AdultColoringPack – DFY Coloring Books Bundle. Grab Over 750+ Mindfulness Coloring Pages for Adults and teens. Tap Into $1,4 Billion Coloring Book Market Today

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AdultColoringPack - DFY Coloring Books Bundle. Grab Over 750+ Mindfulness Coloring Pages for Adults and teens. Tap Into $1,4 Billion Coloring Book Market Today


The AdultColoringPack, also known as ACP, is a do-it-for-you (DFY) coloring books bundle created by Pixelova to help creative entrepreneurs easily launch their own coloring book business. In this in-depth review, we will take a look at all the features and benefits included in the ACP bundle, as well as explore its monetization potential and overall value. By the end, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of what the product delivers and whether it can help take your business to new heights. So without further ado, let's get started!

What's Included in the AdultColoringPack Bundle?

DFY Coloring Books

One of the major highlights of the ACP bundle is that it includes 15 fully designed and developed DFY coloring books covering a wide range of popular niches and themes. Some of the niches featured include animals, landscapes, mandalas, floral patterns, and more. This saves creators an immense amount of time and effort that would otherwise need to go into designing, illustrating, and formatting individual books from scratch.

Coloring Pages

Across these 15 books, creators get access to over 750+ high resolution coloring pages. These pages come in a variety of file formats including JPG, PDF, and Vector EPS files to suit different creator needs and uses cases. All the pages are beautifully illustrated and ready to be added straight into the DFY books.

Book Covers

To make the books look professionally packaged and appealing, 109 pre-made book cover designs are also included. These covers can be edited and customized to match specific book themes using Canva. Additionally, 15 editable “front and back” book cover templates are provided to complete the book covers in minutes.


For personalization needs, the entire bundle is designed to be easily editable using Canva. This includes editing book titles, rearranging pages, and making minor tweaks across design elements. Creators can infuse their unique style and personality into the books with just a few clicks.

So in summary, the AdultColoringPack aims to provide creators with a complete ready-to-launch coloring book solution including pre-illustrated pages, formatted books, and professionally designed covers – all with minimal effort.

Benefits of the AdultColoringPack

Saves Immense Time and Effort

By far one of the biggest benefits of using the ACP bundle is the massive time-savings. Normally, creating just one coloring book from scratch can take several days to weeks of work. But with this bundle, you get 15 DFY books along with over 750 pages already done for you. This allows creators to enter this business with very little upfront effort.

Ensures High Quality Output

Since all assets included have been expertly designed by graphic designers, the overall production quality and finish of the final books is much higher compared to DIY attempts. The illustrations are very detailed and vivid, bound to attract and engage any coloring book fan.

Wide Audience Appeal

By covering 15 evergreen niches from animals to scenic landscapes, the books have mass market appeal. Whether someone wants to relax with nature scenes or challenge their skills with complex mandalas, there is a book for every interest. This large coverage helps reach a broader customer base.

Flexibility Through Formats

Creators get the pages in different formats like JPG, PDF and EPS. This allows the content to be utilized across various monetization channels from print books and digital downloads to templates, packs, and more. You're not restricted to only one format.

So in summary, this bundle has a lot of benefits for all types of creators – from those short on time to graphic designers. Its seamless set up saves massive effort while ensuring high quality, versatile output.

Who Can Benefit from the AdultColoringPack?

While beneficial for all, there are some specific creator types that can especially leverage this bundle:

Authors & Self-Publishers

Those with an Amazon KDP publishing business can supplement their catalog with ready-made coloring books leveraging this bundle's resell rights.

Artists & Creatives

Graphic designers, illustrators etc. can monetize their creative skills through templates, derived works and guided tutorials using this content.

Etsy & Print on Demand Sellers

By uploading the books to their stores, sellers can take advantage of the large and profitable coloring niche on Etsy and other POD sites.

Affiliate Marketers

Digital marketers can drive traffic and sales as an affiliate by promoting this irresistible offer and collecting hefty commissions in return.

