3D Toonz Review: Should You Get It Or Not? – AI-Based 3D Cartoon Character Builder Platform To Create Unlimited Stunning Videos In Any Niche In Just 30 Seconds

3D Toonz Review

3D Toonz Review Introduction

Creating high-quality and engaging video content is crucial for standing out and driving conversions. But producing professional animated videos requires technical skills, expensive tools and a lot of time. This is where 3D Toonz comes in. 

3D Toonz is a revolutionary AI-based 3D cartoon character builder that allows you to create unlimited stunning videos in any niche in just 30 seconds. With 3D Toonz, you can easily convert images to cartoons, generate custom 3D avatars, use thousands of ready-made characters, access a huge media library and make incredible videos using the built-in editor.

Some of the standout features of 3D Toonz include:

– Cloud-based AI platform to generate unlimited 3D cartoon characters  

– Millions of ready-made avatars and ability to customize them easily

– Built-in image to cartoon converter 

– Massive media library with 2 million images, 1 million videos, 20,000 vectors and 8,000 royalty-free audios

– Advanced video editor to create stunning videos in minutes

– Commercial license included so you can sell 3D assets and videos  

– Newbie-friendly with zero learning curve

3D Toonz makes it easy for anyone to create professional 3D animated videos in just a few clicks, without any technical skills or prior experience required. Keep reading this detailed review to learn more about its features, benefits, pros and cons, pricing and more.

Who Can Benefit from 3D Toonz?

3D Toonz is an extremely versatile platform that can benefit a wide range of users including:

Digital Marketers

3D animated videos have been proven to boost conversions and engagement as compared to simple 2D videos. With 3D Toonz, digital marketers can quickly create attractive 3D video ads, social media videos, explainers, intros and more to promote products in an impactful manner.

Affiliate Marketers  

High-quality 3D affiliate video reviews stand a better chance of going viral and can help affiliate marketers generate more clicks and commissions for their promotions. The built-in commercial license allows the selling of 3D assets too.

Bloggers & Vloggers

Engaging 3D animated videos can help bloggers and video content creators boost their viewership and subscriber count on YouTube. The massive media assets library saves hours of content creation time.

Ecommerce Store Owners

Product demos and explainer videos boosted with 3D animated characters can effectively showcase products, explain functionalities, build trust and drive more sales conversions for ecommerce businesses.

Coaches & Trainers 

Coaches and online course creators can explain concepts better through cool 3D animated training videos. The advanced editor makes it easy to customize scenes, add text, music and more.

Social Media Marketers

Eye-catching 3D animation videos perform much better than simple static posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. 3D Toonz empowers users to create unlimited social media videos.

Small Business Owners

Branded 3D animated videos help small businesses showcase their brand story, explain services, build credibility and connect with their audience in a personalized way without burning a hole in their pockets.


Freelance designers, animators and video editors can greatly speed up their client projects and earn more profits by using 3D Toonz instead of starting from scratch. The commercial license also allows the offering of 3D services.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to creating 3D animated videos tailored for any niche, industry or marketing goal with 3D Toonz.

Benefits of Using 3D Toonz

Some of the main benefits and features of this powerful 3D video creation platform include:

● Requires zero technical skills – 3D Toonz is designed for complete beginners. No prior experience in animation, design or video editing is needed. 

● 100% Cloud-based – There’s no software download required. You can access 3D Toonz from any device through the cloud.

● Intuitive point & click system – Creating 3D animated videos is as easy as selecting a template, customizing scenes and downloading them.

● Millions of 3D characters – Choose from a massive library of human, animal and other unique 3D cartoon characters for your videos.

● Customizable assets – Each 3D character can be tailored as needed by changing facial expressions, actions, gestures, poses, costumes and more. 

● Limitless possibilities – Create unlimited 3D characters and scenes without any restrictions. The AI-powered platform does all the heavy lifting.

● Advanced Video Editor – Edit videos easily by adding text, images, animations, transitions, background music and voiceovers. 

● One-click download – Preview your final videos and download them in MP4 format with just a single click.

● Commercial license – You have unrestricted rights to sell 3D characters and videos created with 3D Toonz.

● 1000+ video templates – Choose from a huge collection of done-for-you animated video templates for all niches.

● Massive media library – Access millions of copyright-free images, stock videos, audio tracks and vectors to take your videos to the next level.

● Share easily on social media – Export videos in square or vertical sizes optimized for different platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

● Compatible with other software – Seamlessly import 3D Toonz assets into tools like Figma, Canva, Adobe etc.

● Faster output – The AI engine and templates help you create professional 3D animated videos in minutes instead of weeks.

