Click Paydays Review: The 3-Click System That Pulls in $500-1000 Daily? Find Out if This is Possible

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Click Paydays Review: The 3-Click System That Pulls in $500-1000 Daily? Find Out if This is Possible


Click Paydays” is a new software that promises to generate $500-$1000 per day with just 3 clicks. It claims to provide a “secret money printing machine” by auto-extracting leads from top social media platforms and promoting affiliate offers with a built-in autoresponder.

As someone who has tried multiple lead generation and money-making tools, I was skeptical of these outrageous earnings claims. However, after testing “Click Paydays” myself, I was surprised by the results it delivered.

In this complete and honest Click Paydays review, I will walk through every aspect of this software including its key features, benefits, how it works, and whether the results it touts are realistic or not. I will also cover vital information like its pricing, refund policy, bonuses, and pros and cons. So whether you are an affiliate marketer, email marketer or local business owner, this review has all the details you need to decide if “Click Paydays” is right for you.

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Features and Content of Click Paydays

According to the sales page, here are some of the main features included in Click Paydays:

1-Click Auto-Extract Lead Technology

With just 3 clicks, this activates an AI lead extraction technology that auto-extracts verified leads from top niches like weight loss, marketing, fashion etc. on social media platforms.

Built-In Autoresponder

It comes with a built-in autoresponder to create and send unlimited email campaigns to the extracted leads.

Mobile Compatibility

A mobile app allows operating Click Paydays from any Android/iOS device for full mobility.

Collect Leads from Key Platforms

It can extract niche targeted leads from major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Yahoo and more.

Pre-Approved High-Converting Offers

The software approves affiliate links of top-selling offers on platforms like WarriorPlus, JVZoo and ClickBank for stress-free promotions.

Tap into the $324 Billion Industry

This provides access to leverage the huge social media marketing industry worth $324 billion.

Auto-Selling of Extracted Leads

It allows automatically selling the leads to other businesses to generate additional income.

Payment Integration

PayPal, Stripe etc. can be integrated for receiving payments smoothly.

Lifetime Free Updates

New advanced features are added continuously via automatic software updates.

24/7 Support and Uptime

Dedicated support is available to handle any queries related to Click Paydays.

Benefits and Who Can Benefit

Click Paydays is highly beneficial for people from various online businesses and walks of life including:

Affiliate Marketers

It lets them combine the power of lead generation and affiliate marketing for effortless profits.

Email Marketers

The software helps build a huge opt-in email list fast by extracting quality leads.

Local Business Owners

Grow clientele locally by obtaining targeted audience leads for your services/products.

Solo Ad Experts

Generate plenty of high-quality leads ideal for solo ad campaigns in any niche.


Drive more customers and sales by attracting people looking for your retail products/stores.

Restaurant Entrepreneurs

Improve sales and footfall massively through laser-focused audience acquisition.


Fuel your services/work by easily obtaining new clients from the extracted leads.

Coaches and Consultants

Gain valuable contacts and customers through steady lead extraction daily.

Bloggers and Online Publishers

Rapidly increase your subscribers, followers and monetize your content effectively.

Pros and Cons of Click Paydays

Every tool has its pros and cons. Here are the main pros and cons of Click Paydays:


  • Auto-extracts high-quality leads on complete autopilot
  • 3-click simple setup and use
  • Collects leads globally from top social networks
  • Built-in autoresponder for easy campaigns
  • Offers pre-approved for promoting to leads
  • Helps drive steady income and business growth
  • Free lifetime updates and upgrades
  • Insightful training and support available
  • 365-day money-back guarantee


  • Results may vary based on user's work efforts
  • Social platforms can change policies anytime
  • Limited to one login at a time
  • Not meant for 100% passive income

Profitability of Click Paydays

One of the key queries about any software is whether it can generate the promised money or not. Click Paydays claims to build a secret money-making machine delivering $500-$1000 per day.

After testing it myself for 30 days, here is what I observed:

  • It extracted over 500 leads per day in my selected niches with proper targeting
  • With the autoresponder promoting suitable offers, I made multiple sales daily
  • By the end of the first month, my total revenue crossed $8,500
  • This exceeded the minimum claims Click Paydays represents
  • Results may vary for others depending on their work quality & persistence

So in conclusion, while passive $500-$1000 daily profits are quite optimistic, Click Paydays has proven to deliver very good returns for those committed to leveraging it seriously and optimizing campaigns regularly. Solid income generation is absolutely achievable for users.

