Restrict Content Pro: The Powerful yet Easy to Use Membership Plugin for WordPress With Robust content Restriction Tools

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Restrict Content Pro: The Powerful yet Easy to Use Membership Plugin for WordPress With Robust content Restriction Tools

An Introduction to Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily create a membership website with powerful content restriction tools. As its name implies, the primary function of Restrict Content Pro is to restrict access to specific content on your WordPress site based on user roles, membership levels, and more.

However, Restrict Content Pro is much more than just a simple content restriction plugin. It aims to be a complete solution for building membership sites and monetizing content on WordPress. Right out of the box, it includes features like membership levels, subscriptions, payment integrations, and content-locking capabilities. Plus, it has a wide range of add-ons that can extend its functionality even further.

Features of Restrict Content Pro:

Robust Content Restriction Tools

At its core, Restrict Content Pro excels at restricting access to content. It allows you to lock down posts, pages, custom post types, categories, tags, and more based on user roles, membership levels, and other criteria. This makes it very flexible for creating both free and premium membership content.

Some key content restriction features include the ability to restrict by:

  • Membership level – Only show content to members of a specific paid level
  • User role – Hide from visitors, show to subscribers only, etc.
  • Custom fields – Restrict based on values of custom fields
  • Shortcode attributes – Restrict inside shortcodes
  • Direct URL access – Hide from direct URL access

Membership Levels and Subscriptions

To create a user membership system, Restrict Content Pro allows you to define custom membership levels. These levels can be free or paid (with prices and time periods). Users can then signup or upgrade to access additional membership perks like restricted content.

The plugin supports both one-time payments and recurring subscriptions out of the box using its built-in payment integrations. Admins have full control over creating, managing, and pricing membership levels and plans to suit their needs.

An All-In-One Solution for Membership Sites

Easily Create a Paywall and Protect Premium Content

Restrict Content Pro provides many simple ways to create a customizable paywall and promote access to premium membership content on your site. This includes widgets, shortcodes, and template tags to easily display restricted content previews with “Upgrade Now” buttons.

Powerful Payment Processing Capabilities

The plugin has robust built-in support for major payment gateways including Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree and more. It can handle both one-time payments and recurring subscriptions seamlessly. Custom payment gateways can also be added through its developer-friendly API.

Robust User Account and Profile Management

Restrict Content Pro ships with secure and customizable user account pages for profile editing, order history, subscription cancellation, download access and more. User metadata can also be used to provide personalized membership experiences.

Extend functionality with Integrations and Add-Ons

The plugin has a growing library of add-ons that extend its capabilities by connecting with services like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Zapier and more. Membership data can also be synced across integrations automatically. This allows membership sites to gain even more value from user profiles over time.

Easy to Use yet Highly Customizable

Intuitive and Beginner-Friendly Interface

Despite its powerful feature-set, Restrict Content Pro is designed with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for non-technical users to create and manage membership levels, content restrictions and more without code. Common tasks can be completed via its unified dashboard.

Full Control for Developers and Advanced Users

Under the hood, the plugin is built with developers in mind. It exposes a robust set of hooks, filters and functions to greatly customize workflows, templates and extend functionality as needed. Advanced options like template overrides, constants, and custom fields add full control.

Works Seamlessly with Your Website Theme

Restrict Content Pro can automatically style itself to match site themes through its responsive design. However, it also allows for manual theme integration. Template files, shortcodes and widgets fit most designs with very little configuration needed.

Lightweight, Fast and Secure

Coded with performance and security in mind, Restrict Content Pro has a minimal footprint and fast page loads. It follows best practices and leverages the capabilities of WordPress core to execute well even on large membership sites. Its permissions model also prevents issues like unauthorized access.

Getting Started with Restrict Content Pro

Installation and Basic Configuration

To get started with Restrict Content Pro, you first need to install and activate the plugin on your WordPress site:

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Search for “Restrict Content Pro” and click “Install Now”
  3. Click “Activate Plugin” to enable it

Once activated, you'll be taken to the plugin's main dashboard page where you can begin configuring basic options. Here are some initial recommended steps:

Define Membership Levels

Click “Membership Levels” in the sidebar menu and then “Add New” to create your first membership level. Give it a name, description, and set options like pricing, duration and capabilities. Repeat to add any additional required levels.

Configure Payments

Under “Payments”, select your preferred payment gateway from the available options. Click “Settings” to enter its API keys or configurations. This allows Restrict Content Pro to process transactions.

Customize Appearance

Go to “Appearance” to pick a layout mode (light/dark) and customize colors, typography and other design styles. You can also upload a logo here.

These basic settings will allow Restrict Content Pro to function out of the box. But there's still plenty more possible configurations to unlock its full potential.

