Survival & Preppers Videos Review – Essential Survival Prepping Knowledge and Skills Through Ready-Made Short Videos. [A PLR]

Survival & Preppers Videos Review - Essential Survival Prepping Knowledge and Skills Through Ready-Made Short Videos. [A PLR]

Survival and being prepared for emergencies is more important now than ever before. With an increase in natural disasters, civil unrest, supply chain disruptions and more, having the skills and knowledge to survive during difficult times has become crucial. That's where the Survival & Preppers Videos comes in. This comprehensive video training program provides everything you need to be ready for any situation. In this in-depth review, I'll cover all the details so you can determine if Survival & Preppers Videos is right for you.

Introduction to Survival & Preppers Videos

Survival & Preppers Videos is a video training course created by Super Affiliate Center to teach people the essential skills and knowledge for emergency preparedness and survival. It includes 40 short vertical and horizontal videos covering topics like water storage, natural disasters, first aid, navigation, finding food and more.

The videos aim to provide actionable information people can use to prepare for and respond to catastrophes so they can keep themselves and their families safe. The convenience of having short videos makes the information easy to digest.

Who Can Benefit from Survival & Preppers Videos?

Survival & Preppers Videos can benefit anyone who wants to be better prepared for emergencies and learn fundamental survival skills. Specifically, it’s ideal for:

  • Families who want to be ready to handle disasters and take care of each other
  • Outdoor enthusiasts who want bushcraft skills for camping/hiking trips
  • City preppers preparing for urban emergency situations
  • People living in hurricane, earthquake or wildfire zones
  • Those interested in off-grid living and homesteading
  • Anyone wanting first aid, navigation and other core survival abilities
  • Businesses wanting to prepare for supply chain issues or health crises

No matter your background or prior experience, Survival & Preppers Videos meets you where you are to boost your preparedness.

The Pros and Cons of Survival & Preppers Videos

Like any product, there are both pros and cons to consider about Survival & Preppers Videos. Let’s look at the key benefits and drawbacks:

The Pros

  • 40 step-by-step short videos make learning easy
  • Covers water, first aid, food, navigation, natural disasters, and more
  • Gives well-rounded preparedness training
  • Videos work for visual learners
  • Convenient and mobile video format
  • Can watch videos repeatedly to build skills
  • Gives business preparedness tips also
  • Taught by experienced survival experts
  • Provides lifetime access to the video content

The Cons

  • Requires device access to watch videos
  • Those preferring text may not like video format
  • Requires internet unless you download videos
  • Advanced survival skills not covered
  • No instructor interaction or customization
  • Cannot ask questions about the material

Overall, the pros of actionable skills content in an accessible video format outweigh the cons for most people.

Profitability of Promoting Survival & Preppers Videos

Promoting Survival & Preppers Videos can be a profitable endeavor because it provides high value to an interested audience while paying nice commissions. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Huge target market of survival and prepper enthusiasts
  • Evergreen niche with motivated buyers
  • Interest continues to grow as natural disasters increase
  • Commissions up to $7.99 per sale
  • Average sales price of $13.18 for front end product
  • High-ticket upsells available for big earnings
  • Recurring commissions from membership site
  • Customers likely to purchase other survival products

With the right audience, Survival & Preppers Videos can be a lucrative promotion. The commissions give you an incentive while providing truly helpful information to your followers.

How to Use Survival & Preppers Videos for Best Results

To get the most out of Survival & Preppers Videos, I recommend:

  • Watching the videos sequentially – They are structured to build on each other
  • Taking notes while watching the videos to retain the lessons
  • Downloading the videos to access them offline as needed
  • Re-watching confusing sections until you comprehend them
  • Practicing the skills like first aid, water filtration, etc.
  • Using the checklists and resources to build your supplies
  • Sharing with family members so you can prepare together

Additionally, go through the training manuals and presentations for more detailed knowledge. Review the materials every 3-6 months as a refresher.

Examining the Survival & Preppers Videos OTOs

Survival & Preppers Videos comes with several one-time offer (OTO) upsells:

OTO 1 – Done-For-You Survival Graphics Pack

  • 130 survival graphics for social posts
  • Builds authority and credibility
  • Helps presell other offers
  • Great for lead magnets and promotions
  • Easy way to provide value on autopilot

OTO 2 – Survival & Preppers Videos Source Files

  • Get all the videos, voiceovers, slides, etc.
  • Download and edit all the source files
  • Customize videos with your own brand
  • Add your own voiceovers if desired
  • Resell videos or use as you want

OTO 3 – Commercial License

  • Sell the Survival & Preppers Videos as your own
  • Keep 100% of profits when reselling
  • Replace links with your own affiliate links
  • Brand the course as your own creation
  • Upsell this high-value training as the owner

The OTOs provide additional customization, branding and monetization options. They allow you to fully leverage the video course and supplement your income.

