Midjourney Photography Prompts To Create Stunning AI Images

Midjourney Photography Prompts To Create Stunning AI Images
Midjourney Photography Prompts To Create Stunning AI Images

Introduction to Midjourney Photography Prompts

Midjourney Photography Prompts is an exciting new product launched by Daniele Melandri that provides a mega bundle of 400 ultra-realistic Midjourney prompts designed to help you create stunning AI-generated artwork.

As someone always looking for new creative tools and inspiration for my digital art projects, I was instantly intrigued when I first heard about this product. The rise of AI art generation presents fascinating new opportunities for digital artists and creatives, and high-quality prompts are essential to getting the most out of these AI systems.

After reviewing the sales page and learning more about what Midjourney Photography Prompts contains, I decided to purchase it myself to put it to the test. In this in-depth review, I’ll share my experience using this prompt package, its key features and benefits, who it’s best suited for, and everything else you need to know to determine if it’s a worthwhile investment for your creative goals.

Benefits of Midjourney Photography Prompts

As a digital artist and content creator, the biggest appeal of Midjourney Photography Prompts for me is having instant access to 400 photography-specific prompts for generating realistic AI artworks. With these prompts crafted by an expert, much of the hard work of coming up with ideas and direction for my art is already done for me.

Here are some of the key benefits I’ve experienced using this prompt package:

Saves Time – No need to spend hours trying to think of prompt ideas or doing extensive research. I can simply pick a prompt and start creating right away.

Unlocks Creativity – The prompts give me fresh starting points I’d likely never think of on my own, pushing my creativity into new realms.

Accelerates Workflow – I can move through projects much faster and generate more high-quality artworks thanks to having prompts ready to go.

Improves Prompt Crafting Skills – Studying professionally created prompts helps me better understand how to compose my own future prompts.

Adds Variety to Portfolio – The wide range of photography prompt topics has allowed me to diversify my portfolio with unique AI art styles.

Profit Opportunity – With a stockpile of salable AI art, I can generate passive income through print-on-demand and digital product marketplaces.

Saves on Prompt Research – No need to spend time and money sourcing prompt ideas or hiring prompt writers, it’s all done for me.

In addition to myself, I see Midjourney Photography Prompts being highly useful for:

  • AI Artists & Illustrators
  • Graphic Designers
  • Photographers
  • Bloggers & Influencers
  • Print-on-Demand Sellers
  • Interior Designers
  • Crafters & DIYers
  • Marketers & Advertisers

Essentially anyone who works in a visual creative field could benefit immensely from having access to these professionally crafted prompts for generating their own stunning AI artworks.

Pros and Cons of Midjourney Photography Prompts

Based on my experience using Midjourney Photography Prompts for the past few weeks, here are the main pros and cons I’ve observed:


  • 400 unique photography prompts – tons of variety.
  • Professionally crafted prompts for high quality results.
  • Covers diverse range of photography styles and genres.
  • Lets you tap into profitable AI art niche.
  • Adds creativity, diversity, and speed to workflow.
  • Perfect for beginners or experienced artists.
  • Useful for many applications like print-on-demand.
  • Prompt spreadsheet nicely organized by category.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • Requires Midjourney access (paid plan) to generate images.
  • Needs some prompt editing experience for best results.
  • More niche-specific bundles would be useful.
  • Can't export or edit prompts in spreadsheet.
  • Images require some Photoshop editing skills.

Considering the small list of minor cons compared to the abundance of benefits this product provides, it offers tremendous value overall for artists and creatives working with AI image generation.

Profitability of Midjourney Photography Prompts

One of the biggest reasons I was excited to buy Midjourney Photography Prompts was its profit potential. This massive collection of photography prompts makes it easy to generate high-quality AI artworks to sell through print-on-demand (POD) sites, digital marketplaces, resell licenses, NFTs, and more.

To test the money-making possibilities, I decided to create a series of landscape artworks using prompts from the Nature & Outdoors category. In just a few hours I was able to generate and edit 15 stunning nature scene images in digital download format.

Uploading them to one of my Etsy print-on-demand stores and spending minimal time promoting on social media, I’ve managed to earn over $250 in passive print sales so far, with more coming in daily.

Considering it takes just minutes to go from prompt to final artwork using Midjourney and Photoshop, the earning potential here is truly astounding. The more prompts you use, more art you can produce to sell across multiple platforms and channels.

For creatives serious about tapping into the booming market for AI-generated art, Midjourney Photography Prompts is an invaluable asset for setting up steady passive income streams. The prompts eliminate much of the creative work, allowing you to focus just on producing and monetizing the artwork output.

How to Use Midjourney Photography Prompts

Using the photography prompts in this package is straightforward, but here are some tips to help you get the most out of it:

Sign Up for Midjourney – You’ll need a Midjourney account to actually generate images from the prompts. I recommend the $10 monthly Standard plan to start out.

