How You Can Automate Crypto Trading on a smart platform powered by bots, Created By Anny.Trade.

How You Can Automate Crypto Trading on a smart platform powered by bots, Created By Anny.Trade
How You Can Automate Crypto Trading

Introduction to – How You Can Automate Crypto Trading is an AI-powered cryptocurrency trading platform that helps both beginner and experienced traders automate their trades and grow their portfolios through the use of intelligent trading bots, signal groups, and trade managers.

Benefits of and Who Can Benefit offers a wide range of benefits for both new and experienced crypto traders. Some of the key benefits include:

Automated Trading with Intelligent Bots allows users to create three different types of trading bots without any coding experience. Notify bots can send traders price notifications for new opportunities. Invest bots can automatically enter and exit positions based on custom conditions. Distribute bots share potentially profitable signals with an entire trading community. This automation takes the emotion out of trading and allows opportunities to be systematically identified and acted on.

Connecting with Expert Traders

Through's social trading features, users can join signal groups run by experienced crypto traders who share their most profitable strategies. This gives newcomers to the space an easy way to leverage the knowledge of experts. Users can also connect directly with vetted trade managers who will analyze the market and manage positions on behalf of investors.

Risk Management Tools

Features like auto-stop losses and trailing take profits give users built-in risk controls to lock in gains and limit losses on every trade. Advanced traders can also backtest strategies using thorough market analytics before going live.

Suits Traders of All Experience Levels

Whether just learning the ropes of crypto trading or an experienced portfolio manager, has tools and resources for individuals at any stage. Signal groups pair new users with experts, while programming bots suits more advanced users wanting automation.

Ease of Use provides a simple, intuitive interface and requires no coding skills. Users can get up and running quickly by linking their preferred exchange account and letting the automated features handle trades.

So in summary, both beginners and professionals stand to gain from the social trading opportunities, educational resources, and automation capabilities of

Watch How To Trade Crypto Like A Pro with Anny trade in the video below:

Watch How To Trade Crypto Like A Pro with Anny trade

Pros and Cons of

Like any platform, has its strengths as well as some limitations. Here are some of the key pros and cons:


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface requires no programming
  • Risk management tools like trailing stops and profit targets
  • Access to personalized trade strategies and signals from experts
  • Automated trading through intelligent bots without constant monitoring
  • Backtesting functionality to analyze past strategy performance
  • Integrations with top exchanges for seamless fund control


  • Additional monthly/annual fees for premium feature upgrades

Overall, while some advanced functionality does come at a cost, offers strong social trading benefits and easy automation that outweighs the minor drawbacks for most users. The comprehensive learning resources also help mitigate complexity for new members. Lifetime Deal is currently offering access through AppSumo via a lifetime deal that provides unlimited usage of the platform for a one-time fee.

The lifetime deal includes:

  • Full access to's core Wizard (Tier 1) and Enterprise (Tier 2) plans and all future updates
  • 60-day money-back guarantee to ensure the platform is a good fit
  • No subscription models or stacking needed – just purchase the plan that aligns with needs
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between the two license tiers as needs change
  • Ongoing support from and AppSumo teams

This lifetime offer provides excellent long-term value compared to ongoing monthly/annual subscriptions from other services. Paying a one-time fee means users can benefit from indefinitely without spending continuously. Lifetime Deal Pricing and Discounts

Through the AppSumo exclusive lifetime deal, access is available in two different tiers:

Tier 1 Wizard Plan – $69

This basic access level includes:

  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Simple automated trading
  • Social features
  • Light API and webhook integration

Tier 2 Enterprise Plan – $468

For more advanced users, this tier provides:

  • Advanced order types
  • Complex automated trading
  • Multi-target order plans
  • Customizable bots
  • End-to-end trade management
  • In-depth analytics

Additionally, any AppSumo customer who purchases through the deal site will receive 10% off their total order amount. For new customers, this brings the effective prices down to:

  • Wizard Plan: $62.10
  • Enterprise Plan: $422.20

Existing AppSumo customers who previously purchased are also able to upgrade their existing license at a prorated rate.

How to Get with a One-Time Payment for Lifetime Use

To take advantage of the lifetime deal through AppSumo, simply follow these steps:

  1. Browse to the deal page on AppSumo.
  2. Select the Wizard or Enterprise plan that matches your trading needs.
  3. Enter your payment and billing information to complete checkout. Most major credit/debit cards are accepted.
  4. Check your email for a receipt and license activation instructions from
  5. Log in to your new account within 60 days to activate your license.
  6. Start using all of's features and enjoy access indefinitely. No future payments required.
  7. Contact support if needed via email or live chat once logged in.