● Engaging videos – Humanoid characters, lively animations and vivid scenes connect better with viewers. 

● No recurring fees – It’s a one-time payment. No need to pay monthly for using 3D Toonz.

With this easy-to-use software, you can create studio-quality 3D animated videos that capture attention and convert viewers without needing expert skills or spending thousands of dollars.

3D Toonz Pros and Cons

Pros of 3D Toonz

– Requires zero technical skills or animation experience 

– Extremely easy point-and-click system to customize animated 3D videos

– Massive library of over 100,000 3D cartoon characters and assets

– Advanced AI tech that instantly converts images into cartoons  

– Built-in video editor to create professional videos from scratch 

– Commercial license included to sell 3D characters & videos 

– One-time payment, no monthly fees

– Lightning fast rendering lets you download videos in minutes

– Vibrant, realistic 3D animations that tell compelling brand stories

– Videos are customizable for any niche, offer or goal

– Compatible with every major design & animation software 

– 24/7 customer support through email

– Cloud-based software, so no downloads needed

– Great for creating videos for social media platforms  

Cons of 3D Toonz

– No collaboration features or ability to let team members access projects

– No physical product, just online access to 3D Toonz software and assets

– Requires stable internet connection to use this cloud-based platform

How Does 3D Toonz Work?

With most animation software, creating 3D animated videos requires deep technical skills and meticulous frame-by-frame designing. But 3D Toonz makes 3D video creation effortless even for complete beginners using a simple 3-step process:

Step 1 – Pick a Template

The platform offers a drag & drop style template selector with over 1000 templates catering to different niches, use cases and video formats like square for Instagram, vertical for TikTok etc. You simply pick the template that fits your needs. 

Step 2 – Customize Scenes  

Each template contains different scenes showcasing the 3D characters, backgrounds, animations, text placeholders and more. You can customize these assets in any way you like. Change 3D characters, adjust motions, add backgrounds, provide voiceovers, insert logos etc. to design your unique video.

Step 3 – Download & Share

Once you finish customizations, click the “Render” button and download your completed 3D animated video with just one click. The video is available in high-definition MP4 format that’s optimized for immediate sharing on social media, websites and other platforms.

The software is completely cloud-based so everything happens online. There are no downloads, installations or technical configurations needed. With its easy drag-and-drop interface and AI video creation engine, anyone can make professional 3D videos within minutes using 3D Toonz.

3D Toonz Commercial License Opportunities

3D Toonz comes with a commercial license that allows you to profit from it in multiple ways, including:

– Sell 3D Characters – Create unlimited 3D avatars and characters using the AI engine and sell them on marketplaces like Envato.

– Offer Video Services – Use 3D Toonz to easily create videos for clients as a freelancer or creative agency. 

– Sell Animated Videos – Render 3D animated videos for various niches and sell them as stock footage and templates. 

– Create Online Courses – Develop your own training program teaching others how to use 3D Toonz for animation.

– 3D Print Figurines – Render 3D characters and get them 3D printed as collectibles, branded merch etc.

– Build Animation Apps – Integrate the API into your own apps and tools for clients.

– Publish Books – Create storybooks with 3D illustrated characters. Self-publish on Amazon KDP with the help of 3D assets.

The commercial possibilities are limitless, allowing you to build an entire business around 3D video creation and animation with the help of 3D Toonz.

3D Toonz OTOs (One Time Offers)

Along with the main 3D Toonz software, there are several optional upgrades you can get to enhance your 3D video creation experience:

3D Toonz: 3D Cartoon Character Builder$15
3D Toonz Pro$37.55
3D Toonz Ultimate$47.55
3D Toonz Lancer$37.55
3D Toonz Agency$97.55
3D Toonz Automation$47.55
3D Toonz Reseller$97.55
3D Toonz OTOs

These one-time offers provide more 3D assets and extended capabilities for business and power users. But the front-end 3D Toonz software comes fully packed on its own for most basic needs.

How Much Money Can You Make With 3D Toonz?

When it comes to earning potential, 3D Toonz provides several income stream opportunities:

– Client Commissions – Freelancers charge anywhere from $100 to $500 per 3D animated video for clients based on complexity, custom assets required etc.

– Stock Assets – 3D avatars and created assets can be listed on marketplaces like Shutterstock and Envato where they sell for $80 to $300 each. Popular characters can bring in passive income.

– YouTube Channel – Monetize an animation or explainer video YouTube channel using 3D Toonz with ad revenue, brand sponsorships and affiliate marketing. Channels in this niche make anywhere from $1,000-$10,000 per month. 

