CourseX Review: Is the CourseX Bundle Worth It? Breathtaking AI-powered software that Lets You Create and sell Courses Online by Building a Udemy-like Site.

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CourseX Review

CourseX Review Introduction

CourseX is a revolutionary new software that allows anyone to create and sell online courses with ease. This AI-powered platform completely automates the process of building an eLearning business, making it possible even for complete beginners to tap into the lucrative $400 billion eLearning industry.

With CourseX, you can create a professional looking Udemy-like website, loaded with all the necessary features like a course marketplace, membership area, and blogs. The software is pre-loaded with 500+ done-for-you courses that are ready to sell right away. So you can start earning instantly without needing to create any courses yourself initially.

But CourseX doesn't just stop there. It also has an incredibly powerful built-in AI course creator. This groundbreaking technology allows you to create unlimited customized courses in any niche or topic you want, completely hands-free. The AI does all the heavy lifting – from research to content creation. So creating new courses to sell becomes a breeze.

Whether you're looking to build a full-time online business or generate some side income, CourseX is the perfect solution. Its easy drag-and-drop system means no technical skills are required. And since everything is hosted in the cloud, there's no need to deal with domains, hosting, or installation hassles.

With CourseX, it's now possible for anyone to live the laptop lifestyle and attain true financial and time freedom. Read on to find out more about how this game-changing software can transform your online teaching business.

Who Can Benefit from CourseX?

CourseX is an extremely versatile tool that can benefit many different types of users. Here are some of the main people who can gain value from this powerful software:

Aspiring Course Creators

For those looking to start creating and selling online courses, CourseX is the fastest and easiest way to get up and running. You don't need any prior experience, technical skills or even content. The done-for-you courses and AI course builder allow you to launch your online academy in no time.

Existing Course Sellers

If you already have some courses but have been struggling with the limitations of third-party platforms like Udemy and Skillshare, CourseX is the solution. You can set up your own branded website, keep 100% of your earnings, and access powerful marketing tools.

Coaches & Consultants

Coaches and consultants can use CourseX to package their knowledge into online courses. This allows them to scale their income and reach more clients passively. The AI course creator makes it simple to turn your expertise into a polished course.

Agencies & Freelancers

Web design agencies and freelance developers can use CourseX to provide done-for-you eLearning business set up services to clients. The commercial license included allows you to sell websites and courses you build with CourseX.

Affiliate Marketers

The flexibility of CourseX allows affiliate marketers to build out their own digital product offerings to promote. You can even resell the done-for-you courses that come packaged with CourseX.

Brick & Mortar Businesses

Offline businesses like restaurants, salons and retail stores can benefit by creating online courses to diversify their revenue streams. For example, a personal trainer can sell fitness courses.

Bloggers & Influencers

Bloggers and influencers who already have an audience can leverage CourseX to monetize their followers by creating online courses around their niche.

Work-from-Home Moms

Stay-at-home moms can create courses teaching other moms valuable skills related to parenting, cooking, budgeting etc. This allows them to earn an income while working flexible hours.

As you can see, CourseX is useful for anyone looking to earn online by sharing their knowledge or expertise through courses. The powerful automation makes it possible even without any tech skills or prior experience.

Benefits of Using CourseX

Here are some of the main benefits you can expect from this game-changing eLearning business software:

Create Professional Branded Website

CourseX allows you to easily create a sleek, custom branded website for your courses. The site includes all the essential pages and features you need – such as a course marketplace, membership area, and blog. Your website looks just as good as big brands like Udemy or Skillshare.

Built-In Ecommerce Functionality

Selling your courses is made seamless with CourseX. It comes pre-loaded with shopping cart and payment integration so you can immediately start accepting payments for your courses through Stripe, PayPal or the processor of your choice.

Automated Course Creation

The revolutionary AI course builder allows you to create unlimited customized courses in any niche or topic with zero effort. Simply enter some basic info and the AI will research, write content and design your course for you!

500+ Done-For-You Courses

CourseX comes packed with 500+ professionally created done-for-you courses covering hot topics like finance, health, IT, design etc. You can instantly add these to your site and start earning without creating any courses yourself.

Lead Generation & Email Marketing

Built-in lead generation and email marketing capabilities allow you to easily create opt-in forms, collect leads, integrate with email services like AWeber and MailChimp, and send broadcasts to your list.

Detailed Video Tutorials

Step-by-step video tutorials walk you through exactly how to use CourseX to build and grow your online teaching business from scratch. Even if you're brand new to eLearning, you'll have no trouble getting started.

