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Creating and managing websites, apps, blogs, and online businesses can be a time-consuming and technical process. However, what if there was a simple drag-and-drop tool that allowed anyone to build professional-quality websites, apps, and online businesses without any coding or technical skills?

As an entrepreneur and digital marketer, I'm always on the lookout for tools and resources that can help me save time and scale my businesses more efficiently. Recently, I came across SmartBloks, an all-in-one website and app builder platform that aims to make online business creation simple for anyone. In this article, I will share my experience using SmartBloks Bundle package to build multiple websites and apps and how it helped maximize my ROI.

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What is included in the SmartBloks Bundle?

The SmartBloks Bundle is an online package that includes a wide range of powerful features for creating, managing, and growing online businesses through websites, apps, blogs, and more. The SmartBloks Bundle consists of the entire SmartBloks funnel. Keep on reading to see more of what is in this bundle. 

SmartBloks Watch This Webinar Replay on How To Maximize Your ROI Using SmartBloks Bundle: Get the SmartBloks Bundle and Save Big.

A list of all the features of the Front End OTOS of SmartBloks included in the SmartBloks Bundle

SmartBloks Watch This Webinar Replay on How To Maximize Your ROI Using SmartBloks Bundle: Get the SmartBloks Bundle and Save Big.
  1. Commercial License – Create Websites & Sell
  2. Create websites from a keyword or templates or AI Assistant in real-time
  3. AI Assistant to create website for you
  4. Create iOS & Android Mobile App
  5. Publish the Mobile Apps on Google Play Store
  6. AI Website Content Writer
  7. AI Website Design Creator
  8. Create & Manage Upto 50 Websites & Apps
  9. No need for Domain or web hosting
  10. Move websites & apps to your own hosting
  11. Fully Mobile responsive
  12. Import Websites & Website Templates
  13. Export Websites & Website Templates
  14. SMS & Email Autoresponders
  15. Create 360 Degree Spin Videos
  16. Get Online Booking Feature
  17. 5+ Payment Processor Integration
  18. Sell Event Tickets
  19. Booking Analytics
  20. Change Theme Ecosystem
  21. Marketplace Web design gigs directly from freelance websites
  22. Automatic ADA compliant websites
  23. SEO friendly sites/settings
  24. Access In-Built Image Editor
  25. Unlimited Websites Leads
  26. Unlimited Stock Images
  27. Unlimited Stock Videos
  28. AI Text-To-WebArt Creator
  29. Monthly Website Reports & Recommendations
  30. New & Custom Fonts
  31. Create Custom Blogs with Unlimited Blog Posts
  32. AI Caption Writer For Blogs
  33. AI Intro Writer For Blogs
  34. AI Blog Post Writer For Blogs
  35. Share Blog Posts & Pages To Social Media
  36. Advanced Analytics For Blogs
  37. Build E-Commerce Stores with Products
  38. Customer Accounts for E-Com Stores
  39. Coupons, Checkout, Order Forms, Shipping, Notification for E-Com
  40. Show Top Seller & Related Products On Pages
  41. Create Multiple Pages
  42. Cloud Storage & Bandwidth
  43. Add Social Media Buttons
  44. Custom Code Injection (add your codes)
  45. Google Analytics Integration
  46. Over 50 Draggable Building Blocks
  47. 8 Menus-Types & 5 Footer Types
  48. Convert block to modal/popup
  49. File manager
  50. Custom Subdomain feature
  51. Unlimited hosting
  52. Free High-Security SSL
  53. Add Custom Domain
  54. Free High-Security SSL on Custom Domain
  55. Website Revision & history
  56. Shortcode Enabled Content Embedding
  57. Protected content – Create Membership Pages
  58. Analytics
  59. Site Traffic Real-Time Chart
  60. Robust Form builder
  61. 29+ Widgets For All Websites & Pages
  62. 20+ AutoResponder integrations
  63. Dedicated Support & Regular Updates – 12 months
  64. Detailed Training Included – Video + PDF
  65. 14 Days MoneyBack Guarantee
  66. BONUS TRAINING WEBINAR: How to Make Fast Cash Using SmartBlocks!
  67. Your Own Whitelabel Of AIWA22 Powered By SmartBloks
  68. Your Own Website, Apps, Store & Funnel Builder Software
  69. Full Whitelabel License AND Dashboard of SmartBloks
  70. Add YOUR Logo To Each Website
  71. Add, Remove & Manage Clients
  72. Whitelabel The Dashboard – Sell Under YOUR Brand
  73. Keep All Profits
  74. Create & Sell 500 Accounts
  75. Your Logo, Your Business Info, Your Log-In
  76. Your Customers See Only Your Branding
  78. Super Sale Period ONLY!
  79. Fast Action Bonus: TikTok Viral Traffic Training
  80. Fast Action Bonus: YouTube LeadGen App
  81. Fast Action Bonus: Underground Traffic Secrets

Now Let's Discuss some of these features further below:

Website builder

With the website builder, you can create fully responsive marketing websites simply by dragging and dropping pre-designed blocks together. There are dozens of blocks to choose from, including headers, footers, layout sections, forms, galleries, and more. You don't need any coding skills as SmartBloks generates the HTML and CSS for you.

