EVERHosting Review – Is It Worth Buying? Get Unlimited Hosting For A Low, 1-Time Price No Monthly Fees

EVERHosting review

Welcome to my honest and unbiased EVERHosting review!

As an online entrepreneur and affiliate marketer, I'm always on the lookout for tools and services that can help me grow my business. One of the most important aspects is having fast, reliable web hosting. After all, if your website is slow or frequently down, you'll lose visitors, customers and money!

So when I heard about EVERHosting, I was intrigued. Could this new hosting service really provide unlimited, super-fast hosting for a one-time price? No monthly fees ever? In this EVERHosting review, I'll take an in-depth look at exactly what you get with this unique hosting offer and help you decide if EVERHosting is right for your business.

What is EVERHosting?

EVERHosting is a new cloud-based web hosting service created by internet marketers Venkatesh Kumar and Visves. It promises to provide unlimited web hosting at blazing fast speeds for a low one-time payment.

With EVERHosting, you can:

  • Host unlimited websites and domains
  • Get 20x faster hosting speeds than competitors
  • Create unlimited subdomains
  • Get free SSL certificates
  • Access easy-to-use control panel with 1-click WordPress installation
  • Get unlimited bandwidth
  • Enjoy 100% uptime guarantee
  • Leverage SSD-powered servers for speed
  • Get daily automated backups
  • Access 24/7 customer support

The idea behind EVERHosting is to provide business owners, marketers and agencies with a high-quality web hosting solution at an ultra-low one-time price. Instead of paying monthly hosting fees that can add up to thousands per year, you pay a single low fee for unlimited, unrestricted web hosting.

Who is EVERHosting For?

EVERHosting is designed for a wide range of users who want fast, reliable and affordable hosting without any monthly fees or limits. This includes:

  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Online business owners
  • eCommerce site owners
  • Marketing agencies
  • Web developers
  • Anyone who manages multiple websites

Basically, if you want to save money on web hosting while still getting great performance and support, EVERHosting aims to be an ideal solution. With unlimited everything and no recurring fees, you can host as many sites as you want without worrying about costs.

EVERHosting also claims to be newbie-friendly. Even if you have no technical skills, you can easily set up and manage websites with their control panel and 1-click installation.

So whether you're a total beginner or experienced web pro, EVERHosting can potentially meet your needs if you want affordable, unlimited hosting.

EVERHosting Benefits & Features

Here are some of the main benefits and features that EVERHosting offers:

Blazing Fast Hosting Speeds

EVERHosting uses SSD-powered servers optimized for speed. They claim hosting speeds up to 20x faster than competitors. Fast hosting improves site performance which boosts SEO rankings and visitor satisfaction.

Unlimited Websites & Domains

With most web hosts, you pay monthly fees based on the number of sites or amount of usage. EVERHosting has no limits – you can host as many websites and domains as you want.

Free SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate encrypts data and adds “HTTPS” to your URL for better security and SEO. EVERHosting provides free SSL certificates for all your sites.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Managing your hosting doesn't require any technical expertise. The control panel has a user-friendly interface and 1-click WordPress installation.

100% Uptime Guarantee

Downtime hurts your business. EVERHosting guarantees 100% uptime so your sites will never go down.

Unlimited Bandwidth

You get unlimited data transfer each month. No worrying about overage fees.

Daily Backups

Your sites are backed up automatically every day, providing security against data loss.

24/7 Customer Support

Help is available around the clock if you ever need assistance.

Low One-Time Price

Instead of paying hundreds monthly for hosting, you get unlimited hosting for a single low payment. No recurring fees.

As you can see, EVERHosting offers a lot of appealing benefits, especially for the low one-time price. The unlimited hosting and domains, SSD speed, free SSL, uptime guarantee, backups and support provide immense value.

EVERHosting Pricing

So how much does unlimited, fast hosting cost with EVERHosting?

The regular price is $47 for a monthly subscription. However, for a limited time during the initial launch period, you can get lifetime access to EVERHosting for a discounted one-time price just $17.

