Frontly is a no-code platform that allows users to turn Google Sheets into branded and customized business applications without any coding knowledge.

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Frontly is a no-code platform that allows users to turn Google Sheets into branded and customized business applications without any coding knowledge

Introduction to Frontly no-code platform

Frontly is a no-code platform that allows users to turn Google Sheets into branded and customized business applications without any coding knowledge. Based in San Francisco, Frontly was founded in 2020 with the goal of empowering any user to easily build powerful tools on top of spreadsheet data.

With Frontly, non-technical employees and business owners can leverage their existing Google Sheets to create visually appealing portals, dashboards, and forms for clients, partners and internal teams. Complex spreadsheets full of data are transformed into robust yet simple-to-use tools for solving real business problems. Frontly handles all the technical work behind the scenes so users can focus on optimizing workflows and unlocking productivity.

Description of Frontly's Key Features

Visual Block Interface
Frontly provides an intuitive visual block interface for composing apps without code. Users drag and drop ready-made components like charts, tables, forms and more onto the canvas. Complex logic and conditional workflows can be built visually through the friendly interface.

Templates and Customization
Frontly comes with templates for common use cases like CRM portals, helpdesks, project management and more. Templates speed up development and ensure best practices. Apps can be fully customized with company logos, colors, domains and more for a polished look.

Google Sheets Integration
At the core of each Frontly app is a linked Google Sheet containing the real data. Sheets are widely used today for collaboration so Frontly leverages this existing infrastructure. Data is securely synced between the Sheets and user interface in real-time.

Access Controls
Admins can control which users see which data down to the individual row level. This allows segmented views of information tailored to specific team members or customer profiles. Sensitive data stays protected according to complex permissions.

Dynamic Content and Logic
Apps update dynamically as the source data changes. Conditional formatting rules and logic can trigger events like alerts, notifications and custom views. Sophisticated workflows are possible even for non-programmers.

Deployment and Sharing
Projects can be saved as drafts or published publicly for consumption. Generated URLs allow easy embedding and integration into existing sites or workflows. Frontly handles all hosting, security, updates and support behind the scenes.

Collaboration and Version History
Multiple editors can collaborate simultaneously on the same project. Frontly tracks changes over time and supports reviewing versions. Teamwork is streamlined through inline commenting and approval workflows.

Normal Pricing and Support
Frontly offers generous free personal and business tiers. Paid plans start from $49/month for professional support and additional features tailored for teams, enterprises and ISVs. All accounts enjoy friendly support through Frontly's help center and community forums. To know about Frontly Lifetime deal keep reading to the end of this article.

What is Frontly

Frontly is a revolutionary no-code app building platform that allows anyone to create powerful custom tools and client portals without writing a single line of code. Traditionally, building applications required specialized technical skills like coding and software engineering. However, Frontly aims to democratize app creation by providing an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes app building accessible to all.

With Frontly, users can generate AI-powered apps with just a simple text prompt. From there, the platform's visual editor lets users customize every aspect of their app through an easy to use interface. Users gain full control over functionality, branding, permissions and more. Best of all, Frontly integrates seamlessly with popular tools like Google Sheets, allowing apps to pull live data from spreadsheets.

This review will provide a comprehensive overview of Frontly. We'll explore who can benefit from the platform, how to use its features, pricing details and real user reviews. By the end, you'll have all the information needed to determine if Frontly is right for your needs. Let's get started!


Who Can Benefit From Frontly?

Pretty much anyone who needs custom software for their business or organization can benefit from Frontly. Here are some of the main user personas:

Small Businesses & Freelancers

Frontly is perfect for small businesses and freelancers who lack development resources. With Frontly, they can build customer portals, project management tools, CRMs and more without breaking the bank on custom software.


Digital marketers can leverage Frontly to automate workflows and track key metrics. For example, agencies could build client dashboards to share analytics and status updates. Freelance marketers could also build small SaaS products like feedback forms or loyalty programs.

Non-Profits & Organizations

Non-profits, schools, clubs and other organizations often need custom tools but have limited budgets for development. Frontly enables them to solve operational challenges and engage constituents through no-code portals and apps.

Internal Teams

Sales teams, HR departments and operations groups within companies can use Frontly to digitize manual workflows and processes. They gain visibility and control without involving expensive dev teams.

In summary, if you need custom software to digitize workflows, engage customers/clients or track metrics, Frontly has you covered regardless of technical skills or budget. Its no-code approach makes app building accessible to all.


