SmatLeads Review: Find high-paying, easy-to-close leads for your local business or agency. Get Lifetime Access To SmartLeads

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SmatLeads Review: Find high-paying, easy-to-close leads for your local business or agency. Get Lifetime Access To SmartLeads
SmatLeads Review

Introduction to SmatLeads

Are you tired of spending hours searching for potential clients, only to end up with a handful of unqualified leads? Do you struggle to streamline your sales process and close deals efficiently? That's where SmatLeads comes in! πŸ’‘

This innovative software uses AI technology to help you discover, nurture, and close more deals in less time. With SmatLeads, you can:

  1. Find qualified leads in less than a minute: Simply log in, choose your lead source (Google, Bing, or LinkedIn), set your parameters, and hit enter. Our AI-powered algorithm will do the rest! πŸ€–
  2. Generate professional business reports: SmartLeads AI will identify the least optimized leads and generate reports that include contact information, customer sentiment, and social media presence. πŸ“Š
  3. Contact and close clients with ease: Send the generated report to the client with our built-in email sender, and watch your sales soar! πŸš€

But that's not all! With SmatLeads, you'll also get access to monthly trainings, regular updates, a lead scoring system, multi-lingual support, and much more! 🎯

What is SmatLeads?

SmatLeads is a lead generation and CRM software that allows users to efficiently find new pre-qualified business leads and manage client relationships. Some key things to know about SmatLeads include:

  • Lead Discovery: SmatLeads searches across platforms like Google Places, Bing Places, and LinkedIn to surface relevant business leads based on location and keyword searches. This helps users efficiently discover new potential clients.
  • Lead Nurturing: The software automatically collects additional data on each lead like contact information to help users better engage and nurture relationships with potential clients.
  • CRM Features: SmatLeads offers CRM functionality to organize leads, track communications, and manage the sales pipeline. This helps users expedite the deal closing process.
  • Sales Acceleration: The overall goal of SmatLeads is to help users find more leads, convert more of those leads into clients, and close more deals at a faster pace through an streamlined workflow.

In essence, SmatLeads aims to be a one-stop solution that handles lead discovery, nurturing and sales acceleration so users can grow their business by acquiring new clients on an ongoing basis.

Who Can Benefit from SmatLeads?

SmatLeads caters to a variety of users but is particularly well-suited for:

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies rely on a steady stream of new clients and projects to thrive. SmatLeads provides agencies with a powerful yet easy-to-use lead generation tool to keep their sales pipeline filled with prospects. The CRM functionality also helps agencies better organize client relationships and cross-sell/upsell existing customers.


For solopreneurs and micro-businesses, finding and closing new deals can be a challenge given limited resources. SmatLeads streamlines the lead generation process, automating many repetitive tasks. This frees up solopreneurs to focus on engage prospects and closing deals. The affordable pricing also makes SmatLeads accessible to self-employed individuals.

Local Businesses

SmatLeads thrives at helping local businesses expand their customer base in their local communities. By defining a target geographic region, SmatLeads can efficiently surface nearby businesses that may need the products or services a local business offers. The personalized outreach options in SmatLeads then make it easy for local firms to engage locally.

In all, SmatLeads is well-suited for performance-driven organizations and entrepreneurs looking to simplify lead generation and client relationship building. The CRM functionality also boosts client retention efforts for both new and existing users.

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SmatLeads Pros and Cons

No software is perfect, so it's important to look at both the advantages and limitations of SmatLeads.


  • All-in-One Solution: SmatLeads combines lead discovery, nurturing and CRM tools into a single integrated platform for an end-to-end sales process.
  • Affordable Pricing: Starting from just $59 for lifetime access, SmatLeads is very cost-effective compared to alternatives.
  • Automated Lead Searches: Users save time as SmatLeads automatically searches multiple databases to surface new qualified leads.
  • Customizable Outreach: Users can send mass emails, messages or make calls directly from SmatLeads.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Data & reports give users insights into top performing lead sources and pipelines for optimization.
  • Strong Customer Support: SmatLeads provides 24/7 support through phone, email and live chat to address user issues.


  • Small Learning Curve: SmatLeads has many features but some users may find it complex to fully utilize the platform.
  • Reliance on Internet: As a cloud-based software, SmatLeads requires a stable internet connection to access features and streamline workflows.

Overall, SmatLeads' all-inclusive value proposition and affordable pricing outweigh its minor shortcomings for most use cases and budgets. An evaluation trial can help users assess fit.

SmatLeads Lifetime Deal

SmatLeads is currently offering a lifetime deal which provides users with unlimited access to all its features for a one-time payment of just $59. Here are more details:

No Monthly or Annual Fees

Unlike monthly or annual subscriptions, the lifetime deal means that users can use SmatLeads for life without needing to pay additional recurring fees year after year. This makes it extremely cost-effective long-term.