Mobile app builder

In addition to websites, the bundle also includes a mobile app builder to create professional-quality iOS and Android apps without app development experience. You can publish your mobile apps directly to the Google Play and App Store with just a few clicks.

Blog builder

The bundle features an unlimited blog builder to create engaging content and drive targeted traffic. You can import blog posts written from the AI content writer tool and share blog posts across social media with a single click.

E-commerce store builder

The e-commerce store builder lets you sell both physical and digital products online. It includes features like coupons, discount codes, product variations, taxes, shipping options and more so you can easily sell products from any SmartBloks website.

AI tools

Powerful AI tools are available for writing website content, designing website layouts, creating images from text, and more. These AI tools save considerable time compared to writing content and designing graphics manually.

Hosting and security

Once websites, blogs and apps are created with SmartBloks, they can be hosted directly on the platform with full SSL security included. You also have the option to migrate websites to your own hosting with the provided HTML code.

Social media integration

The bundle simplifies sharing website, blog and app content across social media networks. One-click publishing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more is available directly from the SmartBloks dashboard.

Free customer support

Basic customer support is provided for all users with technical questions or issues. Paid support packages are also available for advanced help and priority response times.

My experience using SmartBloks Bundle

After discovering the range of powerful features included in the SmartBloks Bundle, I decided to purchase a license to test it out for my own online businesses. Here is a review of my experience using some of the key SmartBloks Bundle tools and features:

Website Builder – Building multiple niche sites

One of the first things I did was use the website builder to create a few niche informational websites targeting long-tail keywords. With the drag-and-drop interface, I was able to put together fully functioning sites within an hour for each niche. SmartBloks handled all the coding and made the sites fully responsive for mobile.

The website builder made it incredibly easy to experiment with different niche topics without much time investment for each new site. I decided to build a total of 5 niche sites targeting different low-competition keywords to generate organic traffic.

Blog Builder – Monetizing with affiliate marketing

I then used the unlimited blog builder tool to create niche-relevant blog posts for each of the websites using the AI writing assistant. Not only did this help populate my new sites with content quickly, but I was also able to include relevant affiliate links within the blog posts pointing to quality products in the niche.

By keyword optimizing the blog posts and sharing them across social media using the one-click publishing feature, I started generating affiliate commissions fairly quickly. The SmartBloks analytics also provided insight into top-performing blogs helping me identify popular themes to write more posts about.

Mobile App Builder – Tapping into new audiences

While websites bring organic traffic, I wanted to tap into new potential audiences through mobile apps as well. Using the intuitive mobile app builder in SmartBloks, I created iOS and Android apps corresponding to two of my most popular niche websites.

The app builder interface mirrored the website creation process, allowing me to design app layouts visually without code. I was able to submit the completed apps to the App Store and Google Play with just a few clicks using the built-in publishing tools.

Within a few weeks, the apps started seeing daily active users that did not previously visit the websites. This opened up new monetization opportunities through in-app advertising and subscriptions.

E-commerce Store Builder – Selling info products

Another goal was to sell niche-specific digital products and info packages related to my websites and blogs. Thanks to the fully-featured e-commerce store builder in SmartBloks, I set up online shops within a couple of hours to start selling my own info products.

Features like digital delivery, coupon codes, and integrated payment gateways made it simple to start accepting online payments. The stores provided analytics on best-selling products to identify popular topics to create new packages around. Overall, the stores became an additional revenue stream alongside affiliate marketing and ads.

AI Tools – Writing headlines and captions automatically

One thing that saves me significant time is using the AI writing assistant for blog post headlines, captions and other short-form content pieces. The AI understands the topic and style of writing based on sample blog posts, which I initially wrote myself to “train” the model.

Now, I can auto-generate headlines, image captions, product descriptions and more using the AI tools. This supercharges my content production workflow while maintaining a consistent tone of voice across all blogs and digital products. Captions also help increase engagement on social media.

Hosting and Security – Worry-free deployment

All websites, apps, blogs and online stores created using SmartBloks are hosted directly on their secure hosting platform with an SSL certificate included. This saved me the hassle of procuring and managing separate hosting plans or domains individually.

With unlimited monthly bandwidth and automatic updates/patches applied, I don't have to worry about technical server management at all. The hosting has been lightning fast and reliable. Overall, the hands-free hosting freed up a lot of my valuable time that can now be invested in expanding and monetizing my online businesses.

Maximizing ROI with SmartBloks Bundle

By leveraging the different tools in SmartBloks Bundle, I was able to rapidly set up multiple revenue-generating online properties with little initial effort or technical skills. Here are some key metrics on maximizing my ROI:

Time savings of 80%

Compared to building websites, apps, blogs and online stores from scratch, SmartBloks Bundle saved me at least 80% of the time through its drag-and-drop interface and automation features like the AI writing assistant. This allowed me to spend more hours on business-critical tasks.