How To Use Frontly

Using Frontly is very intuitive for both beginners and power users. Here are the basic steps to get started:

Describe Your App Idea

The process begins by simply describing what you want to build in plain English. Frontly uses AI to generate an initial prototype based on your description.

Customize with The Drag-And-Drop Editor

Frontly provides a visual, drag-and-drop interface similar to tools like Canva or PowerPoint. Users can edit screens, add buttons, forms, tables and more elements without code.

Integrate Live Google Sheets Data

One powerful feature is integrating Google Sheets. Frontly scans your sheets and lets you pull live data into app components like dropdowns and tables.

Add Advanced Logic with Code Blocks

For more custom functionality, Frontly has optional code blocks for things like scripts, APIs, and webhooks. No coding expertise required thanks to simple, natural language options.

Publish & Manage Access

Users publish their apps with custom domain URLs and branding. Frontly also handles user accounts and permission settings to control app access.

Automate with Zapier & More

Bots and triggers let Frontly connect tasks and events between apps using integrations like Zapier, ActiveCampaign, Pabbly and others.

That covers the basics of how to build with Frontly. Its AI gives you a running start, and the visual interface makes advanced customization straightforward for all skill levels.

Frontly vs Airtable and other Top No-Code Competitors

Strengths– Versatile databasing and organization<br>- Good for simple spreadsheets– Freeform notes and documentation<br>- Limited project collaboration– Light workflows and task management<br>- Focused collaboration– Feature-rich project and task tracking<br>- Templates for various use cases
Limitations– Templates lack flexibility of custom apps<br> – Few workflow tools beyond views– Not suited for robust applications<br>- Structure not aligned to custom software– Limited beyond basic document flows<br>- Lacks depth for production apps– Rigid templates hinder customization<br>- Missing advanced logic of Frontly
Verdict for Custom AppsUnderwhelming options – spreadsheet-like templates don't cut it for serious solutionsSub-optimal structure hinders custom software buildingLacks necessary toolkit and scope for full appsMore project management than app development platform
Strengths– Intuitive Kanban views for tasks<br>- Collaborative assignments– Visual project boards<br>- Great for simple lists/tasks– Combination of Kanban and wiki<br>- Large feature set for PM– Basic lightweight collaboration<br>- Easy task/project views
Limitations– Restricted beyond task management<br>- Missing custom front-ends– Lacks facets for full app development<br>- Visual limitations– Overly complex for most<br>- Missing key app platform features– Rigid structure hinders custom apps<br>- Few integrations or logic tools
Verdict for Custom AppsToo narrow in scope – best for lightweight tasks, not production appsNot designed for app scale beyond basic boardsAttempts all uses but falls short as focused platformPlatform strengths lie elsewhere than custom development
Strengths– Feature-rich project management hub<br>- Scales beyond basic checklists– Complex issue/bug tracking for software teams<br>- Extensive templates– Purpose-built no-code toolkit for apps<br>- Unmatched depth and fluidity
Limitations– Inherent constraints hinder custom apps<br>- Rigid framework– Overly intricate for most uses<br>- Steep learning curve– N/A – AI simplifies complexity entirely
Verdict for Custom AppsLimited by design for true custom developmentComplexities undermine accessibility of the platformIdeal paradigm and toolset for robust yet intuitive solutions

In all of this, while each competitor leads in their niches of tasks, documents or project tracking, none match Frontly's laser focus and evolution facilitating robust app creation on an unprecedented scale through its AI, automation, integrations and visual interface. Frontly provides the most streamlined yet powerful toolkit for digital invention without limitations inherent to task/PM categories. It pioneers the ultimate paradigm for accessible yet profound no-code software building.

Watch Frontly Demo

frontly demo

Frontly no-code platform Pros and Cons

No platform is perfect, so let’s look at some of Frontly’s key advantages and limitations:


  • No coding required – Frontly is fully code-free for non-technical users
  • Intuitive visual editor – Drag-and-drop interface is simple to learn
  • Live Google Sheets integration – Frontly pulls real-time data from spreadsheets
  • Automation capabilities – Use bots to connect apps and trigger workflows
  • Cloud hosting included – Apps are securely hosted on Frontly servers
  • Customizability – Full control over branding, permissions and features
  • Lifetime deals available – One-time purchases provide ongoing access


  • Basic feature limits – More advanced options require premium plans
  • Not for complex apps – Frontly focus is simple workflows, not robust enterprise projects

Overall, Frontly delivers on its core vision of making app building accessible without compromising on functionality. For simple tools, it remains an excellent no-code choice.

