AutoMailX Ai – Unveiling “Aweber and MailChimp” KilIer AI App That Writes and Delivers Unlimited Stunning Emails Straight to the Inbox, Resulting in 4X More Clicks, Opens, and Traffic.


Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. It allows you to directly connect with your target audience and nurture relationships over time. However, creating high-converting email campaigns takes a lot of time and effort.

This is where AutoMailX Ai comes in. It is an artificial intelligence-powered email marketing software that automates and simplifies the entire email marketing process.

In this detailed AutoMailX Ai review, we will take an in-depth look at its features, benefits, pros and cons, profitability, tutorials, OTOs, pricing, and more. Let's get started.

What is AutoMailX Ai?

AutoMailX Ai is cutting-edge email marketing software that leverages artificial intelligence to automate every aspect of your email campaigns.

It allows you to create unlimited high-converting emails with just a single keyword. The built-in AI writer takes your keyword and crafts stunning email copy, designs, and delivers it directly to the inbox.

The software comes packed with a high-speed SMTP for fast email delivery and zero downtime. It also includes done-for-you email leads for instant profits.

Some of the standout features of AutoMailX Ai include:

  • Built-in AI email writer
  • Unlimited emails with a single keyword
  • High-speed SMTP integration
  • Done-for-you leads
  • Smart tagging and segmentation
  • Email automation
  • Unlimited lists and subscribers
  • 100+ templates
  • Commercial license
  • Newbie-friendly
  • Cloud-based

Overall, AutoMailX Ai aims to be an all-in-one email marketing solution that lets you create high-converting campaigns in just minutes without any technical skills.

Benefits of Using AutoMailX Ai

AutoMailX Ai provides a wide range of benefits that make email marketing easy and profitable for any business. Here are some of the main advantages of this software:

AI-Powered Email Copywriting

The AI writer in AutoMailX Ai allows you to generate high-converting email copies with just a single keyword. You don't need any writing skills. This saves you hours of writing and researching email content.

Automated Email Campaigns

You can set up automated email campaigns like welcome sequences, lead nurturing, cart abandonment with just a few clicks. The AI writer will generate relevant content for each email.

Unlimited Emails

There are no limits on the number of emails you can send with AutoMailX Ai. Send campaigns to unlimited lists and subscribers without worrying about costs.

High Deliverability

The built-in high-speed SMTP ensures your emails reach the inbox. It prevents bounces, spam complaints, and delays.

Done-for-You Leads

No need to build your email list from scratch. AutoMailX Ai provides fresh email leads in various niches to kickstart your campaigns.

Detailed Analytics

Track the performance of your email campaigns with real-time analytics within your AutoMailX Ai dashboard. Identify areas of improvement.

Commercial License

You can use AutoMailX Ai for client work or as an agency. The commercial license allows you to profit from the software.


The intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for anyone to create email campaigns. Step-by-step video tutorials are also included.

Saves Time and Money

Automating your email marketing with AI helps save hundreds of dollars on tools and services. It also frees up your time to focus on other areas.

Who Can Benefit from AutoMailX Ai?

AutoMailX Ai is designed for all types of internet marketers and businesses who want to maximize their email marketing results.

Here are some of the users who can benefit the most from this AI email marketing software:

  • Affiliate marketers – Generate more affiliate sales and commissions with high-converting emails.
  • Bloggers – Build your email list and promote your blog content.
  • eCommerce sites – Recover abandoned carts, promote products, run sales etc.
  • Local businesses – Improve customer engagement and retention.
  • Agencies – Offer email marketing services to clients.
  • Coaches/consultants – Nurture leads and promote offers to subscribers.
  • Product creators – Promote launches and build buzz pre-launch.
  • List builders – Quickly build targeted email lists in any niche.
  • Marketers – Drive more traffic and grow your business with email.
  • Newbies – Easy-to-use AI automation makes email marketing accessible.

So in summary, AutoMailX Ai is suited for anyone who wants to maximize their results from email marketing quickly and easily.

Pros and Cons of AutoMailX Ai

Let's look at some of the key PROS of using AutoMailX Ai:

  • Fully AI-powered email marketing
  • Create unlimited high-converting emails just with a keyword
  • Built-in SMTP for fast email delivery
  • Send unlimited emails without monthly fees
  • Automate your entire email marketing process
  • Done-for-you leads for instant profits
  • Detailed analytics to optimize your campaigns
  • Easy drag and drop editor – no design skills needed
  • Commercial license to profit from the software
  • Cloud-based – access on any device
  • Step-by-step video tutorials for beginners
  • Great customer support

Some of the potential CONS to consider:

  • It depends on an internet connection to access the cloud-based software
  • You'll need to upgrade for more advanced features
  • Initial learning curve for getting used to the AI writer
  • Must focus keywords properly to generate targeted email content
  • Limited ability to customize pre-built email templates

Overall, the pros seem to easily outweigh the cons for most use cases. AutoMailX Ai aims to simplify email marketing so the limitations are reasonable.