Answers to Common Survival & Preppers Videos Questions

What topics are covered in the videos?

The 40 videos cover water storage, natural disasters, first aid, navigation, finding food, and business emergency preparedness. All core survival skills.

How long are the video lessons?

Each video is approximately 1-3 minutes in length, providing quick digestible lessons.

Can I download the videos to watch offline?

Yes, you can download all the videos to have offline access on any device.

Do I keep access to the video course?

You get lifetime access to the video content and can return to watch and review them anytime.

Can I get a refund if unsatisfied?

There is a 30-day money back guarantee allowing returns if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

Survival & Preppers Videos Money Back Guarantee

Survival & Preppers Videos comes with a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date. This allows you to try it risk-free.

What's Included in the Survival & Preppers Videos Package?

You get instant access to everything you need to get survival trained:

  • 40 Valuable Short Training Videos
  • 10 Video Training Modules
  • 40 Editable Presentation Slides
  • 40 Professional Voiceovers
  • 40 Presell Video Pages
  • 10 Website Portals
  • 10 Lead Capture Pages
  • Survival Checklists & Resources
  • Commercial License
  • Plus Future Updated Content

You get all the videos, tools and resources needed for comprehensive training.

Survival & Preppers Videos Pricing and Packages

There are a few pricing options to purchase Survival & Preppers Videos:

Front End: Survival & Preppers Videos Video Course – $13.18 one-time payment

OTO 1: Done-For-You Survival Graphics Pack – $17 one-time payment

OTO 2: Survival & Preppers Videos Source Files – $27 one-time payment

OTO 3: Survival & Preppers Videos Commercial License – $37 one-time payment

Best Value: Complete Package with OTOs – $97 one-time payment

The front-end video course is very affordable for the amount of life-saving content provided. For best value, the complete package with all OTOs allows full customization and monetization.

Who Created Survival & Preppers Videos?

Survival & Preppers Videos was created by storied marketer Justin Atlan together with the team at Super Affiliate Center. They have produced numerous top-selling digital products and have the expertise to develop high quality training programs.

When and Where Was It Launched?

Survival & Preppers Videos originally launched on November 9, 2023 on the WarriorPlus affiliate platform for a limited 3-day period before being moved to the creator's sales site.

It was launched at a special discounted price to build momentum and will retail for a higher regular price later.

Bonuses Included with Survival & Preppers Videos

To add even more value, these bonuses are included when you purchase Survival & Preppers Videos:

  • Prepping Mistakes Cheatsheet
  • 72 Hour Emergency Checklist
  • Shopping List for Food Stocks
  • Emergency Contacts Form
  • Prepper Resources List
  • Water Storage Calculation Template

These bonuses complement the video course with actionable checklists, plans and tools.

Should You Buy Survival & Preppers Videos?

For anyone wanting to be properly prepared with survival and emergency response skills, Survival & Preppers Videos delivers immense value.

The short video lessons provide convenient and practical training that could truly save lives in a crisis. Considering the low price point and money back guarantee, there is minimal risk in trying it out.

The abundance of actionable content, lifetime access and bonuses make Survival & Preppers Videos a worthwhile investment for nearly anyone serious about being ready for disasters. Learning fundamental preparedness and survival abilities is becoming increasingly necessary in today's unpredictable world.

With climate change and unstable social/political climates, emergencies can happen anywhere at any time. Being equipped with the skills from Survival & Preppers Videos can give you confidence and agency to handle these situations. Investing in your family’s safety and wellbeing is wise.

Beyond personal use, Survival & Preppers Videos also offers affiliate marketers and influencers an excellent opportunity to profit while providing immense value to their audience. The commissions provide incentive to promote something that can tangibly improve people's lives.

Call to Action

If you are ready to get survival trained while earning income, I highly recommend checking out Survival & Preppers Videos and its lucrative affiliate program.

The video course is comprehensive yet digestible, making preparedness attainable. Don't wait for a disaster to strike to take action.

Visit the link below for all the details on Survival & Preppers Videos so you can equip yourself and your loved ones with life-saving skills:

Visit Survival & Preppers Videos sales

Learn exactly what you need to know to safeguard and provide for your family when catastrophe strikes. Get Survival & Preppers Videos today!


In a world of increasing uncertainty, having fundamental survival abilities and emergency preparedness knowledge is crucial. Survival & Preppers Videos delivers actionable video training that could save lives when disaster inevitably strikes.

With 40 short lessons, bonus materials and a lucrative affiliate program, it provides immense value. I highly recommend Survival & Preppers Videos to anyone wanting the peace of mind that comes from being ready for anything life throws your way. Don't wait until it's too late – invest in your safety today.

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FTC Affiliate Disclaimer

I am an affiliate marketer for Survival & Preppers Videos and may receive commission for sales generated from this review. All opinions are my own and I only recommend products I believe deliver value for readers.

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