Orderable Review: The Future of Restaurant Ordering. Get The Best Restaurant’s Online Ordering System Free Plan Today

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Orderable Review: The Future of Restaurant Ordering. Get The Best Restaurant's Online Ordering System Free Trial Today
Orderable Review


The restaurant industry has undergone tremendous changes in recent years with the rise of food delivery apps and online ordering. Customers now expect a seamless online experience when ordering takeout or delivery from their favorite restaurants. However, many restaurants, especially small, independent ones, have struggled to keep up with these changing customer demands due to costs or lack of technical expertise. This is where Orderable comes in as a leading online ordering plugin for restaurants.

In this in-depth Orderable review, we will take a look at how the platform works, its key features, pricing options, and real customer reviews. We will examine how Orderable is making online ordering easy and affordable for restaurants of all sizes to take their businesses online. Finally, we will discuss why Orderable appears well-positioned to reshape the future of restaurant ordering.

How Orderable Works

Orderable is a WordPress plugin that allows restaurants to easily build an online store for food ordering and delivery right on their website. Here are the basic steps to get started with Orderable:

Setup Your Online Store

Setting up an online food store with Orderable is very simple. The plugin integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, which is installed automatically. Restaurants can then customize their online store by adding menu items, scheduling hours, pricing, discounts and more.

Choose a Layout

Orderable comes with a selection of pre-made layouts for menu pages, carts, checkouts and more. Restauranteurs can choose a layout that best represents their brand without any coding. The layouts are optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing.

Start Accepting Orders

Once the menu and store details are added, owners can start taking and managing orders right from their WordPress dashboard. Customers can choose between delivery, pickup or dine-in options during checkout. Their orders are automatically added to WooCommerce and an email notification is sent.

Track & Fulfill Orders

Orderable provides a dedicated orders screen to view current and past orders. Owners can mark orders as completed, print tickets, and manage deliveries or pickups. Customers also receive automated order status updates via text or email.

Overall, the setup process is quite straightforward requiring no technical skills. Orderable handles all the backend integration so restaurants can start reaping the benefits of online orders within hours.

Key Features of Orderable

Beyond the basic online ordering functionality, here are some of the powerful features that make Orderable a leading solution:

Delivery/Pickup Timeslots

Owners can schedule availability windows for delivery or pickup. This allows for better resource management. Timeslots also show customers real-time availability and estimated lead times.

Product Customization

Customers can modify menu items by adding or removing ingredients through product add-ons. This improves average order values. Owners can add surcharges or set quantity limits on add-ons.

Table Ordering

For dine-in customers, the platform supports table reservations and in-restaurant digital ordering. Owners can track seats, manage waiting lists and send food orders to kitchen displays.

Order Bumps

Suggesting additional bundled items at checkout helps increase average order values. Orderable's data-driven recommendations are based on current trends.

Advanced Payment Options

Owners can offer payments through all major processors including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay etc. for a seamless paying experience.

Robust Customization

From customizing the layout and branding to payment gateways and taxes – the plugin is highly customizable. Owners have full control over their online stores.

Comprehensive Analytics

Detailed sales reports, order insights and customer behavior analytics help owners make data-driven business decisions.

These robust features make Orderable the ideal all-in-one platform for restaurants to scale up their businesses online.

Orderable Pricing Plans

Orderable offers three flexible pricing tiers to suit different business needs:

Free Plan

The basic Free version provides the core online ordering features. While limited in scope, it allows restaurants to build an online presence and start taking orders at no cost.

Pro Plan

Priced at $149/year for a single location, the Pro plan unlocks all core features for online ordering success. It provides unlimited orders, products and other advanced functions.

Premium Plan

Ideal for chains and large operations, the Premium plan has all Pro features along with multi-location management, additional customization controls, expedited support and more. Pricing is available upon request.

All plans are hosted on Orderable's secure servers with automatic weekly updates and lifetime support included. There are no transaction fees charged on top of orders. This makes Orderable a very affordable option compared to third party delivery apps that take 15-30% commission per order.

Real Customer Reviews

To truly understand how effective and easy-to-use Orderable is, we analyzed some genuine reviews and testimonials posted online:

Review 1:

“Ranked as the number one restaurant solution within the entire WordPress universe, Orderable is a true game changer for online food ordering and delivery. This plugin seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, providing a user-friendly platform that simplifies management and control. If you're on the hunt for a reliable restaurant plugin tailored for food ordering and delivery, I highly recommend Orderable.”

