Iconic Plugins Review: Easy-to-use WooCommerce Plugins to Create a Highly Profitable Online Store That is Fast and Compatible with any WordPress theme without any technical knowledge.

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Iconic Plugins Review
Iconic Plugins Review

Iconic is a leading provider of WordPress and WooCommerce plugins focused on helping online merchants build and optimize successful ecommerce stores. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at Iconic's plugin offerings and how they can help both beginner and experienced WooCommerce users build faster, more profitable online stores without any coding experience.

Iconic's 14 Core WooCommerce Plugins and All Access Club Bundle

Iconic offers 14 powerful plugins and an All Access Club bundle to optimize stores and boost sales.

Flux Checkout for WooCommerce

Prevents cart abandonment with a clean multi-step checkout. Customizable for any device. ($99)

WooCommerce Delivery Slots

Allows customers to select delivery dates/times. Restrict slots based on methods, quantities etc. ($129)

WooThumbs for WooCommerce

Enhanced product images with zooming, swiping, videos, layout controls. ($79)

WooCommerce Attribute Swatches

Transforms dropdowns to intuitive color/image swatches. Previews variations. ($79)

WooCommerce Show Single Variations

Displays individual variable product options on pages. Filters for targeted searches. ($79)

Iconic Sales Booster for WooCommerce

Inserts intelligent recommendations increasing average orders. Proven sales booster. ($79)

Image Swap for WooCommerce

Adds appealing image transition effects on category pages. Engaging browsing. ($49)

WooCommerce Linked Variations

Links configurable products. An alternative way to handle variables without extra code. ($79)

WooCommerce Product Configurator

Replaces separate images per variation needing many uploads/storage. Layered images. ($79)

WooCommerce Quickview

Allows previewing any product data without leaving the page. Encourages exploration. ($49)

WooCommerce Wishlists

Enables wishlists for saving/sharing products. Delivers social proof/urgency to purchase. ($49)

WooCommerce Account Pages

Merchant control of account/order screens using built-in WordPress pages. Maintains branding. ($49)

WooCommerce Custom Fields for Variations

Adds extra input fields like serial numbers for complete product information. ($49)

WooCommerce Bundled Products

Group packages together for combined pricing. Alternate bundling without coding. ($49)

In addition to individual plugins, Iconic also offers bundled plugin packages tailored for specific store needs like configuring variable products, local delivery options, and more.

All Access Club [bundled plugin packages]

Includes all 14+ current/future plugins. Increase sales, optimize, discounted access. ($299)

Features of Iconic: 

Developer Friendly Options

One thing that stands out about Iconic's plugins is their focus on clean, well-optimized code and developer friendliness. All plugins are lightweight, optimized to maximize performance, and include thorough documentation.

Merchants also have full control over customizing styles and behavior without touching any code. Plugin settings allow configuration using an intuitive GUI interface. For advanced users, all plugins are also fully customizable through hooks and filters.

This balanced approach makes Iconic's plugins just as effective for developers as non-technical users. Stores can achieve powerful custom functionality without relying on developers for every small change.

Comprehensive Support

Many merchants cite Iconic's support quality as a major reason for choosing their plugins. Support is included with all plugins and plans, with responses typically within 24 hours.

The support team is very knowledgeable about all Iconic plugins as well as common WooCommerce and WordPress issues. They can help troubleshoot conflicts, debugging, and technical queries that go beyond just the plugins themselves.

For more complex issues, live chat and remote access options are available. Merchants report their patience, communication and problem-solving skills as top-notch. Comprehensive knowledgebase articles and documentation are also available for self-serve support.

Proven Sales Optimization Tools

Improving store profits is a major focus of Iconic's plugins, which incorporate tried-and-tested ecommerce best practices. The Iconic Sales Booster plugin stands out as one of their most powerful optimization tools.

It works by smoothly inserting upsell and cross-sell product recommendations throughout the shopping and checkout flows. Products are suggested based on what's already in the cart using complex algorithms.