Commercial License Included

For a limited time, CourseX comes with a commercial license included. This allows you to use it legally for commercial projects for clients. You can even sell the done-for-you courses to other course creators.

One-Time Price, No Monthly Fees

Unlike other eLearning business software, CourseX is available for a reasonable one-time price. There are no overpriced monthly fees. Once you purchase it, you have full access for life.

Pros of CourseX

Let's discuss some of the standout pros of using CourseX:

Beginner Friendly

CourseX has been specifically designed for beginners. No prior tech skills, marketing knowledge or experience is required. User-friendly drag-and-drop site builder and step-by-step video training allow complete newbies to get started.

Save Time & Effort

The AI course creator saves you countless hours that would otherwise be spent researching, writing and designing course content manually. It automates 80% of the course creation process for you.

Higher Profit Margins

Since everything is hosted in the cloud, CourseX eliminates all the monthly overhead costs associated with domains, hosting, tools, plugins etc. This results in higher profit margins on each course sold.

Own Your Audience

With your own website, you maintain full control of your audience and community. You're no longer at the mercy of changing third party platform algorithms.

No Technical Skills Needed

Creation of both the website and courses are completely drag and drop, with no coding needed. Video tutorials walk you through every step, even if you're a complete tech newbie.

Ongoing Updates & Support

The creators provide regular software updates, new features and prompt customer support through their Facebook group community and HelpDesk.

Cons of CourseX

As with any product, there are also some potential downsides to evaluate:

Hosting Limitations

Although additional cloud hosting can be purchased, the base package may limit how many courses you can add and how many monthly visitors you can host on your site. Scaling requires a hosting upgrade.

Ongoing Effort Required

While CourseX automates much of the process, some effort is still required for site customization, marketing, customer service etc. This is not a completely “hands-off” business model.

Learning Curve

Like any powerful software, CourseX has a learning curve. It may take some time to get familiar with all of its many features. However, it's quite intuitive and easy to use even for beginners.

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons. The upfront cost and effort required is minimal compared to the potential long term rewards CourseX enables.

How Profitable is CourseX?

The profit potential of an online course business created with CourseX is immense. The eLearning market is currently valued at over $400 billion and growing rapidly. Top online course platforms are generating tens of millions per year.

While results vary based on effort and ability, CourseX can realistically generate a part-time or full-time income for anyone. The income possibilities scale up from hundreds of dollars per month to over $10K/month for power users.

Here are some average earning benchmarks reported by CourseX beta users:

  • Earnings in first 30 days: **$50-$2000
  • Earnings in first 90 days: $2000-$5000
  • Earnings in first 6 months: $5000-$10,000
  • Earnings after 1 year: $10,000-$25,000+

These numbers are attainable by consistently reinvesting profits into creating new courses, expanding your marketing reach, and providing excellent customer service.

Of course, your results will depend on factors like:

  • Number of courses created and marketed
  • Niche selection and demand
  • Pricing of your courses
  • Traffic generation and conversion optimization
  • Back-end monetization strategies
  • Previous skills and experience

But even as a complete beginner, you can expect to earn at least $500 within your first month by selling the done-for-you courses and leveraging the built-in marketing tools like email autoresponders, sales pages etc.

As you gain more experience, your earning potential will keep growing. Setting up additional monetization methods like upsells, memberships, and affiliate promotions can dramatically boost your profits over the long-term.

Overall, CourseX provides the fastest and easiest entry point into a business model with truly uncapped upside.

How to Use CourseX

Using CourseX is straightforward enough that even complete online business beginners can easily get started. Here is an overview of the simple 3-step process:

Step 1: Create Your Website

First, you’ll customize and create your own professional eLearning website. Simply input your logo, brand colors, name, descriptions etc. into the user-friendly form fields. Choose one of the pre-made template layouts. Within minutes, your Udemy-like site will be ready.

Step 2: Add & Create Courses

Next, you can start adding courses to your site. Upload the done-for-you courses that come with CourseX. Or use the built-in AI course creator to easily develop your own customized courses based on your interests and knowledge.

Step 3: Start Selling & Earning

Once your courses are added, activate payments through Stripe or PayPal, publish your site and start driving traffic. You're ready to start selling courses immediately and earning income through CourseX.

From start to finish, you can have your profitable online academy up-and-running within just a couple hours. And with the 500+ pre-made courses included, you can start generating sales right away before even creating any of your own courses.

Then the built-in marketing tools like email autoresponders, sales funnels and affiliate functionality will help you automatically attract and convert students to maximize your profits.