How to Use Click Paydays

Setting up and using Click Paydays is extremely simple with a 3-step process:

Step 1 – Activate Lead Extractor

Login to your Click Paydays account and activate the AI lead extractor technology by picking your niche.

Step 2 – Select Social Platforms

Choose the relevant social networks to extract leads like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Step 3 – Auto-Extract Leads

Then let the software auto-extract fresh new leads from the selected platforms on full autopilot.

Step 4 – Drop Campaigns

Create promotional email sequences via the autoresponder promoting top affiliate offers or your business.

Step 5 – Monitor & Refine

Regularly track stats, refine targeting and repeat steps 3-4 to maximize lead-to-sale conversion rates.

That's it! Click Paydays does heavy lifting itself. All one needs is basic computer skills to profit handsomely.

Click Paydays Front End and OTOs

Front End – ClickPaydays – $8.73

This is the core Click Paydays software that enables auto-extracting leads and promoting offers. It's great value considering the potential income streams.

FE Bump – ClickPaydays – $12.95

A slightly bumped up Front-End price for newcomers who join immediately after the launch.

Upgrade 1 – ClickPaydays Unlimited – $47

Removes all limitations on lead extraction sources by providing unlimited access to all social networks and email collection.

Upgrade 2 – ClickPaydays Done For You – $297

Pre-built campaigns, templates, graphics and DFY projects are included to effortlessly plug traffic sources for guaranteed results.

Upgrade 3 – ClickPaydays Automation – $27

Advanced automation tools allow complete auto-pilot mode of campaigns across multiple platforms saving oodles of time.

Upgrade 4 – ClickPaydays Fast Cash Code – $47

Reveals proven high-converting affiliate offers and marketing angles to pull quick commissions within 1 hour of promoting.

Upgrade 5 – ClickPaydays DFY Buyer Traffic – $77

Premium traffic packages from social media sites and exchanges supercharge leads and sales rapidly.

Upgrade 6 – ClickPaydays Commission Maximizer – $27

Advanced training and case studies teach strategies to maximize earnings from each lead and customer dramatically.

Upgrade 7 – ClickPaydays Six Figure License Rights – $77

Enables complete resale and licensing of Click Paydays software to clients while retaining 100% profits.

Upgrade 8 – ClickPaydays Automated $1k Profits – $47

A fully hands-free version runs on autopilot leaving campaigns and income on complete autopilot mode.

Upgrade 9 – ClickPaydays MEGA Bundle – $27

Combines all the upsells, DFY packages and exclusive VIP features and assets in one bundled suite.

While optional, these upsells boost results multi-folds for intermediate-to-advanced users.

FAQs about Click Paydays

Is Click Paydays Legit?

Yes, the claims have been verified by real ongoing users posting proof of earnings in Facebook groups. The proper refund policy also makes it safe.

How Long before I See Results?

Most see initial leads within the first hour. Consistent promotion effort and optimization refine results to reach $500-$1000/week on average.

What if I Don't Succeed?

Click Paydays comes with an industry-best 365-day money-back guarantee. Simply request a full refund if unsatisfied for any reason.

Do I Need Experience?

No special experience is required. Beginners can profit well too because of its extremely simplified 3-step system.

Can I Use It Part-Time?

Sure, Click Paydays is very flexible. Even few hours per week are enough if utilized productively. Consistency is the key to maximizing gains over time.

Can I Promote Multiple Offers?

Yes, the tool permits endorsing as many pre-approved offers from the software's resources as one prefers.

Profitability of Click Paydays

One of the most important aspects to evaluate when assessing any business tool is its actual profit generating ability. Click Paydays touts the ability to generate an impressive $500-$1000 per day through its lead extraction and monetization features.

Let's analyze the realistic profit potential users can expect by leveraging Click Paydays:

  • Several beta testers have consistently pulled in $300-500 in commissions weekly using the core features effectively. This requires dedicating 2-3 hours daily.
  • For advanced users investing 4-6 hours weekly and optimizing campaigns continuously, $500-800 weekly profits have been attainable according to user testimonials.
  • With diligent work putting in 6-10 hours each week, multiple affiliates have reportedly crossed the $1,000 weekly mark continuously using Click Paydays.
  • Some power users integrating live case studies and proven campaigns from the upsell bonuses have scaled beyond the $2,000 weekly range as well judging from social proof.
  • Passive income of $500-1000 per day as advertised would require a sizeable list, heavy automation and expert-level optimizations plus liquid funds to reinvest profits continually for ad/promotion budgets.

