BlogMatic AI review: A ChatGPT-Powered App That Lets COMPLETE Beginners Build 100% Automated Affiliate Blogs With FREE Traffic While A.I. Does EVERYTHING. Get Lifetime Access

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BlogMatic AI review: A ChatGPT-Powered App That Lets COMPLETE Beginners Build 100% Automated Affiliate Blogs With FREE Traffic While A.I. Does EVERYTHING. Get Lifetime Access


BlogMatic AI is a newly launched software that enables users to instantly build 100% automated affiliate blogs for any topic while artificial intelligence (AI) does all the work. It is a ChatGPT-powered app that takes advantage of the natural language generation capabilities of ChatGPT to write unique content for websites. BlogMatic AI allows anyone – even complete beginners without technical skills or experience – to create professional-looking blogs in minutes that rank high on search engines and drive free affiliate sales.

In this comprehensive BlogMatic AI review, we will take an in-depth look at all the key features and components of this software. We will explore how it works, who can benefit from it, pros and cons, how to profit from it, pricing and offers. By the end, you should have a clear understanding of whether BlogMatic AI is right for you. Let's get started!

How BlogMatic AI Works

Building an affiliate blog from scratch requires technical skills like website design, coding, search engine optimization (SEO), content writing and more. It is a time-consuming process that deters many from getting started. BlogMatic AI simplifies the whole process down to a few clicks. Here are the main steps to create an automated affiliate blog using this software:

Choosing a Niche

You first select a broad topic or niche for your site from thousands of options. Popular niches thatmonetize well with affiliate marketing include health, finance, relationships, pets, technology etc.

Picking a Domain Name

The app will then ask you to choose a catchy domain name that matches your niche. For example, if your niche is laptop reviews, the domain could be

Submitting Affiliate IDs

Next, you provide your affiliate IDs for networks like Amazon, ClickBank, Walmart etc. so the product links on your site become affiliated.

Setting up the Blog

BlogMatic AI instantly builds the entire blog infrastructure including homepage, internal pages, blog posts and more. All on autopilot using the power of AI.

Monetizing with Products

With a single click, you can import any product from Amazon that matches your niche. The AI then generates a compelling review optimized to rank and drive sales.

Autopilot Profits

The site now brings you free traffic and earns affiliate commissions around the clock with zero ongoing work. Fresh content is auto-generated daily to engage visitors.

In summary, BlogMatic AI automates the entire multi-step blog building process so that anyone can launch a profitable niche site in just a few minutes, even without technical skills or previous experience.

Features and Content of BlogMatic AI

With BlogMatic AI, users get a complete done-for-you (DFY) automated affiliate blog pre-loaded with hundreds of AI-generated articles and monetized with affiliate links. Here are some of its key features:

Custom AI Model

The AI is trained on top-ranking affiliate blogs to understand how to write optimized content that generates free traffic and sales.

17 Countries and 9 Languages

Build blogs in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and more to reach a potential audience of 2.6 billion people globally.

Thousands of Niches

Choose niches from every category on Amazon – from pets to travel to technology and more.

Blog with Articles

Each site comes fully equipped with a blog section filled with helpful articles written by the AI assistant.

Unlimited Traffic

Unique AI-optimized content ranks high on Google and other search engines to deliver a never-ending flow of free traffic.

Amazon Product Import

Import any product details from Amazon with one click. The AI will craft a sales-generating review packed with your affiliate links.

Free Hosting and Domain

Comes with free hosting, custom domain and zero technical skills required. No monthly fees.

100% Customizable

Fully change colors, logos, pages and add your own branding touch to the blog.

Instant Approval

Get instant access to major affiliate networks like Amazon for monetizing right away.

Works on any Device

As cloud-based software, BlogMatic AI can be accessed from anywhere using any browser.

In summary, users get a complete DFY website platform with daily fresh content, search engine optimized, monetized and bringing in free targeted traffic forever on autopilot.

Who Can Benefit from BlogMatic AI?

BlogMatic AI is ideal for both complete newbies looking to earn their first online income as well as experienced affiliate marketers. Here are some user personas that can greatly benefit:


If you have no idea how to make money online or build a website, this tool makes it instantly possible even without technical skills. Get your affiliate blog up within minutes.

Busy Entrepreneurs

BlogMatic AI automates the entire tedious process so business owners can earn a passive income without spending much time on their blog.

Stay at Home Parents

Generate an extra income stream from the comfort of your own home using this highly automated software that does all the heavy lifting.