For beginners, focus on leveraging the done-for-you assets before venturing into creating original courses. For best success, reinvest your profits into expanding your course catalog, reach and student satisfaction over time.

CourseX OTOs

CourseX is being launched via a powerful series of 5 OTOs (one-time offers) that complement and enhance the front-end software:

OTO #1: CourseX Pro

This is the first upsell which unlocks additional pro features like unlimited hosting,done-for-you animations, quizzes, assignments and advanced student progress tracking. Perfect for power users of CourseX.

OTO #2: CourseX DFY Automation

The second OTO provides done-for-you email campaigns, signup forms, sales funnels, and graphics templates to automate your marketing and boost conversions.

OTO #3: CourseX DFY Blogs

Here you get access to a huge library of niche-specific blog posts on trending topics to help increase organic site traffic and establish yourself as an authority.

OTO #4: CourseX Agency

This OTO is a reseller license allowing you to sell CourseX access, done-for-you courses and online academy setup services to local business clients.

OTO #5: CourseX Reseller

The final upsell is another reseller license, but this one allows you to sell the front-end CourseX software and keep 100% of profits. Great for affiliate marketers.

These complimentary one-time offer add-ons provide even more features, resources and income stream potential on top of the already feature-packed core CourseX software.

However, they are completely optional purchases – the main CourseX software will still allow you to build a thriving online course business on its own without any of the OTOs.

Watch CourseX Demo below

CourseX FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about CourseX:

How quickly can I create my first course with CourseX?

With the done-for-you courses, you can add your first course in just minutes. Creating your own course from scratch with the AI can be done in a few hours.

Do I need any technical skills to use CourseX?

No coding or prior tech experience is required. The drag-and-drop site builder and AI course creator are designed even for complete beginners.

Can I customize the content in the done-for-you courses?

Yes, you have full rights to customize, edit or expand upon any of the content within the done-for-you courses however you like.

What if I want to promote my courses on Udemy or Thinkific as well?

No problem! You can easily also upload your CourseX courses to third party platforms. You own all course content created with the software.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. CourseX comes with a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee, so your investment is safe.

How many courses can I create and sell with CourseX?

You can add unlimited courses to your site! There are no restrictions on the number of courses or niches.

Can I sell CourseX to my own customers?

The commercial license included allows you to sell CourseX, done-for-you courses and online course creation services to others.

Is CourseX a monthly subscription or one-time fee?

CourseX is available for a reasonable one-time purchase, with no monthly fees. You gain lifetime access.

As you can see, CourseX delivers on flexibility and unlimited earning potential. Get started risk-free today!

CourseX Money Back Guarantee

Customer satisfaction with CourseX is fully protected by a comprehensive 30-day money back guarantee.

Here are the key terms of the refund policy:

  • Refund window: 30 days after purchase
  • Refund amount: 100% of purchase price
  • Scope: Applies to main CourseX software purchase. OTOs have separate refund policies.

In the unlikely event that you are not completely blown away by CourseX, you have the peace of mind of a full refund.

The creators firmly stand behind their product and aim for 100% customer success. So don't hesitate to request your money back if you are unsatisfied for any reason within your first month of access.

CourseX Pricing

During the special launch period, CourseX is available at a deeply discounted one-time price of just $17.

Considering everything that's included, this is an incredible bargain:

  • AI-Powered Software
  • 500+ Done-For-You Courses
  • Commercial License
  • Unlimited Hosting
  • Advanced Training
  • Future Upgrades
  • Ongoing Support

After launch, CourseX will retail for a monthly fee of $77.

So purchasing during launch can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. This is likely a limited-time opportunity at such huge savings.

All things considered, CourseX delivers absolutely tremendous value even at full price. But at the current launch discount, it's an absolute no-brainer investment if you're interested in starting or growing an online course business.

Is the CourseX Bundle Worth It?

During the CourseX launch, an optional bundle package is available which includes the core software plus all 5 OTOs.

Here’s what’s included:

Front End CourseX Software

  • AI Course Creator
  • 500+ Done-For-You Courses
  • Website Builder

OTO 1: CourseX Pro Software

  • Unlimited Hosting
  • Advanced Student Tracking
  • Quizzes & Assignments

OTO 2: DFY Automation Pack

  • Email Campaign Templates
  • Signup Forms & Sales Funnels
  • Marketing Graphics

OTO 3: DFY Blog Package

  • 100+ Niche Blog Posts

OTO 4: CourseX Agency License

OTO 5: CourseX Reseller License

Purchasing everything bundled allows you to get the complete package with all the bells and whistles at a discounted bundled price. This is a great option for power users who want the full suite of capabilities CourseX offers.