Profitability of AutoMailX Ai

The profitability potential of AutoMailX Ai is immense, given how well optimized it is for generating leads, traffic and sales through email.

Here are some of the ways you can make money with AutoMailX Ai:

  • Promote affiliate offers – The AI writer can help create affiliate promos, reviews, and other emails that drive conversions and commissions.
  • Sell your own products/services – Build authority and promote your own offerings through email sequences.
  • Upsell/cross-sell to existing customers – Increase order value by sending targeted, segmented offers.
  • Freelancing services – Offer professional email marketing and funnel creation services to clients.
  • Agency services – Manage email marketing for multiple clients with AutoMailX Ai.
  • List building – Quickly build targeted email lists around interests/topics and profit from them.
  • Ad revenue – Monetize traffic from your email lists by adding Google/Facebook ads.
  • Webinars/consulting – Promote high-end webinars and consulting to email subscribers.
  • Email templates/funnels – Create and sell templates, swipes and funnels designed in AutoMailX.

So in summary, the AI automation, deliverability, built-in monetization options and commercial licensing provides multiple profit streams with AutoMailX Ai. The only limit is your imagination.

How to Use AutoMailX Ai

Using AutoMailX Ai is simple and straightforward. I'll walk through the basic workflow:

Step 1: Signup and Create Account

First, go to the AutoMailX Ai sales page and purchase a package. You'll then get Instant access to create your software account.

AutoMailX Ai - Unveiling “Aweber and MailChimp” KilIer AI App That Writes and Delivers Unlimited Stunning Emails Straight to the Inbox, Resulting in 4X More Clicks, Opens, and Traffic.

Step 2: Import Your Contacts

Use the built-in importer to quickly upload your existing email lists to your AutoMailX account. You can add unlimited contacts.

Step 3: Create Campaign

Within your account, click Create Campaign and set a name. Select options like recipients, etc.

Step 4: Enter Keyword

This is where the AI magic happens. Simply enter a relevant keyword based on your campaign goal and niche.

AutoMailX Ai - Unveiling “Aweber and MailChimp” KilIer AI App That Writes and Delivers Unlimited Stunning Emails Straight to the Inbox, Resulting in 4X More Clicks, Opens, and Traffic.

Step 5: Email Generated

The AI will instantly generate high-converting email copy, design it with graphics, and be ready to send.

Step 6: Preview and Send

Preview the AI generated email and make tweaks if needed. When ready, hit send and let the automation work its magic.

Step 7: Track Analytics

See real-time stats on opens, clicks, conversions, and more to optimize future email campaigns.

Step 8: Start to profit

And that's the basic gist of using AutoMailX Ai for your email marketing! There are additional advanced features, automations, and customizations available too within the software.

AutoMailX OTOs Upsells

There are several OTOs and upsells offered with the AutoMailX Ai frontend purchase:

OTO 1 – Unlimited

The Unlimited OTO unlocks features like unlimited emails, lists, web forms, templates, webinar integrations, advanced automation, and more. It helps scale your business.

OTO 2 – Automation

This OTO focuses on making AutoMailX Ai even more automated. It includes automatic email triggers, CRM integrations, bounce management, team management, and commercial rights.

OTO 3 – Done-For-You

The DFY upgrade provides done-for-you access to high-ticket offers, sales funnels, email swipes, and more. This saves a ton of time and effort.

OTO 4 – Agency

Agency rights allow you to use AutoMailX Ai for client work. You can add unlimited team members and businesses. Rebrand the software with your own logo and name.

OTO 5 – Reseller

Become an AutoMailX reseller with this OTO. You can sell the software and keep 100% of profits. This upgrade provides access to sell unlimited copies.

OTO 6 – Whitelabel

The Whitelabel OTO allows you to completely brand AutoMailX as your own product and service. Change logo, name, and more for a completely white-label solution.

AutoMailX Ai FAQs

Here are some of the common questions around AutoMailX Ai:

Does AutoMailX work with all email providers?

Yes, it works seamlessly with all major email platforms including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and more. The built-in SMTP ensures wide compatibility.

Do I need technical skills?

No, AutoMailX Ai is designed for newbies and non-techies. Its drag-and-drop editor and AI writer make it easy for anyone.

Can I import my email lists from other tools?

Yes, you can easily import your contact lists in CSV format from other email providers like MailChimp.