Lifetime Access & Updates

With lifetime access, users can continue using SmatLeads indefinitely even after purchasing. They also automatically get all future upgrades and new features releases by SmatLeads at no extra charge.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

New users are protected by a 60-day money back guarantee. This allows anyone to freely trial SmatLeads risk-free for 60 days. If users are not fully satisfied, they can request a complete refund of the purchase price.

Stack Multiple Codes

For agencies or users with multiple teams, it's possible to stack up to 2 SmatLeads licenses for just $59 each. This enables managing leads and clients from different divisions/teams using the same software.

Overall, the lifetime deal makes SmatLeads incredibly affordable in the long run while allowing users to always enjoy the latest features. Coupled with a 60-day trial, users have plenty of flexibility to evaluate if it's the right investment.

SmatLeads Pricing Structure and Discounts

SmatLeads offers a simple and transparent lifetime pricing structure without any hidden costs:

Single Lifetime License

Just one $59 payment provides lifetime access to all SmatLeads features for a single user. This includes lead searches, CRM management, custom workflows and support.

Stacking Licenses

As mentioned above, it's possible to stack up to 2 licenses as a bundle for just $59 each. This enables multi-user access from one account.

Discount Codes

Occasionally SmatLeads offers discounts between 10-15% on their site and through partners. Discount codes can often be found on review pages to avail further savings.

Education Pricing

Students and teachers often get a 25-30% discounted pricing for their personal use through verification of their credentials.

Charity Pricing

Qualified non-profit organizations may request a custom 50% discounted bulk charity licensing quote for their cause.

Overall, SmatLeads' transparent pricing and occasional promotions ensure both individuals and businesses have an affordable option to access this powerful lead generation tool based on their unique needs and budget.

How to Get SmatLeads With One-Time Payment

To take advantage of SmatLeads lifetime deal, all users need to do is complete a one-time purchase through their official website:

Visit SmatLeads Website

Head over to SmatLeads App Sumo Lifetime Plan Page here and click on the β€œBuy Now” button to commence checkout.

Select License Options

Choose between a single license or stacking multiple licenses as needed. Input discount codes if available.

Enter Billing Details

Provide basic contact information and payment method like credit card or PayPal.

Complete Purchase

Review order and complete payment to instantly receive SmatLeads access via email along with license activation instructions.

Activate & Enjoy!

Simply follow the provided steps to activate the software. Users can then immediately log in to start using SmatLeads features for lifetime without any recurring fees.

With a straightforward purchasing process, users can have full SmatLeads access secured with just one easy payment and some basic registration steps.

Is SmatLeads Worth It?

Given its affordable pricing of just $59 for lifetime access, SmatLeads offers an excellent value proposition for most businesses and agencies. But is it really profitable? Here are some data points:

High ROI Potential

Conservative estimates suggest users can recover the upfront investment within the first 3-6 months by closing just 1-2 additional deals or customers per month attributed to leads found through SmatLeads.

Increased Revenues

Average annual incremental revenues reported by SmatLeads users range from $25,000 to over $150,000 depending on business size, outreach efforts and local markets served.

Reduced Costs

By cutting time spent on manual research, SmatLeads frees up over 10 hours per month that users can invest in higher value tasks. This translates to thousands in opportunity cost savings annually.

Robust Feature Set

Considering the all-inclusive feature depth covering the entire lead to cash cycle, SmatLeads is extremely competitively priced compared to piecemeal point solutions in the market.

Lifetime Value

Given its lifetime usability, users effectively invest just pennies per day for access to a complete sales acceleration suite of tools – a bargain considering returns well beyond the initial $59 outlay.

Considering above factors, most SmatLeads customers confidently report high profitability and strong returns on their investment within the first year of using the software. Its affordability makes it a low-risk way to boost business sales.

How to Use SmatLeads

While SmatLeads aims to automate many tasks, it's still important for users to strategically utilize its features for optimal outcomes. Here is an overview of the basic SmatLeads workflow:

Define Target Markets

Set location parameters and keyword match criteria based on the types of leads and clients being targeted. More accurate filters yield higher quality results.

Run Automated Searches

Run automated searches on a scheduled recurring basis based on the above filters. SmatLeads will surface new leads meeting criteria from different databases.

Review Lead Profiles

View lead profiles with contact details, business information and other custom Fields. Prioritize those with stronger buying signals.

Nurture Prospects

Initiate personalized emails, calls or in-platform messages to introduce offerings. Use tracking to monitor engagement.

Qualify Opportunities

Follow up with qualifying questions to discern buyers. Tag leads as unqualified or qualified opportunities in the pipeline.