However, the bundle is not mandatory by any means. The core CourseX software on its own is still more than sufficient for most people to build a successful online course business.

So consider your specific goals and budget. If you want maximum firepower, the bundle may be a good investment. Otherwise, just starting with the front-end software is recommended for most.

Either way, you can feel confident knowing the refund policy has you fully covered in case you change your mind on any of the purchases.

Who Created CourseX?

CourseX was created by a team of experienced online marketers and software developers led by Ali Blackwell and SaasCritics.

Ali Blackwell

Ali is a multi-million dollar internet marketer with over 12 years of experience in the industry. He is the co-founder of several successful SaaS companies and digital products. Ali brings his extensive expertise in digital marketing, funnel optimization and product creation to the CourseX project.


SaasCritics is Ali's digital product review and information company. With over 300,000 subscribers and 20,000+ active customers, SaasCritics has helped countless people start and grow their online businesses. Their insights into customer pain points and needs is what fueled the idea for CourseX.

Together, Ali and the SaasCritics team possess the perfect blend of online business, marketing and software development skills required to create a powerful tool like CourseX.

Since the founders are active practitioners – not theory-based gurus – CourseX is engineered specifically for real-world results by people actually doing what they teach.

When Will CourseX Be Launched?

The official launch of CourseX is scheduled for October 29th 2023.

The sales cart will open at 10:00 AM Eastern Time (New York Time) on Saturday October 29th.

Sales will run for 5 full days, closing on Thursday November 2nd at 11:59 PM Eastern.

During the active launch period, CourseX will be available at a steep discount of over 90% off the future retail price.

Time-sensitive bonuses like the commercial license are also only guaranteed for buyers during launch week. So early action is recommended to maximize savings.

After the countdown timer expires, CourseX will revert to its normal pricing structure. This is a limited-time opportunity to gain access at a fraction of the regular cost.

Where Can I Buy CourseX?

During launch week, CourseX will be exclusively available for purchase directly through the official website at:

Get Access To CourseX here

Special launch discounts and bonuses will only be redeemable on the CourseX sales page.

Look-over-the-shoulder video demonstrations, customer reviews, and payment integration walkthroughs are all hosted there as well.

For the best deal and support, be sure to only purchase from the official website. Avoid any links claiming to offer CourseX from other sources.

After launch week, CourseX may be made available through affiliate partners at its normal pricing. But all launch specials will no longer be available.

So for maximum savings, bonuses and certainty of authentic access, visit CourseX Page Here during the active launch timer.

CourseX Bonuses

To make this launch even more compelling, buyers during launch week will also gain access to some generous bonuses:

  1. WordPress Engagement Mastery:Unleash the Power of WordPress Engagement with this comprehensive video course. Discover the secrets to boosting interaction on your WordPress site, resulting in increased leads, sales, and profits. Learn to foster deeper connections with your audience because the more they engage, the more they'll come to know, like, and trust you.
  2. Mastering Smart CPA Offers:Dive into the world of CPA Networks with this beginner-friendly training course. Learn the art of profit generation from CPA offers – it's not just about driving traffic, but understanding the intricacies. Uncover the magic of “Smart CPA Offers” in the ever-evolving CPA market.
  3. Effortless Social Media Content Creation:Surviving in the world of social media requires consistent and engaging content. This course simplifies the process. Create powerful content for Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram that captivates your audience within minutes. Gain deep insights into your audience's preferences, triggers, and language.
  4. WordPress Website Fortification:Secure and protect your valuable WordPress site with this essential training course. Whether your website is the cornerstone of your business or vital for your operations, safeguarding your digital asset is paramount.
  5. The Productive Solopreneur Mastery:Elevate your productivity as a solopreneur with this in-depth course. Learn the skills, techniques, and strategies to become a highly productive solopreneur.
  6. Unlocking Blockchain Secrets:Delve into the world of blockchain technology with this informative video course. Gain a fundamental understanding of blockchain and how it is shaping the future of the Internet.
  7. Print On Demand Playbook:Ready to publish your book? Discover how to transform your digital content into high-value physical products in just 60 minutes. Learn how to use Createspace and Kunaki to create hot-selling physical products.
  8. 10 Keys Of Product Creation Success:Get the ultimate checklist for your WSO or product launch. Learn about the ten critical rules and how product creation aligns with your goals.
  9. Making Money With Amazon Video Direct:Monetize your video content effortlessly by uploading it to Amazon Video Direct, Amazon's cutting-edge video platform.
  10. Proven Affiliate Marketing Strategies:Discover the world of affiliate marketing and how to earn passive commissions by endorsing products you love.
  11. The PLR Playbook:Learn the secrets of turning Private Label Rights products into profits. Leverage PLR to boost your online business, create more content, products, and establish authority within your time constraints.
  12. Big Ticket Machine:Uncover the secrets to attracting high-paying clients and making significant sales. This course is your key to hitting the jackpot and earning substantial income.
  13. ECommerce Success Blueprint:This 5-part video course unveils a formula for success in your e-commerce business. Learn to find a niche, build a brand, list products on Amazon, drive traffic, and provide excellent customer service.
  14. Dropship 100:Explore a dropshipping source offering over 100 products for online sales.
  15. S3 Hosting Made Simple:Learn the art of hosting files with Amazon S3 without the hassle of complex instructions and save money. Understand how to host files via Amazon S3 the easy way.
  16. Product Creation Mastery:If you aspire to make money online, you need your own products. This step-by-step course will guide you in creating your own products quickly and painlessly.
  17. eBook Money Machines:Learn to publish your “hot-selling” eBooks to Amazon Kindle and tap into the massive Kindle market. This step-by-step video course makes eBook publishing quick and easy.
  18. Mascot Creator Bundle:Create your own mascot in just 60 seconds and enhance your conversion rates by up to 150%.
  19. Anywhere Exit Popper:Implement exit popups on any web page you share. Use them to capture leads or promote affiliate offers effectively.
  20. Turbo GIF Animator:Create animated images in under a minute with this easy-to-use software.
  21. Easy Survey Generator:Unlock the ultimate secret to understanding your prospects and boosting your chances for riches with this software.
  22. Easy Voice Software:Quickly turn your content into audio files with this user-friendly software.
  23. Safari Video Site Builder:Create a moneymaking video site featuring Adsense and Amazon ads, unique web pages, SEO solutions, and more automatically in just 2 minutes.
  24. Backlinks Warrior Software:Discover an easy-to-use software tool that finds unlimited relevant backlinks with just a few clicks.
  25. Multi URL Shortener Software:Save time and effort in shortening URLs. This software with multi-URL functionality streamlines the process.

These limited-time bonuses provide even more income potential on top of the core software.

Over $15,000 worth of additional capabilities, resources and licenses are included for free during launch. So act fast before the timers expire!

Should You Buy CourseX?

In summary, CourseX is an absolute game-changer if you're looking to:

  • Create an automated online course business
  • Access the lucrative eLearning market
  • Generate online income passively
  • Attain financial and time freedom

The revolutionary AI automation eliminates all the traditional manual effort, costs, and hassles associated with creating and selling online courses.

Even as a complete beginner, you can realistically profit with CourseX right out of the gate. The potential upside from both earning and cost savings is staggering.

On top of that, CourseX is currently available at a fraction of the normal price during its launch week. Extremely generous bonuses are also included for taking early action.

Given the depth of capabilities provided for a truly bargain one-time cost, this is quite possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Considering everything covered in this detailed review, CourseX is a no-brainer investment for anyone interested in building a sustainable automated online business.

The sooner you start, the faster you can leave your 9-5 job behind and start living life on your own terms.

With absolutely zero risk thanks to the refund policy, there's no reason not to give CourseX a try today!

Get Access To CourseX Page Here

Start Your Online Course Business Today!

Ready to change your life with CourseX? Don't wait, now is the time to take action:

Step 1) Visit the official CourseX website

Step 2) Click the “Get CourseX Now” button

Step 3) Checkout using your preferred payment method

Step 4) Gain instant access to the software and bonuses

Within minutes you can have your automated online course business up and running!

The possibilities are truly endless with the power of CourseX. Tap into the multibillion dollar industry, attain financial freedom and start living life on your own terms.

The passive income potential is right at your fingertips.

Visit CourseX now to begin your journey while launch discounts last!

Conclusion on CourseX Review

In closing, CourseX provides a shortcut to creating and profiting with an automated online course business, even as a complete beginner.

Tapping into the capabilities of artificial intelligence, it handles virtually all the heavy lifting involved with course creation, website building, and marketing completely hands-free.

Thanks to 500+ done-for-you courses and unlimited AI course creation, you can setup a thriving online academy selling niche courses within hours.

Combined with an initial launch period 90% discount and extremely generous bonus package, this is truly a limited-time opportunity with immense money making potential.

Visit CourseX today while the countdown timer is still active to claim your instant access and bonus items at the best possible price.

The financial and time freedom lifestyle you deserve is now just a few clicks away. Start your CourseX journey today!

Get Access To CourseX Here

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