Synthesys Video Translate Review: Boost Your Global Video Reach and Engage NEW Audiences By Translating Videos and Cloning Natural Voices Into Different Languages With Original Sound and Flawless Lip-Syncing!

Synthesys Video Translate Review: Boost Your Global Video Reach and Engage NEW Audiences By Translating Videos and Cloning Natural Voices Into Different Languages With Original Sound and Flawless Lip-Syncing!


Reaching audiences around the world with your video content is challenging due to language barriers. Synthesys Video Translate is an innovative new AI video localization tool that makes it possible to speak to the global community like never before. By seamlessly translating videos and cloning voices into different languages with original sound and flawless lip-syncing, Synthesys Video Translate tears down barriers and allows you to engage new worldwide audiences.

In this in-depth review, we'll take a look at everything Synthesys Video Translate has to offer for global content creators, marketers, and entrepreneurs. We'll explore its powerful features, the types of users who can benefit most, real-world uses cases, pricing and funnel details. By the end, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of how this revolutionary new tool can help you multiply your video reach internationally.

Features and Content

At its core, Synthesys Video Translate utilizes groundbreaking AI video localization technology to translate any English video seamlessly into 30 other languages while maintaining the original speaker's tone, cadence and perfect lip syncing. Some key features include:

  • 30 Supported Languages – Translate your videos into languages like Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and more.
  • Flawless Lip Syncing – The AI dubs the translated audio directly onto the video so the speaker's mouth movements match the new language flawlessly.
  • Original Tone Preservation – Unique vocal qualities like accent, emotion and inflection are retained thanks to the AI's sophisticated voice cloning abilities.
  • Voice Cloning – Whether a video features on-camera speech or a voiceover, Synthesys can clone the original voice to transition smoothly between languages.
  • Subtitles – Automatically generated subtitles are included in each translation for accessibility or situations where sound can't be played.
  • Website Overlay – Easily embed translated videos directly onto your website or blog for increased engagement and conversion potential.
  • Cloud-Based – No downloads or installations needed. Access the platform and all your translated videos from any device via the cloud.
  • Easy to Use – Even complete non-techies can have videos translated using the simple 3-step process without any expertise required.

Benefits and Who Can Use It

Nearly anyone involved in global video marketing stands to hugely benefit from Synthesys Video Translate. Some examples include:

  • Content Creators – Expand your reach and monetization potential by speaking to worldwide audiences.
  • Digital Marketers – Engage new international traffic and clientele without massive translation costs.
  • Ecommerce Brands – Reduce language barriers and boost sales by communicating with customers in their native tongue.
  • Influencers – Grow your global influence by easily creating content in numerous languages.
  • Language Learners – Use translated videos to immerse yourself in natural conversations for any of the 30 supported languages.
  • Education/Training Providers – Deliver lessons and materials to a diverse student body without language limitations.
  • Corporate Communicators – Foster inclusion and understanding among multicultural workforces around the globe.

In essence, anyone seeking to connect with or reach new international markets stands to massively benefit from having their video messages conveyed seamlessly in many languages.

Watch Synthesys Video Translate Demo below

Pros and Cons

No technology is perfect, but Synthesys Video Translate offers overwhelmingly more pros than cons:


  • Flawless lip sync and natural voice preservation
  • Translate any video into 30 languages with a few clicks
  • Includes automatic, caption-matched subtitles
  • Embed translations directly on websites
  • Cloud-based for convenient access from anywhere
  • Clones original speaker's tone and pacing
  • Simple to use interface requires no experience
  • Affordable one-time pricing


  • Monthly minutes limits for FE packages
  • Video length caps of 5 minutes for FE plans
  • Limited to translating English source videos to other languages only
  • Reliant on stable internet connection

Overall, the pros vastly outweigh the minor cons. The seamless dubs, wide language coverage and intuitive design make this an extremely powerful global video solution.