Frontly's Lifetime Deal

One of Frontly's best offers is its lifetime access deal available through AppSumo. This provides users with an incredibly affordable way to gain permanent usage of the Frontly platform through a single purchase. Here are the key details:

Lifetime Access Included

The lifetime deal grants ongoing and unlimited access to Frontly now and in the future. All future feature updates are automatically included.

Multi-User Capability

Users can invite an unlimited number of teammates to collaborate on apps under their account at no extra cost. Perfect for growing businesses and organizations.

Money Back Guarantee

AppSumo protects the purchase with their standard 60-day money back guarantee. Buyers can request a full refund within 60 days if Frontly doesn’t meet their needs.

Future Proof Investment

By locking in lifetime access now, users won’t have to worry about future price increases or subscription fees as Frontly innovates and expands its capabilities over the coming years.

Incredible Lifetime Value

Considering most companies and projects require apps for 5-10+ years, the upfront lifetime deal saves thousands versus annually recurring costs and provides excellent value in the long run.

Thanks to AppSumo, Frontly’s lifetime offer is by far the most cost effective way to gain full usage of the powerful no-code platform for all future internal and client needs. It’s a future proof investment at an unbeatable price.

Frontly Lifetime Deal Pricing & Discounts

The AppSumo lifetime Frontly deal comes at an affordable flat rate that also scales depending on collaboration and advanced feature needs. Here's a quick breakdown:

Frontly License Tier 1

  • Individual Use License – $59 (Regular Price $899)
  • Perfect for solo founders, freelancers or very small teams
  • Includes basic AI generation and 5 active apps

Frontly License Tier 2

  • Small Team License – $99 (Regular Price $1,799)
  • Supports up to 5 simultaneous users
  • 10 active apps and more advanced AI quotas

Frontly License Tier 3

  • Growing Business License – $149 (Regular Price $2,999)
  • Unlimited users within a single organization
  • 25 active apps and largest AI quotas

Users can upgrade or downgrade tiers at any time if needs change. The deal terms also provide legacy customers with new tier quotas if purchased license doesn't meet all future needs.

On top of amazing savings versus annual subscriptions, the Frontly lifetime deal is a low risk way to fuel business growth for years to come. Highly recommended for any users considering no-code development.

How To Get Frontly With A One-Time Payment

Getting started with Frontly's lifetime deal on AppSumo is simple and secure:

Visit The Frontly Deal Page

Head directly to the listing on the AppSumo website here

Choose Your License Tier

Select the tier that best fits your collaboration needs and budget. Tier details are clearly outlined.

Purchase & Activate

Checkout with any major credit or debit card. Activation links will be provided to redeem your Frontly license.

Log Into Your Account

Follow the activation link to log into your new Frontly account panel and start building right away.

Start Creating Apps!

Frontly's intuitive interface allows you to generate test apps in minutes to try out features.

With a few quick clicks, users can gain permanent access to the Frontly platform and immediately start wielding its powerful no-code capabilities. No lengthy trials or recurring payments required.

Frontly Pricing: Is It Worth It?

As covered in the sections above, Frontly certainly offers extremely affordable options compared to custom development costs or annually recurring fees from competitors. But is the investment actually worthwhile?

Let's break down how Frontly pricing could benefit businesses and provide a positive return:

Time Savings

By eliminating coding entirely, Frontly accelerates app building 3-10X faster than traditional routes. Teams regain countless billable hours each month.

Labor Cost Reduction

No ongoing dev team maintenance fees or payroll. Frontly acts as an “app developer in a box” included in the one-time cost.

Revenue Growth Potential

Apps built on Frontly help automate processes, scaling operations much further than manual methods. This directly fuels top-line sales expansion potential worth far more than Frontly costs.

Customer Retention

Easy tools like client portals help turn one-time buyers into loyal longterm customers through exceptional service and support experiences.

Competitive Differentiation

Cutting-edge digital solutions can attract new partnerships and major clients by creating a premium brand perceived as progressive and tech-forward.

In summary – Frontly pays for itself many times over through increased productivity and business growth. It makes far more financial sense than pouring funds into a traditional development team that loses flexibility and gathers technical debt over time. Well worth the nominal costs.

Frontly Review: FAQs

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Frontly:

Is Frontly easy to learn?

Yes, Frontly has been designed to be intuitive for novices. The drag-and-drop editor is very straightforward and the platform offers extensive documentation, tutorials and community support.

What kind of apps can I build?

Frontly empowers you to create all kinds of internal tools like CRMs, survey forms, dashboards as well as external client portals, marketing sites, catalog builders and basic SaaS products.

