Introduction to 2023 Christmas Suite: 10 powerful apps to help online entrepreneurs and marketers grow their businesses in one suite

2023 Christmas Suite Introduction to 2023 Christmas Suite: 10 powerful apps to help online entrepreneurs and marketers grow their businesses in one suite

What is 2023 Christmas Suite?

2023 Christmas Suite is an all-in-one digital marketing suite containing 10 powerful apps to help online entrepreneurs and marketers grow their businesses. It was created by Amit Gaikwad and Anirudh Baavra to provide a complete solution for tasks like creating websites, blogs, ebooks, business documents and more using artificial intelligence.

Features and Content of 2023 Christmas Suite

2023 Christmas Suite includes 10 powerful apps:

  1. Bookly Pro – Creates eBooks in 2500+ niches using AI
  2. AI Journey – Creates websites with AI images and videos
  3. ClickAI Bank – Creates ClickBank affiliate sites with AI content
  4. DFY Blogs – Creates blogs to profit on ClickBank and AdSense
  5. PLR Funnels – Includes 27,000 PLR products to sell
  6. GPT Blaster – Generates unique content from ChatGPT
  7. SelfCloudPro – Combines multiple cloud storages for free
  8. PLR Sites – Includes 25,000 PLR products to sell
  9. Life Themes – Creates and sells WordPress themes
  10. Webtri – Builds funnels, websites and membership sites

Benefits of the Apps

The apps provide benefits like automating tedious tasks, leveraging AI, monetizing with PayPal/Stripe, branding websites under the user's name, and more. Templates and integrated tools help users with no experience.

Benefits and Who Can Benefit from 2023 Christmas Suite

2023 Christmas Suite can benefit online entrepreneurs, marketers, service providers and more who want to:

  • Stop paying monthly fees to multiple platforms and consolidate tasks.
  • Leverage AI to scale workflows and keep up with trends.
  • Monetize global opportunities through integrated payments.
  • Brand all outputs under their name rather than third parties.
  • Save time by automating tedious tasks and using templates.
  • Gain complete control over their online business from one dashboard.
  • Provide top-notch customer experiences easily.
  • Take their business to the next level without coding skills.

Watch 2023 Christmas Suite Demo below

Pros and Cons of 2023 Christmas Suite


  • All-in-one solution to manage business from one place
  • Leverages cutting-edge AI for automation
  • Provides extensive library of pre-made templates
  • Integrates global payment processing
  • Offers good customer support
  • Beginner-friendly interface requires no skills
  • Includes competitive resell rights for outputs


  • Reliant on developers for ongoing updates

Profitability of 2023 Christmas Suite

2023 Christmas Suite contains powerful apps that allow users to generate multiple income streams after a single investment. Some of the proven ways to profit include:

Selling PLR Products

Apps like PLR Funnels and PLR Sites give access to over 50,000 private label rights products spanning various niches. These can be bundled and marketed as low-cost/premium packages on websites. Even reselling a few packages daily can bring good returns.

Promoting Affiliate Offers

Apps such as ClickAI Bank and DFY Blogs help users setup attractive affiliate sites and blogs in profitable niches. Integrated AI technologies like video reviews keep content engaging and up-to-date. With the right promotions, sites can direct steady affiliate commissions from major networks like ClickBank.

Selling Professional Services

Bookly Pro allows crafting high-quality eBooks, documents and presentations on business or service topics. These digital info-products position users as experts who can then advise or assist paying clients through online or offline services.

Licensing Website Themes

Life Themes provides access to 156,000 responsive WordPress themes customizable under the user’s brand. Popular niche templates selling for $50+ each on marketplaces can be listed and sold continually with little effort.

Display & Native Advertising

Monetizable blogs and sites created through apps like DFY Blogs, ClickAI Bank, and PLR sites open avenues for native or display ad revenue through networks like Google AdSense by attracting relevant audiences.

With 2023 Christmas Suite, multiple six-figure internet businesses can be developed by leveraging its tools and monetizing their high-quality, AI-powered outputs through proven models above. Many existing users have reported over $100,000 in additional annual profits.

How to Use 2023 Christmas Suite

2023 Christmas Suite has been designed to be easy to use, even for complete beginners. Here are the basic steps to get started:

Signing Up

Users need to purchase a one-time license for 2023 Christmas Suite from the official website. They will then receive login credentials to the member's dashboard via email.

