WP Toolkit Review Video: Blog Link Magic + ‘Done For You’. The #1 WordPress Plugin for Automating Passive Income. Earn Money on Autopilot by Monetizing all Your Old Blog Content

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WP Toolkit Review: Blog Link Magic + 'Done For You'. The #1 WordPress Plugin for Automating Passive Income. Earn Money on Autopilot by Monetizing all Your Old Blog Content
WP Toolkit Review

What is WP Toolkit?

WP Toolkit is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to help bloggers and affiliate marketers automatically monetize their sites and unlock ongoing streams of passive income.

If you've struggled with the laborious process of manually inserting relevant affiliate links across all your blog posts, then WP Toolkit has the potential to be a real game-changer. It streamlines the entire monetization process so you can profit from your content with very little ongoing effort.

Built by seasoned blogger and entrepreneur Matt Garrett, WP Toolkit leverages the latest automation technologies to take the pain out of linking. Simply install the plugin, import a ready-made library of top-performing offers, and watch as it inserts properly formatted connections throughout your site instantly.

Best of all, its intuitive interface doesn't require any technical expertise. Even non-tech bloggers can have their entire websites earning commissions on autopilot within just a few clicks.

In this in-depth review, we'll take an insider look at exactly what WP Toolkit can do. We'll explore its unique features, how the profits stack up, and why it's quickly becoming one of the must-have plugins for monetizing WordPress sites. By the end, you'll understand why WP Toolkit just might be the key to turbocharging your earnings.

So without further delay, let's dive into an objective review of this powerful new platform and discover how it could finally put your content to work generating real sustainable income.

Watch Blog Link Magic Demo Video below

Features and Content of WP Toolkit

WP Toolkit is packed with useful features that make it simple to monetize a WordPress site. Here's a brief overview of some key components:

Automated Keyword Linking

With a click of a button, WP Toolkit scans all of your blog posts and automatically inserts relevant affiliate links next to targeted keywords. No more manual linking required.

Built-In Link Cloaking

For a more natural reading experience, links are cloaked to conceal affiliate IDs and transform lengthy URLs into cleaner looking text versions.

Done For You Link Library

Get started right away with a premade library of top-converting offers and professionally optimized keywords/links included free of charge.

Comprehensive Reporting

Detailed stats showcase link clicks, search phrases that drove traffic, and overall program performance. Great for refining your strategy.

Multi-Network Compatibility

Promote offers from major affiliate platforms like ClickBank, Amazon, ShareASale, and CJ Affiliate directly through the plugin.

Advanced Customization

Granular options allow you to set maximum daily/monthly links, nofollowed tags, and other criteria to keep sites search engine optimized.

Automatic Updating

If an offer you're promoting undergoes URL changes, WP Toolkit can scan and update all associated links with a single click.

Mobile Optimization

Links are formatted to be legible and clickable across any device type. Readers can purchase on the go seamlessly.

So in summary, these features tackle crucial monetization tasks hands-free so bloggers can focus more on content and growth.

Benefits of WP Toolkit

Saves Time

Manually adding and optimizing links takes ages. WP Toolkit automates the process, letting you profit faster.

Works on Any Blog

Whether old or new, large or small, the plugin works on all WordPress architectures.

DFY Link Library Included

Get up and running immediately with ready-made top-performing offers without any research.

Passes Ranking Factors

Intelligently formats links to search engine best practices keeping sites fully optimized.

Generates Recurring Income

Links convert visitors into lifelong buyers, earning you commissions over and over again.

Boosts Conversions

Cloaking improves click-through rates compared to long-form affiliate URLs.

Easy to Use Interface

Zero technical skill required. Even newbie bloggers can set up profit streams in minutes.

Who Can Benefit Most

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Bloggers & Influencers
  • Info Product Entrepreneurs
  • Site Owners & Networkers
  • Digital Course Creators
  • Ecommerce Sellers
  • Local Business Advertisers

In summary, WP Toolkit lets anyone with a self-hosted website deploy passive income streams while retaining full control over fees and monetization strategies.

Pros and Cons of WP Toolkit


  • Automates tedious linking tasks
  • Works on all WordPress sites instantly
  • Leverages proven money-making offers
  • Protects affiliate IDs and links
  • Strategically formats links for visibility
  • Generates ongoing income with minimal effort
  • Supports major affiliate platforms
  • Includes lifetime updates and support
  • Risk-free testing period with money-back guarantee


  • Income varies by chosen offers and traffic quality
  • Learning curve for configuring advanced features
  • Not a magic solution – still requires some ongoing optimization
  • Not intended for a one-time corner shortcut to riches
  • Monthly hosting and domain fees still apply for your website

In the end, while results may differ, WP Toolkit levels the playing field for motivated niche site owners and bloggers. With automation, it removes a significant barrier to monetization success.