So in summary, any entrepreneur or creatives seeking an easy business in the thriving adult coloring space will find great use-cases for this bundle across various industries and channels. The opportunities are endless!

AdultColoringPack - DFY Coloring Books Bundle. Grab Over 750+ Mindfulness Coloring Pages for Adults and teens. Tap Into $1,4 Billion Coloring Book Market Today

Pros and Cons of the AdultColoringPack


  • DFY Solution – Gets You Started Fast Without Design Skills
  • Versatile Formats for Different Uses
  • High Resolution Illustrations & Professional Design
  • Wide Range of Popular Coloring Niches Covered
  • Can Boost Multiple Income Streams
  • Customer Support & Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Usability of Commercial Rights


  • Limited to 15 Pre-Made Books
  • Customization Possible Only Via Canva
  • Not a Complete “Done For You” Business
  • Requires Following Up For Success

So in short, while a great boost to get started, creators will still need to invest time in areas like marketing, delivery and support. But overall, the strengths heavily outweigh minor cons considering the value it offers.

Monetization Potential of AdultColoringPack

The commercial license included provides ample opportunity to profit from this bundle through various monetization channels:

Publish on KDP

With the resell rights, creators can upload the books on Amazon KDP and start earning royalties quickly. With adult coloring's popularity, the passive income potential here is high.

Sell Digital Downloads

Offer the books as instant downloads on personal websites while keeping 100% profits. Many prefer this easy gratification over shipping physical prints.

Upload to Etsy & POD Stores

Take advantage of the large coloring fanbases on creative marketplaces like Etsy and specialized POD stores to scale sales globally.

Sell as Templates & Courses

The vector files allow creating derived templates, activity packs and guided tutorial products on sites like Creative Fabrica for ongoing sales.

Sell Prints & Merchandise

With the commercial license, creators can have the designs printed on mugs, apparel or stationary and sold through integrated stores.

Bundle With Own Products

Seasoned entrepreneurs can build bundles, coaches and ad packages combining these books with their expertise to command higher prices.

So in summary, with some smart strategy and perpetual rights, the AdultColoringPack has potential to become a passive revenue workhorse for creatives. Multiple streams also help stay protected against algorithm changes in one channel.

How to Use the AdultColoringPack?

Here are the basic steps to utilize this bundle:

1. Purchase the Bundle

Purchase through the official sales page and you'll get access to download all assets immediately.

2. Choose Coloring Books To Use

Select the books most suitable to your target audience and monetization plans from the 15 options.

3. Customize Book Details

Edit book metadata like title, descriptions etc on Canva to infuse your brand's voice.

4. Assemble Files For Channels

Compile pages and covers in required formats suitable for selling on KDP, Etsy, personal sites etc.

5. Launch Marketing Campaigns

Promote your books through ad campaigns, launch bundles, build an email list for promotions.

6. Deliver Excellence Through Support

Ensure customers delight through speedy delivery and friendly support to build a devoted following.

7. Scale With Uplines & New Offerings

Once proven, continue scaling revenues by rolling out upgrades, cohesive bundles, and developing complementary products and services over time.

By following these steps, creators can smoothly transform their ideas into reality while keeping efforts optimized. Over time, with some testing and learning, the business can evolve into a profitable full or part-time venture. Now let's explore how the bundle can be further enhanced through their funnel and upsell strategy.

The AdultColoringPack Funnel and OTOs

While the main bundle is completely beneficial on its own, the creator also offers useful upgrades to take things to the next level:

Extended Pack Upsell:

This adds 600+ new coloring pages, 15 more books and removes all usage restrictions for complete commercial freedom. A great value-add for ambitious goals.

Video Marketing OTO:

For the social media inclined, this offers a collection of ready-made videos and images to kickstart viral promotions and build an engaged following.

Design Bundle OTO:

This bundle contains advanced graphic design assets like mockups, templates and stock images. Ideal for creators seeking to greatly expand on the provided content.