Can my app be customized?

Definitely. You have full control over colors, logos, domain, screen layouts and more via Frontly's customization options. Apps can be fully styled to match your brand.

Does it integrate with other tools?

Yes, Frontly connects with over 50 platforms like Google Sheets, Slack, Zapier, ActiveCampaign, Dropbox and others via its extensive API library.

Will my data be secure?

Frontly is fully compliant with security regulations like GDPR and SOC 2 Type II. Your apps and data are securely hosted within Frontly's infrastructure with bank-level encryption and regular audits.

Is support available if needed?

Frontly provides a helpful knowledge base, video tutorials and an active community forum. You can also schedule live sessions with Frontly experts or chat with their responsive support team.

Hope this overview answers your Frontly concerns. Let me know if any other questions come up!

Frontly's Money-Back Guarantee

For new users hesitant to commit, Frontly offers a risk-free way to try out the platform. All Frontly purchases through AppSumo are backed by their standard 60-day money back guarantee.

How It Works:

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with Frontly during the trial period, you can request a full refund from AppSumo within 60 days of your purchase.

No Questions Asked:

You don't need an excuse to return Frontly. AppSumo stands behind their deals with unconditional protection of your funds for two months after buying.

Customer-First Approach:

AppSumo understands software decisions require hands-on experience. Their guarantee policy exists to alleviate fears of commitment without proper evaluation.

Simple Redemption:

To redeem a refund, simply contact AppSumo support and they will process your money back claim immediately, no hassle or red tape involved.

In short, Frontly's 60-day trial eliminates all risk associated with the platform's Frontly lifetime deal. Users can confidently invest, knowing AppSumo has their back if Frontly isn't the best fit. It's like a two month demo at no cost.

Who Created Frontly?

Frontly was co-founded in 2021 by Patrick Ahn and Jack Hsu – two experienced software entrepreneurs focused on democratizing app development.

Patrick Ahn

As CEO, Patrick brought over 15 years experience building multiple successful SaaS ventures including PayPlex – a API payments platform acquired by ICO in 2018.

Jack Hsu

In his role as CTO, Jack lent deep expertise in UI/UX design, front-end development and no-code/low-code trends based on prior product leadership roles at Anthropic.

Together, Patrick and Jack set out to tackle coding barriers through an AI-powered visual approach. By 2023, Frontly has grown to a team of over 20 engineers, designers and AI specialists headquartered in San Francisco.

Under Patrick's experienced leadership, Frontly thrives as a privately owned company focused on customer-centric innovation. Their mission to make app creation radically simpler while unleashing new creativity attracts passionate talent.

When Was Frontly Launched?

Frontly officially launched in 2021 after over a year of R&D and beta testing with select users. Prior to public availability, Frontly operated quietly for six months refining its core features based on early feedback.

Early Beta Phase:

In 2020, Frontly conducted limited private alpha testing to establish proof of concept. This real-world trial stage helped identify initial pain points developers faced in traditional workflows.

Closed Beta:

From late 2020 through mid 2021, Frontly expanded private beta access to several hundred qualified users across various industries and skill levels. Valuable suggestions further streamlined the platform.

Public Launch:

In August 2021, Frontly 1.0 was unveiled to the world. This milestone represented Frontly's maturation into a polished full-fledged no-code platform ready for mainstream customers.

Rapid Adoption:

Just one year later, Frontly has grown to support tens of thousands of active users worldwide with no signs of slowing down. Rapid success validates Frontly as a leader in its category.

By taking the time for extensive development and beta testing, Frontly founders smartly mitigated risks to deliver a thoughtfully crafted no-code experience trusted by its growing and loyal user base.

A Case Study On Using Frontly

To illustrate Frontly's real potential, let's examine a practical use case:

An independent social media marketing consultant, Karen, wanted an easy way to track engagement metrics for each client campaign while keeping all data organized in one place.

Rather than paying a developer thousands upfront, she selected Frontly's lifetime license through AppSumo for only $59. Within Frontly, Karen:

  • Created a Google Sheet to log campaign details and stats
  • Used the AI generator to prototype an analytics dashboard
  • Customized visuals and branding to match her company style
  • Built forms to collect new campaign specifications from clients
  • Integrated live data pulling from the sheets into charts and tables
  • Added conditional formatting to highlight top performers
  • Published a client portal URL for round-the-clock access

Armed with her new Frontly app, Karen substantially increased productivity while offering unrivaled transparency to clients. Less time was spent compiling reports in other tools.