Synthesys Video Translate  Profitability

While designed for a variety of non-profit uses, Synthesys Video Translate is also highly conducive to profitable ventures. Some lucrative opportunities it enables include:

  • Create agency selling translation services – Use SVT to professionally and quickly translate client videos, then market bulk/monthly plans.
  • Monetize international YouTube channels – Embed translations as captions or separate videos to reach new territories and supercharge ad revenue.
  • Boost ecommerce sales internationally – Clearly explain products and services in other languages to remove language barriers and drive sales.
  • Sell translated video content/courses – Create teachable-style memberships or packages with globally accessible lessons and materials.
  • Offer translation SaaS – Build a platform where clients upload videos and enable translation/embedding features as a monthly service.
  • Work with global corporations – Win contracts to translate corporate onboarding, training and promotional videos.

With the right strategies, SVT opens many possibilities to profit by helping businesses and individuals communicate across borders through video.

How to Use Synthesys Video Translate

Using Synthesys Video Translate is remarkably simple, requiring just three basic steps:

  1. Upload Your Video – Drag and drop your English video file into the SVT uploader. Ensure it's high quality for best translation results.
  2. Select Languages – Pick which of the 30+ supported languages you want to translate the video into. Multiple selections are allowed.
  3. Download Translations – SVT will process the video through its advanced AI models. When finished, click to download each language version with perfectly synced dubbed audio.

From there, you can share or embed the translated videos on your website, social pages, learning management systems and more. You'll also be able access them any time from your SVT dashboard.

Some pro tips for success include keeping source videos under 5 minutes, using high definition for best lip sync matches, and bulk uploading videos you want to monetize internationally through other means like embedded YouTube videos or product demo translations.

Synthesys Video Translate Funnel/OTOs

True to modern software launch standards, Synthesys Video Translate comes with a tiered pricing funnel containing several upgrade options (OTOs) after the initial purchase:

  • Front-End ($32-47) – Basic monthly minutes and language translation package.
  • OTO 1 – AI Pro ($97) – Advanced translation, voice cloning and usage features.
  • OTO 2 – Translation Pro ($97) – Higher monthly limits and commercial license.
  • OTO 3 – Unlimited Pro ($197/yr) – Unlimited usage without monthly limitations.

It's recommended to start with just the FE to test the tech first before upgrading later. The Unlimited Pro package unlocks the fullest potential but isn't required depending on intentions. Overall, this tested approach lowers barriers to entry while offering clear value upgrades for power users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will this help my global reach?

A: By translating videos into 30+ languages with perfect lip syncing, you can break down barriers and engage new international audiences at scale like never before.

Q: Is it easy for non-tech people?

A: Definitely. The 3-step process requires no experience whatsoever. Just upload, select languages, and download translations.

Q: What if my video doesn't have on-camera speaking?

A: Synthesys Video Translate can flawlessly dub over voiceover-only videos and narrations as well by cloning the original speaker's voice.

Q: How long before translations are ready?

A: Processing times vary based on video length and server loads, but generally under 24 hours for HD videos under 5 minutes.

Q: Can I translate multiple videos at once?

A: Yes, the uploader supports bulk uploads of an entire YouTube channel, course, or package of videos for simultaneous translation processing.

Q: Can I get a refund if unhappy?

A: Absolutely. SVT comes with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee for an entire month to ensure you're fully delighted.

Money-Back Guarantee

All Synthesys Video Translate purchases are protected by an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with the video translation experience, results, or SVT performance, simply contact support within 30 days for a full and immediate refund – no questions asked.

Unlike most software with limited refund clauses, Synthesys stands firmly behind their product and allows cancellations for virtually any scenario. This confidence in their AI abilities ensures you can safely try out the system risk-free to experience its seamless language conversions and powerful globalization capabilities.


Synthesys Video Translate offers affordable one-time pricing for all types of personal and commercial users:

  • Personal Plan – $32-47
    • 15 minutes of monthly translation
    • Translate to 30 languages
    • Videos up to 5 minutes
    • 2 voice cloning languages
  • Commercial Plan – $47
    • 30 minutes of monthly translation
    • Translate to 30 languages
    • Videos up to 5 minutes
    • 2 voice cloning languages
    • Commercial use license

While the basic plans have limitations, they provide a low-risk entry point to experience SVT's seamless translations.