Is AutoMailX compliant with email laws?

Yes, the software is fully CAN-SPAM and GDPR compliant to adhere to email regulations.

What results can I expect from AutoMailX Ai?

Most users see a 4X+ increase in email open rates, clicks, and ultimately sales. But results depend on your niche, offers, and campaign strategy.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, AutoMailX Ai offers a 30-day no-questions asked money-back satisfaction guarantee.

What auto-responders does it integrate with?

It works seamlessly with all major autoresponder platforms like AWeber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, and more.

Can I create webinars and online courses?

Yes, AutoMailX integrates with webinar platforms to help promote and sell webinars, courses, and other high-ticket offers.

I hope this demonstrates how the AutoMailX Ai software provides powerful AI automation for your email marketing success. Let's continue our review..

AutoMailX Money Back Guarantee

AutoMailX Ai provides a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee when you purchase through the official website.

This allows you to try out the software for a full month risk-free. If for any reason you are not happy, simply contact the support team to receive a full refund minus any payment processing fees.

The creator seems fully confident you will be satisfied with AutoMailX Ai's ability to maximize your email marketing. Just be sure to go through the onboarding process and use the software fully before deciding.

Having a 30-day refund policy helps make purchasing AutoMailX risk-free and demonstrate the creator stands behind their product. Overall, a solid money-back guarantee from this vendor.

AutoMailX Pricing and Bundle Deals

Let's look at the pricing and bundles available for AutoMailX Ai:

AutoMailX Premium

  • Frontend Offer
  • $17 one-time payment
  • Unlimited emails
  • Drag and drop editor
  • AI email copywriter
  • Pre-written templates
  • Conversion focused metrics

Unlimited Upgrade

  • $47 one-time payment
  • Unlimited lists
  • Unlimited web forms
  • Unlimited templates
  • Advanced automations
  • Webinar integrations

Automation Upgrade

  • $67 one-time payment
  • Automated email triggers
  • Advanced analytics
  • Team management capabilities
  • Commercial license

DFY Upgrade

  • $297 one-time payment
  • Done-for-you high ticket campaigns
  • Plug and play funnels
  • DFY email swipes
  • Bonus vendor access

Best Value Bundle

For the best value, there is a special bundle deal that packages the front-end and all the upgrades for a heavily discounted one-time price of just $177.

This is an 83% discount compared to getting them separately. The bundle provides access to all the pro-level features and best value.

Conclusion on Pricing

Considering all the AI features, automation, and commercial rights included, AutoMailX Ai provides exceptional value at very reasonable one-time pricing, especially the all-inclusive bundle deal.

Who Is the Founder of AutoMailX?

AutoMailX Ai was created by Ankur Shukla, a seasoned online entrepreneur and software developer.

Ankur has over 15+ years of experience creating best-selling digital products and services. Some of his successful launches include Graphitii, VidSparks, WiseFunnels, and more.

For AutoMailX Ai, Ankur partnered with a specialized team of AI developers, email marketing experts, and software programmers to bring this innovative platform to life.

The level of polish and automation packed into AutoMailX demonstrates Ankur's deep expertise with creating game-changing marketing software tools.

When and Where Was It Launched?

AutoMailX Ai launched on November 5, 2023 on the popular market platform Warriorplus.

Warriorplus provided the technology backend, payments infrastructure, and affiliate network required to launch and scale a successful software offer like this worldwide.

The vendor used an 8-day staggered launch sequence to maximize buzz and conversions. A testing phase was done prior to launch to refine the software and iron out bugs.

This strategic launch on Warriorplus allowed the creator to quickly validate demand in the market and get AutoMailX Ai into the hands of buyers worldwide in a short period of time.

AutoMailX Bonuses

Customers who purchase AutoMailX Ai through the official Warriorplus checkout page get access to some high-value bonus offers:

Bonus #1 -WP Email Timer Plus

WP Email Timer Plus is a plugin that allows you to create beautiful countdown timers even INSIDE your emails!

Bonus #2 -Traffic Beast

The traffic that you bring to your website is crucial because it helps you increase your rankings on the various search engines, which is how potential customers can find your company.

Bonus #3 -Email Marketing Success

Email marketing for business isn’t a new concept, and it has been proven to be one of the best marketing tactics for return on investment.

Bonus #4 – Email Monetizer

Turning your email list into a passive income money maker isn’t as difficult, or time consuming as you may think.

Bonus #5 – Modern Email Marketing and Segmentation

This is a step-by-step guide to start earning REAL list marketing money with modern email marketing and segmentation techniques. 

Bonus #6 – Market Storm Magazines

This is a collection of Internet Marketing Magazines with 380+ pages of quality content!