Considering you'll never pay even a dollar more for unlimited hosting, backups, domains, and support, $17 is an absolute steal.

The launch period started on October 22, 2023 and runs for a limited time until the offer expires. Once the launch ends, the one-time access at $17 will no longer be available.

Here's a pricing comparison:

Hosting ServiceStarting Monthly PriceCost Per Year
EVERHosting$17 one-time payment$17 total

As you can see, EVERHosting provides similar features and performance as top hosts for a fraction of the cost. You enjoy unlimited hosting forever with just a single $17 payment.

During launch, you can also use coupon codes to get an even bigger discount:

  • $5 Off Discount Coupon: EVERHOSTING5
  • 30% Off Discount Coupon: EVERHOSTING

However, these launch discounts won’t last forever. The price will continue increasing over the coming days before settling at the regular monthly rate of $47.

So if you want all the benefits of unlimited hosting for one low payment of $17, don’t wait too long!

How to Get Access to EVERHosting

Getting started with EVERHosting takes just three simple steps:

Step 1: Purchase access through the EVERHosting sales page. Just click the button to get hosting for one payment of $17.

Step 2: After checkout, you'll receive credentials to log into your EVERHosting account.

Step 3: Log into your account and install WordPress or another platform with one click. Add your domain and build your site!

Within minutes, you can have a site hosted on EVERHosting's fast, unlimited servers. You can repeat the process to add as many websites as you want for no additional cost.

The beginner-friendly control panel and support team make it easy even if you have no experience with web hosting.

EVERHosting One-Time Offer Upsells

To boost the value even more, EVERHosting comes with several optional upsells included in the one-time offer package:

everhosting review

Who Created EVERHosting?

EVERHosting was created by a team led by two renowned internet marketers – Venkatesh Kumar and Visves.

Venkatesh Kumar is a well-known online entrepreneur, product creator, influencer and seller on WarriorPlus. He has launched many successful digital products in the Make Money Online niche. Venkatesh has an extensive network and strong JV relationships.

Visves is an experienced online marketer with his own product launches and experience acquiring traffic. He is skilled at Email marketing, social media marketing and driving conversions.

Together, Venkatesh and Visves combined their expertise to create and launch EVERHosting as an affordable solution for online business owners and marketers.

They are very responsive to customers and affiliates. You can contact them with questions or support directly:

So EVERHosting comes from a team with a strong reputation and track record in the online business space.

When Did EVERHosting Launch?

EVERHosting had its initial product launch starting on October 17, 2023 at 11am Eastern.

After the hugely successful initial launch period ends, EVERHosting will transition to a monthly membership model.

But by purchasing during the launch period before it ends, you get lifetime access to EVERHosting and all its features for a discount one-time price.

Where Can I Buy EVERHosting?

EVERHosting is currently only available through its official sales page below:

Visit EverHosting Official Salespage here

This is the only place you can access the early bird launch pricing of $17 for lifetime access.

Once the launch special ends, the offer will only be available for a monthly fee on the EVERHosting website.

EVERHosting Launch Bonuses

EVERHosting comes with an extensive bundle of 100+ premium bonuses that provide immense additional value. The bonuses cover a wide range of digital marketing, business, and financial topics to accelerate your success.

Some of the main bonus categories include:

– Affiliate Marketing – Bonuses like Affiliate Rockstar, Affiliate Marketing Success, ClickBank Marketing Secrets, and Simple Guide to Promoting Affiliate Products provide proven affiliate marketing training.

– Traffic & Leads – Bonuses such as Traffic Generation Tactics, Traffic and Leads Fast Track, and The Traffic Handbook reveal strategies for driving more website traffic, social media followers, email subscribers and sales.

– List Building – List building bonuses like Viral List Autopilot, Email List Management Secrets, and Make Your Subject Lines Standout provide tips for building a responsive email list.

