AI Content Blast Review – Generating Content with Artificial Intelligence Made Easy

AI Content Blast Review Introduction

AI Content Blast is a powerful new software that utilizes artificial intelligence to create high-quality written content, social media posts, images, and more with just a few clicks. Launched on November 12th, 2023 on WarriorPlus, this innovative tool aims to revolutionize content creation and marketing for bloggers, agencies, affiliate marketers, and anyone needing engaging content.

With AI technology advancing rapidly, software like AI Content Blast leverages natural language AI to generate human-like content tailored to your needs. Simply enter some details about your target audience and content goals, and let the AI go to work crafting well-written blog posts, social media updates, emails, and visually appealing images.

In this detailed AI Content Blast review, we’ll explore the key features and benefits of this AI content generator, who it’s best suited for, pricing details, OTOs, bonuses, and more. Whether you’re looking to automate content creation, scale your blogging efforts, or give your marketing a boost, AI Content Blast aims to be the all-in-one solution.

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Benefits of AI Content Blast

For Bloggers

For bloggers and content creators, AI Content Blast offers an easy way to produce high-quality written content consistently without constant writing and research. The AI can churn out blog posts in any niche with just a few clicks, saving you hours of work.

You can also automatically post the AI-generated content directly to your WordPress blog with the built-in WordPress integration. This allows you to quickly build up your site's content without any copy-pasting or manual posting.

For Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers can leverage AI Content Blast to easily create product reviews, “best of” articles, comparison posts, and other content designed to promote affiliate offers.

The tool creates SEO-optimized posts that integrate your affiliate links seamlessly. This makes it simple to start earning commissions by driving traffic from the AI-generated content.

For Agencies & Freelancers

For digital marketing agencies and freelance writers, AI Content Blast presents an opportunity to scale content production and serve more clients.

Instead of manually writing each piece, you can have an AI create initial drafts which you then refine as needed. This workflow allows you to deliver high volumes of content to clients in less time.

For Social Media Marketing

AI Content Blast also creates customized social media posts for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

These AI-generated posts match the tone and voice of your blog content, helping drive traffic from social media to your site. The tool gives you an easy way to keep your social profiles active and engaged.

For Lead Generation

With the ability to create emails, ebooks, reports, and other collateral, AI Content Blast can assist with lead generation efforts.

Well-written lead magnets created by the AI can help capture subscriber emails for your list. You can then use the tool to send targeted email campaigns to those leads.

Key Features of AI Content Blast

AI-Generated Blog Posts

The core feature of AI Content Blast is generating blog posts optimized for search and engagement.

Simply enter details like title, target keywords, tone, and topic – the AI will output a draft post up to 2000 words long. You can tweak the content before publishing.

Social Media Post Creation

In addition to blog posts, AI Content Blast crafts custom social media posts for promoting your content. Posts are created for Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and more.

AI Image Generation

To complement your posts, AI Content Blast can generate eye-catching images using DALL-E integration. These unique visuals help your content stand out.

WordPress Connection

Easily connect and auto-post to up to 12 WordPress blogs directly from the AI Content Blast platform. This allows for one-click content publishing.

Email Marketing Integration

AI Content Blast can also generate email outlines and templates for your email campaigns. Use its AI copywriting to boost conversions.

Built-In Editor

The software has a built-in content editor so you can make revisions and polish the AI's drafts before publishing. This gives you full control.


Track key metrics like word count, character count, and reading time for each piece of content generated.

Unlimited Personal Usage

With AI Content Blast, you get unlimited personal usage. Create as much content as you need for your own blogs and social media.

Commercial License Upgrade

For agencies and freelancers, a commercial license upgrade is available allowing you to resell AI-generated content.

Multilingual Content

Create content in over 10 languages with AI Content Blast, enabling global reach.


Organize your AI posts by topic, category, client or other tags for easy filtering.

AI Content Blast Pros and Cons


  • Creates high-quality written content at scale
  • Automates posting to WordPress blogs
  • Generates social posts for increased engagement
  • Integrates AI image creation for visual interest
  • Saves time compared to manual writing and posting
  • Analytics provide insight into content performance
  • Commercial license available for agencies and freelancers
  • Easy-to-use interface requires no technical skills


  • Monthly costs for AI content generation add up depending on usage
  • Requires post-editing to polish and refine content
  • Over-optimization risks seeming artificial or robotic
  • Images carry additional costs through credits

Profitability of AI Content Blast

While AI Content Blast requires a low one-time purchase fee to access the software, additional costs apply for content generation through the integrated OpenAI API.

On average, users can expect to spend $0.01 – $0.05 per AI-generated blog post and set of social posts, assuming a post length of 1000-2000 words.

So producing 100 posts per month would cost around $1 – $5 in OpenAI fees at current rates. This provides great value compared to hiring freelance writers.

The costs ultimately depend on your usage. With the ability to create unlimited personal content with your subscription, active users who publish large volumes of content will incur higher OpenAI costs.

However, for most bloggers, small businesses, and affiliate marketers, the tool should prove profitable long-term by amplifying your productivity. The time savings from automated content creation outweigh the incremental AI costs.

For agencies and freelancers, offering AI writing services to clients can be quite lucrative. The commercial license lets you profit from reselling AI-generated content.

How to Use AI Content Blast

Using AI Content Blast is a quick and straightforward process:

Step 1: Create a New Project

Enter basic details like niche, tone, keywords, etc. This info guides the AI.

Step 2: Generate Content

Hit the button and AI Content Blast will output a blog post draft and social posts.