This has been proven to substantially increase average order values with very little effort. Combined with their other plugins focusing on checkout, customer experience and discoverability – Iconic provides merchants everything they need to tangibly boost online store revenues.

Theme Compatibility

One issue that frustrates many WooCommerce merchants is plugin incompatibility caused by themes. Iconic addresses this problem head-on with rigorous testing across all popular WordPress themes and page builders.

Their plugins are designed to be lightweight and non-intrusive, avoiding conflicts as much as possible. Extensive compatibility is also a core focus of their development process.

Merchants can rest assured knowing Iconic's plugins will work seamlessly alongside their theme of choice, whether it be Blocks, Elementor, Avada or any other. Compatibility is continuously updated for new theme and core software releases as well.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

For online sellers considering investing in helpful plugins, risk can be a barrier. Iconic reduces this risk substantially with a generous 30-day money back guarantee on all plugin purchases.

This allows potential customers to freely test any plugin or bundled package for an entire month in their live store. Full refunds are given for any reason within 30 days – no questions asked.

Combined with their reputation for fast and friendly support, this builds significant trust for merchants. They can purchase Iconic plugins risk-free, knowing the investment is protected and issues can be resolved smoothly if anything occurs.

Overall Experience for Merchants

Overall, Iconic clearly understands the needs of modern online merchants. Their plugin suite, robust bundles and support focus on seamlessly optimizing the entire WooCommerce experience.

Merchants of all skill levels can implement tangible sales boosting plugins effortlessly thanks to intuitive interfaces requiring no coding. And developers benefit from their emphasis on clean code and extensibility.

With optimization tools incorporating proven tactics, compatibility across themes and a risk-free trial – Iconic delivers everything stores require to quickly grow profitable without compromising on quality, design or functionality. Their plugins form a compelling optimization platform for WooCommerce stores of any size.

Who Benefits from Iconic? Key Benefits of their Plugins

Iconic's suite of WooCommerce plugins have helped thousands of online merchants optimize their stores and boost sales. Both beginner and experienced ecommerce users can take advantage of their solutions.

Easy Adoption Without Code

Non-technical entrepreneurs and small businesses can implement powerful plugins intuitively via user-friendly interfaces – no coding required.

Growth for Established Sellers

Experienced merchants seeking new tactics to streamline operations and increase revenues can leverage Iconic's proven sales-boosting features.

Developers & Agencies

Clean, robustly coded plugins ensure frictionless integrations and extensions. Ideal for bundling as client solutions or embedded in themes/platforms.

Benefits for All Stores

Regardless of size or industry, Iconic delivers customizable plugins that optimize:

  • Customer Experience – Enhanced browsing, intuitive checkouts extend time on site.
  • Conversions – Tactics like cross-sells directly lift average order values substantially.
  • Productivity – Tools like linked variations simplify variant organization versus coding each combo.
  • Flexible Management – Pricing rules, delivery settings precisely configured to any business model.
  • Reporting Insights – Advanced reporting and analytics generated from plugin usage data.

With rigorous testing, responsive support and risk-free evaluations, Iconic makes tangible upgrades accessible and low-risk for all ambition levels. Empowering online commerce is their shared goal.

Pros and Cons of Iconic Plugins

Pros of Iconic Plugins

There are many advantages to using Iconic's WooCommerce plugins:

User Experience Focused

Iconic's plugins are designed primarily to enhance the front-end user experience. Features like Expanded Images, Swatches, and Quick Views make shopping easier and more enjoyable.

Adaptive Designs

Plugins like Flux Checkout and WooThumbs are responsively coded to work perfectly on any device type. The checkout is optimized for frictionless mobile conversions.

Widely Compatible

Iconic tests their plugins extensively to ensure compatibility with popular WooCommerce themes, page builders, caching plugins, and other extensions. Conflicts are rare.

Robust Feature Sets

While easy to use, Iconic's plugins offer robust feature sets to satisfy complex business needs. For example, Delivery Slots support quotas, restrictions, order statuses, and more.

