BookMaker Pro review: Brand New 100% Innovative Microsoft Copilot AI-Powered App That Generates 50,000+ Professionally Designed eBooks in Various Niches, Including Children’s Stories, Subjective eBooks, Fiction, Mystery, Business, Novels, Poems, Legal Documents, and Project Report Presentations.

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BookMaker Pro review: Brand New 100% Innovative Microsoft Copilot AI-Powered App That Generates 50,000+ Professionally Designed eBooks in Various Niches, Including Children's Stories, Subjective eBooks, Fiction, Mystery, Business, Novels, Poems, Legal Documents, and Project Report Presentations.

BookMaker Pro is an AI-powered software application that uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to automate the creation of professionally formatted books, eBooks, business documents, and presentations. In this comprehensive BookMaker Pro review, we'll take an in-depth look at the key features, benefits, and overall value this new tool provides to both beginners and experienced marketers.

What is BookMaker Pro?

BookMaker Pro is a first-to-market AI software that leverages advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to generate over 50,000 professionally designed books, eBooks, documents, and presentations across 2,500+ niche topics. Using cutting-edge Microsoft Copilot AI technology, BookMaker Pro can instantly produce children's storybooks, fiction novels, business reports, legal agreements, project proposals, and more with 100% PLR rights.

Some key capabilities of BookMaker Pro include:

  • Automated Content Creation – The AI engine automatically generates topics, outlines, content, and narratives for each outputted book or document. This removes the need for users to create content from scratch.
  • Professional Formatting – All outputs are professionally formatted according to industry standards with proper structure, layout, spacing, fonts, and more for a polished look.
  • Wide Topic Range – Books and documents can be created for any niche topic across various genres like children's stories, fiction, self-help, how-to, business, legal, and many others.
  • Multiple Output Formats – Outputs are generated in common digital formats like PDF, EPUB, MOBI to be compatible with eReaders, laptops, smartphones, and other devices.
  • Stunning Visual Assets – BookMaker Pro outputs include professionally designed cover pages as well as stock images and illustrations seamlessly integrated into the content.

With BookMaker Pro, marketers and entrepreneurs can easily automate the normally difficult and time-consuming process of manually writing, formatting, and designing books and documents at scale.

BookMaker Pro Benefits

There are numerous benefits that BookMaker Pro offers to both newbie users and experienced marketers:

Saves Time and Effort

BookMaker Pro handles the entire process of research, writing, formatting, and design, saving users tremendous time and effort compared to manual creation. Complex books that may take weeks or months can now be produced in just a few clicks.

Removes Technical Barriers

No technical, coding, or design skills are required. Even complete newbies can start using the simple 3-step process within minutes.

PLR Rights Included

Since the AI generated all content and assets, BookMaker Pro grants users full Private Label Rights to repackage and sell the outputs under their own branding.

Wide Topic Coverage

Over 50,000 book and document templates covering 2,500+ niches ensures there are outputs for virtually any topic that can appeal to different target audiences.

Automated Marketing Assets

In addition to the actual outputs, marketing assets like covers, lead magnet templates and sales pages can also be auto-generated for syndication.

Mobile and Desktop Compatible

Outputs are designed to display properly and look great on any device type – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Hassle-Free Monetization

With full PLR rights and automated formats/designs, users can easily monetize the outputs through their own sales funnels, affiliate promotions, or client agreements.

Lifetime Value Creation

Once upload, outputs become passive income streams while the AI continues improving and generating new outputs on autopilot daily.

Who Can Benefit From BookMaker Pro?

Nearly anyone can reap the benefits of BookMaker Pro including:

  • Marketers – Create Lead Magnets, back-end upsells and downsells, client deliverables.
  • Website Owners – Generate educational/informational content to engage visitors.
  • Coaches/Consultants – Auto-generate materials for programs and packages.
  • Authors – Draft book manuscripts and formatting without writing.
  • Copywriters – Leverage AI outputs for clients at low production costs.
  • Entrepreneurs – Create whitepapers, eBooks and sales materials.
  • Freelancers – Offer low-cost book and document services.
  • Educators – Develop course materials, textbooks and study guides.
  • Lawyers – Generate legal forms, templates and white papers.

Effectively, anyone looking to produce digital written content at scale can benefit immensely from BookMaker Pro's powerful automated capabilities.

Key BookMaker Pro Features

Beyond the core benefits, here are some of BookMaker Pro's most useful and innovative features:

AI Content Engine

The advanced AI algorithm handles research, topic selection, chapter outlines and full content generation.

Professional Formatting

Outputs match industry quality standards with proper structure, formatting, styles, page layout and more.

Cover Designer

Fully designed, branded book covers and title pages are auto-generated using stock graphics.

