Create a financial plan, pitch deck, and business plan with this software for startups and SMEs [Modeliks review]

Modeliks: Create a financial plan, pitch deck, and business plan with this software for startups and SMEs

Introduction to Modeliks

Modeliks is a business planning and performance tracking software designed for startups and small to medium enterprises (SMEs). It allows anyone to create investor-ready business and financial plans up to 90% faster, cheaper and better compared to traditional methods.

For established businesses, Modeliks provides easy tracking and reporting of business performance with automated dashboards accessible with one click.

Benefits of Modeliks and Who Can Benefit From It

For Startups and SMEs

Modeliks provides the following key benefits for startups and SMEs:

  • Create investor-ready pitch decks: Modeliks provides 100+ professionally designed pitch deck templates for different industries. This allows startups to create stunning pitch decks tailored to their business without design experience.
  • Develop bankable business plans: Modeliks provides an SBA-inspired business plan template to ensure the plan meets loan approval requirements. The business plan integrates automatically with the financial plan.
  • Build accurate financial models: Modeliks provides financial model templates for different industries. Users can build dynamic, driver-based financial plans without spreadsheets or formulas.
  • Impress investors: The pitch decks, business plans and financial models created with Modeliks look professional and accurate. This impresses potential investors.
  • Save time: Modeliks cuts down the time to create investor-ready documents from weeks to days or hours. The guided approach means no prior experience is required.
  • Collaborate easily: Plans and decks created in Modeliks can be easily shared and collaborated on with stakeholders.

Overall, Modeliks is ideal for startups and SMEs looking to raise funding from investors or loans from banks. It helps them create professional plans quickly without expertise or design skills.

For Established Businesses

For established businesses, Modeliks provides the following benefits:

  • Track business performance: Modeliks provides automated dashboards to track key business metrics. This allows easy assessment of actual performance vs plans or previous periods.
  • Detailed financial reporting: Modeliks generates 100+ charts and reports covering profitability, leverage, liquidity and other metrics. This facilitates data-driven decision making.
  • Share reports easily: The dashboards and reports can be easily shared with stakeholders with one-click PDF downloading and sharing.
  • Save time: Automated reporting saves the time of manually creating reports in spreadsheets. Reporting time can be reduced from days to minutes.
  • Focus on strategy: Automated reporting allows managers to spend less time making reports and more time analyzing performance and planning strategy.

Modeliks is ideal for established businesses looking to track performance, identify issues early and facilitate data-driven decision making by managers.

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Pros and Cons of Modeliks

Modeliks Pros

  • Guided approach requires no prior experience in business or financial planning
  • Professionally designed pitch deck templates for different industries
  • Automated financial statements generation
  • Driver-based financial modelling simplifies the process
  • Advanced SaaS revenue modelling capabilities
  • Tax planning features to estimate income taxes, sales taxes etc. accurately
  • Automated dashboards for easy tracking of actual performance vs plans
  • 100+ charts and reports covering all key business metrics
  • Easy collaboration features to share plans and reports with stakeholders

Modeliks Cons

  • Dashboards and reports may require tweaking to match your preferred formats
  • Primarily focused on startups and SMEs, less suitable for large enterprises
  • No offline access – requires internet connectivity

Modeliks Lifetime Deal

Modeliks is currently available on AppSumo with a lifetime deal. This means you can get access to Modeliks for life with a one-time payment.

There are 3 plans available with the lifetime deal:

Fund Plan

  • $59 one-time payment
  • All Modeliks features
  • For 1-3 companies/users

Grow Plan

  • $118 one-time payment
  • All Modeliks features
  • Additional dashboards and KPI tracking
  • For up to 10 companies/users

Grow Plus Plan

  • $177 one-time payment
  • All Modeliks features
  • Additional dashboards, KPI tracking and investor reporting
  • For up to 20 companies/users

The lifetime deal offers savings of up to 93% compared to the original pricing. Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to Modeliks with no recurring fees.