Step 3: Review and Edit

Check the content and make any edits needed to optimize it.

Step 4: Add Images (Optional)

Use the built-in image creator to auto-generate visuals.

Step 5: Post and Promote

Directly publish to your WordPress site or manually post content.

Step 6: Track Performance

Use the analytics tools to see how your AI content is performing.

With these simple steps, you can start publishing AI-generated content that drives organic growth and traffic.

AI Content Blast Upsells

The core AI Content Blast software is offered at a discounted launch price of $17, with several upsell options:

Upsell #1: Commercial License

  • $37 one-time payment
  • Create content for clients
  • Resell AI-generated posts
  • Extra training on monetization

Upsell #2: AI Products Package

  • $37 one-time payment
  • 7 AI training products
  • Reseller rights included
  • Generate leads and profits

Upsell #3: 300K eBook Package

  • $37 one-time payment
  • Massive ebook bundle
  • Resell and keep 100% profits
  • Added bonuses

Upsell #4: Reseller License

  • $57 one-time payment
  • Resell entire AI Content Blast funnel
  • 100% commissions
  • Great money-making potential

These upsells provide additional income potential through reseller rights and commercial usage.

AI Content Blast Frequently Asked Questions

Does AI Content Blast work for any niche?

Yes, the AI technology allows generating content across any niche, category, and industry.

What integrations does it have?

AI Content Blast connects directly to WordPress for auto-posting. It also generates content optimized for platforms like Facebook and TikTok.

What's the quality of the AI-generated content like?

The content produced is very human-like, well-written, and properly formatted. But expect to spend some time editing and polishing.

How much does it cost to use?

A one-time payment of $17 for the software, plus OpenAI fees of $0.01 – $0.05 per content piece generated.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

AI Content Blast offers a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. So the purchase is risk-free.

Can I use it for client work?

The commercial license upgrade for $37 allows reselling content to clients.

Does it work on Mac and PC?

Yes, AI Content Blast works across platforms on any modern browser. There's nothing to download or install.

AI Content Blast Pricing and Availability

AI Content Blast is currently available at a launch discount price of $17 throughout the week-long launch period from November 12th to November 18th.

After the launch ends, the standard price will increase to $37 for new customers. So take advantage of the limited-time launch deal to get started with AI-powered content creation.

Buying during launch also entitles you to fast action bonuses like a WordPress connection plugin and AI eBook. These further increase the value.

Yearly payment options are also available for continued access to the cloud-based software and any updates.

AI Content Blast Funnel Bundle

For the biggest discount, consider the AI Content Blast special bundle deal which includes:

  • AI Content Blast Core Software
  • Commercial License Upgrade
  • AI Products Package with Reseller Rights
  • 300K eBook Reseller Package
  • Reseller License Upgrade

This complete package lets you fully profit from the software by reselling content and products while automating your own blogging and social media.

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Who Created AI Content Blast?

AI Content Blast was created by a seasoned team of digital marketers with over 20 years combined experience building software tools for bloggers and online businesses.

Their goal was to leverage the power of AI to simplify content creation, saving users time while driving growth.

The launch on WarriorPlus serves as the software's debut after an extensive development and testing process. Given the creators' track record, AI Content Blast is positioned for success.

AI Content Blast Bonuses

Customers who purchase AI Content Blast during launch week will also gain access to valuable bonuses:

Bonus #1 – WordPress connection plugin to auto-publish AI-generated posts from the software directly to WordPress blogs.

Bonus #2 – eBook on video production with AI, exploring real-world use cases.

These bonuses will no longer be available after launch week ends. So move quick to maximize the value received.

Should You Buy AI Content Blast?

For almost anyone involved in content creation or marketing, AI Content Blast merits strong consideration thanks to the immense time and effort savings it provides.

The tool empowers you to produce volumes of written content, social posts, images, emails, and more in a fraction of the time. This results in benefits like:

  • Faster content publishing leading to more traffic
  • Increased search visibility with higher volumes of content
  • Engagement boost from expanded social media activity
  • Lead generation supported by AI-created magnets and emails
  • Higher conversion rates driven by targeted, AI-optimized content

For just $17 during launch, AI Content Blast offers tremendous ongoing value through unlimited personal usage and free future updates.

The only potential downside to consider is OpenAI fees racking up if you publish an extremely high volume of content. But for most users, these costs will be negligible compared to the benefits.

Overall, AI Content Blast comes highly recommended for anyone who creates content regularly for blogs, social media, clients, and more. It's a smart investment that will likely pay for itself quickly through enhanced productivity.

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In closing, AI Content Blast provides immense value for any marketer, blogger, or content creator looking to produce high-quality written content at scale.

By automating parts of the content creation process through AI, it saves huge amounts of time compared to manual methods.

The tool empowers you to easily scale up your content output, driving more traffic, leads, and sales. And it requires no technical expertise to use.

Now available at a substantial launch discount, AI Content Blast is a wise investment in your online business and brand growth. The productivity increase it provides quickly results in an ROI as your organic growth accelerates.

To start leveraging artificial intelligence for your content marketing and creation needs, don’t wait – get AI Content Blast while it's available for just $17. You have nothing to lose with a 30-day money back guarantee if you're not fully satisfied.

Take your online business to the next level and let AI do the heavy lifting when it comes to content creation.

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Kindly be advised that this review contains affiliate links. Consequently, if you decide to make a purchase through any of these links, I may receive a commission. However, it is vital to recognize that all opinions expressed in this review are exclusively my own and not influenced by any external factors.

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