AI Press review: New ChatGPT Powered Software Creates 100% Done For You and Ready To Profit Affiliate Sites With the Power of AI!

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AI Press review New ChatGPT Powered Software Creates 100 Done For You and Ready To Profit Affiliate Sites With the Power of AI AI Press review: New ChatGPT Powered Software Creates 100% Done For You and Ready To Profit Affiliate Sites With the Power of AI!
AI Press review

Introduction to AI Press

AI Press is a new ChatGPT-powered software that enables users to effortlessly create 100% done-for-you and ready-to-profit affiliate sites with the power of artificial intelligence. Released in February 2024 by online marketer Kurt Chrisler, AI Press puts the advanced abilities of ChatGPT directly within websites to automate the tedious process of building money-making sites.

By leveraging the latest AI technologies, AI Press handles all the heavy lifting involved in site creation so users can focus on other important tasks. With a few simple clicks, the software generates optimized content, product reviews, images and more, quickly transforming any website into a profitable affiliate business.

This comprehensive AI Press review will explore the tool's innovative features, proven benefits, straightforward implementation and generous money-back guarantee. By the end, readers will have a clear understanding of how this breakthrough software streamlines affiliate marketing efforts.

What Does AI Press Include?

AI Press packs a wealth of powerful features into a single easy-to-use platform. Here's an overview of what the software delivers:

Done-For-You Content Creation

AI Press leverages ChatGPT to automatically generate optimized articles, blog posts and other content for any topic or niche. With a keyword or phrase, the AI creates fresh, human-written pieces optimized for search engines and readers.

Done-For-You Product Reviews

Create compelling product reviews in minutes by entering an affiliate link. AI Press uses ChatGPT to research the item and draft a persuasive, well-formatted review for added site credibility and sales.

Done-For-You Image Creation

The software integrates with image databases to find or automatically generate high-quality, relevant images for each piece of content. No more wasting time searching for or sourcing images.

Automatic Content Rewriting

AI Press reworks any existing text – like older posts, articles from other sites or content written by the user – to avoid duplication issues and maximize visibility.

Built-In Affiliate Link Placement

With a single affiliate link entry, AI Press strategically inserts it throughout all generated content for automatic monetization without effort.

Who Benefits From AI Press?

AI Press streamlines site building for affiliate marketers, bloggers, influencers and anyone wanting to profit online hassle-free. Here are some who can especially gain:

Beginners & Newbies

Setting up a new money-making blog or site is made simple with AI Press generating top-notch content automatically. New marketers save enormous time learning the ropes.

Busy Entrepreneurs

Those running multiple online businesses appreciate how AI Press frees up valuable time spent on tedious tasks. Build sites effortlessly around schedules.

Experienced Users

Veteran entrepreneurs looking to expand portfolios benefit from the software's ability to rapidly spin up high-quality, profitable niche sites with minimal workload.

Low Commitment Users

For those wanting to dip toes into online earnings, AI Press presents a low-risk way to see initial results with almost no learning curve – and quit anytime.

In summary, AI Press streamlines affiliate marketing for anyone wanting a hands-free system to build monetized websites requiring little effort or technical know-how. The benefits apply across all experience levels.

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Key Pros and Cons of AI Press

Like any tool, AI Press has advantages and limitations to consider. An honest assessment shows it overwhelmingly benefits users:


  • Auto-generation of quality content at scale
  • Hands-free monetization of all created materials
  • No technical skills or design expertise needed
  • Rapid site creation for testing niches risk-free
  • Lifetime free upgrades and new features
  • Generous refund policy with full support


  • Still requires optimizing generated sites manually
  • Output quality depends on used keywords/topics
  • Not suitable for very specialized niche sites
  • Limited multi-site capability in the basic version

Overall, the benefits of AI Press far outweigh the minor drawbacks. With some testing and customization, it streamlines site building in ways no other tool can match. The pros make it a no-brainer recommended solution for affiliate entrepreneurs.