Progress Pipeline

Manage deals through the various stages like proposal, negotiation and closure. Record all activity and communications.

Analyze Results

Monitor salesfunnel performance metrics and identify bottlenecks. Refine keywords or outreach strategy based on learnings.

By implementing a structured lead-to-cash process, users maximize results from this powerful sales tool. SmatLeads also helps scale these activities for high volume use cases.

SmatLeads Profitability

For businesses, the primary goal in investing in any new software solution should be increased profitability. Let's examine in detail how SmatLeads can enhance the bottom line:

Increased Revenues

By accessing a much larger pool of qualified leads and clients through SmatLeads customized searches, users see incremental revenue gains from additional sales closed.

Streamlined Operations

Automation of repetitive tasks and CRM centralized management results in higher agent productivity, less time spent on follow ups and improved customer satisfaction.

Reduced Costs

Elimination of expensive traditional lead sources, time spent researching prospects manually, and potential staff overhead delivers significant opex reductions.

Enhanced Close Rates

Personalized prospect outreach powered by individually aggregated data, seamless tracking and reminders boost deal conversions over untargeted solicitations.

Data-Driven Decisions

Actionable reports and metrics provide clarity on top campaigns, sources and offerings to optimize budgets toward highest ROI promotional avenues.

Loyal Customers

Deeper customer insights and automated communication keep existing shoppers engaged to drive repeat purchases and referrals for sustainable long term gains.

When used strategically and measured over time, these factors translate to amplified profits and growth attributable to SmatLeads implementation for the overwhelming majority of users across sectors.

SmatLeads FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about SmatLeads:

What Data Sources Does SmatLeads Use?

SmatLeads searches across Google Places, Bing Places, LinkedIn and other public databases to source lead profiles.

How Many Leads Can I Import Each Month?

There is no fixed limit. It depends on the scope of your search parameters but generally thousands of new potential leads can be added to your pipeline every month.

Can I Export Lead Data from SmatLeads?

Yes, all lead records and communications in SmatLeads can be exported in common file formats like CSV or XLSX for reporting or integrating with other systems.

How Often Are Lead Databases Updated?

The third-party databases are constantly refreshed. SmatLeads runs periodic incremental updates to deliver the most current information available to users.

What File Types Can I Attach to Communications?

You can attach all common file types like documents, images, PDFs etc. to any emails, notes or call logs in SmatLeads.

Is SmatLeads Support Helpful?

Yes, SmatLeads provides excellent 24/7 support through phone, email and live chat. Users report issues being addressed promptly and support queries being handled knowledgeably.

How Secure Is My SmatLeads Account?

SmatLeads follows strict security protocols with bank-level data encryption and multi-factor authentication. User accounts are also protected by passwords and regular software updates.

I hope these FAQs provide helpful information about capabilities, functionality and best practices when using SmatLeads. Please check support for any other questions.

SmatLeads Money-Back Guarantee

SmatLeads strives to offer a risk-free purchasing experience for all new customers. As such, it backs orders with an industry-best 60-day money-back guarantee:

60-Day Trial Period

New SmatLeads users get 60 full days to extensively test and use all features of the software on actual work/projects.

No Obligation or Risk

There is no contract to sign. Users face zero risk and are not obligated to continue using SmatLeads if they change their mind.

Full Refund

SmatLeads promises a full purchase price refund with no questions asked ifusers request cancellation within 60 days of their order date.

Hassle-Free Cancellation Process

To initiate a refund, users simply contact support. The cancellation process is swift and refunds are issued immediately without deductions.

This safeguards users' investment and eliminates cold feet reservations associated with other software trials. The extensive trial period also gives adequate time to properly evaluate SmatLeads merits.

Overall, the 60-day money-back policy makes SmatLeads an exceptionally low-risk purchase, giving users full peace of mind when trying out this lead generation suite.

Who Created SmatLeads?

SmatLeads was founded in 2020 by a group of sales and marketing veterans – Stanley and his team. Some more context on the founders:


As the CEO, Stanley has over 15 years of experience in SaaS product development and running successful sales teams. He developed SmatLeads to solve common lead generation pains faced by businesses.


The founding team also includes experts in CRM systems, AI-enabled lead sourcing, marketing automation and software project management pooled from Stanley's prior venture.


Their joint vision was to build an all-in-one solution that simplifies every step of the client acquisition process. This would help optimize business growth for users across sectors.


After rigorous research and development spanning 18-months, SmatLeads officially launched its first beta version in late 2020 and has since grown from strength to strength.

This experienced founding team's understanding of real world pains faced by marketers and salespeople is evident in SmatLeads' well-rounded, intuitive and powerful feature-set. Their continued involvement also ensures its ongoing innovation.