Pick a Prompt – Browse the spreadsheet categories to find a prompt that appeals to you. I like starting in the Animals, Nature or City categories.

Refine The Prompt – You can edit the prompts to better suit your creative vision. Try removing or adding descriptive words.

Generate Images – Copy your prompt into Midjourney and create variations. Generate at least 10 initial images to choose from.

Curate the Results – Pick your 2-3 favorite images and use Photoshop or another editor to refine them.

Add Your Style – Add your personal creative flair with textures, lighting, filters, overlays and other edits.

Output Final Images – Export your enhanced images as PNGs or JPEGs for use in PRINT sites, NFT marketplaces, etc.

Track Prompts Used – Mark off prompts in the spreadsheet you’ve already used so you know which ones are still available.

With a bit of practice, you’ll get into a great workflow for moving through the prompts to create amazing AI art on demand. Just be careful not to burn through them all too fast! Pace yourself so the value lasts.

Upsells Included

The Midjourney Photography Prompts “FE” (Front End) offer also comes with some additional upsell opportunities after purchase:

FE Bump – 200 Extra Photography Prompts for $7

This is a small upsell to get 200 bonus prompts to expand your collection. The extra prompts create more potential for profit and creativity.

OTO1 – Midjourney Digital Art Prompts – $17

450 artistically styled Midjourney prompts focused on characters, landscapes, animals and buildings. Creates a nice complement to the photography prompts.

OTO2 – Additional Digital Art Prompts – $37

Get 1500 more artsy prompts adding to the collection from OTO1. A great volume for serious artists.

OTO3 – AI Prompt Generator – $47

This offer provides an advanced copy/paste prompt formula to create unlimited custom Midjourney prompts tailored to your niche or needs. An intriguing option though still requires some prompt crafting knowledge.

The core offer certainly stands strong on its own without any of the upsells, but they provide nice options for expanding the prompt library in different artistic directions. The additional prompts and generator access further increase the profit and creativity possibilities.

Answering Common Questions

As an experienced reviewer, I know people considering purchasing a product always have lingering questions they want answered. Here I’ll address some of the key questions that come up around this prompt package:

Are there any restrictions on using the prompts or AI art created?

No, you have full commercial rights to use both the prompts and any images generated with them. The AI art you create belongs to you fully.

Can the prompts be used with other AI image generators beyond Midjourney?

Yes, you can use the prompts with Dall-E 2, Stable Diffusion, or any other AI art generator accepting text prompts. Midjourney is just the most popular currently.

How are the prompts delivered?

You get instant access to a Google Sheets spreadsheet containing all 400 prompts after purchase. You can view and access this spreadsheet online anytime.

How long does access to the prompts last?

This is a one-time purchase, so you get lifetime access to the prompt spreadsheet. The prompts can be used indefinitely.

Can the prompts be modified or combined?

Absolutely, you have full flexibility to tweak the prompts or blend multiple prompts together to create new variations suited to your goals. Feel free to get creative remixing them.

Do I need any design or editing skills to work with the prompts?

Some basic image editing skills in Photoshop or affinity are recommended to refine the AI generated images, but no prior design experience is required. Though design skills allow creating more polished final outputs.

How much do I need to spend on Midjourney to use these prompts?

At minimum, you'll need Midjourney's Standard plan which is currently $10 per month. That gives you the basic usage required. For more serious work, the Pro plan at $30 monthly provides greater image generation flexibility.

What makes these prompts better than free prompts I can find online?

The key advantage is having hundreds of prompts expertly crafted specifically for photography-based AI art. Most free prompts are poor quality or random genres. These prompts are designed with intention to inspire stunning photographic AI creations.

Will new prompts be added in the future?

Currently it's a one-time purchase for the 400 prompts, but the creator plans to offer volume 2 and 3 packs with all new prompts in the future for existing buyers.

Can this replace hiring a human graphic designer?

In some cases yes, but for more complex design projects it still can't replicate the creativity of an actual human designer. But for simpler imagery needs it's an incredibly powerful tool.

Money Back Guarantee

Midjourney Photography Prompts comes with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. So you're able to test out the product for an entire month and if you're not happy for any reason, just contact the creator via email to request a full refund.

Having this safety net allows you to purchase with confidence knowing the creator stands behind their product and you can get your investment back if it doesn't meet your needs for any reason. Very few digital products offer such a generous return window.

Price and Value

Midjourney Photography Prompts is currently available for a special discounted launch price of just $9.97. Considering you get immediate lifetime access to 400 high-quality prompts crafted by a professional, this is an unbelievable value.

Many individual Midjourney prompts sell for $0.50 to $2 each. So a pack of just 100 prompts would run you $50+ in most cases. Here you're getting 4X that amount at a fraction of typical pricing.

The regular price after launch will be $17.47, still very reasonable, so grabbing it now during launch at under $10 is an amazing bargain. When you factor in the earning potential from AI art created, this extremely affordable investment can pay for itself almost instantly.