Image Integrator

Relevant images, charts and illustrations are seamlessly embedded within text for visual enhancement.

Multi-Format Export

Content can be exported as PDF, EPUB, MOBI and popular eBook formats for compatibility.

Keyword Research

BookMaker Pro suggests optimized keyword topics to match audience searches and drive traffic.

Auto Title Generation

Titles are computationally created based on keywords, topics and target reader interests.

Dynamic Content Variation

Each output contains uniquely tailored content even on the same underlying topic or template.

Customization Tools

Users get branding and customization options to private label outputs under their own brands.

PLR & Redistribution

Full rights are granted to repackage and commercially redistribute outputs however users see fit.

Lifetime Access & Updates

With a single purchase, customers gain lifetime access to current features plus any future upgrades.

How Easy is BookMaker Pro to Use?

BookMaker Pro could not be simpler to use, even for complete newbies. Here is a quick overview of the basic 3-step process:

1. Choose Topic/Template

Select from over 50,000 pre-filled templates across any niche topic.

2. Click “Generate Book”

The AI engine takes over, researching, writing, formatting and designing the entire output.

3. Export/Brand Output

Add your branding, export the final output, then syndicate however you please (e.g. on sites, in emails, in sales funnels, etc.).

And that's it! Within minutes, you'll have a fully customized, professionally designed book or document ready for monetization. Detailed video training and documentation make BookMaker Pro intuitive for even non-technical users.

BookMaker Pro Profitability

While individual results will vary, BookMaker Pro gives users a very realistic path towards generating substantial ongoing profits through both upfront sales and residual commissions:

  • Sell physical/digital books directly through stores like Amazon, earning 35-70% royalties on every sale.
  • Offer books and documents as lead magnets/freebies to capture email lists for backend offers.
  • License or private label outputs as packages/programs through ClickBank, JVZoo for $50-$1000 commissions.
  • White label templates/services as products/bundles.
  • Co-create books with affiliates/JV partners, sharing 50% of all revenues.
  • Sell freelance book/document creation services using BookMaker Pro.

With the ability to output unique, high-quality content on complete autopilot every day, advanced users can easily realize $2,000+ per month in mostly passive residual income streams.

Key BookMaker Pro Funnel

BookMaker Pro's sales funnel follows an attractive OTO/upsell structure to further maximize earnings potential for affiliates:

Front End Offer ($17):

Full access to BookMaker Pro at an ultra-low launch price. Generates 1 output per day.

OTO 1 ($47): Premium Upgrade

Remove branding, add custom images/links, integrate stock image sources. Unlimited outputs.

OTO 2 ($47): Unlimited Upgrade

Completely unrestricted usage – unlimited daily outputs, formats, audiences. Global distribution.

OTO 3 ($47): Ultimate Upgrade

Auto-generate unlimited Ebook covers plus insert unlimited custom affiliate links.

OTO 4 ($47): Pages Upgrade

Sells and monetizes outputs through a custom landing/checkout system integrated with all major processors.

OTO 5 ($97): Agency License

Bundle together white label access for reselling to clients, students or others.

OTO 6 ($97): Reseller License

Full rights to resell the software as your own product/service and keep 100% profits.

Built for high cross-sell and increasing average purchase amounts through lucrative add-ons for serious affiliates and power users.

pros and cons of BookMaker Pro:


  • Automates the entire content creation and formatting process, saving immense time and effort
  • Powered by advanced AI technology so outputs are of high professional quality
  • Grants full commercial rights through PLR, making monetization very straightforward
  • Covers over 50,000 topic templates across any niche for wide appeal and demand
  • Funnel structure provides multiple access levels to suit all types of markets
  • Generates additional passive income streams through daily automated output updates
  • Lifetime access ensures software value increases over time with added features
  • Very affordable pricing gives almost any user the ability to test and benefit from it
  • Extensive training and support resources for easy implementation and mastery
  • Simple 3-step process can be learned within minutes even by total beginners


  • Monetization success depends on user's own marketing efforts and promotional strategies
  • Advanced capabilities unlocked at higher access levels require larger upfront investment
  • Continued access requires internet connectivity to access and login to software dashboard

So in summary, while completely automating design and formatting tasks, users still retain responsibility for content targeting, distribution and lead conversion aspects of the business.

BookMaker Pro FAQs

Q: What topics can outputs be generated for?
A: BookMaker Pro can produce outputs on over 2,500 topics covering all major categories like business, self-help, fiction, kids books and more.

Q: What formats are supported?
A: Outputs are automatically formatted as PDF, EPUB and MOBI to suit all major digital devices from eReaders to smartphones.

Q: How long does it take to create an output?
A: On average, the AI engine can generate a complete book or document within just 2-5 minutes after selecting a topic and template.