  • alnetid, Satisfied Customer

Review 2:

“Using Orderable has been an absolute lifesaver, saving me a significant amount of money on development and SAAS products. It transforms WooCommerce into a powerful order placement tool, adapting seamlessly to specific needs. The development team consistently seeks our input and requirements, ensuring continuous improvement and upgrades. Thank you, Orderable, for making online orders efficient and cost-effective!”

  • bcristiann, Appreciative Customer

Review 3:

“As the only and best solution for online orders on WordPress, Orderable has been a revelation for me. Testing new features over the past months has showcased the tremendous strides this platform has taken, especially for those working in the hospitality industry. Setting up is a breeze, and the solution is impressively fast, lightweight, and equipped with all the essential features. Perfect for clients in pubs, restaurants, bars, and more, Orderable makes taking orders a seamless experience.”

  • dannrcm, Happy Customer

Review 4:

“Really loving Orderable. What a beautiful plugin to work along with WooCommerce for accepting pickup or delivery orders. It's easy to configure, with quick support and boasts an extensive roadmap of features. Thanks for providing an outstanding product that makes online sales super easy! 🤗”

  • carterangon, Satisfied Customer

Review 5:

“Great and fast plugin with excellent support. Highly recommended for all online food stores or any online store. Orderable has proven to be an essential tool for streamlined operations.”

  • Jochi Jochi, Happy Customer

As evident from genuine reviews, restaurant owners appreciate Orderable's seamless integration with WooCommerce, quick setup, robust feature-set and excellent customization options and support. It is praised for streamlining the online ordering process.

Pros and Cons of Using Orderable for Restaurant Online Ordering

Orderable is a leading online ordering platform for restaurants that helps owners take food orders seamlessly on their websites. While it provides many advantages, no solution is perfect. Let's explore some key pros and cons of using Orderable:


Easy to Set Up and Use

Orderable installs with just a few clicks on WordPress sites. Restaurant owners can get started taking online orders within hours without technical skills.

Integrates Seamlessly with WooCommerce

As Orderable is built directly for WooCommerce, it integrates flawlessly and extension like table reservations also work out of the box.

Ready-Made Templates

The plugin comes with professionally designed restaurant templates that can be used to build beautiful online menus and storefronts without coding.

Robust Feature Set

Features like timeslots, customizable product options, order bumps, kitchen/tablet displays increase sales and streamline operations.

Affordable Pricing

Starting from free, Orderable remains competitive compared to commissions charged by third-party delivery apps.

Excellent Support

Dedicated support team is available to assist with any queries via multiple channels.


Steep Learning Curve

New users need time to understand all features and leverage analytics potential to its fullest.

Reliance on WooCommerce

Being deeply integrated with WooCommerce, any issues with latter can impact Orderable functionality as well.

In summary, Orderable offers an excellent feature-packed solution for most small to medium restaurants. While not perfect, its ease of use, robust functionality and pricing make it a top recommendation for online ordering success.

How Orderable Can Help Increase Restaurant Profitability

The restaurant industry operates on thin profit margins. Adding online ordering through a platform like Orderable can help boost your bottom line in significant ways.

Increased Sales Volume

Having an online ordering system allows you to reach more customers beyond your immediate neighborhood. This translates to higher sales without spending excessively on marketing.

Orderable's mobile-optimized design also makes it convenient for customers to order on-the-go, increasing impulse purchases. Features like order bumps and customized options further improve average order values.

Reduced Dependence on Delivery Apps

Delivery giants charge 15-30% commission per order, sucking away profits. Orderable charges only a one-time affordable fee, putting more money in restaurant pockets.

Owners can also save on delivery logistics costs by accepting orders directly for pickup or delivery by their staff.

Better Inventory Management

Timely delivery updates and estimated lead times through Orderable help manage customer expectations. The platform's analytics further help track purchasing patterns to avoid stock-outs and expiry.

This ensures higher inventory turns and less wastage, directly boosting profit margins.

Operational Efficiencies

Features like order allocation, dispatch maps, and integrated POS/till systems powered by Orderable minimize errors and idle time for staff. Automation streamlines processes for higher throughput.

The information also helps finetune staffing numbers and schedules to optimize labor costs – a major operating expense.

Actionable Business Insights

Orderable's integrated analytics and reporting provides owners deep insights into best-selling items, customer purchasing behavior, and overall store performance.

This data-driven approach facilitates more informed business decisions to continually improve profitability through tested strategies like targeted promotions and menu tweaks.