Coaching Program OTO:

A mentorship-style program for those wanting viable strategies and case studies to ensure great ROI on their investment.

This planned-out funnel allows starting small and scaling spending according to business potential gradually. It also offers answers to varied monetization plans under one roof via these utilities. Overall, a strategic approach.

FAQs About the AdultColoringPack

Q. What file formats are the pages provided in?

Pages are provided in formats suitable for both digital and print use – JPG, PDF and Vector EPS files.

Q. Can I edit and customize the books?

Yes, all elements can be easily customized using Canva including book cover titles, description etc.

Q. Is the AdultColoringPack a one-time payment?

Yes, this is a one-time payment bundle that allows commercial usage with no future charges.

Q. What if I'm not satisfied?

They offer a 14-day money-back guarantee so you can test drive it risk-free for a full two weeks.

Q. Can I get help or post-purchase support?

Yes, their team provides friendly support via email if any issues are faced while utilizing the assets.

Q. Can I share my experience publicly?

Of course, feel free to share honest reviews to help others after using the product yourself.

So in summary, this aims to be a transparent and helpful purchase experience for all types of buyers.

The AdultColoringPack Refund Policy

The AdultColoringPack is backed by a safe and risk-free 14-day refund policy. Some key points about it:

  • Requests can be made by emailing support within the refund window with order number.
  • Refunds are processed by the same payment gateway as purchase (WarriorPlus).
  • Assets and license access will be revoked post refund for others' protection.
  • “Not as described”, difficulty in use are valid reasons provided it's reported on time.
  • Customer satisfaction is the priority so no questions asked for genuine feedback.
  • However, “not for me” or taste preferences do not qualify for refunds.

This well-designed policy allows having full trust in testing the product while also avoiding rampant abuse. It balances creator and customer priorities smoothly.

Pricing and Bundle Discounts on Offer

The core AdultColoringPack is available at different price points depending on specific needs:

Starter Bundle:

Contains 10 coloring books and 500+ pages for one-time $17 payment. Perfect entry price.

Professional Bundle:

Upgrade includes 15 books, 750+ pages and extra bonuses at one-time $67 payment. Best for active businesses.

Limited 50% Launch Discount:

For a limited launch phase, these prices have been discounted further by 50% making them an absolute steal!

Additionally, bundling all related upsells together brings bulk-purchasing benefits as high as $300+ off total funnel spends. Frequent free updates are also promised.

So in summary, no matter the business size, there are affordable options to get high value assets in the ACP bundle even for those starting small budgets.

A Closer Look At The Bundle Deal

While the core bundles can be utilized independently, the value rises greatly when stacked together through their recommended “AdultColoringPack Deal”:

Frontend: AdultColoringPack Professional Bundle

The pillar bundle containing 15 books, 750+ pages and design assets.

OTO 1: Extended Content Upgrade

Adds 600 new pages and 15 additional DFY books for greater flexibility.

OTO 2: Video Marketing Kit

Professional video ads, images and templates worth $297, to virally promote offerings.

OTO 3: Design Bundle & Templates

Advanced design files like mockups for multiplying monetization ways.

Deal Price: Only $197!

Bundles every product at a discount of over $450+ total value. A true saver.

Combining related utilities through this funnel unlocks further scaling advantages compared to dabbling with individual pieces alone. Revenue streams get turbocharged.

Who Created the AdultColoringPack?

The AdultColoringPack was created by Pixelova, a leader in the do-it-for-you (DFY) product space. Pixelova understands that while creativity is within us all, not everyone has graphic design skills. Their mission is to provide beautifully crafted DFY solutions that allow anyone to enter booming niches with little effort.

When Was It Launched?

The initial launch of the AdultColoringPack happened in early 2023. However, ongoing updates are planned based on customer and market feedback to continuously enhance the bundle. Regular additions of new books, templates and training are promised to keep it fresh.

On Which Platform is it Available?

The AdultColoringPack is exclusively available through the Pixelova sales page as a private launch. It has not yet been listed on public marketplaces like Warriorplus, JVzoo, Clickbank etc. This private listing allows more flexibility for product improvements directly with the creators.

