Camvid V2 – Premium Camtasia Video Templates WL License: Create captivating and sophisticated social media videos effortlessly with CAMVID’s extensive collection of Camtasia templates

Camvid V2 - Premium Camtasia Video Templates WL License: Create captivating and sophisticated social media videos effortlessly with CAMVID's extensive collection of Camtasia templates
Camvid V2 – Premium Camtasia Video Templates WL License: Create captivating and sophisticated social media videos effortlessly with CAMVID's extensive collection of Camtasia templates


Having an online video presence is essential for any business or brand that wants to connect with customers and build awareness. However, creating high-quality, professional-looking videos can be a time-consuming and expensive process if you have to start from scratch every time. This is where Camvid V2 – Premium Camtasia Video Templates WL License comes in.

Developed by Desafa Media, Camvid V2 is a collection of over 200 ready-to-use video templates specifically designed for the popular video editing software Camtasia. The templates allow users to quickly and easily create engaging social media videos and online ads without any design or video production experience. In this in-depth review, we'll take a look at everything the Camvid V2 product has to offer and whether it's worth the investment.

Features and Content

Camvid V2 contains an extensive library of professionally designed video templates that come pre-packaged for use with Camtasia, one of the most popular video editing software programs on the market. Here are some of the key features and content included:

  • Templates: Over 200 ready-made video templates organized into 25 niche-specific categories covering industries like fashion, food, travel, real estate, and more. Template formats include 1080x1920px stories and 1080x1080px squares.
  • Sales Scripts: 30 sales script videos that users can customize with their own messaging for different promotions and offers. Common scripts cover niches like weight loss, beauty, finance, travel, and more.
  • Promotion Videos: 30 business promotion video templates across various verticals like restaurants, makeup shops, camera stores, music stores, gaming retailers and more.
  • Editable in Camtasia: All templates, scripts and videos are fully editable directly in Camtasia through simple drag-and-drop customization of images, text, videos and other elements.
  • Wide Range of Categories: 25 total categories ensure relevant templates for any target industry or niche, keeping content fresh and on-trend.
  • Ready-Made Assets: Finished project files simply need to be imported to Camtasia – no design skills required. Users are provided turnkey video drafts.
  • Easy Exporting: Users can export customized templates in standard video formats like MP4, MOV for sharing on social media platforms.

With these diverse, high-quality contents packaged in an easy-to-use format, Camvid V2 saves users huge time and effort in video creation.

Benefits and Who Can Benefit

Camvid V2 offers several key benefits for both individuals and businesses looking to promote themselves or their brands online:

  • Save Time – Creating videos from scratch can take hours of work. Camvid V2's pre-made templates allow users to finish videos in just minutes.
  • No Design Skills Needed – The templates are ready-to-use right out of the box. Users don't need any video editing or design experience.
  • Professional Quality – The templates have been expertly designed to look sleek and modern, giving the impression of professional, high-quality videos.
  • Always On-Trend – With 25 categories covering various niches, users are ensured relevant templates for their target audience and industry.
  • White Label License Option – For affiliates and resellers, the WL license allows unlimited resale rights and 100% profit retention.

Therefore, Camvid V2 would greatly benefit small business owners, online marketers, social media managers, coaches, consultants and really anyone looking to easily promote themselves or their brand through video.

See How Easy To Creating Highly Converting Animated Social Media Promo Using CAMVID! in the video below:

See How Easy To Creating Highly Converting Animated Social Media Promo Using CAMVID! in the video

Pros and Cons

Here are some key pros and cons of the Camvid V2 product:


  • Easy to use templates for non-experts
  • Professionally designed templates
  • Wide selection across many categories
  • White label resell rights available
  • Excellent support and tutorials provided
  • Lifetime access with free updates


  • Requires Camtasia software to use templates (additional purchase)
  • Relies on pre-made templates, customizations have limitations

Overall, the pros far outweigh the few minor cons. For most users, the pre-made templates will provide all they need to create engaging social videos with minimal effort or costs.

