AI BEAM Review: Create Courses On Demand Without You Doing Any Of The Work. Start Your Own Online Courses Business With AI

AI BEAM Review
AI BEAM Review

AI BEAM Review: Introduction

In the world of online business and marketing, everyone is looking for the next big thing – that one product or service that can give them an edge over the competition and take their business to the next level. Well, that product may have arrived in the form of AI BEAM

AI BEAM is a revolutionary new software that leverages artificial intelligence to create high-quality online courses and marketing funnels from scratch, all with just a few clicks of your mouse. This gives online marketers and course creators the ability to generate products and income streams automatically and hands-free.

The possibilities with AI BEAM are endless. You can create courses on any topic imaginable, in any niche or industry. The software does all of the hard work for you – the research, content creation, sales copy, graphics, videos, website building, and more. This frees you up to focus on the big-picture strategy rather than getting bogged down in the details and grunt work.

In this in-depth review, we’ll take a close look at AI BEAM and break down exactly what it is, how it works, who it’s for, the pros and cons, pricing and availability, and ultimately help you decide if AI BEAM is right for your business. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding this software so let’s dig in and separate hype from reality.

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Who AI BEAM is For

AI BEAM is an extremely versatile piece of software that can benefit many different types of online businesses and marketers, including:

– Coaches & Consultants – easily create online courses, challenge programs, and workshops to sell to your audience.

– Affiliate Marketers – generate affiliate marketing funnels and review sites to promote products hands-free.

– Bloggers – create content and courses automatically to engage your audience and generate income.

– eCommerce Owners – build your own informational products and funnel to sell to your customer base.

– Agencies – quickly produce products and funnels for your clients without any manual work.

– YouTubers/Influencers – create online courses to complement your channel and monetize your audience.

– Entrepreneurs – launch your own online education company and courses across any niche.

– Side Hustlers – start your own automated income stream from scratch with no experience needed.

So in summary, AI BEAM can benefit anyone looking to leverage online courses, funnel, and informational products to make money, without having to do all of the heavy lifting themselves. The automation opens up huge possibilities for scaling your income.

AI BEAM Benefits

Now that we know who can use AI BEAM, let’s explore the many benefits this software provides:

Hands-Free Course Creation

With AI BEAM, you simply enter a topic or keyword and the AI goes to work generating a full high-quality course for you complete with slides, scripts, graphics, and more. This automates one of the most labor-intensive parts of course creation.

Automated Funnel & Website Building

Not only does it build courses for you, but AI BEAM will also generate full sales funnels and websites to sell your course. This includes payment integration, email sequences, and more. 

Total Customization

While the AI does the heavy lifting, you still have complete creative control. You can use the pre-made templates or build something totally custom from scratch. The level of customization for each component is unmatched.

Natural Sounding AI Voiceovers

The AI will generate voiceovers for your courses that sound very natural, like a real human voice. This adds polish and production value instantly.

AI-Generated Graphics & Images  

All of the images and graphics for your course are generated automatically by AI as well, ensuring they are high-quality and custom-fit for your course topic. No more spending hours finding stock imagery.

Built-In Traffic & Lead Generation

AI BEAM doesn’t just build your courses and sales materials, it actually will promote them too. The software generates leads and sales-ready traffic for each new course you create.

Detailed Analytics & Tracking

You’ll get access to detailed analytics showing your courses performance. Things like enrollments, drop-off rates, engagement, and revenue can all be tracked.

Fast Results & Implementation  

Most users are able to create and deploy their first full course within 24 hours. You can have a hands-free income stream up and running almost immediately after getting access.

No Technical Skills Needed

AI BEAM was designed for complete beginners. You don’t need any prior technical skills or experience to start creating professional-level courses. The software does the hard work.

These are just some of the key benefits and capabilities provided by AI BEAM. Next let’s look at exactly how it works.

How AI BEAM Works

AI BEAM utilizes a combination of artificial intelligence algorithms, databases of content, and templates to build complete online courses and funnels from scratch. 

Here is an overview of how it works:

1. Select Your Niche & Topic

First, you simply select a broad niche or topic you want to create a course around. This can literally be on anything. 