How to Profit from AI Press

AI Press handles the bulk of content creation work but still requires a strategic plan to earn real money. Here's an overview of effective strategies to profit:

Choose Profitable Niches Carefully

Narrow niche targeting increases the chances of ranking and sales. Research topics with proven affiliate income potential. Consider keyword volumes and competition levels.

Optimize Site Structure and Design

While AI Press auto-generates quality content, the resulting sites still need human refinement. Improve header tags, adjust layouts, and modify designs for maximum reader experience.

Add Social Proof and Connectivity

Give sites more credibility by incorporating social share buttons, testimonials, contact info and external backlinks. Drive traffic from forums, blogs, social profiles and more.

Promote Content Strategically

Quality content won't sell itself. Publicize articles actively using campaigns on social media, email lists, forums, guest blogging and SEO-optimized link building over time.

Continuously Enhance Sites Long-Term

New AI Press additions or manual improvements keep topics fresh and interesting. Monitor analytics and adjust strategies as needed based on performance and opportunities.

Following such best practices alongside AI Press' automated generation makes for highly profitable niche site creation with minimal work – the perfect system for busy affiliate marketers.

Using AI Press

Getting started with AI Press to kickstart an affiliate income involves a straightforward process:

Purchase and Installation

Sign up through the website checkout. Login to download and install the plugin to a self-hosted WordPress site. Activation links sites to AI content sources.

Write an Initial Article or Post

Input a keyword or phrase related to the chosen niche for the AI to generate a seed article – or write one manually for the best results. Publish to go live.

Optimize and Customize

Customize the theme and design for maximum reader engagement. Tweak SEO factors like headers, internal linking and more.

Generate More Content

Simply enter keywords or phrases related to the niche to auto-populate the site with an expanding library of optimized articles, reviews and media over time.

Promote and Monetize

Links added by AI Press promote affiliate offers with no extra steps. Drive traffic actively and monitor performance so sites profit through strategy refinements over the long run.

Putting AI Press through its paces in this straightforward workflow makes testing niches and scaling portfolios a quick, simple process requiring minimal expertise or manual labor thanks to its automated procedures.

AI Press Funnel And Bonuses

Developers of AI Press understand its real value comes from leveraging multiple income streams. To maximize returns, they structured tiered upgrades and generous bonuses into the sales funnel:

Front End – AI Press Software

The core tool enables automated site creation from a single WordPress install. Regularly priced between $17-$27.

OTO 1 – AI Press PRO Upgrade

Adds more robust content sources, automatic expanding sites and additional monetization tools. Priced at $37.

OTO 2 – AI Unlimited Upgrade

Lets users run unlimited AI Press sites across multiple domains and niches. Priced at $47.

OTO 3 – AI Press DFY Services

Professional setup and optimization of the first site done entirely for users. Worth $67.

Bonus 1 – WP Rank Express

SEO tool valued at $97 helping rank sites faster generated by AI Press.

Bonus 2 – InfiniShop

All-in-one eCommerce plugin (worth $67) making site monetization even easier through merchant stores.

Strategically bundling these extra solutions at reasonable price points further boosts AI Press' already substantial capability to build residual income streams – now entirely on autopilot. Plus the funnel gives flexibility for every budget.

AI Press FAQs

No software review would be complete without addressing common user questions:

Is There a Learning Curve?

AI Press is intuitive to operate with little technical expertise required thanks to its automated processes. Basic WordPress skills are helpful but not essential.

Are the Keywords Safe to Use?

Yes, the AI generates unique, highly relevant content for each entered keyword or phrase without duplicating copyrighted materials from other sites.

What Kind of Sites Can Be Built?

Almost any niche affiliate website, blog, membership site, online course or digital/physical product business can leverage AI Press' automated features.

Can Manual Changes Be Made?

Absolutely. Generated content serves as excellent drafts but human editing ensures maximum quality and personalization for every situation.