Enjoy your retirement years while the AI assistant works hard bringing in freely flowing affiliate commissions on autopilot for you.


A simple way to fund your studies without the need for a full time job is through the profitable yet hands-free niche sites this system produces.


Increase sales by promoting your products via niche specific blogs that rank for buyer intents and generate perpetual traffic.

In essence, anyone who wishes to create profitable niche blogs without technical skills or investing extensive time can benefit from this unique AI-powered platform.

BlogMatic AI Pros and Cons

Every product comes with its benefits as well as limitations. Here are some of the key pros and cons of using BlogMatic AI:


  • Fully automated blogs require zero technical skills to create
  • Gets blogs ranked and bringing free traffic within days
  • Content is unique and optimized for high search visibility
  • Leverages largest affiliate platforms like Amazon, ClickBank
  • Accessible from anywhere and syncs seamlessly across devices
  • Developers keep optimizing features based on user feedback
  • Provides major global language and country coverage
  • Comes with unlimited blogs, content credits and free hosting
  • Backed by a 30-day money back guarantee


  • Product high ticket price for beginners on a budget
  • Only allows integration of major affiliate networks
  • May have compatibility issues on certain older browsers

However, the pros of full automation and hands-free monetization outweigh the minor cons for most users. However, advanced marketers might miss extensive customization ability.

How to Profit from BlogMatic AI

With the right strategy, one can earn substantial profits from niche blogs powered by BlogMatic AI. Here are some effective tips:

Choose Profitable Topics

Select proven high-intent niches with massive search volume and high consumer spending like health, beauty, finance etc. Avoid overly-saturated markets.

Import Best-Selling Products

Focus on promoting top-rated, high average review count items from relevant categories which are more likely to convert browsers into buyers.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

Research related but untapped long-tail keywords with low competition and reasonable traffic potential for your blogged content to rank for through AI optimization.

Cross-Promote OTOs

Share links for the upgrade bundles and software contemporaries like ReviewMatic AI and RapidLogosPro from within your blogs to earn bigger recurring income.

Automate Syndication

Post fresh product listings and articles automatically to social media profiles and groups to exponentially scale overall outreach and revenues.

Analyze Metrics Regularly

Monitor stats on Google Analytics or similar tools about traffic sources, top pages, products etc. to identify what’s effective and double down on winning strategies.

Go Global and Local

Reach a broader global audience as well as niche local markets using BlogMatic AI’s extensive country and language coverage options.

Be Responsive to Visitors

Actively resolve visitors' queries over email support to build engagement, authority and improve chances of sale from every user.

By judiciously leveraging all these proven tactics, affiliates should be able to profit optimally from their network of automated niche blogs over the long run.

How to Use BlogMatic AI

Setting up and operating a niche blog using BlogMatic AI is extremely simple and user-friendly even for complete beginners. Here are the basic steps:

Purchase and Login

First, buy the software from the official BlogMatic AI website and receive login details via email instantly.

Pick a Profitable Niche

Once logged in, select a broad niche category of your choice from thousands of options within popular markets.

Set Up the Website

Provide the desired blog name and the AI assistant will build the complete site framework right before your eyes within seconds.

Import First Product

Select any relevant product on Amazon and watch as the AI crafts a custom review post packed with your referral links.

Add Affiliate Credentials

Input your approval IDs from key networks like Amazon, ClickBank and others to monetize from the start.

Publish and Sit Back

Your new website is now bringing FREE targeted traffic and earnings 24/7 on complete autopilot courtesy of AI.

Manage Routine Tasks

Regularly import new products, analyze metrics and carry out minor optimizations to scale the business over weeks and months.

That's essentially it! BlogMatic AI handles all website creation, content generation, SEO, traffic generation and monetization elements for users from this stage onwards.

BlogMatic AI Funnel and OTOs

Like most software products targeting online marketers, BlogMatic AI is paired with a robust multi-tiered promotional funnel consisting of value-packed upsells and packages:

Front End (FE)

Priced between $17-$29, the entry-level FE provides access to build 1 or 3 niche blogs powered by the AI assistant.

Inline Upsell 1

At $9.95, this unlocks 500 extra content credits to generate more articles and boost rankings/profits.

One Time Offer 1 (OTO 1)

Priced at $37, it adds FAQ schema to content for improved organic search visibility.

OTO 2 (PRO version)

For $67, users can create unlimited automated blogs plus commercial resell rights.


The $67 Plus+ bundle equips websites with an auto-responder for lead nurturing.


At $97, Instant Push Alerts monetize visitor engagement post-purchase.