Protecting Your First Piece of Content

Now that the plugin is configured, let's restrict access to our first piece of content:

  1. Create or find an existing piece of content like a post or page
  2. Click the “Restrictions” tab in its edit screen sidebar
  3. Check the box next to “Restrict Access” to enable restrictions
  4. Choose membership levels that can be viewed from the dropdown
  5. Click update to save the changes

This first post/page will now only be visible to logged-in members of the selected levels. Try viewing it while logged out to verify restrictions work as expected.

Now you can continue adding more content to your site and selectively restricting each one based on custom logic. Restrict Content Pro handles blocking unauthorized access seamlessly.

Advanced Functionality and Customizations

While the basic setup covers essential membership use cases, Restrict Content Pro offers many more powerful features for Pro sites:

Create Subscription/Renewal Flows

The plugin supports both one-time payments and recurring subscriptions. Set membership durations, trial periods, and renewal reminders right inside profiles.

Customize Member Experience

Leverage member metadata to provide personalized experiences. Restrict additional actions like comments or set custom capabilities per level.

Integrate Third Party Services

Connect Restrict Content Pro with tools like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign and Webhooks using its extensive add-on marketplace. Automate workflows across platforms.

Code Customizations

Hooks, filters, constants and more allow developers to modify Restrict Content Pro as required. Extend it further by building custom add-ons. Fully accessible codebase.

Advanced Reporting

Track valuable analytics like member growth, churn rate, top earning levels and more using powerful built-in reports. Gain insights to optimize strategies.

Automate with Webhooks

Leverage webhooks to trigger actions in other services when certain events occur. For example, sync users to a CRM on profile update.

Who Can Benefit from Restrict Content Pro?

Restrict Content Pro is a powerful yet user-friendly plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily create memberships, restrict content access, and build subscription products. Due to its wide-ranging capabilities, it can benefit many types of websites and audiences.

Content Creators

If you are a blogger, podcaster, publication or creator of any kind of premium digital content, Restrict Content Pro allows you to sell access to your work through memberships and subscriptions. You can protect articles, videos, downloads and more behind a paywall to generate ongoing revenue from your audience.

Online Course Providers

Teachers, trainers and education platforms can leverage Restrict Content Pro to build online courses and learning management systems. It supports creating membership tiers, lesson access, certificates and more – all managed via an intuitive dashboard.

Community Site Owners

Community sites looking to monetize premium resources and foster exclusive conversations can easily create both free and paid membership tiers. Advanced tools like user profiles help foster engagement within the community.

Association/Membership Organizations

Restrict Content Pro is a perfect fit for organizations that need to manage individual/company memberships. Automate member registration, renewals, benefits and more through its robust member management tools.

Digital Publication Owners

Restrict Content Pro empowers publishers to offer digital subscriptions for e Magazines, newsletters and journals. It handles subscriptions, payment processing, and auto-renewal seamlessly for a simplified content business model.


Consultants and freelancers providing coaching, online courses or paid downloads can leverage Restrict Content Pro to systematize the sale of their products and services.

In summary, Restrict Content Pro is an excellent choice for any individual or business looking to leverage WordPress to build a membership site, manage user access permissions or monetize premium digital goods. Its all-in-one platform streamlines member acquisition and retention across all use cases.

Restrict Content Pro: Pros, Cons and Profitability


  • All-in-one platform – Handles membership creation, payments, content restriction in a single plugin.
  • Intuitive interface – Easy for non-tech users to set up and manage without code knowledge.
  • Robust features – Covers full membership functionality including plans, profiles, analytics, etc.
  • Extensible – A large library of add-ons and developer tools allows easy customization and expansions.
  • Active support – Regular updates and responsive support team to help with issues.
  • Security – Follows best practices and has robust permission controls to protect sensitive data.
  • Scalable – Can power everything from small sites to large premium membership offerings.


  • Technical dependency – Requires a WordPress website to function (not a constraint for many use cases).
  • Cost – A paid plugin, while fairly priced, involves an ongoing financial commitment for support.
  • Customizations – Advanced changes may require a developer depending on skills even with the plugin's extensibility.


If set up and marketed properly, a membership or subscription business powered by Restrict Content Pro has great potential for profitability. Some factors that impact this include:

  • Niche and audience size – Bigger audiences in popular niches lead to higher conversions and revenues.
  • Pricing of plans – Fair pricing that delivers good value will lead to higher retention and renewals over time.
  • Ongoing quality content – Producing regular premium resources incentivizes membership renewals.
  • Marketing of value prop – Promoting core benefits and exclusive resources sells the membership concept well.
  • Automation of processes – Configuring auto-renewals, reminders maximizes retention and reduces management costs.

With around 15-30% gross profit margins like SaaS companies and 5-10% average retention rates, a mid-sized membership site with 1000 paying members can generate $10-15k in monthly recurring revenue. Larger sites see even higher profits with scale. Done correctly, a Restrict Content Pro membership site is very lucrative.