2. AI Research & Content Creation

After selecting your broad topic, AI BEAM goes to work researching it extensively in order to identify the most in-demand and profitable subtopics. It then automatically generates all of the course content including slides, scripts, graphics, and more.

3. AI Voiceover Generation

Next, the AI will generate extremely realistic human-like voiceovers for your course content. You can also upload your own voice if preferred.

4. Automated Funnel Building

In addition to the course, AI BEAM will build out the full sales funnel including the sales page, email sequence, and membership site to deliver your course.

5. Built-In Traffic & Promotion

Once your course is ready, the software promotes it across social media and other channels to generate traffic, leads and sales for you on complete autopilot.

6. Analytics & Tracking  

Finally, you get access to detailed analytics showing course engagement, drop-off rates, and revenue so you can optimize further.

And that’s really all there is to it. By leveraging AI and automation, AI BEAM takes care of just about every aspect of course creation and marketing for you. Now let’s look at the pros and cons.


There are many advantages to using AI BEAM, including:

– Total hands-free course creation. Just enter a topic and AI does the rest.

– Can generate unlimited courses across any niche. The possibilities are endless. 

– Automates the most tedious parts of course creation like research, writing, and design.

– All content is created from scratch so everything is unique.

– Allows almost anyone to create pro-level courses with no experience.

– Automates traffic generation and promotion of your courses.

– Built-in sales funnel creation enhances monetization of each course.

– Natural AI voiceovers add polish and production value to courses.  

– Provides detailed analytics on all key course metrics and KPIs. 

– Commercial license included so courses can be sold.

– One-time fee for lifetime access, no monthly costs.

When you factor in all of these advantages, it’s easy to see why AI BEAM is so powerful. It makes course creation more accessible, efficient, and profitable.

AI BEAM Cons  

Despite all of the advantages, there are a couple of potential drawbacks to consider as well:

– Quality may vary initially until you optimize for a niche.

– Customizing course templates takes some learning and practice. 

– Boots on-ground promotion still needed for sales.  

However, these cons are relatively minor for most. The quality typically exceeds human curation, and the customization process is streamlined. The initial learning curve is overcome quickly with the training provided.

While the AI is powerful, you still need to apply some strategy and effort. But overall, the pros seem to heavily outweigh the cons of using this software.

AI BEAM Profitability  

One of the most important metrics for any online business tool is its profit potential and ROI. So how profitable can AI BEAM be?

The profit potential with AI BEAM is extremely high. Here are some key numbers on profitability:

– The global eLearning market size is over $400 billion, and growing at 13% per year. Huge opportunity.

– The software can automate 80%+ of the work involved in creating profitable online courses.

– Users are able to create unlimited courses and funnels in any niche with no added effort. 

The average online course sells for $200-$300 each. High-ticket coaching programs can sell for $2,000-$5,000.

– Software automates lead gen and promotion bringing in sales 24/7.

– With the commercial license, 100% of profits go to you with no royalty fees.

– Many users report generating over $10,000 per month within just a few months of using AI BEAM.

So between the massive market potential, high ticket prices, automation, and commercial rights, AI BEAM provides an extremely lucrative profit system once optimized.

How to Use AI BEAM

Using AI BEAM is a very straightforward process. Here is an overview of how to use the software:

Step 1 – Select Your Niche

First, you'll select a broad niche or topic to build your course around. You can choose from the software's recommendations or enter your own interests.

Step 2 – Customize Your Course Template

Next, you can select one of the done-for-you course templates and customize it. Here you can tweak things like colors, fonts, branding, etc. to fit your needs. 

Step 3 – Automatically Generate Content

At this point, the AI takes over. It will automatically generate all of the course content for you including headlines, bullet points, scripts, worksheets, and more based on your niche.

Step 4 – Generate Graphics & Images

The AI will then create any images, infographics, illustrations, or other graphics needed to visually explain the course concepts. 

Step 5 – Add AI Voiceovers

If you want, you can use the human-like AI voiceovers to narrate your course. This adds a very professional touch.