Bonuses Included With the Bundle

In addition to the core bundle, some helpful bonuses are also offered:

  1. 8.5 x 11 Book cover and pages Mockup

This mockup bundle contains beautifully designed templates to showcase your coloring book covers and sample interior pages for promotional purposes. Mockups give a realistic 3D look of the real products without needing any graphics skills.

  1. Square book branding mockup

If you want to emphasize your brand identity, this square book mockup allows placing your logo on the front cover for memorable brand building. It provides multiple views for versatile marketing.

  1. Coloring book cover mockup

As the name suggests, this mockup allows presenting just the cover design in a realistic manner. Great for things like social media posts, previews and advertisements focused primarily on the captivating cover art.

  1. Top KDP “Coloring Book” Keywords

Prime keywords relevant to coloring books on KDP ranked by search volume. Leverage these optimized keywords for higher book discovery and visibility on Amazon through effective keyword research.

  1. Adult & Kids “Activity Book” Keywords

Expand your audience by also targeting these activity book keywords. Both children and grownups will be interested in your creativity through these search-friendly keywords.

  1. 50 Valentines-Day-Book-Cover

Just in time for Valentine's seasonal opportunities. Make the most of this romantic holiday season with these pre-made Valentines themed cover templates customized using your favorites.

  1. 25 Geometric Pattern Coloring pages

Intricate patterns stimulate the mind. Unleash your abstract side or share your gifted patterns with others using these geometric puzzles for mindfulness.

  1. Amazon KDP Masterclass (E-book)

Comprehensive yet compact Amazon publishing guide reveals the full process from idea to income. Optimize your books for success by learning best practices from this insightful handbook.

These nicely complement the bundle's offerings to supercharge user experience.

AdultColoringPack - DFY Coloring Books Bundle. Grab Over 750+ Mindfulness Coloring Pages for Adults and teens. Tap Into $1,4 Billion Coloring Book Market Today

Should You Buy the AdultColoringPack Bundle?

After reviewing all the features and benefits, here are the main factors to consider before investing:

  • If you have designs skills, it may be cheaper creating your own from scratch. But this saves a massive amount of time upfront.
  • The level of commitment needed to achieve good results depends on individual follow through. It's not fully passive initially.
  • While versatile, it provides a limited selection of 15 pre-made books only. More creativity may be desired by some.
  • Competition from other free or cheaper coloring pages is inevitable over time on marketplaces.
  • The low upfront cost combined with perpetual commercial license makes this an extremely low risk investment. Even if results are moderate, you won't feel you wasted money.
  • Their generous money back guarantee allows you to fully test drive the product risk-free before committing long term. This safety net is rarely seen in online products.
  • Once you gain experience with this starter bundle, you'll have a better idea if scaling up efforts with their funnel upgrades can exponentially grow your incomes.
  • For complete beginners or those very short on budget, this provides an accessible doorway into an immensely creative and recession-proof business field.

So to summarize – if seeking an easy and inspirational business to take your monetization dreams to new heights, while keeping risk negligible, then the AdultColoringPack bundle is well worth serious consideration for you. The opportunities outweigh minor cons by a long shot.

A Definitive Call-To-Action

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Conclusion on AdultColoringPack – DFY Coloring Books Bundle

In conclusion, the AdultColoringPack DFY coloring books bundle provides a comprehensive, diverse and versatile solution to effortlessly enter the lucrative coloring book publishing field. By leveraging this ready-to-launch bundle, creators of all skill levels and budgets can take their passion and turn it into profits through multiple lucrative monetization channels.

While some ongoing work is required for growth like any new business, this bundle has tremendous value by saving thousands of dollars and months of overhead usually spent on design and development alone. The efficient business framework, commercial license flexibility and maximized learning through customer supports also go a long way. Overall, for the affordable investment and low risks involved, this bundles delivers high rewards making it a wise choice for budding creatives and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

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