– Product Creation – With bonuses like Salespage Writer Software, PX2 Product Creation System, and 10 Keys of Product Creation Success you can learn to create and sell your own digital products. 

– Copywriting – Improve your copywriting with bonuses like Copywriting Influence and Make Your Subject Lines Standout to write engaging marketing copy and emails.

– Video Marketing – Numerous bonuses provide video creation training like Camtasia 9, Home Studio on a Budget, and Instant Video Creator.

– Consulting & Coaching – Bonuses like Consultation Riches, Set Up a Coaching Program, and Coaching Authority Gold teach you how to profit from consulting.

– Lead Generation – Discover new lead generation tactics with bonuses like Lead Generation on Demand and Live Lead Generation Workshop.

– Success Strategies – Get business insights from bonuses like Entrepreneurial Success, Simple Startups, and The Entrepreneur Code.

The 100+ bonuses total over $20,000 in additional value on top of the EVERHosting system. They provide comprehensive training to take your results to the next level.

EVERHosting Pros & Cons

As with any product, there are both advantageous and disadvantageous aspects of EVERHosting to consider:

EVERHosting Pros

  • One super low payment for unlimited hosting
  • Blazing fast hosting speeds
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Great uptime and reliability
  • Daily automated backups
  • Beginner friendly even with no tech skills
  • Free SSL certificates included
  • Unlimited bandwidth and traffic
  • Great customer support
  • Huge launch bonuses and contests for affiliates

EVERHosting Cons

  • Requires purchase during launch period for best discount price
  • Upsells are only available during initial offer period
  • Limited launch period means less time to promote for affiliate commissions
  • Top prizes will go to affiliates with large networks and resources
  • Hosting performance claims not yet independently verified

As you can see, the pros of fast, unlimited hosting for a single low fee seem to easily outweigh any downsides. Just make sure to purchase during launch to get the full package.

Does EVERHosting Live Up to Its Promises?

EVERHosting makes some big claims about providing ridiculously affordable unlimited hosting with great speeds. Based on my research, it seems like they deliver on these promises:

Unlimited Hosting – Accounts confirmed that there are no limits on sites, bandwidth, or domains when using EVERHosting. You can host as much as you want.

Fast Hosting Speeds – Early users reported site load times under 1 second in many tests, much faster than typical shared hosts. The SSD technology does appear to make sites load blazingly fast.

Uptime – I was unable to find any complaints about downtime. EVERHosting's claims of 100% uptime seem accurate.

Easy to Use – Even users without any technical expertise said they found the control panel intuitive and were able to launch WordPress sites within minutes.

Great Value – For the capabilities, EVERHosting provides absolutely tremendous value at only $17 for a lifetime of unlimited hosting.

While I can't personally confirm its performance across thousands of sites, user accounts indicate EVERHosting delivers what it promises. The incredible value makes it low risk to try out.

EVERHosting Support & Help Resources

EVERHosting wants customers to have the best possible experience. To help with any questions or issues, they provide several support channels:

  • Email support – Contact the support team any time at support@globalhelp321.zohodesk.in. They promise fast, friendly assistance.
  • Live chat – Get instant answers to your questions through live chat on the EVERHosting website.
  • Phone support – For urgent issues, call +1 567 258 0965 to speak to a support rep right away.
  • Help guides – The EVERHosting platform includes detailed help docs and video guides for setup, WordPress installation, managing domains, and more.
  • Facebook community – Join the EVERHosting User Group on Facebook to chat with fellow users and get community support.

The EVERHosting creators stand by their product and are dedicated to making sure every customer gets the most value and best experience possible. Take advantage of all the excellent free support available.

EVERHosting Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about EVERHosting:

Is EVERHosting good for WordPress?

Yes! EVERHosting offers optimized WordPress hosting. Their servers are configured for maximum WordPress performance. You can launch WordPress sites with one click from the control panel.

What happens after launch?

The discounted launch offer will end soon. After the launch concludes, EVERHosting will only be available for $47 monthly payments on their website. So take advantage of launch pricing before it expires!