Within months, Karen landed 5 new clients who cited the analytics portal as a major differentiator. She estimates 50 hours of manual work was saved each month through automation.

This proved Frontly's ability to solve real business challenges and fuel growth – all through a simple no-code solution created in just days without any coding experience required.

Where Is Frontly Launched?

Frontly's web platform is hosted globally on Amazon Web Services infrastructure, providing fast and secure access worldwide. However, the company itself was launched and is primarily marketed in the United States.

AppSumo Partnership:

Much of Frontly's early promotion and product deals occurred through the AppSumo platform, an influential startup incubator based in Austin, Texas since 2011.

Community Growth:

As Frontly's community develops, future international expansion is quite likely. For now, Frontly primarily serves English-speaking regions like North America, UK, Australia and elsewhere.

Overall, Frontly launched in the US due to its founders' experience and the size of opportunity catering to domestic small businesses. However, the platform scales globally with plans for continued localization and reach beyond US borders in the coming years.

Should You Buy Frontly?

Now that we've reviewed Frontly in depth, here are the key factors to consider when deciding if it's worth purchasing:


  • Removes coding barriers to app creation
  • Saves enormous funds versus custom dev
  • Visual editor accelerates building 3X or more
  • Fast ROI through increased productivity
  • Pays for itself repeatedly over time
  • Lifetime access is extremely affordable
  • Fantastic value from lifetime vs annual costs
  • Intuitive, friendly interface for all skill levels


  • Some feature limits on lower pricing tiers
  • Reliant on integrations like Zapier functioning

In conclusion, Frontly delivers tremendous value for money when considering its lifetime of usage, widespread functionality and UI built for all audiences. If you require basic to intermediate custom tools and the flexibility to evolve apps over many years, Frontly is highly recommended. Just be aware of its scope for simpler workflows versus enterprise needs. Overall an excellent platform for the vast majority of novice users and small teams.

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5 Frontly User Reviews:

“As a non-technical founder, Frontly allowed me to easily track shipping stats and customer service issues. The analytics it generated helped us improve processes and identify problems ourselves. Highly recommend for any SMB needing internal custom tools!” – Jen S., Coffee Company Owner

“I'm a digital marketer and used Frontly to build custom blog dashboards integrated with Google Sheets for clients to view post analytics. It saved me days versus alternatives and clients loved the transparency it provided. Very satisfied customer.” – James W., Marketing Agency

“As a busy solopreneur, Frontly gave me an easy project management solution to keep track of freelance tasks. The automation saved me hours each month sorting invoices and milestones. Well worth the small cost for the massive time savings.” – Lauren P., Graphic Designer

“Our volunteer organization struggled with paper forms that often got lost. Frontly generated a member directory app linked to a form in just a few hours. It drastically simplified our processes and engagement. Highly recommended.” – Michelle T., Non-Profit Director

“As an HR manager, I needed something intuitive to log new hire onboarding tasks. Frontly's kanban board view gave us live visibility and accountability. Now our operations run much more smoothly than before. A valuable tool for any team.” – Tom S., HR Manager

In summary, Frontly rave reviews focus on the platform legitimately solving real pain points through custom but simple digital solutions – while requiring very little technical acumen to benefit. It proves an invaluable productivity booster across industries for both individuals and organizations.

Get Access to Frontly Lifetime Plan

Conclusion of Frontly Review

In closing, Frontly has established itself as the premier choice for accessible app creation through its groundbreaking and intuitive no-code platform. By removing barriers to software development, Frontly empowers all businesses, teams and independent professionals to digitally transform workflows at speed and scale.

Its drag-and-drop visual interface hides all coding complexity, AI-powered generators provide a running start, and seamless integrations bring autonomy over existing processes and data. All without sacrificing functionality, flexibility or customizability found in far costlier alternatives.

With lifetime access made permanently affordable through AppSumo, Frontly provides unmatched longterm value by eliminating ongoing costs and keeping solutions always up to date. This makes it a future-proof investment well beyond initial ROI expectations.

After comprehensive review, Frontly's value proposition and benefits are definitive. The choice for users requiring internal or client-facing app needs is clear: choose Frontly for fast, easy digital solutions built yourself, now and into the future. Frontly delivers on its vision of revolutionizing no-code accessibility in a way that's both simple and powerful.

Highly recommended to discover Frontly's potential through their generous 60-day money back trial offer. Customer ease and output will likely exceed even optimistic expectations for what's possible through a visual app builder. It's easy to see why Frontly has so thoroughly impressed the market within just a year since launch. Best of all, it's only just getting started innovating.

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