How to Profit from Camvid V2

One of the biggest advantages of Camvid V2 is the unlimited white label license option. This makes the product perfect for entrepreneurs and marketers interested in monetizing it by promoting and reselling under their own brands. Here are a few key ways users can profit from Camvid V2:

  • Private Label Rights – Sell Camvid V2 as your own product with 100% profit margins. Customize the sales page and brand it uniquely.
  • One-Time Offers – Bundle Camvid V2 with other complementary products and services as a high-ticket offer.
  • Service Flips – Use Camvid V2 templates to provide video services for clients. Sell template customization packages.
  • Membership Sites – Offer lifetime access to template library as an upsell or backend offer on your sites.
  • Telesummits/Webinars – Leverage templates to promote and demonstrate video marketing strategies.

With endless monetization options, ambitious marketers can easily generate an additional passive income stream by promoting Camvid V2.

How to Use Camvid V2

Using Camvid V2 templates with Camtasia is a straightforward process:

  1. Download and Install Camtasia
  2. Purchase and Access Camvid V2
  3. Open Camtasia and Click ‘Import Project'
  4. Browse and Select the Desired Template File
  5. Customize Text, Videos, Images as Needed
  6. Edit and Animate Elements for Your Video
  7. Export and Share Your Video

Comprehensive tutorials are provided to help users during the initial learning curve. Existing Camtasia users can hit the ground running immediately by simply importing template files and customizing them.

Camvid V2 Upsells, Funnel and OTOs

After purchasing the front-end Camvid V2 package, users are taken to an upsell page with the following offers:

  • OTO 1: Camvid V2 Platinum Edition – Additional 150 templates, wider selection across 15 categories.
  • OTO 2: 600+ Animated Icon Royalty-Free Bundle – 1200 icons across 20 categories for enhanced graphic customizations.
  • OTO 3: 500+ ProPresenter & PPT Design Bundle – Premium slide templates for webinars, courses etc.

These strategic upsells provide increasing value higher in the funnel while allowing existing customers to further maximize their video marketing capabilities. Camvid V2's seamless sales process helps the seller capture more revenue per client.

Camvid V2 FAQs

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Camvid V2:

Q: What versions of Camtasia are compatible?
A: Templates are designed for Camtasia 2022 or higher versions.

Q: How many videos can I create?
A: The license provides unlimited use of the templates for personal or commercial use.

Q: What file formats are included?
A: Templates are available in MOV, MP4, PNG, JPG for use in videos or graphics.

Q: Is support and guidance provided?
A: Detailed tutorials, FAQs and technical support are provided for any issues.

Q: What is the refund policy?
A: A 7-day money-back guarantee is offered if the product does not meet expectations.

Q: How do I receive templates after purchase?
A: Login details to access templates online or download link will be emailed immediately.

Q: Can I resell the product privately?
A: Yes, the white label license allows full private labeling and profit retention rights.

Camvid V2 Money-Back Guarantee

Desafa Media stands behind the quality and effectiveness of Camvid V2 with a robust 7-day money-back guarantee.

If for any reason users are not completely satisfied with the product, they can request a full refund – no questions asked – within 7 days. This risk-reversal ensures Camvid V2 is an entirely risk-free purchase.

Pricing and Bundle Deal

The standard pricing and package bundle deals for Camvid V2 are:

  • Front-End: Camvid V2 Templates – $17
  • OTO 1: Camvid V2 Platinum Edition – $21
  • OTO 2: Animated Icons Bundle – $24
  • OTO 3: PPT Template Bundle – $27

However, during launch periods, Desafa Media offers limited-time 50% discounted bundles such as:

  • Bundle Deal: FE + All OTOs – $47 (originally $97)

This provides excellent value and saves users over $50 compared to individual purchases. Subscription and membership options may also become available post-launch.