– Funnel Builder – Use 3D Toonz to create high-converting videos for your marketing funnels and offers as bonuses, ads etc. This can boost sales and profits for any business. 

– Video Agency – Build a full-fledged white-label video creation agency for clients with a commercial license and keep 100% of profits. Most charge $1500 to $10,000 per animated video project.

– eLearning Courses – Create your own video training programs teaching others how to utilize this software for animation and videography. Sell these courses on platforms like Udemy for $97 to $297 per course.

– 3D Printed Merch – 3D avatars and characters can be 3D printed as figurines, keychains, logos etc. Physical merch can be marked up 5x-10x the cost price. 

– Kindle Publishing – Develop children's books, composition books and more with original illustrations and characters using 3D assets. Books sell for between $4.99 to $9.99 each delivering 100% royalties.

With its limitless asset library and diverse monetization options, the earning potential with 3D Toonz is really high, especially for creative entrepreneurs.

3D Toonz FAQs

Let’s look at some of the commonly asked questions about this software:

Does 3D Toonz work on Mac and PC?

Yes, 3D Toonz is fully web-based and works seamlessly on both Windows and Mac computers through any modern browser like Chrome, Firefox etc. There are no OS restrictions.

Do I need animation/design skills to use 3D Toonz?  

No, you don’t need any expertise in animation, graphic design or video editing. It is built for complete beginners and very easy to use with the intuitive drag and drop editor.

Is there a limit on how many videos I can create?

No, with 3D Toonz you have no restrictions on the number of 3D animated videos you can create. The commercial license allows unlimited use.

Can I sell the 3D avatars and videos created in 3D Toonz? 

Yes, 3D Toonz comes with a commercial license that permits you to sell all the characters, assets, videos etc. that you create to clients.

Are the assets and characters 3D Toonz provides copyright-free?

Yes, all the 1 million+ assets including images, videos, audio tracks, characters and more included in 3D Toonz are 100% copyright and royalty-free, so you face no legal issues.

Does 3D Toonz work on mobile?

No, 3D Toonz is a cloud-based software that works only on laptops and desktops right now. There are no mobile apps available currently.

How fast can I download my rendered videos in 3D Toonz?

Video download speed depends on the length, resolution and number of assets. Simple 30-second explainers take just 1-2 mins while 5-minute HD videos may take 10-15 mins to render and download.

Does 3D Toonz integrate with other video editors?

Yes, you can seamlessly import all characters, assets and scenes created in 3D Toonz into external tools like Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro etc. for further advanced editing. 

Do I have to pay monthly for 3D Toonz?

No, 3D Toonz is a one-time payment offer. There are absolutely no recurring monthly fees needed to use this software and all its assets.

What is the best way to make money with 3D Toonz?

Some of the top money-making approaches with 3D Toonz are offering 3D animation services to clients, creating and selling stock assets online, launching a YouTube channel, building funnels with 3D videos, 3D printing merch and offering training courses.

3D Toonz Price 

3D Toonz is currently available for a highly discounted price of $16 as part of the special launch promo offer. 

Originally, this software is valued at $1500 considering market rates for animation services and the amount of time it saves. The one-time price is super affordable considering you get full commercial rights to profit from this for life.

While the launch discount is on, you can grab 3D Toonz for a tiny single payment instead of paying monthly like other services. The price is expected to go up with every sale so it’s better to invest early during this limited period offer.

Compared to hiring video animators which costs thousands per video or attempting complex tools, 3D Toonz provides immense value. Overall, this is a very reasonable price for unlimited access to such a powerful 3D animation suite.

3D Toonz Funnel And Bundle Deal

Along with the main 3D Toonz software package, there are a couple of special bundle options available with huge discounts:

– 3D Toonz Pro Bundle

This offers the 3D Toonz software along with the Gold and Platinum membership upgrades for a discounted bundle price of only $277. 

You get all pro templates, faster rendering, download priority and extra 3D assets.

3D Toonz Mega Bundle 

The mega bundle provides the complete suite of 3D Toonz along with the Gold, Platinum and Diamond upgrades for an ultra-low price of just $777.

This gives you all advanced pro capabilities, maximum assets and lightning-fast rendering for huge videos.

The bundles are only available during this launch offer period and provide up to 50% off compared to getting the upgrades separately later. They are the best value option for power users.

About The Founder – Click Botz

3D Toonz was created by Click Botz – a renowned internet marketer and software developer in the make-money online niche. He has over 3+ years of experience running a successful 6-figure digital business.