Q: Is previous design/writing experience needed?
A: No, BookMaker Pro requires zero technical skills or design experience. Its simple 3-step interface makes the system very intuitive to use.

Q: Can outputs be privately branded?
A: Higher access tiers allow full customization and removal of default branding for private labelling under a user's own trademarks.

Q: Is there ongoing support available?
A: Yes, the vendor provides multi-channel support through a dedicated ticket portal as well as live chat options integrated within the member dashboard.

BookMaker Pro Money-Back Guarantee

BookMaker Pro backs its software with a robust 30-day refund policy. During this period, customers may request a full purchase refund for any reason with no questions asked. To initiate a return, simply contact the vendor's support desk. Refunds are processed instantaneously via the original payment method upon request approval. This risk-free trying period allows potential users to thoroughly evaluate and test the system without doubt or financial obligations.

BookMaker Pro Price

The front-end cost for BookMaker Pro during launch week is just $17. This provides basic access to create 1 output per day.

Higher access tiers through the OTO funnel range between $47-97 depending on features unlocked. There is also an annual pro membership for $297 offering unlimited usage.

Compared to costs of manually developing a single output, the savings even at top pricing makes BookMaker Pro extremely affordable.

BookMaker Pro Bundle Deal

During exclusive pre-launch periods, a discounted bundle is offered providing full-funnel access for just $37 instead of $247 if purchased individually. This presents incredible savings for serious users.

Who Created BookMaker Pro

BookMaker Pro was created by digital entrepreneur Abhijit Saha. He invented this AI software after experiencing frustrations manually writing eBooks and outsourcing formatting costs. The goal was providing an all-in-one solution for automating content production.

BookMaker Pro Launch Date

The official worldwide launch and commercial availability of BookMaker Pro is scheduled for Friday, January 26th 2024 at 11:00 AM EST. This coincides with the opening of affiliate and private campaign promotions.

The launch will run through the following Tuesday, January 30th when pricing and special offers conclude. This compressed 5-day launch window aims to attract early adopters.

BookMaker Pro Launch Platform

BookMaker Pro is exclusively launched and distributed through the WarriorPlus marketing network.

Buyers will complete their purchase through secure checkout pages hosted on the BookMakerPro dedicated sales website. OTO upgrades and order management all occur through this integrated platform.

BookMaker Pro Bonuses

Here are the bonuses being offered with BookMaker Pro:

Designo Ai Reseller:

First To Universe, [GigaPixel AI] Tech Builds Your Own Canva Like Graphics Editor With 1 Million+ Graphics To Start Your Own Graphic Agency & Sell To Hordes Of Hungry Customers.

SendPro Reseller:

World’s First Cloud Based A.I WhatsApp Autoresponder System That Sends Unlimited “Bulk Messages” To Unlimited Contacts.

MegaSuite Reseller:

THE FIRST EVER ALL-IN-ONE AUTOMATED PLATFORM That Makes Limitless Cloud Hosting, File Storage, Auto Responding, Funnel Building, Webinar Creation & Graphic Designing Your Instant Reality.

Domainify Reseller:

The World’s First Technology To Kickstart Profitable Domain & Hosting Selling Business To Register UNLIMITED Cheapest Domains & Hosting For Your Clients & Earning Daily Affiliate Commission on Hands Free Mode.

Additional bonuses include graphics packs, stock photos, website templates, marketing assets, video assets, logo templates, WordPress plugins, music tracks and more. Customers are instructed to contact in order to claim these valuable bonuses when purchasing BookMaker Pro. This ensures they take full advantage of all the upsells and incentives provided to maximize the value of their investment.

Should You Buy BookMaker Pro?

BookMaker Pro possesses clear advantages over manual content creation or outsourcing through freelancers. For entrepreneurs and marketers seeking to establish passive income streams through monetized content, BookMaker Pro provides an unparalleled solution.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Automates the difficult, time-consuming content production process
  • Output quality matches or exceeds manual alternatives
  • Unlocks new revenue channels previously out of reach
  • PLR rights empower full commercial ownership of outputs
  • Funnel structure offers multiple entrance price points
  • Risk-free testing through money-back guarantee
  • Provides ongoing value and feature updates over time
  • Strong support maintains software usability

Reasons not to Buy:

  • Success relies partly on user's own marketing abilities
  • Higher tiers represent larger upfront investment
  • Requires internet access to use web-based platform

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In rounding up this BookMaker Pro review, the software represents a true breakthrough that removes technological, skill and time barriers holding many back from digital content business opportunities. By automating the heavy lifting through advanced AI, BookMaker Pro levels the playing field and democratizes profit potential. For any marketer seeking to generate ongoing earnings through in-demand commodities, BookMaker Pro affords an unequaled and affordable solution.

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