Regular Updates

Iconic is committed to maintaining and advancing their plugins. New features and enhancements are frequently added, along with quick fixes for WooCommerce and WordPress core updates.

Excellent Support

Iconic support is highly praised, with most issues resolved within 24 hours. Knowledgeable agents are able to quickly diagnose and address any compatibility or functional problems.

Cost Savings

The All Access Club subscription provides access to Iconic's entire catalog at a large discount over individual purchases. Savings can reach hundreds or thousands annually.

Cons of Iconic Plugins

No solution is perfect, so we should also acknowledge potential drawbacks to consider:

Upfront Cost

While offering good long-term value, the initial purchase of premium Iconic plugins or an All Access Club subscription requires an upfront investment that some smaller shops may not be prepared for.

Learning Curve

Despite being intuitive to use, merchants new to customizing plugins may find the occasional learning curve as they unlock advanced features and customizations. Documentation and support can help.

Reliance on Vendor

Merchants become reliant on Iconic for support, future compatibility, and access to new features since the codebase isn't open source. This risk is mitigated by Iconic's strong reputation thus far.

Technical Debt

Over time, implementing many third-party plugins introduces “technical debt” as core platform and dependencies evolve. Iconic tries to minimize this through frequent updates.

The Profitability of Iconic Plugins

Iconic plugins are designed first and foremost with profitability in mind. In this article, we will explore how these plugins can help WooCommerce stores increase their profits.

Increased Sales and Conversions

Boost Average Order Value

Plugins like Iconic Sales Booster utilize proven cross-selling techniques to increase average order value on the product and checkout pages. Even small bumps in AOV can significantly boost profits.

Reduce Abandonment

Extensions such as Flux Checkout are optimized to streamline the checkout process and remove friction. This prevents sales losses from cart abandonment.

Enhance Product Discovery

Features in plugins like WooThumbs, Attribute Swatches, and Show Single Variations make it easier for customers to browse products and variants, leading to more purchases.

Optimized Operations

Save Time with Efficiency Tools

Plugins like Product Configurator replace tedious image editing tasks with more efficient options. This frees up time for profitable activities.

Reduce Costs with Flexible Functions

Features in Delivery Slots enable flexible delivery scheduling, which can reduce shipping expenses and open new revenue opportunities.

Improve Customer Support Workflows

The Account Pages plugin integrates WooCommerce account functions into WordPress pages for simpler customer account management.

Monetization Opportunities

Access New Revenue Streams

Plugins open doors to new income sources, like premium delivery/pickup options offered through Delivery Slots.

Justify Higher Average Prices

Enhanced product information and swatches empower customers to make confident purchase decisions at higher price points.

Increase Brand Perceived Value

A slick, fully-optimized storefront maintains premium brand perception worth price premiums or additional purchases.

Strong Lifecycle Value

Cost Savings from Bundles and Subscriptions

The All Access Club provides access to all plugins at a fraction of the cost over individual purchases.

Reliable Support and Future-Proofing

Frequent updates ensure compatibility and legislation compliance without breaking changes or upgrade costs.

Growing Feature Sets over Time

Iconic continues advancing plugins, adding new capabilities that generate ongoing returns on the initial investment.

So in summary, Iconic plugins are engineered from the ground up with profitability and store optimization in mind. Their features help boost key metrics while streamlining operations to maximize long-term store profits.

How to Use Iconic Plugins

Iconic plugins are designed to be easy to install and use with no coding knowledge required. Here are the basic steps for getting started with Iconic's popular WooCommerce extensions.


Download and Install

The first step is downloading the desired plugin from Iconic.com and installing it through the WordPress plugins page like any other extension.

Activate the Plugin

Once installed, navigate to the Plugins page and click “Activate” to enable the plugin's features on your site.

Configure Basic Settings

Most Iconic plugins have a simple settings page for configuring basic options. Take a few minutes to read through these.