Bonus #7 – Find Your Niche

Owning a business has many advantages from being able to set your own hours to have the control to sell what you want.

Bonus #8 – WP Email Countdown Plugin

With this plugin you can create unlimited email countdown optin pages. It works in WordPress and any WP theme.

Bonus #9 – Email List Management Secrets

List maintenance is one of the most important subjects in online marketing. Your list is your number one and most basic bottom level output for your promotions.

Bonus #10 – Boost Your Productivity

This quick guide will reveal you basic ingredients of productivity and tehniques how to better manage your time.

Bonus #11 – OptiRoi

OptiROI will help you maximize profits regardless of what niche you're in!You can also use this technology to build bigger email lists, which equates to much more future revenue!

Bonus #12 – How to Keep Your Email Subscribers

Indeed, the money is in the list. That's why you decided to build your own email list but as you go along, building a list is not just your task that you have to take care of.

Bonus #13 – Double Your Email Conversions

The money is in the list. You may already have heard this from many successful online entrepreneurs.

Bonus #14 – Email Marketing Basics Video Course

Discover How to Set Up Your Email Autoresponder withGetResponse So That You Can Grow an Email List That Gets Clicks and Converts into Sales…Starting Today!

Bonus #15 – Xyber Email Assistant Software

Do Your Customer Support with Ease Using Xyber Email Assistant! If you are a current online business, customer support is necessary. This is because you can't be so sure that your business will work perfectly!

Bonus #16 – Make Your Subject Lines Standout

Maximize your email marketing efforts by simply having the highest results that you haven't experience before.

Bonus #17 – Viral List Autopilot

Finally, Discover How to Build a Highly Profitable List By Using This Untapped Viral Strategy!

Bonus #18 – Rapid Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets are basically things that you'll give away for free in exchange for an email address so that you can follow up with a visitor or subscriber and ultimately get them to build a relationship with you and build rapport. In that way, you will be able to sell them your front and offers.

Bonus #19 – CPA Email Marketing

One of the ways you can organize and automate your CPA network offers is through automatic email campaigns. If you already have a list of subscribers to some websites or blogs you own, you already have a means to do an email campaign with CPA offers.

Bonus #20 – Email Marketing Expert

Your days are spent selling and procuring products, ensuring customer satisfaction and when you are home, you have to work on new products, ideas to improve your service, track finances and do the research to grow your business.

These bonuses add tremendous complementary value on top of the front-end offer, easily worth over $1,000+ if accessing them separately.

The vendor really over-delivered on value here with these free bonuses for customers.

Should You Get AutoMailX Ai?

Overall, AutoMailX Ai provides immense value for anyone looking to streamline their email marketing using the power of AI.

It makes it simple for newbies but also has advanced functionality for experienced marketers.

The built-in automation, deliverability, and monetization features make this a highly profitable email marketing suite.

Factors like the AI copywriter, lead magnets, affordable one-pay pricing, commercial license, and great bonuses make this a very attractive software package.

Of course, no software can guarantee success and results will vary. But the 30-day refund policy allows you to test out AutoMailX risk-free.

All in all, the professional design, AI features, automation, and overall polish of the software makes this a compelling offer worth considering for any serious online business.

Get Access to AutoMailX Ai Here

Call to Action

If you are ready to take your email marketing to the next level using artificial intelligence, then learn more about AutoMailX Ai and grab access today through the official website here:

Get Access to AutoMailX Ai Here

Use the AI email copywriting, automation, and high deliverability to start driving more traffic and sales through your email lists.

Act now to lock-in the hugely discounted bundle deal and free bonuses before the launch discount expires.

Hope this detailed review helped learn everything about AutoMailX to make an informed buying decision. Let the AI take your email marketing to the next level!


Email marketing is critical for business growth, but creating great emails is time-intensive and challenging.

AutoMailX Ai provides a done-for-you AI-powered email marketing suite that automates writing, designs, campaigns, analytics, and more.

As this AutoMailX review covered, the AI copywriter, automation, deliverability, monetization options, and great value pricing packs tremendous utility.

While no software is a silver bullet, the 30-day refund policy allows you to test it out risk-free.

Overall, AutoMailX Ai aims to provide immense value to anyone who wants to maximize their email marketing results quickly and easily.

Considering the ever-rising competition, having AI automation in your corner can provide a real edge for your business or clients.

The various templates, drag-and-drop builder, and flexibility to promote any offer makes this an attractive software package for marketers.

Just keep your expectations realistic, go through the training, and run some campaigns to see how the AI can optimize your email profits.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to 10X your email marketing and eliminate the grunt work using artificial intelligence, definitely give AutoMailX Ai a try today!

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