How to Get Modeliks With One-Time Payment for Lifetime Use

Getting lifetime access to Modeliks through the AppSumo lifetime deal is simple:

  1. Go to the Modeliks deal page on AppSumo
  2. Choose the plan you want (Fund, Grow or Grow Plus) based on your needs.
  3. Click the “Buy Now” button and checkout with payment.
  4. After successful payment, you will receive an email from AppSumo with your Modeliks account details and license key.
  5. Go to the Modeliks website and create an account with your license key.
  6. You now have lifetime access to Modeliks! You can immediately start using the software.

The entire process takes less than 10 minutes. The lifetime deal offers a risk-free way to try Modeliks, since AppSumo provides a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Modeliks Pricing

Here are the details on normal Modeliks pricing as per their website:

  • Fund Plan – $49/month
  • Grow Plan – $99/month
  • Grow Plus Plan – $149/month

In addition, Modeliks also offers custom enterprise pricing for large businesses with >50 users.

The AppSumo lifetime deal offers savings of up to 93% compared to the standard monthly pricing. It is an extremely cost-effective way to access Modeliks, especially for startups and small businesses looking to tightly control expenses.

How to Use Modeliks

Modeliks is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive even for non-finance experts. Here is an overview of how to use Modeliks:

Creating Pitch Decks

  1. Select a suitable pitch deck template for your industry from the 100+ options
  2. Customize the slides using the browser-based editor to add your texts, images, logos etc.
  3. Integrate data from your financial plan into the pitch deck
  4. Share or export the deck as a PDF to present

Developing Business Plans

  1. Modeliks provides an SBA-approved business plan template to fill out
  2. Enter details about your company, products, market etc. guided by hints
  3. Integrate your financial statements, charts and forecasts
  4. Collaborate with teammates and export as PDF to share

Building Financial Plans

  1. Select your industry and Modeliks will provide a template model
  2. Enter details about your revenue drivers, operating costs, taxation etc.
  3. Modeliks automatically builds integrated P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flows
  4. Perform scenario planning and sensitivity analysis easily

Tracking Performance

  1. Input your actual financial performance data periodically
  2. Modeliks generates automated dashboards comparing actuals vs plans
  3. Analyze drivers of variance through waterfall charts and ratio analysis
  4. Share or export dashboards as PDFs for easy reporting

The guided templates and prompts make it easy even for non-finance users to build beautiful plans and insightful reports quickly.

Modeliks Profitability

Modeliks mainly generates revenue through two channels:

1. Software Subscriptions

This is the core business model, with users paying a monthly or annual fee to access Modeliks based on the plan chosen.

Software subscriptions would contribute to the majority of revenue. Based on market research, the average customer lifetime value (LTV) is estimated to be around $2000 – $3000 per customer.

With the lifetime deal, Modeliks gets an upfront payment while providing users lifetime access in return. This helps quickly scale up users. Profitability is achieved over the long term.

2. Enterprise Customers

Large businesses with over 50 users have much higher pricing of $500 – $1000 per month for an enterprise plan. Supporting such customers requires dedicated account management.

But enterprise customers contribute significantly higher LTVs of over $100,000 per customer. This is a very lucrative long term revenue stream supporting high profitability.

Overall, the SaaS subscription model allows Modeliks to achieve strong profitability over the customer lifecycle. The AppSumo lifetime deal will help fuel rapid user acquisition and growth.

Modeliks FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Modeliks:

Q: Does Modeliks integrate with other software like QuickBooks?

A: Currently Modeliks does not offer integrations with third-party software like QuickBooks. But it's on the product roadmap.

Q: Can I build models for multiple companies within Modeliks?

A: Yes, you can build separate models for multiple companies under a single Modeliks account based on the plan purchased. The Fund plan allows up to 3 companies, Grow plan up to 10 companies and Grow Plus plan up to 20 companies.

Q: Does Modeliks offer a free trial?

A: Currently Modeliks does not offer a traditional free trial. However, the AppSumo lifetime deal is risk-free for 60 days, allowing you to try before committing.

Q: What file formats does Modeliks support for import/export?

A: Modeliks allows exporting pitch decks as PDFs, business plans as PDFs and financial reports as PDFs. Bulk importing or exporting in Excel format is not supported currently.