Downloading Software

From the dashboard, users can access and download each of the 10 included apps. The apps are compatible with both Windows and MacOS.

Using the Apps

Each app has a straightforward user interface and provides video tutorials for guidance. Here is an overview:

  • Bookly Pro, Life Themes, DFY Blogs, PLR Funnels, ClickAI Bank etc allow designing outputs through an easy wizard interface.
  • AI Journey, GPT Blaster let users generate content using AI assistants with just a few clicks.
  • PLR Sites and Webtri allow dragging and dropping to build websites quickly.
  • SelfCloudPro integrates files from Google Drive, Dropbox etc into a single storage portal.

Monetizing Outputs

Users can then commercialize the outputs in different ways like selling info-products, listing themes, setting up advertisements, promoting affiliate offers etc.

Upselling and Support

If they need more features, upsells like the Golden Edition are available. lifetime email support is also provided to address any queries.

With simple yet powerful tools, 2023 Christmas Suite allows automating workflows that normally require advanced technical skills. Users of all levels can leverage AI to unlock new digital income streams right from their laptops and achieve online business success.

OTOs (One-Time Offers) of 2023 Christmas Suite

Front End

Get All our Top Selling Product worth $990 for just $19

Product 1 Bookly Pro

Brand New 100% Google Bard + Leonardo AI Powered App Creates Professionally Looking 50,000+ Children Story eBooks, Subjective eBooks, Fiction eBooks, Mystery eBooks, Business Related eBooks, Novels, Poems, Legal Documents, Project Report Presentations in 2500+ Niches In 3 Clicks

Product 2 AI Journey

Latest DifM (Diffusion Model) Powered by ChatGPT4 Creates “Self Updating” MidJourney-Style Websites Loaded With Stunning AI Images & Talking Face Videos In 3 Easy Clicks

Product 3 Click AI Bank

Never Seen Before, Bard AI PaLM 2 Technology That Creates Fully Automated 100% Done For You ClickBank TM  Affiliate Sites Loaded With Hot DFY AI Content, DFY AI Video Reviews of High Profitable Products That Instantly Rank Themselves On Google

Product 4 DFY Blogs

Brand New, Auto Updating AI Based DFY Blog Creator That Creates 100,000+ SEO Optimized Done For You Blogs & Helps Profit Instantly By Using On ClickBank, Promoting Your Affiliate Offers, AdSense Or Even Selling On Flippa For A Low, One Time Price

Product 5 PLR Funnels

A Brand New, Auto-Updating PLR Funnel Creator That Comes With Giant 27000+ Ready To Sell PLR Products with Sales Pages, Bonus Pages & Optin Pages As Your Own Without Any Coding Or Designing Skills

Product 6 GPT Blaster

The World’s First Real Open AI Connected WordPress Software That Auto Creates Set & Forget Websites With Limitless Real Time Unique Content, Pages, Images, Posts Etc Directly From Chat GPT & Open AI In Any Niche

Product 7 Self Cloud Pro

New Blockchain Technology Merges Different Cloud Storage Like Google Drive, One Drive, pCloud, Drop Box, Amazon S3, Box, Go Files etc… to make Ultimate Limitless Cloud Storage Portal Totally FREE for Life.

Product 8 PLR Sites

Brand New, Auto-Updating PLR Site Creator That Comes With Giant 25000+ Ready To Sell PLR Products As Your Own Without Any Coding Or Designing Skills

Product 9 Life Themes

Create & Sell 156,000+ Stunning, Professional & Ultra Fast Loading Business WP Themes With Your Name & Brand Using Most Reliable GMPS Technology Without Any Coding Skills

Product 10 Webtri

Never Seen Before WordPress Technology That Creates Ultra Fast & High Converting Limitless Funnels, Professional Business Websites & Membership Sites in 5000 Real Business Niches For Lifetime

In addition to the one-time license fee, 2023 Christmas Suite provides some valuable OTO upgrades for users seeking advanced features:

OTO 1 – Pro Version

Cost: $37-$47 one-time

This unlocks pro-level features of all 10 apps like unlimited workflows, higher conversions templates, advanced integrations etc. It's ideal for serious entrepreneurs seeking full control over their digital businesses. Get Pro Features of all the Apps