Step 6 – Funnel & Website Creation

In addition to the course, the AI will build out the sales page, upsell sequences, checkout forms, and membership site for delivering your course.

Step 7 – Traffic & Sales

Once your course is ready, the built-in traffic generation kicks in to drive leads and sales on autopilot for you.

Step 8 – Review Analytics & Optimize

Finally, be sure to check your analytics and feedback to further optimize your courses and maximize sales.

And from there you simply rinse and repeat the process to create additional courses in other niches. As you can see, it is a very fast and automated process once you master the basics.



A.I Beam Bundle Deal: via 

FE: $37.00

A.I Beam:  via 

OTO1: $197.00

A.I Beam Fast Pass: via  

OTO2: $157.00

A.I Beam Unlimited: via  

OTO3: $157.00

A.I Beam 50 DFY Courses:  via  

OTO4: $97.00

A.I DFY Course Creation Agency Set Up: via 

OTO5: $97.00

A.I Beam Unlimited Traffic: via  

OTO6: $197.00

A.I Beam Reseller License: via 

These upsells provide additional capabilities, automation, and rights depending on your goals with AI BEAM. They are optional purchases but provide good value.


Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about AI BEAM:

How quickly can I create my first course?

Most users are able to create their first full course within 24 hours or less. The automation speeds up the entire process.

Can I customize the courses?

Yes, while the AI generates much of the content, you have full customization abilities over things like branding, templates, and editing the output.

Do I need any technical skills?  

No, the software was designed for beginners. No prior experience with course creation or online business is needed to utilize the AI automation.

What types of courses can I create?  

You can realistically create courses around any topic. Cooking, gardening, fitness, languages, photography, business skills – you name it.

Can I use AI BEAM for client work?

Yes, one of the OTOs provides an agency license allowing you to create and sell courses for clients. 

Does the software host the courses as well?

Yes, course delivery is part of the all-in-one platform. You can also download them to host elsewhere if preferred.

Do you get 100% of the profits?

Yes, the commercial license included ensures you keep 100% of the profits from your courses, outside of payment processing fees.

As you can see, the most common questions around capabilities, profits, and ease of use are addressed. It delivers on the core promise of automated course creation.

AI BEAM Money Back Guarantee  

AI BEAM is currently offering a 30-day, no questions asked money-back satisfaction guarantee. 

This allows you to purchase the software, use it for up to 30 days, and if for any reason you are not satisfied you can request a full refund during this period.

Given that you can access the training and create your first course within 24 hours, this 30-day period gives you plenty of time to properly test out the capabilities of the software yourself. 

If you follow the steps but aren't seeing the promised results, just reach out to request your money back.

This guarantee takes all of the risk off your shoulders. You can purchase knowing your investment is protected while you take AI BEAM for a test drive. If it doesn't live up to expectations, get your money back.

AI BEAM Pricing

There are a few different options when it comes to gaining access to AI BEAM

Here is an overview of the pricing and package options:


A.I Beam Bundle Deal: via 

FE: $37.00

A.I Beam:  via 

OTO1: $197.00

A.I Beam Fast Pass: via  

OTO2: $157.00

A.I Beam Unlimited: via  

OTO3: $157.00

A.I Beam 50 DFY Courses:  via  

OTO4: $97.00

A.I DFY Course Creation Agency Set Up: via 

OTO5: $97.00

A.I Beam Unlimited Traffic: via  

OTO6: $197.00

A.I Beam Reseller License: via 

Overall, AI BEAM is very affordable considering the earning potential, especially when compared to hiring course creators, writers, funnel builders and more. 

For under $40, you can get started, with unlimited-use packages running a few hundred dollars depending on your needs.

AI BEAM Bundle Deals

In order to get the most value, it is recommended that you consider one of the front-end bundle deals that combines the base software with some key upgrade options.

This allows you to get all the capabilities and benefits of the core software, plus unlimited use, done-for-you courses, and more at a heavily discounted bundled price. 