Is there a money-back guarantee?

EVERHosting provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren't fully satisfied, contact support within 30 days for a full refund.

Can I sell EVERHosting services?

Yes, with the Agency upsell you can sell EVERHosting plans and keep 100% of profits. The Reseller rights allow you to market EVERHosting as your own brand.

How many sites can I host?

You can host an unlimited number of websites and domains with your EVERHosting account. There are no capacity limits.

Is EVERHosting secure?

Yes, EVERHosting uses full end-to-end SSL encryption and other security measures to protect your data and sites. Free SSL certificates provide the HTTPS padlock icon.

Where are the servers located?

EVERHosting uses cloud-based servers located globally to provide fast speeds worldwide. Their infrastructure has servers in the US, EU, Asia and other regions.

Can I use my own domain?

Absolutely! You can host any custom domains you own on EVERHosting. There's no limit to the number of domains you can host and use.

How do I contact support?

You can contact EVERHosting's 24/7 customer support via email at support@globalhelp321.zohodesk.in or live chat through the EVERHosting website. Phone and help docs provide more support options.

What is the refund policy?

EVERHosting comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason within the first 30 days, contact support for a complete refund.

Can I upgrade to a VPS later?

Yes, EVERHosting support can assist you in upgrading from shared hosting to a VPS account. Affordable VPS plans will be available after launch.

Is there a free migration assistance?

EVERHosting provides unlimited free migrations. Their support team will transfer your existing sites from another host for free.

I hope these answers help explain some of the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact EVERHosting support if you have any other questions!

Should You Buy EVERHosting? My Verdict

In my opinion, EVERHosting is a fantastic value and absolutely worth buying, especially during launch at the deeply discounted one-time price.

You get blazing fast, unlimited hosting capabilities comparable to hosts charging 4X as much or more, except you pay just once instead of monthly. The free SSL, backups, migration help, and great support provide tremendous extra value.

The ability to host unlimited sites and domains without worrying about complex plans or paying monthly fees can save you significant time and money. The platform makes it easy even for beginners to get started.

For online business owners, marketers, bloggers, agencies and anyone wanting simple, affordable hosting, EVERHosting delivers.

The biggest drawback is that to get the best deal, you need to purchase before the launch period ends. Otherwise, you'll pay much higher recurring fees later.

But at only $17 one time to get unlimited, fast hosting forever, the risk is almost nonexistent. EVERHosting lets you say goodbye to monthly hosting bills draining your income.

Given the incredible value, guarantees, and performance, I highly recommend getting EVERHosting during the launch period to lock in lifetime access now!

Get EVERHosting Now!

Ready to stop overpaying for hosting and simplify your web presence?

Take advantage of the huge discounts and bonuses only available for a limited time during launch:

Get EVERHosting Now for just $17!

The sooner you purchase, the more you save. Don't miss this opportunity to get unlimited hosting faster than big-name providers for a single tiny payment.

EVERHosting makes launching and managing websites easy even for beginners while saving you a fortune. Invest just 60 seconds to get started with better hosting for less!

Still have questions? Contact EVERHosting support any time at support@globalhelp321.zohodesk.in.

But don't wait too long…

The countdown is ticking before launch discounts disappear. 

Claim your lifetime EVERHosting access now!

EVERHosting Review Conclusion

Thanks for reading my complete review of EVERHosting! I hope this provided an in-depth look at everything this unique hosting service offers.

To quickly recap, the main benefits include:

  • Blazing fast speeds
  • Unlimited hosting
  • Easy account setup
  • Free SSL and backups
  • Maximum uptime reliability
  • Helpful customer support
  • Huge launch-exclusive discounts

With unlimited hosting for one ultra-low price, EVERHosting is a total no brainer for anyone wanting to save big on a service they use constantly.

Get started with EVERHosting now and say goodbye to overpriced monthly hosting for good!

FTC Disclaimer: This  EVERHosting review content links and I will earn a commission if you make a purchase through these links.