Majestic Review: An App That Allows Us To Hijack Any YouTuber’s Videos… And Turn Them into Our “Income Streams” Paying Us $16.67 Daily Non-Stop.

Majestic Review


In the world of online business and affiliate marketing, everyone is looking for the next big thing – a product that can help them shortcut the learning curve, skip the hard work, and start making money on autopilot. 

That next big thing is here, and it's called Majestic

Created by Venkata Ramana, Majestic is an AI-powered software that allows you to legally hijack YouTube videos and turn them into passive income streams without any extra work. Keep reading this in-depth Majestic review to learn how it works, who it's for, the pros and cons, and whether it's worth buying.

Who is Majestic For?

Majestic is perfect for:

– Affiliate marketers looking for hands-off traffic and commissions

– People without experience who want to make money online fast  

– Anyone who wants to profit from YouTube without making videos

– People who don't have time to create content or run a business

– People looking for a way to make money that takes less than a minute per day

With Majestic, you don't need any prior experience, skills, or knowledge. The AI software does all the heavy lifting for you, so you can profit without any real work.

As long as you can copy and paste a YouTube video link, Majestic can turn it into an automated income stream for you. It's ideal for beginners through advanced marketers.

Benefits of Majestic

There are many benefits to using Majestic as your passive income solution:

Hands-free Automation

The biggest benefit is that Majestic runs 100% on autopilot. After a simple 3-click setup, the AI software does everything for you automatically. You don't have to create videos, build an audience, or market anything.

Majestic hijacks popular YouTube videos with millions of built-in viewers and redirects that traffic to your affiliate links or offers. You make money while doing nothing.

Built-In Traffic

You'll never have to worry about getting traffic again. Majestic taps into YouTube's billions of daily views, so you get access to unlimited free viral traffic on complete autopilot.

You can leverage videos in any niche and profit from channels with millions of subscribers without doing any work yourself.

Passive Income

Because everything runs on autopilot, the income Majestic generates is completely passive. You can be sleeping, on vacation, or playing with your kids, and you'll still be making money from the software.

All you have to do is check your PayPal or payment account to see your ever-growing commissions. Majestic puts your income on autopilot.


No prior experience, technical skills, or learning is required. Majestic walks you through the simple setup step-by-step. After that, you never have to touch the software again.

Majestic is designed for complete beginners. As long as you can click a button and copy/paste a link, you can profit.

No Recurring Fees 

Majestic is a one-time purchase, so you don't have to worry about any monthly fees. Just pay once to get lifetime access.

For those on a budget, this single small payment makes Majestic very accessible. You can start profiting without recurrent costs.

24/7 Income Potential

One of the best parts about Majestic is that it works 24/7. It never sleeps or takes a day off, which allows you to maximize your earning potential.

The software runs continuously in the background, hijacking more and more videos, driving viral traffic, and depositing commission after commission into your account. 

YouTube is Massive

YouTube gets over 2 billion logged-in users every month. That's an enormous traffic source that you can tap into with Majestic

No matter what niche you're in, there is a hungry audience for it on YouTube that Majestic allows you to access, for free.

Majestic saves you all the time, money, and effort it would take to build an audience of that size yourself.

Proven Method  

Majestic isn't some experimental software. It uses a proven method of hijacking traffic from authority sites and repurposing it.

For example, in the past, marketers have hijacked traffic from sites like CNN, Forbes, and more to profit. Majestic does the same with YouTube. 

The concept has been proven to work flawlessly, and now Majestic automates it.

500%+ Profit Potential

Beta-testers and people who gained early access to Majestic before its launch were able to bank 500%+ profits after setup.

Results aren't typical, but the profit potential is real. Majestic put your earnings on autopilot once configured.

This isn't some theoretical opportunity either. The software is launching with a 15-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free.

Cons of Majestic

Majestic has a lot of advantages, but a few potential drawbacks include:

One-Time Offer

Right now, Majestic is only available as a one-time offer. Once the launch period ends, the price will increase substantially.

If you snooze on it now, you may end up paying 10X more for access later – or simply miss out for good. Now is definitely the best time to buy.