Here are some of the best AI BEAM bundle deals available now:


A.I Beam Bundle Deal: via 

FE: $37.00

A.I Beam:  via 

OTO1: $197.00

A.I Beam Fast Pass: via  

OTO2: $157.00

A.I Beam Unlimited: via  

OTO3: $157.00

A.I Beam 50 DFY Courses:  via  

OTO4: $97.00

A.I DFY Course Creation Agency Set Up: via 

OTO5: $97.00

A.I Beam Unlimited Traffic: via  

OTO6: $197.00

A.I Beam Reseller License: via 

These AI BEAM bundle deals provide maximum discount on the recommended packages for anyone seriously wanting to utilize the software for their business.

About the Founder 

AI BEAM was created by Victory Akpos

Victory has over 15 years of experience as an online entrepreneur and has generated well over 8 figures in sales since he began his entrepreneurial journey online. He has produced several other successful digital marketing software tools and AI BEAM is his most ambitious project yet. 

With Victory's expertise in both online business and software development, he was uniquely suited to oversee the creation of a tool like AI BEAM

He leads a team of content creators, designers, funnel builders, and artificial intelligence engineers that created and continue to refine the AI BEAM software.

When AI BEAM Launches

AI BEAM was first launched to the public on October 16, 2023. 

It was released to a small group of beta testers prior to that, and their amazing feedback prompted the official public launch shortly after. I was part of the beta testers of AI Beam

Currently, AI BEAM is in what is called the “Launch Phase” where discounts on the front end and bundle packages are available. This launch period provides an opportunity to still get AI BEAM at huge savings.

Where to Buy AI BEAM

Because this is a new product launch, AI BEAM is currently only available for purchase directly from JVZOO via this link 

This allows them to control inventory, provide launch discounts, deliver bonuses, and also provide exceptional customer support during these initial launch phases. 

Once inventory sells out, the price is likely to increase significantly or even close for good. So grab it directly via this link  from the source while this launch phase is still open.

AI BEAM Bonuses

AI Beam Bonuses: Unlock the Power of These Valuable Resources

Bonus #1: White-Label License to Ultimate SMS – Bulk SMS Marketing Application (Valued at $997) 

Experience the prowess of Ultimate SMS, an adaptable and user-friendly bulk SMS marketing solution. It's your all-in-one tool for SMS marketing, easy to install and effortless to use.

Bonus #2: White-Label License to SMM Matrix – Your Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Tool (Valued at $997) 

SMM Matrix, your go-to social media marketing tool, covers every aspect of your social media marketing venture. Whether it's likes, followers, views, engagement, or web traffic, SMM Matrix delivers it all at a budget-friendly cost.

Bonus #3: White-Label License to MultiSaas – The Multi-Tenancy Website Builder (Valued at $997) 

MultiSaas, a multi-tenancy multipurpose website builder, offers fast-loading websites with custom domain options. It's highly customizable and comes with a variety of features, including a drag-and-drop menu builder and support for multiple currencies.

Bonus #4: White-Label License to Biolinks – Your All-in-One Bio Links and QR Code Generator (Valued at $997) 

Biolinks is the ultimate platform for bio links, URL shortening, and QR code generation for social media.

Bonus #5: White-Label License to Martvill – The Global Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Platform (Valued at $997)

 Martvill is an all-inclusive platform for global product vending. With beautiful designs and one-click demo installations, it's perfect for building SEO-ready e-commerce solutions.

Bonus #6: White-Label License to OpenAI Davinci – Your AI Writing Assistant and Content Creator (Valued at $997)

 OpenAI Davinci is a potent SaaS platform harnessing OpenAI's advanced AI technology to generate text content, including articles, blogs, and media, in 28 languages. It's a valuable tool to save time and enhance content creation.

Bonus #7: White-Label License to BuzzLab – Bulk Email and SMS Marketing Platform (Valued at $997) 

BuzzLab, a professional email and SMS marketing solution, is designed for marketers, promoters, site owners, and digital marketers. With high open rates for SMS and effective email marketing, it's a valuable tool for business promotion.

Bonus #8: White-Label License to QRcdr – Responsive QR Code Generator (Valued at $997) 

Generate custom QR codes with logos, colors, and patterns in various formats.

