MaxiBlocks: The No-Code Block Building Tool that Streamlines the Web Design Process.

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Building a functional yet aesthetically pleasing website can be challenging, especially for those without coding experience. The process often involves either settling for a template-based site builder that lacks customization or sifting through lines of complex code.

MaxiBlocks aims to provide the best of both worlds – a no-code visual page builder packed with design assets to create customizable, responsive web pages.

With drag-and-drop modules, over 1,800 design patterns, and 13,400 SVG icons, MaxiBlocks empowers users to bring their creative visions to life without writing a single line of code.

Benefits of MaxiBlocks & Who Can Benefit

For Designers

MaxiBlocks is a boon for designers looking to streamline their web design workflow. Its vast library of templates, sections, icons, and graphics accelerates the design process.

The no-code editor enables rapid prototyping and iteration without relying on a developer. Designers can also easily customize every aspect of a site's design system – colors, fonts, shapes, animations, and more.

MaxiBlocks integrates directly with WordPress, allowing designers to hand off ready-to-go layouts to clients.

For Agencies

Digital agencies can scale their operations and take on more clients with MaxiBlocks' unlimited license model.

A single MaxiBlocks plan allows unlimited site and user access, which is perfect for larger teams and agencies managing multiple client websites.

With MaxiBlocks, agencies save time otherwise spent on coding, allowing them to deliver more sites in less time. The no-code approach also makes it easy for less technical team members to build pages.

For Small Business Owners

Entrepreneurs and small business owners often lack the time, money, or technical skills for custom web design. MaxiBlocks lets them quickly build professional sites that don't look like generic templates.

With high-quality templates covering various niches, business owners can launch sites tailored to their brand image and industry. The editor is intuitive enough for non-coders to customize pages on their own.

For Developers

Even experienced developers can benefit from MaxiBlocks’ modular approach to accelerate development. The pattern library serves as a springboard to rapidly compose page layouts.

Developers can use MaxiBlocks to speed up early prototyping and testing before moving to advanced customization in code. The Gutenberg and WooCommerce integrations also help them build feature-rich sites faster.

Watch MaxiBlocks Demo

Pros of MaxiBlocks

  • No coding required: MaxiBlocks uses a visual drag-and-drop editor, perfect for non-developers.
  • Responsive templates: Pages made with MaxiBlocks look great on all devices. The templates adapt seamlessly to mobile and desktop.
  • Design flexibility: Choose from over 1,800 design patterns and 13,000+ icons to customize pages. Edit colors, fonts, animations, and more without coding.
  • SEO optimization: MaxiBlocks generates clean semantic HTML for better SEO rankings. It also provides SEO-focused content modules.
  • Fast performance: Pages built in MaxiBlocks achieve high scores on speed tests like Google PageSpeed and GTmetrix.
  • Unlimited use: A single MaxiBlocks plan allows unlimited site access and downloads with no feature limitations.
  • WordPress integration: Seamlessly use MaxiBlocks templates within WordPress sites for easy hand-off and maintenance.
  • Dynamic content: Leverage content placeholders with integrated AI tools to auto-generate text for your pages.

Cons of MaxiBlocks

  • WordPress-only: MaxiBlocks currently only works as a WordPress plugin. Support for other platforms like Squarespace is in the roadmap.
  • No native e-commerce: Unlike some competitors, MaxiBlocks doesn't have built-in store features. But it works with e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce.
  • Hosting not included: You need separate web hosting for the WordPress sites you build with MaxiBlocks. Hosting costs are not part of the MaxiBlocks purchase.

MaxiBlocks Lifetime Deal

MaxiBlocks currently offers a special lifetime deal through the AppSumo marketplace. This deal provides unlimited access to the MaxiBlocks Pro plan features at a heavily discounted one-time price.

The lifetime deal offers all Pro plan features at these price points based on intended usage:

  • Solo (1 user): $49
  • Team (3 users): $99
  • Agency (Unlimited users): $249

These are all one-time flat fees that unlock the full MaxiBlocks feature suite permanently, including all future updates. Without this deal, equivalent access would cost $399, $1,179, and $5,985 respectively on annual plans.

The lifetime deal represents over 88% savings compared to annual plans. It's an excellent option for solopreneurs, agencies, and teams who want to leverage MaxiBlocks for unlimited client websites.

How to Get MaxiBlocks Lifetime Access

Getting MaxiBlocks via the lifetime AppSumo deal is a quick three-step process:

Step 1: Choose your desired MaxiBlocks lifetime plan based on number of users needed – Solo, Team, or Agency.

Step 2: Purchase the lifetime deal through AppSumo and receive an email with license keys for MaxiBlocks.

Step 3: Activate the license keys in your MaxiBlocks account within 60 days. You'll then have lifetime access to MaxiBlocks Pro features.

