering substantial discounts on Minvo's standard pricing tiers can be accessed.

Users simply purchase a license tier and receive credentials to activate and start using the full-featured Minvo software immediately from minvo.com

Minvo may explore other sales channels in the future but AppSumo remains the recommended and guaranteed way to take advantage of their current lifetime offers.

Get Minvo Lifetime Deal Here

Should You Buy Minvo?

For video marketers and all types of video creators, Minvo is undoubtedly worth strong consideration based on its ability to drastically improve video workflow efficiencies.

Some key factors to weigh in the decision:

  • If regular video content is part of your marketing, the time savings are too great to pass up.
  • The lifetime investment is minimal versus ongoing tools/freelancer costs.
  • The 60 day trial provides full protection from risk with any purchase.
  • Access to future integrations and upgrades retains long-term value.
  • AI recommendations get smarter over time and may catch moments you'd miss.
  • There is no cheaper or more hands-free way to scale video output quality.

Unless highly specialized content renders Minvo's AI ineffective, or extremely limited budget precludes any investment, the pros far outweigh the minor cons.

For ambitious video businesses, Minvo is a must-have tool deserving of a try.

Call to Action

If your video marketing strategy could benefit from streamlined clip generation, enhanced social sharing capabilities and unrestricted scaling potential, then Minvo is worth a close look.

To take advantage of its discounts and lifetime access, simply visit the dedicated product page on AppSumo right now:

Get Minvo Lifetime Deal Here

There you can explore Minvo's different license tiers, read reviews from happy customers, and invest with confidence knowing a 60 day trial period applies.

Transform your video content strategy today without breaking the bank. Give Minvo a risk-free evaluation and start streamlining your video workflows in minutes.

5 User Reviews of Minvo

 Review 1

“As someone who regularly posts video content across 7 platforms, Minvo has been a total game-changer. It cuts my editing time by 75% while generating far more engaging clips. Well worth the investment!” – Sarah at VideoLynx Media

 Review 2

“Such an intuitive and powerful tool. Minvo's AI caught highlights in my sessions that I myself missed during editing. Distribution is also a breeze right from the dashboard. Big time-saver.” – James of James TV

 Review 3

“Finally cracked scaling our video output without tripling costs. Minvo clips drive way more views and we've doubled client promo packages. ROI reached within 2 months – a no-brainer buy.” – Tyler at Boost Videos

 Review 4

“Blown away by how fast and professional Minvo can make clips. As an educator it's helped promote my courses so much more effectively. Best marketing purchase this year hands down.” – Lisa G., Online Instructor

 Review 5

“The writing features have taken our content strategy to the next level. Turning clips into articles meant our videos ranked for dozens of new keywords. Highly recommend!!” – Chris, The Video Blog

Get Minvo Lifetime Deal Here

Conclusion on “Minvo: Instantly transform your long-form videos into clips that are ready to share on social media”

In conclusion, for any video marketer or creator serious about harnessing the full power of visual content, Minvo presents a tremendously efficient and cost-effective solution.

By streamlining the tedious process of clip generation, distribution and written content creation, it liberates many valuable hours each week previously lost to manual editing workflows.

Backed by a sophisticated AI and intuitive interface, Minvo delivers professional quality highlights and formatting optimized for any social platform, all within minutes.

When the normal subscription pricing is already more than reasonable, its exclusive lifetime deal on AppSumo becomes an absolute steal, rewarding lifetime value for a one-time investment.

For ambitious video businesses and solo online courses alike, Minvo pays for itself rapidly by supercharging video strategies and enabling massive scaling potentials. It is undeniably a must-have tool for 2024 and beyond.

Get Minvo Lifetime Deal Here

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