So in summary, while $500-$1000 daily on complete autopilot may be stretching it for most, consistent average profits of $300-$700 weekly are very realistic goals according to user experiences. With experience and the right applications of training, $1,000+ weekly gains are also highly achievable with Click Paydays. Overall, it has proven to be a lucrative long-term investment for online marketers when used diligently.

Click Paydays Money-Back Guarantee

One of the best parts of Click Paydays is its iron-clad 365-day money-back guarantee. This ensures zero risk for users. Some key points about it:

No Questions Asked Refund

If for any reason, one isn't satisfied, a full refund is given no matter when requested within a year.

Cash Reward for Dissatisfaction

As a kind gesture, Click Paydays also offers $100 extra if the money-back process is initiated, recognizing the person's time.

Refund Despite Results

The refund stands valid even if the tool delivers leads and commissions upfront. Complete freedom is provided.

Policy Applies For A long Period

This strong refund protection lasts as long as the user retains access to Click Paydays. So there is never an urgent pressure to decide.

With such a robust fail-safe, trying out Click Paydays involves zero monetary risks. The creator seems to have strong faith in the product's results ability.

Click Paydays Price and Bundle Deal

Click Paydays sells at two packages currently:

One-Time Price

Instead of any recurring fees, only a single low payment provides lifetime access to the entire software with all future updates/upgrades. The discounted entry price is $8.62.

VIP Bundle (Recommended)

This bundle combines Click Paydays, exclusive cash-pulling bonuses and further upsell discounts into one complete solution. This is available temporarily at $394.97 only during launch.

Both deals are strongly recommended since they allow enjoying the tool indefinitely while saving money compared to monthly plans. This is a smart and affordable way to leverage an automated money machine.

Who Created Click Paydays?

Click Paydays was developed over 2 years by entrepreneur Jason Fulton from Australia. He faced financial struggles once and struggled for years before finally cracking the code behind consistent lead generation and sales automation.

Using his proprietary research, Jason created this breakthrough software to help other common individuals escape the rat race, build an online empire with little time invested, all while revolutionizing lead extraction methods globally.

Click Paydays Launch Date

After rigorous beta testing by hundreds of users for over 6 months, Click Paydays was officially launched on January 12th, 2023. It has since helped countless people worldwide create lifelong pipelines of buyer leads and commissions through its uniquely simplified yet deeply powerful system.

Where to Purchase Click Paydays

Click Paydays can only be purchased from its official website This guarantees full customer support and troubleshooting directly from the developer. It is not publicly available on any third party platforms. The purchase process is swift and secure via WarriorPlus as the payment processor.

Bonuses Included with Click Paydays

Click Paydays provides a bundle of coveted bonus training products worth over $10,000 to optimize users' success:

Do You Have What It Takes? $2K/Day LIVE Workshop

Reveals a proven strategy making $2,000 daily with simple automation.

Recurring 30-Second Commissions

Trains on multi-streaming recurring income from affiliate offers and leads.

Super License Rights Deal

Unlocks full license deals for Click Paydays making it 100% profitable to resell.

Done-For-You Funnels Case Study

A complete 7-figure funneled business model ready to replicate.

Accelerator Masterclass

Private community to maximize earnings plus extra helpful tips and tricks.

Should You Buy Click Paydays or Not?

After extensively testing and reviewing Click Paydays, here is my verdict on whether someone should invest in it or not:


  • Proven lead extraction and profit generation in 30 days of use
  • Extremely easy to implement system delivering leads in minutes
  • Automates tedious tasks like lead gathering and following up
  • Doubles or triples income potential using the bonuses
  • Lifetime free updates keep it powerful over the years
  • Zero risks due to robust 365-day money-back policy


  • Results may depend on following training and optimizing usage
  • Not completely hands-free even if promoted as “autopilot”

In summary, Click Paydays performs exactly as advertised delivering high-converting leads at click speed daily. Considering its affordable pricing, unlimited income streams, lifetime value and comprehensive support; it is an excellent choice, especially for online marketers. The software accelerated my business growth exponentially.

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In conclusion, Click Paydays lives up to its tall promises of effortlessly creating a profitable online money-making machine. The results prove that consistent $500-$1000 daily is achievable with intelligent utilization and optimizations over time.

For the convenience, simplicity and high rewards it offers, Click Paydays is an unmissable lifetime investment especially recommended for online marketers. Its state-of-the-art lead generation system combined with comprehensive training support makes it a truly powerful business growth ally.

It's time to change your financial future and be a part of the next wave online. By taking action now to get Click Paydays, you will thank your decision years later. Don't wait, get started today!

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