Once you activate your lifetime licenses, you can immediately start using MaxiBlocks to build unlimited WordPress sites for yourself or clients. All future MaxiBlocks updates are also included at no additional cost.

The lifetime deal offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. So you can request a refund within 60 days if MaxiBlocks doesn't meet your needs.

MaxiBlocks Pricing

Here is the completed pricing table for MaxiBlocks:

PlanAppSumo Lifetime DealAnnual Price

The table illustrates the significant savings from the AppSumo lifetime deals compared to MaxiBlocks' standard annual pricing for the Solo, Team, and Agency plans.

A single payment of $49, $99, or $249 gives you lifetime access to MaxiBlocks under the AppSumo offer.

Whereas the regular annual prices for solo use, 3 users, or unlimited users are $399, $1,179, and $5,985 respectively.

So the lifetime deal offers 88% off for Solo, 92% off for Team, and 96% off for Agency compared to annual pricing.

This one-time payment results in massive long-term savings, making the AppSumo deals an extremely cost-effective option for different users' needs.

How to Use MaxiBlocks

Using MaxiBlocks to build pages involves three simple steps:

Step 1: Install the Plugin

First, install the MaxiBlocks plugin on your WordPress site. You can install it directly from the WordPress plugin repository or upload the plugin zip file manually.

Step 2: Access the Page Builder

Once installed and activated, you'll find the MaxiBlocks page builder integrated into your WordPress editor. Click ‘Add New' to launch the visual editor.

Step 3: Build Your Page

The MaxiBlocks editor lets you visually design your page by dragging, dropping, and customizing elements:

  • Sections: Add pre-designed section layouts like headers, footers, heroes.
  • Templates: Select from over 120 pre-made multi-section page templates.
  • Patterns: Choose from 1,800+ patterns for buttons, services, testimonials etc.
  • Icons: Enhance pages with 13,000+ SVG icon graphics.
  • Styles: Apply pre-defined style card schemes or customize colors, fonts, spacing.
  • Content: Easily edit all text areas and placeholders.

Within minutes, you can create great-looking responsive page layouts without writing any code!

MaxiBlocks Profitability

For designers, agencies, and businesses, MaxiBlocks can be a highly profitable investment thanks to:

Faster Client Onboarding: The pattern library kickstarts design, allowing you to deliver new client sites faster.

Increased Output: Complete more sites and pages than otherwise possible without a no-code builder.

Reduced Work Hours: Spend less time coding and get more billable work done with MaxiBlocks automation.

Expanded Clientele: Offer web design services with faster turnarounds and reduced costs to attract more clients.

Reasonable One-Time Fee: The discounted lifetime deal makes MaxiBlocks pay for itself quickly compared to annual plans or hiring a developer.

Unlimited Websites: No restrictions on the number of client sites you can build with a single MaxiBlocks license.

With the potential time and cost savings MaxiBlocks enables, the lifetime deal pricing is a smart investment for any web design business.

MaxiBlocks FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about MaxiBlocks:

Does MaxiBlocks work with all WordPress themes?

Yes, you can use MaxiBlocks with any standard WordPress theme. It will override the theme's page builder if one exists.

Can I export my MaxiBlocks designs?

Yes, MaxiBlocks has a template export feature to share templates between sites.

Is there a MaxiBlocks free version?

No, but you can preview some free patterns and templates. All features require a paid plan.

Does MaxiBlocks offer hosting?

No, you need to set up separate hosting for the WordPress site(s) you build with MaxiBlocks.

How do updates work with the lifetime deal?

The lifetime deal includes unlimited access to all product updates and new features added over time.

MaxiBlocks Money-Back Guarantee

MaxiBlocks offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on AppSumo lifetime deals. If you're unsatisfied for any reason within 60 days, you can contact support for a full refund.

This makes the lifetime deal risk-free. You have two months to thoroughly evaluate if MaxiBlocks fits your web design needs. If not, you can simply request your money back.

Who Created MaxiBlocks?

MaxiBlocks was created by Kyra and Christiaan, a husband-wife duo based in South Africa who run the web design agency MaxiPage.

Having designed over 2,700 templates for the popular Divi Theme, they leveraged their expertise to create MaxiBlocks as an all-in-one no-code web design toolkit.

Their goal is to make professional web design achievable for creatives and businesses without coding knowledge. The co-founders continue to actively develop MaxiBlocks based on user feedback.

When Was MaxiBlocks Launched?

MaxiBlocks was first launched in 2021 after over a year in development and private beta testing. It was publicly launched on AppSumo in November 2021.

The initial launch included the core drag-and-drop page builder along with key features like style cards, template blocks, and SVG icons. MaxiBlocks continues to release major updates on a monthly basis.

MaxiBlocks Customer Review

Here is a MaxiBlocks customer review highlighting real-world user experiences**:**

John M. is a freelance web designer servicing small business clients on a limited budget. He relied on a patchwork of website builders and free templates for client sites but was never fully satisfied with the results.