Understand Features

Read documentation on the plugin page to fully understand its capabilities and learn how features work.

Customize for your Needs

Dive deeper into the settings to customize things like styling, behavior, and more to suit your specific site.

Test Functionality

Add sample products, test checkouts, and play with features to ensure everything is working as expected.

Using the Plugin

Widgets and Shortcodes

Many plugins include widgets or shortcodes for embedding features like quickviews on pages.

Frontend Features

Browse how features enhance the storefront experience for visitors through things like product galleries, addons, etc.

Admin Functions

Learn about backend tools for managing options, orders, reports and more that the plugin provides.


Read Support Docs

The knowledge base is a great resource for help with common questions.

Open a Support Ticket

If issues persist, open a support ticket and the team will assist you directly.

Check Compatibility

Ensure no conflicts exist with your theme, plugins or site customizations.

So in summary – install, activate, configure basics, explore features, customize, test, then enjoy the benefits! Reach out if any issues occur.

Iconic Plugins FAQs

This article aims to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Iconic plugins through a 20 FAQs list.

General Questions

What are Iconic plugins?

Iconic plugins are a suite of premium extensions built for WooCommerce stores that enhance features, optimize processes and boost sales.

Which plugins does Iconic offer?

Iconic's most popular plugins include WooThumbs, Delivery Slots, Attribute Swatches, Image Swap, Flux Checkout, Iconic Sales Booster, Product Configurator and more.

How much do Iconic plugins cost?

Pricing starts at $49 for individual plugins but volume discounts are available via bundles and the All Access Club subscription.

Are Iconic plugins compatible with my theme?

Iconic extensively tests plugins for compatibility. While no guarantees can be made, most themes should work fine. Contact support if issues arise.

How do I install an Iconic plugin?

Plugins are installed via the WordPress dashboard like any other. Download, upload the ZIP file, navigate to Plugins and click Install, then Activate.

Setup & Configuration

What are the plugin settings options?

Most have basic configuration panels for things like styling, behavior and page/content placements. Read docs for full feature list.

How do I customize plugin features?

Dive deeper into individual settings sections to modify things like templates, layouts, conditional display rules and more.

Where can I find usage documentation?

Plugin pages have getting started guides. The knowledge base at support.iconicwp.com is also very helpful.

How do I enable developer mode?

Some plugins have an advanced “Developer Mode” which unlocks more customization. This is disabled by default for non-developers.

How do I update to a new plugin version?

Automatic updates are handled by WordPress. Manually, deactivate & remove the plugin, then re-install the new version from Iconic.com.


A plugin isn't working, what now?

Check for JS errors in your browser's console. Update any conflicting plugins. Try deactivating all others. Check support docs or open a ticket.

How do I get support?

Open a ticket at support.iconicwp.com describing the issue. Include error messages and screenshots if possible. Agents aim to reply within 24 hours.

What if I have other questions?

Browse the extensive Iconic knowledge base. Ask in the community forums. You can also tweet to @IconicWP or contact sales for non-technical queries.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Iconic offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on individual plugins and the All Access Club. Contact sales for a refund if unsatisfied.

Iconic's Money-Back Guarantee Policy

Iconic is committed to ensuring their customers are fully satisfied with any purchase. This is why they offer a generous money-back guarantee on all individual plugins and subscription plans.

What is Covered

The money-back guarantee applies to:

  • Any individual Iconic plugin purchased from their website.
  • The All Access Club annual subscription plan.

It does NOT apply to:

  • Custom services or work provided by Iconic e.g. custom development.
  • Group or agency licenses intended for client projects/stores.

Refund Request Process

To initiate a refund request, customers must:

  • Contact the Iconic sales team within 30 days of purchase.
  • Explain why the product did not meet expectations.
  • Agree to stop using and uninstall the plugin(s)/plan from all sites.
  • Provide any other requested information such as order/license details.

Iconic aims to process all valid requests within 5 business days via the original payment method.