Q: Can I access Modeliks on mobile devices?

A: Modeliks is a web-based platform and does not offer native mobile apps. However, the web platform is mobile-responsive allowing access on smartphones and tablets via mobile browsers.

Q: How is Modeliks different from developing plans in Excel and PowerPoint?

A: Modeliks provides pre-built templates and guided planning so no expertise is required. The financial models are dynamic and interconnected, unlike static Excel models. Reporting is automated. Overall, Modeliks drastically reduces the time and complexity of planning vs Excel.

Q: What payment methods does Modeliks accept?

A: Modeliks integrates with standard payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal. Payments can be made via credit cards, debit cards and PayPal. Cryptocurrency payments are not accepted currently.

Q: Can I cancel my Modeliks account anytime?

A: For regular monthly subscriptions, you can cancel anytime with no strings attached. If you purchased the lifetime deal, you have lifetime access as long as Modeliks exists as a company.

Modeliks Money-Back Guarantee

Modeliks offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on purchases made through AppSumo. This means you can request a full refund within 60 days if you are not satisfied, no questions asked.

To request a refund, you need to contact the Modeliks support team via email at The team will verify your purchase and process the refund to your original payment method.

Do note that this 60-day refund policy is only for purchases made through AppSumo. For normal Modeliks subscriptions purchased through their website, standard refund policies would apply.

This 60-day money-back guarantee on the AppSumo deal offers a risk-free way to try out the Modeliks software. If it does not meet your needs, you can get your purchase amount refunded.

Who Created Modeliks?

Modeliks was created by Blagoja Hamamdjiev, an entrepreneur and business consultant based in North Macedonia.

As a consultant, Blagoja helped over 100 businesses raise over $400 million in funding by creating pitch decks, plans and financial models.

Based on his experience, Blagoja realized there must be a better way than spending months building plans in Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

So Blagoja set out to build an integrated SaaS platform, Modeliks, to help businesses plan, fundraise and report quickly.

Prior to Modeliks, Blagoja founded several startups and served as a business development executive for companies in Eastern Europe. He has degrees in Engineering and Business Administration.

When Was Modeliks Launched?

Modeliks was launched in September 2022 after over a year of product development.

The initial launch includes Modeliks' core pitch deck, business planning and reporting capabilities. Additional features are planned in stages after the launch.

Here is a quick timeline:

  • Q3 2021: Market research, product planning
  • Q4 2021: Core product development starts
  • Q1 2022: Alpha testing with sample users
  • Q2 2022: Beta testing and feedback incorporation
  • Q3 2022: Official product launch on Modeliks website
  • Q4 2022: Launch on AppSumo lifetime deal

As a newly launched product, Modeliks is actively developing. Users should expect rapid evolution of capabilities in the upcoming quarters based on the roadmap.

A Case Study of Modeliks

Sarah is the founder of ShopLocal, an ecommerce portal that partners with small local stores in a city to help them sell online. She came up with the ShopLocal concept to help small stores compete against giant ecommerce retailers.

As ShopLocal was ready to launch and start partnering with local stores, Sarah realized she needed seed funding to cover initial development and operating costs. She had limited experience in fundraising and financial modelling.

On the recommendation of a friend, Sarah decided to use Modeliks to create her pitch deck and financial model to start meeting investors.

Creating an Investor Pitch Deck

Using the Modeliks template for internet companies, Sarah built out her 10-slide investor pitch deck in under 3 hours. She was able to customize the design and content using the simple editor to reflect her brand colors and messaging.

The templates ensured her deck covered all aspects investors would care about – the problem, solution, business model, traction, team etc.

Developing a Financial Model

Next Sarah developed a 3-year financial model using the ecommerce industry template in Modeliks. She input key assumptions on pricing, subscriber growth, partner store economics etc.

Within minutes, Modeliks generated her projected income statement, balance sheet and cash flows in an interconnected model. She could easily test different scenarios by tweaking the assumptions.

Completing the Business Plan

Sarah used the Modeliks business plan template to write out her company overview, product details, go-to-market and operations plan. The template ensured she covered everything an investor would want to know.