OTO 2 – Unlimited Access

Cost: $37-$47 one-time

As the name suggests, this OTO removes all restrictions on app outputs. Users can create an unlimited number of publications, websites, PLR packages etc. to scale their ventures exponentially. Unlock Unlimited features of all the Apps

OTO 3 – Meta Features

Cost: $37-$47 one-time

This upgrade provides real-time website tracking, analytics of sales/conversions, A/B split testing capabilities and other meta features to optimize monetization strategies. Unlock Meta Features of All the Apps

OTO #4  Agency

Cost: ( $97-$127) one-time

Get Agency version of all the apps

OTO #5 Reseller

cost : ($97-$127)

Sell all the apps as a Reseller

OTO #6 Whitelabel ($197-$225)

  • Rebrand all the Tools 
  • Add Your Own Branding 
  • Your Own Logo & Product Name

Overall, these one-time offers enable advanced entrepreneurs to truly unleash the full potential of 2023 Christmas Suite's robust AI tools and take their businesses to the next level through quality features usually costing thousands elsewhere. They prove highly cost-effective in the long run.

FAQs about 2023 Christmas Suite

Do I need experience to use it?

2023 Christmas Suite has been designed to be newbie-friendly. No prior experience or technical skills are required.

Is help and support provided?

Yes, lifetime email support is available to help with any queries or issues faced while using the software.

What is the refund policy?

A strict 30-day money-back guarantee is offered with no questions asked. Users can request a full refund within 30 days if not fully satisfied.

When is the actual price increase?

The ultra-low launch price is only available during the initial launch period. After that, it will increase to yearly/monthly subscription plans.

Can I access the apps on mobile too?

While the publisher website and dashboard are desktop-optimized, most apps have mobile responsive designs as well to support all devices.

Is upselling and payment processing included?

Yes, potential upsells to access advanced features are available straight from the dashboard. The apps also integrate mainstream payment processors.

2023 Christmas Suite Refund Policy

2023 Christmas Suite comes with a unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason users are not completely satisfied with the software or don't achieve expected results even after using it for a full month, they can request a full refund by contacting the vendor support team. 

No questions will be asked and the complete license amount will be refunded within 48 hours to the original payment method with no hassle. This provides users peace of mind to make the risk-free investment.

Creators of 2023 Christmas Suite

2023 Christmas Suite was created by Indian entrepreneurs Amit Gaikwad and Anirudh Baavra.

Amit Gaikwad

Amit is a seasoned internet marketer with over 10 years of experience in the affiliate marketing and SaaS industries. He has helped numerous entrepreneurs establish profitable online businesses through his previous software tools.

Anirudh Baavra

Anirudh is a tech expert specializing in artificial intelligence applications. He led the development of 2023 Christmas Suite's suite of AI-powered apps to automate complex digital tasks.

Together, by leveraging Amit's marketing expertise and Anirudh's tech skills, they created this all-in-one digital business solution for new age entrepreneurs.

Launch of 2023 Christmas Suite

2023 Christmas Suite was publicly launched in December 2023 through a multiplayer online and email marketing campaign.

Pre-Launch Phase

An exclusive pre-launch was run from November 15th 2023 to generate early interest and allow beta users to test the software.

Official Launch

The full public launch commenced on December 15th 2023 at 11:00 AM EST and will remain open until December 19th 2023. This initial discounted pricing period allows new customers to join.

With Amit and Anirudh's experience and 2023 Christmas Suite's feature-rich yet simple approach, it aims to become the go-to entrepreneurship platform.

Platform for 2023 Christmas Suite

2023 Christmas Suite was launched and is exclusively marketed through the following online resources:

Official Website

The main software information, live demo access, purchase details are available at 2023 Christmas Suite official Page . This serves as the primary marketing and sales platform..


The offer is also listed on major network WarriorPlus..

Bonuses with 2023 Christmas Suite

To sweeten the offer, 2023 Christmas Suite bundles high-quality digital bonuses including:

1) Website Review

Website Review is a free SEO tool that provides you with content analysis of the website. This app provides complete information about links, and meta tags of the chosen domain. In addition, you get personal pieces of advice on how to optimize your HTML

2) SEO Studio

SEO Studio is a curated collection of 22 search engine optimization and marketing tools that deliver high-quality information with zero operational costs. Most of the tools are also local-first, giving you an immediate advantage over the competition.