By addressing multiple aspects impacting the bottom line, Orderable proves to be an indispensable online ordering platform. It empowers restaurants of all sizes to scale up profitably in the digital era. Over time, these benefits often outweigh the initial subscription cost manifold.

Orderable FAQs

Here are 10 frequently asked questions about Orderable:

  1. Does Orderable charge a percentage of each order?

No, Orderable does not charge any transaction fees on orders. It has a simple yearly/monthly subscription model.

  1. Will Orderable work with my page builder?

Yes, Orderable is compatible with all major page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc. You can add its widgets/shortcodes to pages.

  1. What payment gateways does Orderable support?

Orderable supports all popular gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net, etc. that work with WooCommerce.

  1. Can I install Orderable on a client's website?

Yes, but the client will not have direct access to support. All queries need to be routed through the account owner.

  1. What platforms is Orderable available on?

Currently, Orderable only works for WordPress sites using WooCommerce. It is not available on other platforms like Wix, Shopify, etc.

  1. Does Orderable provide multi-location management?

Yes, the premium plan offers features to manage orders for multiple branches and locations from one centralized dashboard.

  1. How do I setup delivery/pickup timeslots?

You can configure timeslots and schedules under Orders > Delivery Schedule in the WordPress dashboard.

  1. Can customers track their orders?

Yes, Orderable sends automated order status emails/texts. Customers can also view details on their order history page.

  1. What reports does Orderable offer?

It provides in-depth sales reports, top products, locations and other insights to analyze business performance.

  1. What is Orderable's refund/cancellation policy?

Orderable offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for its annual Pro/Premium plans. Subscription can also be cancelled anytime.

Orderable's Generous Money-Back Guarantee

For new customers unsure about committing to an annual subscription, Orderable offers a comforting money-back guarantee.

30-Day Risk-Free Trial

Customers purchasing an Orderable Pro or Premium plan get a full 30 calendar days to test all features on live sites. This long trial period alleviates performance or compatibility uncertainties.

Unconditional Refund

Within the 30 days, customers facing any issues can request a no-questions-asked 100% refund. The refund is processed for the full subscription amount.

Flexible Cancellation

Even after the trial, customers remain protected. They can cancel the subscription anytime in future with a pro-rated refund for the remaining paid period.

Simple Refund Process

To initiate a refund, customers simply contact the support team. Orderable promises prompt assistance via phone, email or live chat.

Refunds are processed within a few business days through the original payment method without any additional fees or deductions.

Confidence to Purchase

This beneficial refund policy allows customers to invest worry-free, knowing their money is safeguarded. It builds trust that Orderable stands by product quality.

Risk-Averse Approach

By providing this safety net, Orderable aims to attract hesitant buyers who otherwise balk at annual commitments. It casts off apprehensions around subscription add-ons.

This exemplary money-back guarantee makes Orderable orders of magnitude more secure than other platforms lacking parity protections for users. It underscores the company's confidence in continually satisfying customers.

Should You Buy Orderable?

Orderable offers a powerful platform to take your restaurant online, but is it right for your business? Here are some factors to consider:

You Should Buy It if:

  • You want an affordable, all-inclusive solution to accept online food orders.
  • You want to reduce dependence on third-party delivery apps charging high commissions.
  • You want to provide customers an optimized ordering experience on all devices.
  • You want to streamline operations and increase average cart values with features like timeslots and order bumps.
  • You want an easy-to-use platform that integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce.
  • You want access to actionable sales and customer analytics to improve performance.
  • You want robust marketing and customization options to showcase your unique brand.

You Should Not Buy It if:

  • You are not willing to learn the platform and leverage its full capabilities over time.
  • You are not willing to invest in an annual subscription and prefer a monthly payment model.
  • You want deep integration with third-party POS systems beyond basic WooCommerce.

So in summary, for most small to medium restaurants, cafes looking to scale online – Orderable is a safe bet. But for some advanced use cases, alternatives may need evaluation.

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Conclusion on Orderable Review

While there are a few alternatives available in the market, Orderable stands out as a robust, full-featured and cost-effective platform for restaurants of all sizes to smoothly manage their online ordering operations.

By integrating seamlessly with WooCommerce and offering a variety of sales-driving features, Orderable provides an future-proof solution for food businesses to digitally transform and remain competitive in today's online-centric landscape.

With growing customer demand for online convenience and transparency, platforms like Orderable will play a pivotal role in powering the next phase of growth for independent restaurants worldwide. If you are looking to take advantage of emerging digital opportunities, starting your online store with Orderable is a decision worth considering.

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