How WP Toolkit Makes Money

When it comes to passive income generation, WP Toolkit has several factors working in its favor to deliver ongoing profits:

Monetizes Your Entire Blog

By inserting contextual links throughout all archives, even older low-traffic content earns commissions.

Highly Scalable Income

As future audiences grow, so too will earnings from automated link networks in place.

Boosts Click-Through Rates

Cloaking improves link effectiveness compared to long-form URLs or irrelevant offers.

Hands-Free Updating

A single click updates all links if offers switch URLs, keeping profit flows uninterrupted.

Works in Background

While you focus on new content, the backend quietly converts readers into buyers 24/7.

Leverages Traffic Value

Top offers pay $100+ per sale on average. Automated cross-promoting scales those amounts.

Passes Google Tests

Optimized links ensure they meet all requirements to stay unpenalized and visible to searchers.

Cost Effective Scaling

The more affiliates and blogs deployed, the more WP Toolkit pays for itself many times over.

Of course, there is no universal formula for income potential across all users. But when implemented strategically across a multi-site portfolio or large audience websites, WP Toolkit opens the gateway to highly lucrative passive affiliate commissions on autopilot for years to come with zero per-sale fulfillment costs.

How to Use WP Toolkit

Get Access To WP Toolkit: Blog Link Magic + ‘Done For You’ Package Here

Step 1) Install the Plugin

Download and install WP Toolkit on your WordPress site with just one click from the plugins page.

Step 2) Import the Link Library

Go to the WP Toolkit settings and import the included Done For You link library to kickstart monetization.

Step 3) Configure Your Settings

Optional: Tweak any options like daily link limits, nofollow tags, and more within the plugin dashboard.

Step 4) Start Generating Links!

Click the “Generate Links” button and watch as relevant offers are automatically paired with keywords throughout your content.

Step 5) Review & Optimize

Check your posts and make minor manual adjustments if needed. Refine offer selections based on analytics.

Step 6) Profit!

Without any other work, WP Toolkit now quietly operates in the background converting readers into repeat buyers for you.

Step 7) Scale Across Sites

Expand profits by deploying WP Toolkit across additional niche websites or related domain portfolios.

Step 8) Upgrade for More Features

Consider optional upgrades for additional monetization templates and enhanced traffic/conversion tools.

That's it – within just 30 minutes you'll have a fully automated recurring revenue system in place. WP Toolkit couldn't be any easier to leverage.

WP Toolkit OTO Upgrades

After purchasing the main WP Toolkit plugin, buyers are offered two valuable one-time-offer (OTO) upgrades:

OTO #1 – WP Toolkit Ultimate Ads Plugin

This upgrade lets you add different ad widget types like popunders, popup messenger ads and more high-profit engagement ad formats.

OTO #2 – WP Toolkit GPL

The second OTO provides an even more robust feature toolkit for advanced bloggers. It includes features like gravity forms, email autoresponders and other bonus tools.

WP Toolkit FAQs

Is WP Toolkit Easy to Use?

Absolutely. The plugin has an intuitive dashboard that allows you to manage everything with just a few clicks, even if you're non-technical.

How Long Until I See Results?

Some income potential is there right away but allow 4-6 weeks to start seeing steady commissions. Give it 6+ months for full potential.

What Kind of Affiliate Links Can I Use?

WP Toolkit is compatible with all major affiliate platforms including ClickBank, WarriorPlus, Amazon, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, and more.

Does it Work on All WordPress Themes?

Yes, WP Toolkit works with any self-hosted WordPress theme regardless of if it's free or commercial.

Can I Cloak My Affiliate Links?

Absolutely. The integrated cloaking feature formats links beautifully across devices for a seamless user experience.

Can I Use It on Multiple Blogs?

Yes! The tools work across unlimited blogs. Link all your sites together for greatly increased earning power.

Is There Ongoing Support?

Lifetime email support is provided by the developer.

What is Covered by the Money Back Guarantee?

You get a full refund within 30 days if you're unsatisfied for any reason with no questions asked.

WP Toolkit Money Back Guarantee

WP Toolkit comes with an impressive 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows you to test drive the plugin completely risk-free for an entire month.