3) Website Health Checker

This can check your website’s health status within a minute. Follow the suggestions provided by the SiteDoctor and make your site more SEO-friendly. SiteDoctor will analyze all metrics of your website such as title, description, keyword, tag,  page size, page speed, server status, compression status, mobile-friendly status, image/CSS/javascript status, and many other important metrics of your website.

It has multilingual support and you can add any language easily

4) Website Security, Anti-Spam & Firewall

This powerful website security app will protect your website from hackers, attacks, and other threats. It will protect your website from SQLi Attacks (SQL Injections), XSS Vulnerabilities, Proxy Visitors, VPN Visitors, TOR Visitors, Spam and many other types of threats.

5) Website Monitoring

This Tool checks if a server is alive and displays latencies on a web page that you can quickly check. If the server is not working it will send eMail Alerts!

6)Activate/Deactivate a Webpage

The function of this script is to Activate/Deactivate a certain web page/website folder at a certain date and time. This date and time can be any time in the future, may it be set to 2012 or 2025 or in that case 2069 too. (The time zone is GMT)

7) Support Ticket System

This is the solution to create your own Ticket Support System where you can post 

unlimited articles, manage tickets, staff, and agents with just a few clicks

8) Forum Lab

This helps you to handle unlimited users, topics, answers, votes, shares, comments, 

views, and more in the easiest way you have ever seen. ForumLab is a simple and lightweight forum platform, the ready-to-go solution, takes only a few minutes to set up your website with our system.

10) Manga, Graphic Novel & Comic Reader

This is a reader for Manga, Graphic Novels and Comics,You build up a store of your own novels, uploading to the viewer as you go

11) FlipBook Pro

Most Powerful Digital Flipbook Maker [Converts your PDFs into 3D Flipbooks in just a few seconds]

12) Online ePub Maker, Composer & Manager

This is a web-based app that runs on your own host, it allows your visitors may create, edit, compose and manage ePub ebboks online.

13) Document Generator

This is the document generator software,It provides all the tools necessary to write complete guides,user manual,documentation and ebooks in a user friendly and very easy to use environment.

14) Bookly Pro Online Store

Online Store created for the business owner who wants to start and promote their business in the ecommerce business arena

15) Ebook download and management

You will be able to arrange your favourite eBooks as categories and publish that online. Visitors can download those ebooks as PDF format easily. 

16)WhatsApp Marketing Tool For AI Journey

Marketing is the soul of business, and you can easily reach your targeted customer by SMS marketing. It’s a full-featured bulk sms marketing tool.

17) AI Journey Digital Marketplace Platform

AI Journey Digital Marketplace Platform may assist you in handling unlimited users, 

orders, codes, themes, plugins, templates, categories, digital items, buyers, and Reviewers, able to accept payment via cards, the ready-to-go solution, takes only a few minutes to set up your website with our system

18) OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Chat, Code Generator

All-in-one SaaS platform to generate AI content and start making money in minutes

MagicAI is designed to help you generate high-quality content instantly, without 

breaking a sweat. It supports the most popular AI generation models.

OpenAI,GPT 4,GPT 3.5,GPT 3,Dall-E,Ada,Curie,Davinci.

19) AI Documentation Tool 

AI Documentation Tool will help you to manage online documents related 

to your projects, products, or services. These documents may be your articles, 

help documents, information collection, or any type of supportive written 

informational material.

20) AI Course Generator

AI Course Generator generation facilities for the course, certificate, and blog for 

powered course website.

21) Google Bard – Chatbot (Full Access)

This has the ability to extract information from specific websites. By integrating 

web scraping techniques, it can navigate through websites, retrieve targeted communication, and deliver it directly to the user within the chat interface. Whether it’s fetching the latest blog posts, extracting product details, or retrieving specific data from online resources, our chatbot is designed to be a reliable and efficient source of information.

22)AI Content Generator Software (Full Access)

This is an innovative SaaS platform that harnesses the power of OpenAI Artificial 

Intelligence technology to provide your users with a range of exceptional features. 

WriteBot, users can effortlessly generate unique and plagiarism-free content and images, taking advantage of multiple languages for enhanced versatility. 

23) OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Chat, Code Generator (Full Access)

This is designed to help you generate high-quality content instantly, without breaking a sweat.