AI Press Money-Back Guarantee

To ease concerns over potential issues, AI Press backs the purchase with an ironclad money-back guarantee. This gives users peace of mind to freely experiment:

30-Day Refund Policy

The developer stands fully behind the software and offers refunds for any reason within 30 days of the purchase date with no questions asked.

Lifetime Support Included

Even outside the refund window, the support team remains available to resolve problems. Any necessary tweaks or advice keep AI Press performing as promised long-term.

Risk-Free Testing Period

The generous refund safety net affords weeks to put the software through its paces across multiple niches before fully committing. No risks are involved upfront.

Such confidence placed in AI Press from its creators says volumes about their belief in its ability to deliver fast results for affiliate entrepreneurs. This no-questions-asked guarantee leaves nothing to lose by giving it an honest evaluation.

AI Press Pricing

As is common for digital products today, AI Press utilizes a tiered pricing strategy:

Basic Plan

The standard software enters users into one site with automated creation and content for $17-$27 (depending on specials) via one-time payment.

OTO Upgrades

Optional upgrades like unlimited usage or professional services range between $37-$67 based on add-ons selected through the tiered funnel.

This low barrier to test the basic features aligns with the tool's zero learning curve approach. Users requiring more sophisticated multi-site systems benefit from affordable scaled versions offering tremendous value at each price point too.

In summary, aside from the generous refund policy security, AI Press' flexible costing removes any significant risk for exploring all it has to offer. Purchasers get the peace of mind knowing they invested optimally.

AI Press Bundle Deal

One of the most enticing offers in the AI Press sales funnel presents a tremendous one-time bundle for saving big on unlimited advantages:

Included in the Bundle

Bundle Pricing

Normally worth over $360, the entire bundle launches periodically at a tremendous discounted rate of only $97 for full access to automated marketing dominance.

This allows purchasers to leverage a complete set of profit-pulling tools at massive savings. It provides the most effective full-scale solution for those fully committing to AI Press' hands-free system.

The bundle deal presents astute entrepreneurs a no-brainer opportunity for unprecedented returns on investment given the substantial resources included at ultra-affordable pricing.

Creator of AI Press

Kurt Chrisler, an established online marketer and tech specialist, spearheaded AI Press' development. Some history:


Kurt has launched multiple seven-figure businesses through ventures like Affiliate Bots, WP Marketer Tools and more over 15+ years. His specialties include automated marketing funnels and time-saving software products.


Witnessing ChatGPT's capabilities inspired Kurt that such advanced AI could streamline content marketing if packaged correctly. Thus began work to craft AI Press for effortless entrepreneurship.


Leveraging extensive coding experience, Kurt engineered the plugin and sales system from the ground up, hard-coding a seamless end-to-end workflow to unlock AI's untapped potential through a user-centric design.

Kurt's history of successfully applying innovative technologies for businessmen and marketers instils confidence his creation of AI Press will transform passive income creation for affiliate marketers worldwide.

AI Press Launch Date

AI Press officially launched for public access in February 2024 after an invitation-only beta period:

Private Testing

A closed testing group helped refine kinks over months prior, providing real user feedback to craft the optimal product-market fit.

Official Release

The software debuted for all in 12 February 2024 alongside extensive training materials, tutorial videos and an optimized sales funnel to give early adopters an advantage over competitors.

Stable Platform

After the beta period's updates based on tester input, AI Press now runs smoothly as planned on a stable and fully scaled hosting infrastructure for limitless users globally.

The methodical development and launch approach ensures AI Press emerged as a thoroughly polished solution helping maximized its positive reception and review scores from the outset. All signals point to long-term viability and support.

Accessing AI Press

Once purchased, users seamlessly access AI Press functionality through a web-based portal:

Licensed Software

Accessed post-purchase via login credentials to the members area on the official website.