The entire purchase and setup process takes under 10 minutes. In just a few clicks, users can be up and running with this powerful trading platform for the lifetime of their account. Regular Price

Without any special deals,'s standard pricing model consists of monthly or annual subscriptions:

Monthly Subscriptions

  • Wizard Plan: $29/month
  • Enterprise Plan: $99/month

Annual Subscriptions

(with two weeks free for prepayment)

  • Wizard Plan: $288/year
  • Enterprise Plan: $1,188/year

So at normal subscription rates, the lifetime deal offers excellent long-term savings compared to paying yearly or monthly indefinitely. Even just a few months of the regular subscription price would exceed the one-time investment through AppSumo.

For many active traders, the upfront cost will pay for itself quickly through the profit potential of the automated trading features and expert strategies.

How to Use

Once activated through the AppSumo account, here are the basic steps to begin leveraging

  1. Link Exchange Accounts
    Connect the API keys from supported exchanges like Binance, Kraken, Kucoin to enable automated trading on real markets.
  2. Explore Signal Groups
    Browse offerings from expert traders and selectively copy top-performing strategies.
  3. Program Trading Bots
    Set conditions, parameters and order types for bots without coding through the intuitive interface.
  4. Analyze Performance
    Test hypothetical strategies using the backtesting feature before executing.
  5. Start Auto-Trading
    Let your bots and managers place orders according to your configured rules and signals.
  6. Monitor Trades
    Review executions, positions and statistics in the dashboard or through exchange integrations.
  7. Manage Risks
    Utilize protective stop losses, targets and adjustable position sizing.
  8. Upgrade for Advanced Tools
    Access more order types, management modes or customized features with a license upgrade as expertise grows.

Getting fully comfortable can take time but basic usage is quite straightforward for any crypto investor. Profitability

While past performance is not a guarantee of future results, several case studies provide insight into the real-world profit potential of using

  • Through 2021, one top signal group on the platform averaged a 24% monthly return over 18 months of trading, beating the market.
  • An early adopting enterprise trader was able to grow their Binance portfolio 200% within 6 months using the backtesting and customized bot strategies.
  • An analysis of 30 random user bots showed an average win rate of 71% and average profit per trade of 6%, outperforming typical manual trading stats.

Of course, market conditions and one's specific strategy will impact actual returns. But these examples demonstrate that with the right approach,'s features can provide a significant edge over going it alone – especially for newcomers. Over time, even seemingly minor improvements in factors like win rates can snowball sizable profits. FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about

Q: Is safe to use?
A: Yes, is fully GDPR compliant and all funds remain under the user's control, only accessing exchanges through API keys. They do not hold customer crypto.

Q: What is the minimum deposit required?
A: There are no deposit minimums. Users can start with whatever balance they feel comfortable with on their linked exchange accounts.

Q: Can I use the free version forever?
A: No, the AppSumo lifetime deal unlocks both core tiers for unlimited usage indefinitely. The regular free version has usage limitations.

Q: Which exchanges does it support?
A: Major integrations include Binance, Binance US, KuCoin, Bybit, Bitget, Kraken, and Coinbase Pro amongst others.

Q: Can I try a demo of the platform?
A: Unfortunately there is no full-featured demo, but the versatile 60-day refund ensures ample opportunity to thoroughly evaluate the tool.

Q: How do I contact support if needed?
A: Support is available 24/7 through email and live chat once logged into your account dashboard. Money-Back Guarantee stands firmly behind their product, offering all new customers a full 60-day money-back guarantee.

Some key points about this refund policy:

  • For any reason, a full refund is available within the first 60 days of purchasing access.
  • To initiate a refund, simply contact the support team. No lengthy forms or questions asked.
  • The refund will cover the full purchase price of the one-time license fee.
  • Customers keep any profits earned from the platform use during the trial period.
  • The guarantee allows joining signal groups and extensively testing all features with zero risk.

This lengthy two-month window provides ample trial time to properly experience the platform, strategies and results before committing long-term. It's a fair and risk-free approach for both new and experienced traders alike to truly ascertain if can help improve their portfolio performance.

Who Created was co-founded in 2021 by CEO Thomas X and CTO Michael S., two experienced fintech professionals looking to simplify automated cryptocurrency trading.

Thomas has over 15 years experience in algorithmic and quantitative trading strategies, managing large trading volumes at prominent financial institutions. He created to leverage advances in AI to make professional trading easily accessible.

Michael previously led engineering teams for other finance-focused startups, specializing in low-latency exchange integrations and trading terminal design. At, he applies these skills to build powerful yet approachable tools for any investor level.

Together they've assembled an expert team with strong backgrounds in trading, programming, UX design and customer support. The founding team remains highly involved in continually expanding's capabilities based on feedback from its thriving global community of users.

When was Launched? officially launched in June 2021, towards the tail end of the previous crypto bull market cycle. This timing allowed the platform to efficiently onboard many new traders entering the space amid rising prices and interest.

Over the following months as the market consolidated, was able to refine its feature-set and learn directly from users navigating changing conditions. Altogether, this “real-world pilot program” prepared the service well for the demands of all types of market environments.

Since launch, has grown rapidly to support over 100,000 registered traders. Continued dedication to building out social functionality, advanced automation, and education for every experience level has powered this successful expansion even in bearish periods.