Conditions & Exclusions

To qualify for a refund, the product must be tested in good faith but found lacking in a major way.

Requests will not be approved if the issue was a result of:

  • Incompatibility with unsupported 3rd party tools not tested by Iconic.
  • Customer configuration/customization errors rather than bugs.
  • Failure to follow all published documentation and guidance.

So in summary, Iconic's generous money-back guarantee protects customers and encourages purchase with confidence. It aims to ensure complete satisfaction while maintaining fair terms for both parties.

Iconic Plugins Pricing

Iconic offers their plugins individually as well as in bundles and subscription plans, providing flexibility and savings.

Individual Plugins

Pricing Structure

Iconic's plugins are priced affordably starting from just $49 per extension.

Plugin Price List

Popular plugins like WooThumbs ($79), Delivery Slots ($129) and Attribute Swatches ($79) provide excellent value at these price points.

regular Discounts

Iconic frequently runs sales offering deeper discounts on individual plugins. Signing up for their email list ensures you don't miss these deals.

Iconic Plugins Bundle

The All Access Club

Subscription Details

For $299 annually, members gain lifetime access to all Iconic plugins for a single store.

Expansive Savings

Over $4,450 in potential plugins savings each year when compared to individual purchases.

Regular Updates

The subscription ensures automatic access to any new plugins or major features added over the subscription period.

Unlimited Sites Option

Businesses can choose higher-priced subscription plans providing access for multiple sites.

So in summary, Iconic's plugins, bundles and All Access subscriptions offer smart options for all budgets, maximizing value and return on investment for store owners.

Get Access to All Iconic Plugins Here

Should You Buy Iconic Plugins?

When deciding whether or not to invest in Iconic's suite of WooCommerce extensions, there are several factors to consider.

Key Benefits of Iconic Plugins

Powerful Yet Accessible Features

Iconic plugins deliver sophisticated solutions for improving sales and operations without advanced coding skills.

Optimized User Experience

Features focus on enhancing the frontend to create more engaging shopping experiences.

Return on Investment

Well-priced plugins and subscriptions provide savings while boosting key metrics for a strong long term ROI.

Compatibility and Reliability

Extensive testing ensures smooth integration, dependability with little support overhead.

Future-Proofing Your Store

Frequent updates and new capabilities protect your investment from depreciation over time.

Potential Downsides

  • The learning curve for customization beyond basics
  • Reliance on third-party roadmap and support
  • Upfront costs before quantitative returns are seen

Get Access to All Iconic Plugins Here

Call to Action

If you're seeking powerful yet intuitive extensions that work seamlessly together, Iconic plugins provide a comprehensive yet affordable way to supercharge your WooCommerce store without advanced technical skills.

Their generous money-back guarantee removes the risks. So take advantage of their sales and special offers today to start optimizing your online business.

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Conclusion on Iconic Plugins Review

In conclusion, Iconic has established itself as a leader in the WooCommerce plugin market by delivering an extensive catalog of polished, reliable extensions backed by exemplary support.

Their plugins are designed first and foremost with usability and store optimization in mind. Features work seamlessly together while enhancing key areas like conversions, sales and customer experience.

The integrated approach of their bundled plugins and competitive All Access Club subscription makes Iconic an attractive long-term proposition for any store owner. Savings are substantial versus individual purchases.

With a generous money-back guarantee and reputation for reliability across 20,000+ stores, merchants can feel secure taking advantage of Iconic's current deals and special offers.

The technical features address complex needs without code, while regular updates protect the investment. It's easy to see how Iconic delivers powerful yet accessible solutions to keep stores future-proof.

In short, Iconic plugins provide one of the smartest and most cost-effective paths for maximizing any WooCommerce store's potential through extraordinary frontend enhancements and backend innovations. Their integrated approach makes them a top recommendation.

Iconic Plugins Review: Easy-to-use WooCommerce Plugins to Create a Highly Profitable Online Store That is Fast and Compatible with any WordPress theme without any technical knowledge.

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