  • AI Text Generator
  • AI Image Generator
  • AI Code Generator
  • AI ChatBot
  • AI Speech to Text

24) Job Finder Pro (Full Access)

You can start your own fully automated job search engine affiliate 

website from this software within minutes. Let your visitors search millions of jobs published on thousands of websites in the world and earn money by driving traffic to the original job listing website.

25)Affiliate Management Software (Full Access)

This powerful tool not only simplifies the launch of affiliate marketing campaigns but 

also propels your e-commerce platform toward unparalleled growth and success.

26)Affiliate Link Sharing Platform (Full Access)

 it has many awesome features, like Drag & Drop Page Builder, drag & Drop menu builder, drag & drop form builder, drag & drop widget builder, and many more. it’s compatible with Desktops, laptops, and mobile and also compatible with major browsers.

it has an Advertisement module, you can show banners/script/google Adsense add from the admin panel, all add show impressions and click count in the admin panel, also shown in random order in the website frontend

27) AI Graphics Whitelabel

Create Stunning Designs, Banners, Ads Designs, Social Media Graphics, and more with All in One AI Based Graphic Designer. Loaded with Templates, fonts, and 84+ Languages to make Graphics 

28) Affiliate Blog System

It is perfect for writers/affiliate marketing, with simple creative features and 

effects to make readers feel the pleasure of reading blog posts and articles and 

boosting your Affiliate marketing business.

29) Blog Spinner Rewriter

It is an automatic blog spinner that can instantly rewrite any data into SEO-friendly unique content. Helps to avoid duplicate content penalties from search engines. 

30) Mobile AMP Blogs

You can create easily Google AMP pages. Mobile AMP Blog has a clean, responsive, and user-friendly design. It is secured, SEO optimized, fast, and simple to use.


Bonuses are aimed at maximizing value extraction from the software over the long term. They encourage faster decisions by prospective customers. Post-purchase support also comes via bonus access.

Should You Buy 2023 Christmas Suite?

Reasons to Buy

  • All-in-one solution at an incredibly low price vs expensive monthly fees
  • Automates tedious tasks using advanced AI technologies
  • Provides proven income models through different outputs
  • Integrates payments to monetize globally from one place
  • Supports budding entrepreneurs with extensive teaching resources
  • Backed by 30-day money-back guarantee for risk-free purchase

Reasons Not to Buy

  • Beginners may face a learning curve to use some advanced tools
  • Reliant on developers for long-term upgrades and fixes
  • Success not guaranteed without proper effort and marketing skills

Overall, if you wish to build an online business through proven digital assets but lack coding knowledge, 2023 Christmas Suite seems like a smart investment due to its feature-rich yet easy-to-use suite of AI-powered productivity apps. Just weigh if automating tasks and unlocking passive income streams is worth the upfront commitment for your goals.

Get access to  2023 Christmas Suite here

Call to Action

The 2023 Christmas Suite is currently being offered at an unbeatable launch price valid only during this campaign. If you wish to access this one-stop solution and take your online business to new heights in the coming year, now is the ideal time to invest.

Click on the link below to head directly to the official website and purchase the lifetime license today before prices inevitably increase for new customers. Get ready to unlock exponential outcomes through this revolutionary software very soon!

Get access to  2023 Christmas Suite here


In summary, 2023 Christmas Suite presents a compelling proposition for entrepreneurs seeking to automate workflows leveraging cutting-edge AI. Its suite of 10 fully-integrated apps covers major digital activities through an easy-to-use interface. Multiple proven monetization avenues also make recouping investment fairly simple with diligent use. While results vary, customer testimonials indicate most achieve significant financial gains post-adoption. Backed by a stringent refund policy as well, it appears worth the trial. I recommend exploring the tools to evaluate their fit for your goals before deadline.

Get access to  2023 Christmas Suite here

Affiliate Disclaimer

This review is for informational purposes only. The implementation of any of the products, services or processes described herein should be done after independent due diligence by the reader. The author may receive affiliate compensation from recommended products or services if you choose to purchase through links in this article. While the information is believed to be accurate, it is not guaranteed and readers should consult experts for professional guidance. 

The author has no business relationship with any companies mentioned and it should not be assumed he earns compensation unless explicitly stated otherwise. Please consult relevant professionals before making any financial decisions.

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