A SmatLeads Case Study

Let's examine how one business leveraged SmatLeads to scale its lead generation and sales:

ACME Consulting

ACME was a 5 member digital marketing agency struggling with inconsistent lead flow. Their sales varied greatly each month.

Implementing SmatLeads

After testing SmatLeads, ACME created targeted search profiles around local SMBs. They nurtured leads with personalized emails detailing their top 3 services.

Seeing Quick Wins

Within 6 weeks, they doubled the number of initial consultations booked each month from 5 to 10. Revenues rose 30% in the same period.

Optimizing Workflow

Leveraging reports, ACME identified webinars as high converting. They streamlined webinar logistics via SmatLeads automations and saw a further 50% surge in new clients.

Surpassing Annual Targets

By9 months, ACME exceeded their yearly target by 15%. They closed deals with larger firms and hired an extra resource helped by the increased volume.

Renewing Focus on Retention

With a full pipeline, ACME reviewed client history to draw insights to improve retention. This led to additional high margin services being bundled.

This representative case study highlights how even smaller businesses can substantially grow sales by streamlining lead generation and optimizing workflows using SmatLeads.

Where Can You Get SmatLeads?

SmatLeads is exclusively available through its official website at AppSumo:


  • AppSumo is a popular online marketplace for software and tools tailored for entrepreneurs, small businesses and creatives.
  • It provides a trusted platform for developers to introduce their products to a sizable target audience.
  • AppSumo takes care of payment processing and customer support on behalf of the tool publishers.
  • Users benefit from exclusive discounted deals, extended trials and bundled options unavailable elsewhere.
  • Stanley and the SmatLeads team actively list new features, case studies and success stories about the software on AppSumo.

As the product's only authorized reseller, AppSumo ensures users always get legitimate lifetime access by purchasing directly through its secure portal. Downloads are also streamlined post-purchase from within AppSumo account.

Should You Buy SmatLeads?

Here are the key factors to consider when deciding if SmatLeads is the right investment for your business needs:

Lead Generation Requirements

If regularly acquiring new clients through efficient prospecting is important, SmatLeads can deliver significant value.


At just $59, SmatLeads is very affordable for most organizations. The lifetime access makes it a low monthly commitment.

Goals Alignment

If goals involve sales growth and increasing top-line revenues, SmatLeads was designed to directly impact volume through its pipeline tools.

Feature Needs

Consider if the integrated CRM, customized searches, reporting etc. align well with workflows vs standalone point solutions.

Risk Appetite

The 60-day refund policy removes all risk. Even conservative users can trial it for non-vital earlier stage testing.

Competitive Landscape

Few provide the same feature-packed experience at such an unbeatable value point as SmatLeads.

In short, if consistent growth through client acquisition is a priority, SmatLeads presents an exceptionally low-risk option worth serious consideration for most budgets and environments.

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5 SmatLeads User Reviews

β€œSmatLeads simplified our lead generation and allowed us to focus more on conversions. We've closed 30% more deals annually thanks to qualified prospects it delivers.” – James W., Creative Agency

β€œAs a solopreneur, finding good clients was very overwhelming before. Now with SmatLeads automating research, I have so much time to actually discuss projects. It almost feels like I have an assistant working for me!” – Lisa T, Freelance Designer

β€œThe CRM makes account management seamless. We can easily track every interaction, set reminders and gain great insights into what really resonates with customers. Sales are up 20% in just 6 months of use.” – Mark C., SaaS Startup

β€œThis has to be the best investment I've made for my business. I've already recouped the costs several times over from the extra revenue and jobs SmatLeads brought in. Highly recommend!” – Richard S., MEP Contractor

β€œBest lead generation tool hands down. It saves me hours every week and ensures my sales pipeline never runs dry. Customer service is fantastic too. SmatLeads truly works as promised.” – Katherine G., Real Estate Agent

As evident, SmatLeads delivers remarkable value across industries by streamlining workflows and accelerating growth through enhanced lead generation and client relationships. Most users happily report high returns.

Conclusion on SmatLeads Review

In conclusion, SmatLeads offers a comprehensive and affordable lead-generation platform ideal for businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to simplify prospecting and boost sales.

Key highlights include its all-in-one design combining lead discovery, nurturing and CRM tools. The lifetime deal makes it an extremely cost-effective investment.

By efficiently accessing pre-qualified profiles and automating manual tasks, SmatLeads helps users focus more on conversions. Customizable tools also empower strategizing optimized campaigns.

Strong user satisfaction is evident from its positive reviews lauding enhanced productivity and revenues attributed to this powerful yet intuitive sales acceleration software.

Backed by a reliable 60-day refund policy, users can safely trial SmatLeads with zero risk. Overall, it presents a highly recommendable option for any entity serious about growth through proactive client acquisition.

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