5x increase in monthly earnings

Within the first 3 months, my average monthly passive income from sites, apps, blogs and online stores went up over 5x compared to previous methods. Affiliate sales and info product revenues mainly contributed to this growth.

Traffic growth of 400%

Across all my SmartBloks-powered properties, average monthly organic traffic increased by over 400% in this initial period through laser-focused content and optimization of my sites and apps for search and social.

Expense reduction of 60%

Using SmartBloks' built-in tools eliminated the need for much of my previous third-party software subscriptions, custom development work and separate domain/hosting costs. This led to a 60% reduction in monthly operating expenses overall.

Scalability without limits

The biggest advantage is SmartBloks Bundle's limitless website, app, blog and online store creation abilities. This allowed me to experiment with different niche topics quickly and iterate business ideas rapidly without substantial additional investment each time – a key factor in finding profitable avenues at scale.

SmartBloks Bundle Price and Limited-Time Coupon Code

If you've read through my review of how SmartBloks Bundle has helped turbocharge my portfolio of niche sites, apps, blogs and online stores, then you no doubt see the immense value behind this all-in-one business platform.

However, for all its powerful features, one thing that continues to amaze me is just how affordably priced the SmartBloks Bundle is, especially considering the potential lifelong earnings it can help generate with very little effort.

Regular SmartBloks Bundle Price

Normally, access to the complete suite of advanced SmartBloks tools included in this bundle would easily cost you well over $1,000 if each individual solution was purchased separately.

Yet during regular sales, the SmartBloks Bundle is offered at just $347 – a true steal given the scale at which it allows you to rapidly build entire online empires.

Exclusive Coupon Code

To make this opportunity even sweeter, SmartBloks is also offering my readers exclusive access to an additional $50 coupon code that can be applied on top of the already discounted flash sale price.

Simply enter the code “websitebundle” during checkout on the SmartBloks website to receive the bundle for the ultra-low price of just $297 – an insane value unmatched anywhere else online.

Hurry – Flash Sale Ends Soon!

This limited-time $50 off coupon offer combined with the ongoing flash sale price makes now the absolute best time to invest in the SmartBloks Bundle.

But you'll need to act swiftly as both the flash sale promotion and coupon code will be expiring within the next couple of weeks or until supplies last. Don't miss out on locking in this unprecedented low price!

So if empowering tools that let you create profitable online businesses hassle-free is something you're interested in, I encourage you to waste no more time and simply head over to SmartBloks now. Apply the exclusive “websitebundle” code at checkout to get started for a mere $297.

Your empowered online entrepreneur journey begins right here, right now – are you ready to get started?

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Is SmartBloks Bundle worth it?

After thoroughly testing the different features included in SmartBloks Bundle over a few months now, here is my verdict on whether it is a worthy investment:

One-time upfront cost

At the current promotional price of only $347, SmartBloks Bundle is a steal given everything that is included. Many of the individual OTO upgrades would cost much more purchased separately.

Time savings equivalent to hundreds of hours

Considering how much time and effort SmartBloks saved me from building sites, apps and businesses from zero, its value is easily over a thousand dollars at my hourly rate. It's essentially like outsourcing the technical work.

Revenue growth far exceeding costs

By setting up multiple profitable revenue channels within a short period using SmartBloks, my monthly earnings growth comfortably offsets the upfront cost many times over. Ongoing earnings are just bonuses at this point.

Lifetime usage with regular upgrades

The license provides lifetime access and use of SmartBloks features. Plus, users get lifetime updates to new releases and tools added regularly by the developers to the platform.

Basic support included at no extra cost

While paid premium support is available, basic email support from SmartBloks staff has answered all my launch queries satisfactorily at no additional charge.

Beginner friendly drag-and-drop interface

Even for non-tech entrepreneurs, SmartBloks Bundle offers a very smooth learning curve to start creating sites, apps and online businesses effectively with its visual interface.

Given all the benefits outlined above, I truly believe that SmartBloks Bundle is one of the most practical and cost-effective ways to rapidly grow an online business without any technical skills or ongoing monthly fees. For the money and time saved, it has proven highly worthwhile for me.

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Conclusion – Why you need to get the SmartBloks Bundle now

In conclusion, leveraging the all-in-one SmartBloks Bundle platform has been a game-changer for scaling my portfolio of digital businesses easily and passively. Some key takeaways for readers:

  • The promotional bundle price may increase anytime, so act now to lock in maximum savings.
  • Each day you delay putting SmartBloks to use is potential traffic and earnings you're missing out on from extra websites, apps, blogs and online stores.
  • See for yourself how much time and money SmartBloks Bundle can save you compared to building sites manually or hiring developers.
  • Start creating multiple niche properties right away to find your winning verticals generating the highest ROI.
  • Don't hesitate to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions – I'm always happy to help new bundle owners make the most of this powerful platform.
  • Just visit the SmartBloks website now to take advantage of their limited-time bundle offer and enjoy lifetime access to all the powerful features.

So what are you waiting for? Watch the product demos, grab the SmartBloks Bundle deal immediately, and let me know if you need any help ramping up your new online empire! I'm confident you'll be astonished by how quickly your business will scale using this remarkable business in a box.

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