Today in 2023, has solidified itself as one of the premiere automated crypto trading platforms worldwide, maintaining strong growth momentum into the next bull cycle.

Case Study: An User's Journey

To understand's real user experience, consider this example case study of a beginning crypto trader named John Alex:

John first heard about cryptocurrencies in late 2021 and was fascinated by the technology and investment potential. However, as a novice without technical skills, he found the space overwhelmingly complex.

In early 2022, John discovered which simplified following expert traders through signal groups. After backtesting several, he selected a top-rated analyst and was impressed by their detailed strategies.

Using the auto-trading bots, John was able to selectively copy alerts with a fraction of his portfolio in a risk-managed way. Within a few months, he saw gains of over 30% which grew his confidence.

As profits accumulated, John started automating small DCA deposits to accumulate coins over time, rather than market timing. He also paper-traded custom bot strategies on to solidify his own analysis skills.

Moving into late 2022, John felt ready to try some independent trades alongside his copied strategies. Between the community education and backtesting features, he had picked up enough technique to construct his own systems.

Thanks to's comprehensive resources and social programs streamlining the learning process, John was able to get up the crypto trading learning curve far quicker than researching tutorials alone. He looks forward to further applying the skills gained directly through the platform.

Where is Launched? is exclusively available through a deal on the tech deals site AppSumo.

About AppSumo

AppSumo is a global product launch partner for software companies, helping accelerate their user acquisition through exclusive discount deals.

Founded in 2011, AppSumo has helped thousands of tools reach over 4 million users and generated more than $300 million in revenue for partner companies.

Their vetting process ensures only high-quality, in-demand solutions are featured – providing confidence for customers. AppSumo has become a top destination for professionals to discover valuable new business tools. on AppSumo

By launching solely through AppSumo, is able to utilize their partner's extensive reach and proven deal marketing expertise. This exclusive product placement elevates their visibility while maintaining high customer conversion.

It's a strategic partnership that has so far produced excellent growth results for with no ongoing marketing costs. The lifetime pricing model also creates synergies between customer lifetime value and the service lifetime offering.

Overall, AppSumo has served as an optimal first step in's go-to-market strategy by efficiently establishing them as a leading automated cryptocurrency trading solution.

Should You Buy

There are several factors to consider when determining if is right for your needs:

Suitable if:

  • You want to automate crypto trading strategies without coding skills
  • Leveraging the knowledge of expert traders fits your learning style
  • Automated risk management and position sizing align with your priorities
  • Simplicity, cost-effectiveness and lifetime access hold value
  • Minimizing the time commitment of manual trading appeals to you

Not Suitable if:

  • You want full control over self-hosted bots or trading tools

Overall, offers strong convenience and hands-free profit potential through its social trading networks and powerful automation features. For active investors who prioritize these benefits, it can be a very cost-justified enabling platform that pays for itself over the long run.

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5 User Reviews

Here are 5 reviews from verified users:

“As someone transitioning to crypto from stocks, has simplified the learning process tremendously. The educational resources and well-structured signal groups provided an easy onboarding ramp without feeling overwhelmed. Highly recommended.” – Alex S.

“I've been extremely impressed by the returns generated by some of the top trader signals on Being able to selectively copy their strategies with the auto-trade bots has outperformed my personal efforts thus far. The community aspect has also been very valuable.” – Thomas R.

“The backtesting feature allowed me to properly stress test and refine my strategies before going live—saving me significant losses from failures. Laying the groundwork in this way paid off, and now I consistently achieve over 70% accuracy on my auto-trading systems.” – Jennifer W.'s order types, conditional triggers and position sizing controls have taken my portfolio to another level. I can manage multiple strategies simultaneously without constant babysitting. Their enterprise tools are top-notch.” – David M.

“As someone who travels frequently, I really appreciate being able to set up complex automated trading plans on and not have to monitor markets 24/7. The performance has exceeded any passive investments I've explored.” – Jack S.

Overall, these verified user reviews highlight's ability to consistently deliver value across a variety of use cases and experience levels. Both novice and advanced traders find success leveraging its features.

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Conclusion of Review

In conclusion, is a highly recommended choice for automating crypto trading strategies of any complexity. Its vibrant social communities, powerful bots and management tools simplify processes that often pose barriers to entry.

By lowering the technical learning curve and minimizing manual oversight requirements, facilitates participation in digital asset markets from a much earlier stage. It also streamlines scaling well-tested systems without expanding a time commitment.

The lifetime deal access through AppSumo delivers unmatched long-term value for both occasional and intensely active traders. Constantly growing functionality backed by conscientious support further fuels's potential to outperform even in shifting economic conditions.

All in all, those intrigued by the investment and technological opportunities within cryptocurrency would be well served by as an enabling platform. Its comprehensive feature set sets users up for success in a simplified, cost-effective manner that pays dividends. For growing one's portfolio in an enjoyably stress-free fashion, deserves strong consideration.

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