Not For Video Lovers

If you enjoy making videos and YouTube content, Majestic may not be for you. It's designed for people who want automated income without creating their own videos.

You'll be profiting from other people's content instead. But if you love video production, you may prefer a different software.

Requires Payment

Obviously, because this is commercial software, you do have to pay to access Majestic. It's not free. However, it's very affordably priced, especially considering the profit potential.

You can always request a refund within 14 days if you're not satisfied, so there's minimal risk in trying Majestic out.

How Majestic Works

Majestic uses artificial intelligence (AI) to fully automate 3 simple steps:

Step 1: You connect Majestic to your YouTube account via API 

Step 2: You provide Majestic with any YouTube video link you want to hijack

Step 3: Majestic hijacks the video's traffic and redirects it to any offer you select

The AI handles everything, from picking out the most profitable YouTube videos to analyze, all the way to driving targeted traffic to your offers and increasing your sales.

You basically put the entire process on autopilot. Then you can sit back as Majestic works 24/7 to grow your profits.

It only takes about 56 seconds to complete the initial setup. After that, you're able to walk away while Majestic keeps making you passive commissions on complete autopilot. 

The developer made sure it's newbie-friendly, so no learning curve is required.

How Profitable is Majestic? 

During beta testing, users were able to generate $456.67 per day in passive profits with Majestic after a simple setup. But results will vary depending on factors like:

– Your niche

– Offers you promote

– Initial video selected

– Authority of video creator

On average, beta users saw a 498% increase in their earnings after implementing Majestic. Some made their first sale within minutes of setting it up.

Because Majestic taps into YouTube's multi-billion dollar traffic source, the profit potential is almost unlimited. There are viral videos in every niche driving millions of views per day.

Even if you hijack a video getting ‘only' 100,000 views, and convert at a 0.5% rate, that's still 500 clicks per day. If just 2% of those clicks convert into $50 sales, you're looking at $500 per day in profit.

As you can see, even low conversion rates still equal insane profits thanks to the massive traffic source. With Majestic, you'd have to try hard not to make money.

It puts your income on autopilot. And the developer is also offering a $300 “you FAILED” guarantee where they'll pay you if you don't profit.

Majestic OTOs & Upsells

Along with the front-end offer, there will be several optional upsells available:

Majestic – Core$16.97
Majestic – Core + Fast Servers Add On$26.94
Majestic – Unlimited$37.97
Majestic Unlimited – Discount$27.97
Majestic – DFY$197.00
Majestic DFY – Discount$67.00
Majestic – Automation$37.97
Majestic Automation – Discount$27.97
Majestic – Machine Edition$197.00
Majestic Machine Edition – Discount$67.00
Majestic – DFY Campaigns$197.00
Majestic DFY Campaigns – Discount$67.00
Majestic – Agency/Reseller$47.00
Majestic Agency/Reseller – Discount$37.00
Majestic – Bundle$37.97
Majestic Bundle – Discount$27.97
Majestic OTOs & Upsells

OTO 1 – Majestic Unlimited

The Pro edition of Majestic that unlocks unlimited traffic and profits. Lets you hijack unlimited videos for max earnings.

OTO 2 – Majestic Automator

Automates traffic and lead generation by allowing you to schedule video hijacks. Never have to log into Majestic again. 

OTO 3 – Agency License 

Allows you to sell Majestic access and keep 100% of the profits. Perfect for anyone wanting to build an agency business.

OTO 4 – Reseller License

Gives you permission to sell Majestic as your own product and keep 100% of the money. The ultimate business-in-a-box.

OTO 5 – Majestic Masterclass

Step-by-step video training on maximizing your profits with Majestic. Great for beginners who want a blueprint to follow.

Majestic Money-back Guarantee

One of the best parts about Majestic is the 90-day money-back guarantee that comes with it.

This allows you to buy with total confidence today knowing your investment is completely risk-free.

If for any reason Majestic doesn't work for you, or if you simply fail to profit from it, you can request a refund within 90 days to get all your money back. 

Most products in this niche only offer 30 days at best. The extra long 90-day period shows how confident the developer is in Majestic.

On top of that, they are also offering a $300 “you FAILED” bonus. 