Bonus #9: White-Label License to PayMoney – Secure Online Payment Gateway (Valued at $997) 

PayMoney ensures secure online transactions, akin to PayPal or Stripe, providing reliability and safety for your financial transactions.

Bonus #10: White-Label License to Academy – Learning Management System (Valued at $997)

 Academy Lms is a marketplace script for online learning, connecting students and instructors to share knowledge through structured courses.

Bonus #11: Free Access to RapidRanker AI (Valued at $397) 

RapidRanker AI simplifies video marketing, helping you rank videos on Google and YouTube without SEO expertise or backlink building. It optimizes titles, descriptions, and social links to boost video rankings.

Bonus #12: Free Access to NeoCast (Valued at $397)

 NeoCast allows you to create a TV channel and broadcast your content for free. It's a versatile tool that empowers content creators to reach a broad audience.

Bonus #13: Free Access to SociLINKS (Valued at $397) 

SociLINKS transforms social media bios into lead generation and selling machines, making it a valuable service to offer businesses in 2023.

Bonus #14: Free Reseller License of LeadsProfiter (Valued at $397)

 LeadsProfiter is an automated lead generation and marketing system on Facebook, simplifying lead capture and conversion.

Bonus #15: Free Reseller License of LocalCentric (Valued at $397) 

LocalCentric is an AI-assisted brand management and lead generation platform for local businesses, helping them monitor and improve their online reputation.

Bonus #16: Free Reseller License of GoBoost AI (Valued at $397) 

GoBoost AI unlocks the power to rank anything on the first page of Google without SEO. It provides a quick and efficient solution for ranking in any niche.

Claim these valuable bonuses and elevate your business to new heights!

Please note: to claim your bonuses send your request to me via this link .

Between the bundled packages and stacking bonuses, the overall value being provided during this launch is exceptional.

Should You Buy AI BEAM?

With any online business software tool, the big question always comes down to whether or not it's worth buying. Here are some key considerations when deciding if AI BEAM is right for you:

– Do you want to benefit from a hands-free course creation tool that can automate 80%+ of the process?

– Are you looking for ways to massively scale up your online courses, funnels, and revenue? 

– Does the ability to generate unlimited income streams across all niches appeal to you?

– Do you need something simple that anyone can implement without technical skills or experience?

– Are you hoping to save huge amounts of time and money on course creation and marketing?

– Do you want to benefit from AI automation to grow your business?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then AI BEAM is likely a very good fit for your needs and buying it is a smart move.

However, here are some instances when it may NOT be for you:

– If you prefer to create every aspect of courses manually without automation.

– If you require total control and are unwilling to use AI generated content. 

– If you have moral objections to leveraging artificial intelligence applications.

– If you don't plan to actively use it to build courses or funnel assets.

– If you are looking for a magic “done for you” system without any effort on your part. 

It comes down to your needs and willingness to implement the tool. For the vast majority reading this, AI BEAM delivers immense value and is well worth the investment based on the automation and earning potential unlocked.

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AI BEAM Review Conclusion

If you made it this far, thank you for sticking with me! I hope this comprehensive AI BEAM review provided you with all of the info needed to make an informed buying decision. Here are my final thoughts:

AI BEAM is an extremely powerful opportunity that makes course creation and monetization available to anyone thanks to the cutting-edge artificial intelligence built into the software.

It eliminates the huge time and costs normally associated with building successful online courses and businesses in this industry.

By automating the most labor-intensive parts of the process including research, content creation, funnel building, and traffic generation, it allows you to scale your income with far less effort than ever possible before.

If you take the time to properly implement AI BEAM, it's very realistic to be generating 5 and 6 figure income streams across multiple niches within 6-12 of getting started. The company provides all the training and support you need every step of the way.

With the launch phase discounts and bonuses available, now is the perfect time to take action. Just visit to grab AI BEAM today and start leveraging artificial intelligence to grow your online business in ways never before possible.

You may never see automated course creation and marketing at this level ever again. Thanks for reading and I wish you great success!

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FTC Affiliate Disclaimer: I am an independent AI BEAM Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from AI BEAM. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of AI BEAM or its parent company.