Having struggled for years paying thousands to animators and video creators for promotions, Click Botz teamed up with software engineers to build an easy solution for anyone to create 3D animated videos themselves. 

So far Click Botz has served over 10,000+ customers in the last 3 years through his software products and training programs. 

When Was 3D Toonz Launched? 

3D Toonz was launched on 15th Oct @ 11 am EST with a time-limited discounted offer to get maximum benefit during the special launch promo period. 

Once the launch offer ends the price of 3D Toonz will increase so it's best to invest early to get the lowest price possible. 

Initially, 3D Toonz was going to be priced at a monthly subscription model. But for the launch period, it is available as a special one-time offer after which it will revert back to monthly pricing.

Where Can You Get 3D Toonz?

3D Toonz is currently available only on the official sales page.

Get access To 3D Toonz here

 This is the exclusive source where you can access the launch discount offer. 

Due to its unique proprietary technology, 3D Toonz is not available on any third-party marketplaces as of now. The developers want to maintain exclusivity before considering wider distribution options.

Once the launch period is over, the developers may make 3D Toonz available on additional channels. But the only place you are guaranteed to get the lowest launch price is from the official website while this promo offer lasts.

3D Toonz Bonuses

By investing in 3D Toonz during this exclusive launch period, you also get access to some high-value bonus products designed to complement it and take your video creation to the next level:

Bonus 1 – 3D Toonz Video Marketing Suite

A complete video marketing suite featuring tools to help you get more views, leads and sales with video. Includes an AI video creator, automated video commenting, video analytics, channel growth tools and more.

Bonus 2 – 3D Toonz Commercial Asset Bundle

A massive bundle of commercial 3D assets to kickstart your animated video business. Get access to over 500 4K 3D character models, 1000+ scene backgrounds, royalty-free music tracks, SFX packs and editable video templates to scale up production.

Bonus 3 – 3D Toonz Video Hosting & Distribution

Quickly rank videos on Google and auto-distribute your animated videos to top platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok etc. for maximum reach. Video hosting, SEO optimization and social syndication tools to get your videos seen.

Bonus 4 – 3D Toonz Done-For-You Video Templates

100+ professionally designed animated video templates in different niches, styles and formats to create studio-quality 3D animated videos in minutes. Just customize brand details – templates take care of the rest!

Bonus 5 – 3D Toonz AI Content Generator

Produce unlimited descriptions, scripts, meta titles, captions and other content for your 3D animation videos in any niche using advanced AI. Convert content into voiceovers and captions with just a click.

Should You Invest in 3D Toonz?

For anyone looking to leverage the power of 3D animation for their business and marketing without struggling with complicated tools or paying prohibitive fees to designers, 3D Toonz is a must-have solution.

It lets you tap into the lucrative opportunities surrounding 3D videos, characters and assets without requiring any prior skills, making it super easy for beginners. If you are already creating videos, then adding 3D animated elements using this software can help you scale up quality, engagement and profits. 

Considering factors like the immense time and money savings, commercial monetization potential, simplicity of use and results delivered, 3D Toonz provides tremendous value at an affordable price point. 

The developer is also well-known and trusted by thousands of customers. And there is a 30-day refund policy which lets you try out 3D Toonz risk-free. 

Overall, 3D Toonz is a recommended investment for anyone serious about video marketing and animation while the discounted launch price is still available. Once the offer expires, the price will increase so it's best to act fast and take advantage of this deal.

Call To Action

If you are convinced about how 3D Toonz can revolutionize your video marketing and content creation efforts through the power of 3D animation, then visit the official website:

 Click here to get access to 3D Toonz now before this limited-time launch discount ends. 

Investing now will provide you full commercial rights, maximum savings and the free bonus bundle worth over $7,000. 

So don't miss out on this opportunity and take action today to begin creating converting and professional 3D animated videos within minutes using the revolutionary 3D Toonz software!

Wrapping 3D Toonz Review

3D Toonz makes producing stunning 3D animated videos easy for everyone irrespective of technical or design skills thanks to its proprietary AI video engine. It provides unlimited 3D characters, assets, templates, powerful editing tools and commercial monetization rights to maximize value.

With its ability to create studio-quality 3D animation videos in minutes without complicated learning curves, 3D Toonz is a must-have tool for marketers, businesses and content creators. The positive customer response during pre-launch and generous 30-day refund policy also minimize any risk.

So invest in 3D Toonz today while the discounted launch price is still active to enjoy transformative results in your video marketing and content strategy using the futuristic power of AI-based 3D animation.

 Click here to get access to 3D Toonz now before this limited-time launch discount ends. 

Watch 3D Toonz In action below

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