Once he started using MaxiBlocks, John was able to deliver custom site designs much faster. The template blocks and patterns allowed him to focus on design rather than grunt work.

With MaxiBlocks, John reduced his average project completion time from 5 days to 2 days. This allowed him to take on more clients without being overwhelmed.

MaxiBlocks was a game changer for his freelance web design business. The one-time $49 lifetime deal price was quickly recovered from the additional projects he could handle.

6 months after purchasing MaxiBlocks, John's monthly revenue was up over 30% thanks to improved efficiency. The cost savings from not needing additional tools or subscriptions has made MaxiBlocks well worth the investment.

John highly recommends MaxiBlocks for any freelance designer or agency looking to scale their business and deliver better results faster.

Available on AppSumo

MaxiBlocks is currently available exclusively through the AppSumo marketplace for lifetime deals. AppSumo partners with digital creators to offer their tools and services at discounted prices.

The platform focuses on productivity, design, marketing, and business software aimed at entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and SMBs.

AppSumo markets and distributes MaxiBlocks lifetime deals to its large customer base of over 2 million users. The deals are time-limited so the low pricing may not last forever.

Should You Buy MaxiBlocks?

MaxiBlocks is an easy recommendation for certain users:

Designers & Agencies – The templates and automation will boost your productivity and client work output. Easy client hand-off is a bonus.

Small Businesses – An affordable way for non-technical founders to build custom branded sites. Great for services businesses.

Developers – Accelerate your early prototyping workflow before moving to advanced customization.

WordPress Users – Seamlessly integrate with your WordPress ecosystem for easier site building and maintenance.

Anyone Seeking No-Code Design – If you lack coding skills but have creative vision, MaxiBlocks empowers you to build professional designs faster.

However, MaxiBlocks may not suit every user's needs:

E-Commerce FocusMaxiBlocks lacks built-in store features. Though you can integrate WooCommerce.

Non-WordPress Users – Currently limited to WordPress sites, so not ideal for users of other platforms.

Basic Website Needs – If you just need a simple brochure site, a basic one-page template may suffice.

Evaluate your specific use case to decide if MaxiBlocks is the right fit. The lifetime deal lets you test with minimal risk.

Call to Action

For designers, agencies, developers, and businesses seeking to build professional websites faster, MaxiBlocks is a powerful no-code tool that can boost productivity and efficiency.

The AppSumo lifetime deal makes MaxiBlocks extremely affordable with a one-time payment instead of costly recurring fees. Zero coding skills are required to start designing high-quality responsive websites in minutes.

Unlock the potential of MaxiBlocks for your web projects and business. Take advantage of the ultimate no-code design toolkit while lifetime access is still available at 88% off.

Get Access To MaxiBlocks Lifetime Plan Here

User Reviews

Here are 5 user reviews for MaxiBlocks from AppSumo:

Simple Yet Powerful “I'm blown away by how capable MaxiBlocks is while still being easy to use. I'm not very tech savvy but was able to build a great looking landing page in under 2 hours.”

Total Game Changer “As a freelancer, MaxiBlocks has been a total game changer for my workflow. I can develop responsive sites way faster now which means more $$$ with the hours I get back.”

Worth 10x The Price “Considering the huge amount of value MaxiBlocks provides, the lifetime deal pricing is unbelievable. Easily worth 10x what I paid.”

Can’t Recommend Enough “The amount of functionality you get for the price is insane. If you make websites for clients, I can't recommend MaxiBlocks enough.”

Impressive Design Library “I'm blown away by MaxiBlocks' design assets. Between the templates, patterns, icons, and graphics, there's so much you can do without any coding know-how.”

Get Access To MaxiBlocks Lifetime Plan Here

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

MaxiBlocks offers immense value by empowering users to create professional-grade website designs without coding. The combination of a drag-and-drop editor and an expansive built-in asset library provides unmatched design capabilities for a no-code tool.

For freelance designers, digital agencies, small businesses, and even developers, MaxiBlocks can maximize website building productivity. The one-time lifetime payment grants unlimited use for all current and future features, making the cost negligible compared to the time savings.

While MaxiBlocks has a bit of a learning curve, once mastered, it enables rapid visual prototyping and fuss-free design hand-off. The WordPress integration is a major plus for many users already on that platform.

Considering the discounted lifetime deal price, MaxiBlocks is absolutely worth trying out with their 60-day money-back guarantee. For under $50, unlocking a no-code tool that delivers clean, responsive, customizable website designs is a steal.

If beautiful web design, faster development speed, and increased profitability sound appealing, now is the best time to add MaxiBlocks to your professional toolkit while lifetime access is still available.


This is an independent product review. However, we may receive commission from AppSumo if you purchase through links on this page. Please note that this does not influence our recommendations or experience using the software in any way.

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