So if you request a refund because you didn't profit, Majestic will send you $300 just as a thank you for taking it for a test run.

This makes your purchase 100% risk-free. Either you profit, or you get your money back plus $300 extra.

Majestic Pricing

Right now, during the special launch period, Majestic is available for a one-time price of just $16.97. 

Considering most software in this niche costs $47-$97 upfront, the discounted launch price makes Majestic very affordable.

Especially when you consider your profit potential is hundreds or thousands per day.

However, this rock-bottom pricing won't last forever. Once the timer on the sales page expires, the cost to buy Majestic will jump to $97.

So if you wait and end up paying 10X more later, don't say you weren't warned. Now is definitely the best time to invest in Majestic while it's at its lowest price point.

You get instant lifetime access to Majestic plus all the vendor bonuses for just $16.97 today. No recurring fees or hidden costs either.

Majestic Bundle Deal

Along with front-end access to Majestic, you also get these free bonuses (total combined value of $8,652):

– Lazy Affiliate Blueprint 

– Paycheck Multiplier

– Perpetual Authority System

– Crypto Affiliate System  

– 9-5 Eliminator

– Traffic Machines

– Turn Words Into Cash

– Autopilot Commissions 

– 1 Week Moolah

– Traffic Hijacker

These bonus products perfectly complement Majestic to help maximize your income even faster.

You get 24/7 tech support, Majestic mobile access, DFY affiliate templates, and over 10 hours of step-by-step video training on top of that.

Everything you could ever need to profit with Majestic is included in this exclusive bundle deal.

Visit Majestic sales page here now to get started

Who Created Majestic?  

Majestic was created by Venkata Ramana from the Innovative Digital Group team. They specialize in AI-powered software designed to automate online profits.

Ramana has over 5 years of experience making money online, working with traffic, and developing cutting-edge marketing apps. He saw an opportunity with YouTube and built Majestic to take advantage of it.

Now anyone can leverage this golden opportunity to profit from YouTube without being a video creator themselves.

Majestic Launch Details

– Launch Date: October 11, 2022

– Launch Time: 11:00am EST

– Launch Platform: WarriorPlus

– Sales Page:

During the first 5 days of the launch period, Majestic will be available for its lowest discounted price.

After day 5 ends, the price will increase permanently. So early-bird buyers will lock in the lowest cost along with maximum potential profits.

Majestic Bonuses & Features 

As mentioned earlier, everyone who purchases Majestic during launch will also gain access to over $8,000 worth of vendor bonuses, including:

– Done-For-You Affiliate Templates 

– 24/7 Customer Support

Majestic Mobile App

– 100+ DFY Campaigns

– Lazy Affiliate Blueprint

– Underground Traffic Hacks 

– No Technical Skills Needed 

– Newbie-Friendly Step-By-Step Training

– Money-Back Guarantee

– Automated Sales Funnel

– Unlimited Free Traffic

Plus much more. The complete Majestic package is designed to shortcut your learning curve while maximizing your profits.

Should You Buy Majestic?

If making completely hands-off commissions from YouTube without any real “work” sounds appealing, then Majestic is perfect for you.

For anyone struggling to profit online, failing with other software, or simply lacking time, Majestic delivers results.

Thanks to the generous refund policy, you can buy risk-free today and request your money back if it doesn't work for you.

However, considering Majestic takes just minutes to set up and runs 100% on autopilot, chances are extremely high that it will work flawlessly for you.

If you're ready to put your income on autopilot and want to leverage YouTube to grow your bank account for you, Majestic is a no-brainer investment.

Visit Majestic sales page here now to get started

Conclusion on Majestic Review

Tapping into YouTube's multi-billion dollar traffic supply allows you to profit in almost any niche imaginable with just a few clicks.

No more wasting time creating content or paying for ads. Majestic provides unlimited free viral traffic on demand.

The profit potential is incredible, but so is the risk-free guarantee. You can try Majestic for a full 90 days to see for yourself how much money it makes you hands-free.

Take advantage of the rock-bottom launch pricing and huge bonus package to maximize value.  

Visit Majestic sales page here now to get started

Watch Majestic Video below:

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