Synthesys Video Translate Bundle Deal

For a limited time, Synthesys is offering subscribers special bundle pricing that provides significant savings over individual purchases:

  • SVT Bundle – $247
    • Includes Front-End, OTO 1, OTO 2 and OTO 3
    • Translate to 30 languages
    • Add captions/subtitles
    • AI Pro tier features
    • Commercial use license

By choosing the bundle, users get full access to SVT's core translation tools at the lowest possible price. It's an affordable way to unlock everything needed for robust localization without upgrades or add-ons.

The bundle removes entry barriers to explore SVT's advanced options right from the start. It represents the best value for those ready to take full advantage of the platform's globalization potential long-term.

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Who Created Synthesys Video Translate?

Synthesys Video Translate was developed by the talented AI engineers and linguists at Synthesys, an award-winning developer of artificial intelligence content generation technologies.

For over a decade, Synthesys has helped leading corporations and government agencies use AI to enhance processes like multimedia translation, customer service automation, and knowledge engineering. Their proven experience makes them uniquely qualified to build SVT's advanced video localization solution.

The product is directly published by Synthesys founder Oliver Goodwin, who carefully oversees SVT's ongoing development and community of users. Backed by Synthesys' reputable track record, SVT delivers trustworthy and high-quality globalization capabilities.

When Was It Launched?

The official launch period for Synthesys Video Translate occurred in early 2024. However, SVT development is continually refining the tool based on user feedback.

Some notable dates part of the recent launch campaign of SVT included:

  • February 4-9, 2024: Initial launch week sales window
  • Pre-launch webinars in late January/early February
  • Ongoing affiliates promotions and case study content
  • Software updates and improvements throughout 2024

While the headline launch occurred earlier this year, SVT remains an actively improved service even after its initial successful debut period ended. Translation capabilities and supported languages will likely continue growing over time too.

Launch Platform

Synthesys Video Translate was primarily launched through digital distribution channels that are well-established within the marketing industry:

  • JVZoo – The project page on the popular JV software marketplace acted as the central sales funnel hub. This included hosting live order links, order tracking, affiliate program signups etc.
  • YouTube – Video tutorials and case studies illustrating SVT capabilities ran as video ads and on affiliated YouTube channels.
  • Influencer Outreach – Early hands-on access and bundles offered to relationship-driven influencers.
  • Direct Website – Potential customers were directed from ads to the main Synthesys sales page hosting the SVT product.

Orchestrating a multi-pronged launch across proven online platforms delivering a high volume of targeted traffic helped maximize exposure for Synthesys Video Translate.


Ensuring accessibility is a core part of Synthesys Video Translate's mission to break down language barriers. Some key ways SVT enables greater accessibility include:

  • Automatic Image Captions – Every translated video is AI-generated with matching captions, benefiting the hearing impaired.
  • 30+ Supported Languages – Translation into such a wide range of languages helps more people engage with content globally.
  • Website Embedding – Translated videos can be dynamically overlaid on any site, enhancing access on multimedia pages.
  • Cloud-Based Platform – SVT requires no downloads, running entirely web-based so it's accessible from any modern internet-connected device.
  • Low System Requirements – Translations render quickly even on lower-powered machines or mobile devices without taxing hardware.
  • Simple Interface – Even non-technical users easily understand SVT's intuitive 3-step workflow, creating an inclusive experience.
  • Subtitle Options – Captions can remain embedded or be purely visual, providing flexibility depending on each user's needs.

By prioritizing automated captions, broad language coverage and seamless embeddability, Synthesys Video Translate aims to connect creators and audiences without limitations – ensuring robust accessibility lies at the heart of its localization capabilities.

Synthesys Video Translate Bonuses

All Synthesys Video Translate purchases during the launch window qualified for a suite of high-value bonuses aimed at maximizing the tool's potential:

  • Bonus #1 – AI Image Creation Guide – Tips for crafting realistic/artistic images from AI models.
  • Bonus #2 – ShortTracz URL Shortener – Custom domain link shortener app (Value: $297).
  • Bonus #3 – Fiverr Video Translation Gig – Ready-made gig copy for selling SVT services.
  • Bonus #4 – Upwork Video Translation Gig – Same concept optimized for Upwork marketplace.
  • Bonus #5 – High-Ticket Client Cheatsheet (Value: $97) – Close big clients easily without wasting time.
  • Bonus #6 – 150+ Free Marketing Tools (Value: $67) – Professionally curated toolbox for growth.
  • Bonus #7 – Influencer Outreach Scripts (Value: $67)- Templates ensuring influencers can't say no.