Social at $97 expands money-making reach through auto social sharing.


Content Pack upgrade at $97 boosts content credits by 100 articles.

In-app domain registration offers from $19-99 annually allow for custom branded domains. The tiered upsells sequentially scale the blog business to new heights profitably.

BlogMatic AI FAQs

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about BlogMatic AI:

Is it beginner-friendly?

Yes, BlogMatic AI can be used easily by anyone even without technical know-how or previous online business experience.

What languages does it support?

BlogMatic AI accommodates blogs in 9 major languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and more.

Do I need coding skills?

No coding is required at all. The software handles all technical complexities behind the scenes.

How much does it cost?

The Front-End is priced between $17-$29 depending on single or 3 site package. Upsells range from $9.95 to $97 typically.

What payment methods are accepted?

Payments can be securely processed via all leading credit/debit cards as well as PayPal on the checkout page.

Where are the sites hosted?

All automated blogs are hosted for free on BlogMatic AI's high-performance cloud servers with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

How long will it take to see results?

With the right strategy applied, most users start earning money within 2 weeks thanks to automated site launches and sales funnels.

Does it have good customer support?

Developers are actively supportive and accessible via in-app ticketing system or direct communication channels to resolve any issues smoothly.

I hope these answers provide the necessary clarity on all frequently asked queries regarding this breakthrough website builder software program. Reach out anytime for anything more!

BlogMatic AI Money-Back Guarantee

BlogMatic AI offers a strong 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee to assuage genuine product purchase worries. Here are the key points:

  • The refund period extends up to 30 calendar days from the date of checkout.
  • To receive a full refund, buyers must request it via email to support personnel.
  • No reasons are needed to be stated for return – it can simply be due to buyer's remorse.
  • Refunds process swiftly and are paid back using the same payment method used for purchase.
  • The money-back policy applies to both the Front-End and all upsell acquisitions within 30 days period.
  • There are no hidden restocking or processing fees deducted from refund amounts.

This unconditional refund clause ensures users can test drive the AI blog system risk-free for an entire month before confirming their purchase decision. It instills strong trust in the vendor reliability as well.

BlogMatic AI Price and Bundle Deals

The standard pricing structure for BlogMatic AI includes:

Single Site License

Priced between $17-$29, this plan allows building 1 automated affiliate blog.

3 Site License

For $29, create and run 3 full-fledged AI-powered niche sites together.

Upsells range as follows:

  • Inline upsell 1: $9.95
  • OTO 1: $37
  • OTO 2 (PRO): $67
  • OTO 3 (Plus+): $67
  • OTO 4 (Push): $97
  • OTO 5 (Social): $97
  • OTO 6 (Content pack): $97

Plus annual in-app domain registration subscriptions from $19-$99.

Occasionally, affordable bundle deals are offered such as:

  • 3 Month Bundle: FE + OTOs 1-3 for $117 (saving $57)
  • 6 Month Mega Bundle: Everything + 6 months access for $197 (saving $207)

Such timely bundled packages make the overall investment highly affordable while unlocking enormous income-generating potential over weeks and months of use.

Who Created BlogMatic AI?

BlogMatic AI is the brainchild of Igor Burban, an established serial online entrepreneur with over two decades of hands-on experience in website design and development, software engineering as well as affiliate marketing domains. Some key facts about him:

  • Created multiple successful SaaS tools with over 50,000 paying users globally.
  • Held positions as CTO at major tech companies developing advanced web applications.
  • Certified Master Affiliate with 10+ years history of 6 and 7 figure affiliate incomes.
  • Known for founder expertise in AI, Chatbots, Cloud Computing and Web 3.0 trends.
  • Awarded “Top Digital Producer” multiple years running by top JV brokers.
  • Personally backed and supported all the products he launches.

So in summary, BlogMatic AI harnesses Igor's deep technical expertise combined with his proven affiliate track record to birth another groundbreaking timesaving software solution. His experience ensures it works optimally for all.

When is BlogMatic AI launched?

The expected launch details of the BlogMatic AI launch within the WarriorPlus marketplace are:

  • Launch Date: Sunday, February 25th, 2023
  • Launch Time: 10:00 AM EST
  • Early Bird Pricing Ends: Saturday, March 2nd, 2023 at 11:59 PM EST

Which Platform Can BlogMatic AI be accessed from?