If for any reason you are unhappy with WP Toolkit, simply contact the vendor within 30 days of your purchase and you'll receive a prompt and full refund – no questions asked. This helps provide buyers with complete peace of mind when investing.

WP Toolkit Bundle Deal and Pricing

The standard pricing for WP Toolkit is:

  • Frontend Plugin: $17
  • OTO #1: $27
  • OTO #2: $37

However, sometimes a temporary bundle deal is offered that provides discounts when purchasing multiple products together. For example, buyers may get:

  • Frontend + OTO#1 + OTO#2: Only $74 total (savings of $7)

Deals like this are only available for a limited time. After special promotions end, the standalone pricing above applies. 

Who Created WP Toolkit?

WP Toolkit was created by Matt Garrett, an experienced WordPress consultant and affiliate marketer who has been blogging for nearly two decades.

As a blogger himself, Matt developed WP Toolkit to solve some of the biggest challenges he faced in monetizing content efficiently at scale across many niche sites over the years.

WP Toolkit Launch Date and Platforms

Get Access To WP Toolkit: Blog Link Magic + ‘Done For You’ Package Here

This launch is a 4-day ONLY Holiday Special – Wed 27th Dec to Sat 30th Dec 2023.

Though the initial launch of WP Toolkit took place in early 2021 exclusively on the JVZoo marketplace, it has since expanded to other platforms.

Regular updates and new extensions/bundles are still periodically released. Promotions are run through affiliate networks like JVZoo and WarriorPlus.

WP Toolkit Bonuses

Some bonuses that may be included with WP toolkit depending on launch promotions include:

  • Done For You Niche Link Libraries (DFY link packs for popular niches like IM, health etc.)
  • Bonus Training on Finding High Paying Affiliate Offers

Should You Buy WP Toolkit?

WP Toolkit can be a very valuable tool for bloggers and affiliates looking to profit from their content. However, it's not for everyone. Here are some factors to consider:

If Your Goal is Passive Income

WP Toolkit automates the link creation/updating process so you can earn commissions with minimal ongoing work. Good fit if passive income is the goal.

If You Enjoy Affiliate Marketing

Promoting offers can be very profitable. WP Toolkit streamlines the linking process so you can focus more on offer selection/strategy.

If You Run Multiple Blogs

The ability to deploy links across all sites at once makes WP Toolkit more useful the more blogs/content you have. Increased ROI.

If You're Just Starting Out

New bloggers may not see huge profits right away as it takes time to build an audience. Not the best investment initially.

If You Lack Technical Skills

The extremely beginner-friendly interface means non-tech bloggers can still benefit. Lower barrier to entry.

In summary, seasoned affiliate marketers running several blogs stand to gain the most. But all bloggers can leverage the automation of WP Toolkit to generate additional revenue streams. Just manage expectations according to your circumstances.

Get Access To WP Toolkit: Blog Link Magic + ‘Done For You’ Package Here

Call to Action for WP Toolkit

If the prospect of unlocking ongoing commissions from all your content appeals to you, then WP Toolkit is worth a serious look. Here are the steps to take next:

Watch The Demo Video

Head over to the sales page linked below to see WP Toolkit in action for yourself in just a few minutes.

Consider the Bundle Deal

For maximum savings and all the upgrades, look out for temporary bundle packages.

Take Advantage of the Guarantee

You have nothing to lose by testing it completely risk free for 30 days.

Purchase WP Toolkit Today

Once you've evaluated and are ready to start profiting, pick up your license before special promotions end.

The link to get started is provided below. Don't delay – opportunities like this don't last forever. Let WP Toolkit go to work for you automatically generating more revenue.

Get Access To WP Toolkit: Blog Link Magic + ‘Done For You’ Package Here

Conclusion on WP Toolkit Review

In summary, WP Toolkit is a powerful set of plugins for bloggers and affiliates looking to efficiently monetize all their content with recurring income streams on autopilot.

By automating the entire process, it removes the tremendous workload usually required while giving insights to refine results over time. And the generous money back guarantee removes all risk.

If you want a simple system that generates ongoing commissions from your existing blogs with minimal effort, then WP Toolkit deserves strong consideration. Take action now by clicking the link below.

Get Access To WP Toolkit: Blog Link Magic + ‘Done For You’ Package Here

Affiliate Disclaimer

This review is for informational purposes only. While the products mentioned have been researched, all views herein are my own honest opinion. I may receive commissions from qualifying purchases made via links in this post at no extra cost to you. See my full disclaimer policy here for more details.

Get Access To WP Toolkit: Blog Link Magic + ‘Done For You’ Package Here