Website Installation

The plugin downloads for painless integration into self-managed WordPress sites already hosted elsewhere.

Cloud-Based Operation

No local software or plugins to manage – AI Press operates entirely through a browser-based website dashboard for full mobility anywhere online.

Lifetime User Accounts

Access is granted indefinitely without renewals as part of the one-time investment for permanent use rights across current and future devices.

This model epitomizes convenience and flexibility for busy entrepreneurs wanting to easily incorporate AI Press into existing affiliate activities regardless of location. Cloud operation eliminates technical hassles.

AI Press Bonuses

To supercharge results even further, the AI Press sales funnel sweetens the deal with some premium bonuses:

Bonus #1 – WP Rank Express

Valued at $97, this advanced SEO tool helps newly generated sites start ranking immediately for fast traffic.

Bonus #2 – InfiniShop

Worth $67, this robust ecommerce plugin creates shopfronts on AI Press sites for extra income streams through physical products too.

Bonus #3 – Azon Profit Engine

Retailing training valued at $49 reveals untapped Amazon revenue channels through AI-optimized systems.

Bonus #4 – AffiliBooster Club

Lifetime membership to private community (value $997) sharing proven strategies for supercharging AI Press Portfolios.

Bundling such powerful complementary resources substantially amplifies returns on the initial investment. Purchasers receive a complete aggressive affiliate solution.

Should You Buy AI Press?

We've explored the innovative software – now it's time to objectively determine if AI Press merits a purchase:


  • Outsourced content generation saves enormous time
  • Automated monetization yields hands-free income
  • Platform has negligible learning curve for fast results
  • Refund policy protects any investment risk
  • Lifetime free access to upgrades and support
  • Affordable pricing for capability provided


  • Still requires some Manual site optimization
  • Not ideal for very specialist subject areas

In summary, while AI Press alone cannot guarantee riches, it removes the most tedious barriers standing between blueprint and profits for affiliate entrepreneurs. With a bit of ongoing promotion applied alongside its site-building powers, it presents a highly recommended low-risk system for passive residual gains. For the benefits far outweigh the cons. savvy marketers would be remiss not seizing such an advantage.

Call to Action

If AI Press' irresistibly simple approach to automating revenue-generating sites seems like a fit, there's never been a better time than now to get started gaining from it:

Get Access To AI Press Here

Visit The Sales Page

Head directly to the launch page to explore the software's full capability and value proposition up close before committing.

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Evaluate The Money-Back Guarantee

With the generous refund coverage, there's zero stress included in accepting their risk-reversal deal.

Purchase AI Press Today

Choose from multiple affordable payment options starting from just $17 for unlimited site creation abilities using advanced AI.

Begin Scaling Passively

Follow the intuitive onboarding documentation to set up the first niche site. Automated procedures then expand the portfolio automatically.

While AI Press' abilities alone don't promise riches, its removal of struggle empowers efforts towards them without risk. Don't delay testing such a simple system maximizing earnings potential.

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Conclusion on AI Press review

In conclusion, AI Press is arguably the easiest and most efficient way for new and experienced affiliate marketers to automate the tedious process of building profitable niche websites from the ground up. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies, AI Press handles all the heavy lifting so users can focus on other important tasks like promoting their sites and increasing sales.

The software takes advantage of ChatGPT's advanced abilities to automatically generate high-quality, optimized content, images and product reviews in just a few clicks. It also handles site formatting, layout and automatic monetization through strategically placed affiliate links.

With AI Press, marketers of all experience levels can diversify their income streams by creating multiple niche sites across different topics in a fraction of the time it would normally take. The entire process is simplified to the point that even complete newbies can achieve success.

Backed by a generous 30-day money-back guarantee, there is zero risk to giving AI Press an honest evaluation period. For a very reasonable one-time investment starting at just $17, users gain unlimited site-building capabilities for life and access to free updates and support. Additional bundled programs and bonuses further expand earnings potential many times over.

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