Created by Desafa Media

Camvid V2 is created by Desafa Media, a leading provider of marketing education and Done-For-You assets. Since 2015, Desafa Media has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and marketers grow their businesses through high-quality digital products.

Some of their other popular launches include Promovidz templates, Showcase Builder templates, and Graphics Bundle HD. Desafa Media is known for deep market research, on-trend product development and exceptional post-launch support.

Platform and Launch Date of Camvid V2

Camvid V2 is promoted primarily through JVZoo, the largest digital products marketplace. The launch period for Camvid V2 is January 7-28, 2024. After the official launch, the product will be made available on Desafa Media's website as well as through other channels.

Camvid V2 Bonuses Included

Besides the core Camvid V2 package, buyers also receive the following valuable bonuses:

  • 800+ Royalty-Free HD Stock Videos
  • 1,000+ Royalty-Free Stock Images
  • 300+ Copyright-Free Music Tracks
  • 50+ Professional PPT Template Mockups
  • 17 Animated Background Slide Loops
  • 19 Character Animation Packages
  • 20+ Social Media PPT Template Sets
  • 41 Video Explainer PPT Template Sets

With over $2,000 worth of additional bonuses, Camvid V2 truly delivers unique maximum value to users. The bonuses help create even more captivating video and graphic designs.

Should You Buy Camvid V2?

For anyone struggling to create engaging videos or looking to boost their online video marketing, Camvid V2 offers a hugely rewarding investment. Some key reasons to consider purchasing include:

  • Easy to Use Templates Save Tons of Time
  • Professional Quality Without Design Skills
  • Unparalleled Value from Templates and Bonuses
  • Simple Customizations for Any Niche or Industry
  • Unlimited Use Rights for Lifetime Access
  • Strategic Upsells to Further Maximize ROI
  • 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee Removes All Risk

While not suitable for projects requiring 100% custom videos, Camvid V2 is otherwise unbeatable for quick, high-converting video content. The lifetime license ensures it pays for itself many times over. Highly recommended!

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Take Action Today!

To take advantage of Camvid V2's limited-time launch pricing, special bundle deals and generous bonuses, users are encouraged to purchase from the official websites linked below:

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Users should also maximally leverage the JVZoo affiliate program by promoting Camvid V2 via their affiliate links within the launch period to earn lifetime 50% commissions.

Overall, with its innovative templates, unbeatable value and ease of use, Camvid V2 sets the gold standard for quickly creating engaging social videos. Highly recommended!

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Conclusion on Camvid V2 – Premium Camtasia Video Templates WL License

In conclusion, Camvid V2 – Premium Camtasia Video Templates WL License is a powerful and versatile video marketing solution for businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs. The extensive library of professionally designed templates, organized across many categories, provides endless options to create engaging videos with minimal effort.

Backed by lifetime access, free updates, dedicated support and a 100% money-back guarantee, Camvid V2 removes all risks for users. Best of all, its sophisticated white label license empowers ambitious affiliates and entrepreneurs to generate an additional stream of passive income by monetizing the product themselves.

Whether as a front-end product or as part of an broader online business, Camvid V2 undoubtedly pays for itself through the massive time and money it saves in video creation. The integrated upsell funnel and bonuses unlock even greater value.

Overall, for any individual or organization serious about video marketing on social media and the web, Camvid V2 is a must-have desktop tool that deserves a place in every marketer's toolbox. Its easy, turnkey approach to video production makes it a worthwhile investment that earns back profits many times over through superior lead generation and sales methods. Highly recommended!

FTC Affiliate Disclaimer

This review is for informational purposes only. While the product and affiliate links were reviewed favorably, the reviewer has an affiliate relationship and may earn a commission from sales generated through affiliate links. However, this did not influence the independent and unbiased review as only factual information was presented about product features. The reviewer does not own shares in Desafa Media or related corporations.

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