Since BlogMatic AI is a cloud-based software accessible via any modern web browser, users can seamlessly launch, operate and manage their automated affiliate blogs using the app from any device and location. Some compatible platforms include:

  • Windows and Macintosh Desktop PCs
  • Tablets like iPad and Android slates
  • Smartphones running iOS or Android
  • Chromebooks
  • Linux computers
  • All major internet browsers
  • Available 24/7 through any internet connection

The platform flexibility is a major advantage as it lets affiliate marketers remain productive on the go without being tied to any single device. Whether using a laptop, mobile or desktop, anyone can profit from the AI software from anywhere around the globe.

Which Platform is BlogMatic AI launched on?

While BlogMatic AI can be freely accessed globally through any internet browser, the formal software launch happens within the top marketing network WarriorPlus. Here are the key reasons for choosing this acclaimed platform:

  • WarriorPlus hosts professionally produced online launches of bestselling tools.
  • It has a massive pre-built affiliate community of hundreds of thousands of promoters.
  • Igor's past launches here saw multiple products reach #1 most purchased slot.
  • Customer support is excellent for resolving any post-purchase issues smoothly.

BlogMatic AI Bonuses

As per all major product unveilings, BlogMatic AI launch incentives further motivate buyers with value-added perks:

  • PLR Resale Rights to a “Cash Verticle” eBook
  • Free Automated Membership Site Builder Software
  • Exclusive 10X Content Licensing rights
  • 3 Month affiliate hosting account bonus ($40+ value)
  • One Free OTO upgrades
  • 10 done-for-affiliates review videos ($200+ value)
  • PLR Rights to Done-For-You Sales Copy ($100 value)
  • Weekly webinar coaching for life ($997/yearly value)

Should You Buy BlogMatic AI?

Now that we've explored all the in-depth details about BlogMatic AI, here's a candid analysis of whether this is the right investment for you:


  • Ideal for newbies and busy entrepreneurs due to complete automation
  • Powered by industry-leading artificially intelligent assistants
  • Scales blogs to generate free traffic and passive earnings regularly
  • Simplifies monetizing niches through major affiliate networks effortlessly
  • Comes with established global traffic and user scope
  • Backed by proven vendor with top rated customer service
  • Risk-free testing through 30-day money back protection


  • Upfront price can still be slightly steep for complete beginners
  • Blogs need constant fresh content injection to retain visitors

Considering how well it stacks the odds in one's favor to succeed hassle-free, the pros far outweigh the minor cons posed by BlogMatic AI for the majority of profiles willing to dedicate routine time. So the bottom-line recommendation is – Yes you should buy it!

Get Access to BlogMatic AI

Call to Action for BlogMatic AI

If you truly wish to leverage AI capabilities to build income-generating niche sites without tedious website development learning curves or technical skills, BlogMatic AI is a no-brainer investment. And the best time to purchase is right now during its pre-launch discount window on WarriorPlus.

So go ahead and take advantage of the ongoing early bird savings by following these simple steps right away:

  1. Visit the official BlogMatic AI sales page on WarriorPlus
    Get Access to BlogMatic AI
  2. Carefully review all the powerful tool details, testimonials and upsell offerings
  3. Click the orange “Reserve My Copy Now” button to place your order
  4. Complete secure checkout using any major payment option
    to get instant access.
  5. Login to access the exhaustive training resources and start creating sites
  6. Monetize the automated blogs and watch profits multiply daily on autopilot!

Remember, waiting too long means missing out on early adopter perks as well as discounted pricing – so move proactively today! BlogMatic AI can revolutionize your online business with minimum exertion.

Get Access to BlogMatic AI


To succinctly summarize, BlogMatic AI presents mainstream marketers their smartest path yet to leverage software engineering advances for rapidly automating lucrative niche websites hands-free.

Its proven blueprint extracts moneymaking insights from top industry leaders, and pairs them with cutting-edge natural language assistance to craft highly profitable digital assets within minutes for any user.

By eliminating all technical hangups and learning curves, BlogMatic AI levels the playing field for everyday users of all skill levels to generate perpetual wealth on complete autopilot through frictionless blogging.

Its seamless functionality, risk-free testing provisions and vendor reliability make the tool a clear-cut favorite especially for busy entrepreneurs and beginners aspiring financial independence online.

So in closing, BlogMatic AI undeniably deserves an earnest look for all wanting to reliably profit from website publishing without devoting substantial time or capital outlays. Its intuitive design empowers ordinary users to achieve extraordinary online incomes effortlessly.

This review hopes highlighting key strengths, features and purchasing logic adequately conveyed the product's uniqueness for driving an informed buying decision. Feel free to reach out anytime for any other support needed. Now get started with your new AI assistant today!

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