Restrict Content Pro Money-Back Guarantee and Pricing

Money-Back Guarantee

Restrict Content Pro offers a robust 30-day money-back guarantee to provide buyers with peace of mind. Some key aspects of the policy include:

  • Full Refund – If unsatisfied, users can request a full refund within 30 days of purchase.
  • No Questions Asked – Refunds are provided unconditionally within the trial period with no need to specify a reason.
  • Easy Process – Refund requests can be made directly from the account dashboard with just a click of a button.
  • Dedicated Support – The support team is always available to help submit and process refunds smoothly.

This ensures that customers can properly evaluate the plugin risk-free for an entire month before committing. It's among the best return policies in the WordPress plugin industry.

Pricing Plans

Restrict Content Pro offers the following affordable annual licensing tiers:

  • Standard – $99 per year suitable for most personal/small business needs.
  • Professional – $249 per year adds priority support and access to select add-ons.
  • Business – $499 per year tailored for medium/enterprise businesses.

Additionally, lifetime licenses are available at larger one-time fees which offer sizable savings for long term usage. For instance:

  • Standard Lifetime – $199 removes the yearly renewal cost.
  • Professional Lifetime – $499 provides all features for indefinite usage.

Overall the pricing provides excellent value given the wide range of functionality and robust support included. Free upgrades and discounts are also applicable on renewal.

With its money-back guarantee and competitive SaaS-style pricing, Restrict Content Pro is a very low risk investment for all types and sizes of WordPress membership sites.

Should You Buy Restrict Content Pro?

Restrict Content Pro is a powerful and fully-featured plugin for building membership sites and monetizing content on WordPress. But should you invest in it? Here are some key factors to consider:

You Should Buy it if:

  • You want an all-in-one solution to simplify membership management.
  • You plan to restrict access to premium or paid digital content.
  • Your site will benefit from automated payment processing capabilities.
  • Extensibility through add-ons is important for your long term needs.
  • High-quality support is a priority for your investment.

You May Not Need it if:

  • Your requirements are simple and a lightweight plugin may suffice.
  • You're on a tight budget and need a lower cost alternative.
  • You have specific technical needs beyond standard customizations.
  • Your CMS is not WordPress or membership is not a core part of your business.

Overall, for most professional membership sites that want to unlock advanced capabilities in a user-friendly manner, Restrict Content Pro is definitely worth the investment given its full-featured platform.

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Wrapping Up “Restrict Content Pro: The Powerful yet Easy-to-Use Membership Plugin for WordPress With Robust content Restriction Tools

In summary, Restrict Content Pro is a powerful yet user-friendly plugin for WordPress that simplifies the process of building robust membership sites and monetizing digital content.

Its wide range of features and integrations allow both basic and advanced use cases to be supported seamlessly. The implementation of strict access controls also ensures premium content remains protected.

Backed by an active community and development team, Restrict Content Pro continues to innovate and address emerging needs in the WordPress membership space. Its affordable pricing provides excellent value over the lifetime of any membership business.

For both new and experienced users alike, Restrict Content Pro presents a comprehensive one-stop solution to focus on what matters most – creating valuable resources for members and growing relationships over time. If you are looking to leverage the power of WordPress for your subscription service, this plugin deserves serious consideration.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Restrict Content Pro

What is Restrict Content Pro?

Restrict Content Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create memberships, restrict access to content, and build subscription products on your site. It includes features like membership levels, payment processing, and robust content blocking capabilities.

Does it work with any theme?

Yes, Restrict Content Pro is designed to be compatible with most WordPress themes out of the box. It uses responsive design to seamlessly integrate. If needed, templates can also be overridden to customize the appearance further.

How do I create membership levels?

You can create unlimited membership levels by going to Membership Levels in the Dashboard. Give each level a name, description, price (if paid), duration and permissions. Users can then sign up or upgrade between the levels you define.

What payment gateways does it support?

The plugin supports major gateways like Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout and Braintree for one-time purchases and subscriptions. Custom gateways can also be integrated using its API.

How do I restrict content?

You can restrict individual posts/pages from the restrict tab in edit screens. Simply check the “Restrict Access” box and select which levels can view it. Other options let you restrict categories, tags etc. too.

Does it integrate with any other apps?

Yes, Restrict Content Pro works with many 3rd party tools through an ecosystem of add-ons. Popular integrations include MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Zapier, LearnDash and more.

Is support available if I face issues?

Yes, Restrict Content Pro provides comprehensive support through a ticketing system. The support team is very responsive and helpful in resolving any configuration or connectivity problems.

What is the pricing for Restrict Content Pro?

Pricing starts from $99/year for the Standard license which supports most functionality. Additional pricing tiers are available based on features required and site traffic. Discounted lifetime licenses are also offered occasionally.


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