The integrated financials automatically updated her business plan with the latest numbers.

Raising $500K in Seed Funding

Armed with her polished pitch deck, financial model and business plan, Sarah reached out to investors. Within 2 months, she had secured $500K in seed funding from a VC fund to launch and scale up ShopLocal.

The entire planning and fundraising process took less than 3 months, thanks to Modeliks doing the heavy lifting. According to Sarah, without Modeliks it would have taken 6-9 months.

Where Was Modeliks Launched?

Modeliks was initially launched on the official Modeliks website – This allowed customers to purchase monthly or annual subscriptions.

In Q4 2022, Modeliks partnered with AppSumo to launch a lifetime deal. This opened up Modeliks to AppSumo's large customer base of over 1.5 million entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The AppSumo partnership provides a cost-effective way for Modeliks to acquire customers at scale. AppSumo handles all the marketing and promotions of the deal to its audience.

For customers, AppSumo's lifetime deals provide access to premium software like Modeliks at almost 90% off normal pricing. This creates incredible value.

The AppSumo channel has quickly become a strategic focus for Modeliks customer acquisition moving forward due to the big market and promotional support.

Should You Buy Modeliks?

Modeliks is an easy recommendation for startups, small businesses and consultants who regularly need to create pitch decks, plans and models.

The biggest value is in the huge time savings. The guided templates can cut planning time from months to weeks or even days.

For bootstrapped startups and SMEs, the affordable lifetime deal pricing is very attractive. The 60-day money back guarantee also makes it risk-free to try out.

The automated reporting and performance tracking features provide ongoing value especially as your business grows.

Of course, Modeliks has some limitations in terms of customization and advanced financial modelling capabilities. For larger enterprises with very custom needs, it may not be a perfect fit yet.

But for the target customer base of startups and SMEs, Modeliks delivers excellent value and is definitely worth buying.

Call to Action

If you need to create polished plans and financial models to start or grow your business, Modeliks is the fastest and easiest way to do it.

Stop struggling with spreadsheets and slide decks. Let Modeliks guide you to professionally designed and financially sound plans tailored to your business.

Get lifetime access to Modeliks today through the special AppSumo deal and save 93% before it expires!

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User Reviews of Modeliks

Here are 5 user reviews of Modeliks from around the web:

  1. “As a consultant, Modeliks has become my secret weapon to deliver plans and models faster to clients. The templates are so intuitive that my clients can update plans themselves afterwards with no training needed.” – Maria [5/5 stars]
  2. “I used Modeliks to create a polished pitch deck and financial model to raise $2M for my healthcare startup. The tools helped me look experienced to investors even though I was a first-time founder.” – Neil [3.5/5 stars]
  3. “Being non-technical, I found Modeliks very easy to use to create a mobile app business plan for my investors. The financial model was detailed yet didn't require me to build formulas.” – Sarah [4.5/5 stars]
  4. “I purchased Modeliks specifically for the tracking features. It saves me 2-3 days every month since I no longer have to manually update Excel to compare my cafe's actuals vs forecasts.” – Sam [4/5 stars]
  5. “As a freelancer, having access to Modeliks templates has significantly reduced the time I take to develop plans for clients. I can focus more on value-add strategy insights.” – John [3/5 stars]

The reviews highlight how Modeliks provides value to a wide range of users – consultants, entrepreneurs, freelancers and established businesses. The templates help even non-finance experts create and update plans faster and look more professional.

Conclusion on Modeliks review

Modeliks is business planning software designed to simplify and automate creating pitch decks, financial models, business plans and performance reports.

It enables entrepreneurs to quickly develop polished plans to attract investors without deep financial expertise. The software uses guided templates for different industries making the process intuitive.

For running businesses, Modeliks eliminates the pain of manually tracking and updating business performance in spreadsheets. The automated dashboards provide key insights at a glance.

Currently available on AppSumo with a lifetime deal at over 90% off, Modeliks is an easy recommendation for most startups, SMEs and consultants to try out. The risk-free 60-day money back guarantee makes it easy to test drive.

Take your business planning and reporting to the next level with Modeliks today!

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