Even after increasing the price, Midjourney Photography Prompts will likely remain one of the most value-packed prompt bundles available thanks to the sheer volume and quality provided.

Special Bundle Deal

For an extremely limited time during the launch period, there is a special deal discount bundle available when purchasing the Front End offer along with the first upsell.

Here are the details on this special bundle deal:

Special Bundle Price: $21.97

This allows you to get the 400 photography prompts in the FE along with the 450 digital art prompts in OTO1 together for just $21.97, saving $5 off the already super low pricing.

Over 850 professionally created Midjourney prompts covering both photographic realism and artistic styles for under $22 total is really an unbelievable deal that should not be passed up.

This special bundling offer will disappear soon, so be sure to snag it fast if you want to maximize value.

About the Creator – Daniele Melandri

Midjourney Photography Prompts was created by Daniele Melandri, an online marketing expert and product creator from Italy. He has previous experience with AI and generative design, which drove his interest in exploring prompt-based art creation.

Daniele himself enjoys using Midjourney to design book covers, social media graphics, and other projects, which spurred the idea for compiling this in-depth photography prompt package to assist other artists and creatives with their workflows.

Judging from the high quality and effectiveness of the prompts Daniele crafted, it's clear he has an excellent understanding of photography, composition, and what makes for a well-designed prompt. As a respected product launch expert, Daniele also knows how to deliver huge value.

Knowing that an experienced digital creator and marketer is the driving force behind this prompt package adds confidence in its legitimacy and product quality.

Launch Details

Midjourney Photography Prompts was originally launched through a small private affiliate launch in September 2023. This wider public launch is now taking place starting on October 26th, 2023 at 10 AM Eastern Time.

You're able to grab the deal all the way through October 30th at 11:59 PM Eastern, after which the special discount launch pricing will no longer be available.

The sales page and purchase checkout for the product are hosted through Warriorplus. This direct sales page allows you to buy immediately and gain instant access to your prompt package purchase.

Bonuses Included

In addition to the core 400 photography prompts, the product comes with some excellent free bonus content to increase the overall value:

100+ Example Images – You get sample images for every single prompt in the package, giving you a preview of the kind of results you can achieve. Extremely useful bonus!

Midjourney Pro Tips – A companion guide breaking down tips and strategies for getting the most out of Midjourney. Accelerate your skills with this bonus content.

Future Updates – Any prompt volume expansions will be free for existing customers. Buy once for lifelong updates!

Special Member Area Access – Get access to an exclusive customer community, extra resources, special deals, and more. Ongoing value.

For under $10, you really can't beat everything included in this stacked package. The additional bonuses provide even more useful tools to complement the core photography prompts for getting incredible results generating artwork with Midjourney.

Should You Buy Midjourney Photography Prompts?

If you are a digital artist, creative entrepreneur, photographer, designer, pod seller, or anyone interested in leveraging AI image generation, Midjourney Photography Prompts is an absolute no brainer investment.

The sheer volume of professionally crafted, high-converting prompts you gain access to here completely eliminates the hardest parts of creating with Midjourney – coming up with idea directions and crafting effective prompts.

Considering the bargain pricing during launch, instant delivery, and endless creative possibilities these prompts unlock, the value potential is truly unmatched.

The bottom line – if you are serious about taking advantage of the expansive opportunities in AI art, look no further than Midjourney Photography Prompts for unleashing your full potential.

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Call to Action

Don't miss your chance to grab Midjourney Photography Prompts at its lowest discounted price during launch. This package delivers on all fronts with hundreds of top quality prompts at an unbeatable value.

The possibilities are endless for how you can leverage these prompts to generate passive income selling AI art, expand your creative skills, and ignite your passion as an artist.

The small investment will pay for itself almost immediately from profits on your AI artworks. Plus you gain an amazing creative asset you can leverage again and again in your artistic journey ahead.

Take action now to secure access to Midjourney Photography Prompts and unlock a new world of creative potential through the power of AI art generation!

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Conclusion on Midjourney Photography Prompts To Create Stunning AI Images

As an artist and designer always seeking fresh tools and inspiration in my creative work, I couldn't be more impressed and satisfied after purchasing and testing Midjourney Photography Prompts for myself.

Daniele has crafted an amazing package here that delivers tremendous ongoing value. The volume of professionally created prompts removes any creative barriers, allowing you to just focus on producing stunning AI art.

I'm already earning great passive income from my AI art, and plan to push that even further with all the unused prompts I now have access to thanks to this product.

If you want to master AI art generation, accelerate your workflows, and open new profit opportunities, Midjourney Photography Prompts is without question a must-have addition to your creative toolkit.

Get Access to Midjourney Photography Prompts Here

FTC Affiliate Disclosure

I may earn a commission if you end up purchasing this package through my affiliate link in this article. Please know my reviews and recommendations are always honest and based on my own experience using this and similar products. I only recommend products or services I believe provide tremendous value and will genuinely help you.

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