These deeply valuable bonus resources help maximize returns from SVT by tapping new income streams and automating lead generation.

Access Platforms

Synthesys Video Translate is conveniently accessible through any modern web browser on both desktop and mobile devices. Some key platforms it can be used on include:

  • Desktop Browsers – Major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge allow full access to SVT's features via the web-based platform.
  • Mobile Devices – The streamlined interface translates perfectly to smartphone and tablet use on iOS and Android.
  • Laptops & Computers – Whether Mac or Windows, the cloud-based software runs equally well on any internet-connected computer or laptop.
  • Embedded Videos – Translations integrated on supported platforms like YouTube, blogs, LMS systems, e-commerce sites, etc using embedded code.
  • SVT Dashboard – Users can login from any device to access video libraries and histories saved within their SVT profile.
  • No Software Required – SVT doesn't need downloaded plugins or apps, instead operating entirely through a web interface.

The cross-platform compatibility allows users incredible freedom in how they create, store, share, and watch translated videos regardless of environment or equipment preferences. Ubiquitous browser access truly provides opportunities to engage audiences from anywhere.

Should You Buy Synthesys Video Translate?

For anyone looking to engage international audiences through video at scale with minimal effort, Synthesys Video Translate offers a uniquely compelling solution. Its seamless dubs, wide language coverage, and simple interface truly reinvent how global communications can be achieved.

Some key reasons SVT deserves strong consideration include:

  • Tears down language barriers much more accessibly than other translation methods.
  • Legitimately converts any video into perfectly dubbed versions across 30 languages.
  • Requires no specialized technical skills or prior experience to immediately start using.
  • Pricing scales affordably for both one-off users or larger commercial operations.
  • Automates manual and expensive video localization processes for massive time savings.
  • Enables borderless connection with potential customers and communities worldwide.
  • Comes with an ultra-generous, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee to test risk-free.

For content creators, marketers, educators and any individual or business ready to engage a globalized audience through video, Synthesys Translate is an obvious solution worth strong consideration.

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Call to Action

If you're keen to start expanding your online reach, engaging new international viewers and clients, or simply want an easy way to provide accessibility to millions more people globally through perfectly dubbed videos, then it's time to take action with Synthesys Video Translate.

Explore the revolutionary technology for yourself by clicking the button below. In just a few simple steps you'll be able to translate any video to 30 languages and share it worldwide. From there, let your imagination run wild with the borderless communication possibilities this unlocks.

Remember – a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee protects your purchase, so you can safely test drive SVT without risk. Don't wait any longer, click below to get started with seamless video translation today!

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Conclusion on “Synthesys Video Translate Review: Boost Your Global Video Reach and Engage NEW Audiences By Translating Videos and Cloning Natural Voices Into Different Languages With Original Sound and Flawless Lip-Syncing!”

In conclusion, Synthesys Video Translate represents the gold standard of global video communication solutions on the market today for both amateur and professional users alike.

By truly eliminating language barriers through seamless automated dubbing, perfect mouth syncing and natural voice reproduction, SVT transcends all traditional localization limitations holding content virality back.

The sophisticated yet easy-to-use software package undoubtedly deserves strong consideration from any individual or business wanting to break through to larger worldwide audiences on a massive new scale.

Backed by Synthesys' proven AI engineering expertise and cutting-edge development, SVT delivers an all-in-one trusted platform for unlocking the future of accessible, engaging and beautifully translated video content worldwide.

With its generous risk-free trial period protecting purchases, there's really no reason not to take SVT for a test drive and experience what reinvented global communications can mean for your business and creative ventures going forward. The future is here – let Synthesys Video Translate show you how to take it by storm.

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