Ecoverly Review: Design Impressive 3D Animated eCovers in 5 Minutes! Whether You are Newbie or Not

Ecoverly Review: Design Impressive 3D Animated eCovers in 5 Minutes!
Ecoverly Review: Design Impressive 3D Animated eCovers in 5 Minutes!

Ecoverly Review: Design Impressive 3D Animated eCovers in 5 Minutes!


eCoverly is an exciting new cloud-based software that allows anyone to easily create stunning animated 3D ecovers for their digital products including ebooks, courses, software, podcasts, and more. 

With eCoverly, you can take your boring old static 2D ebook covers and transform them into attention-grabbing animated 3D ecovers in just minutes without any design skills required.

This revolutionary new technology is going to be a total game-changer for authors, marketers, coaches, course creators, and anyone selling information products online.

An eye-catching ecover is vitally important because it's the first thing a potential customer sees and it helps sell your product. But creating animated 3D ecovers has always been a complex, expensive, and time-consuming process until now. 

eCoverly makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to create animated 3D ecovers from their library of done-for-you templates complete with 3D models of books, laptops, tablets and more.

You simply customize it with your own text, images and colors to match your brand and niche. Then with one click, export your professional quality animated 3D ecover masterpiece. 

It's that fast and simple!

This groundbreaking new technology is going to help anyone selling ebooks, courses, coaching programs and digital info products stand out, boost engagement by up to 451%, and sell more of their products as a result.

So, if you’re ready to take your ecovers from boring to BUYING like never before, then read on for our full in-depth review of everything eCoverly has to offer.

Who Can Benefit From eCoverly?

eCoverly is perfect for anyone who sells digital information products like:

– eBooks

– Online Courses 

– Coaching Programs

– Software

– Video Tutorial Products

– Podcasts

– Membership Sites

– Cheat Sheets

– Checklists

– Templates

– Printables

– Reports

– Manuals

Whether you're an author, coach, trainer, marketer, podcaster, blogger or entrepreneur who sells digital products online, eCoverly will help you create animated 3D ecovers that boost sales and engagement.

The days of static flat 2D ebook covers that blend into the background are OVER. eCoverly lets you easily create ecovers that jump off the page, tell a story, and highlight the benefits of your product through animation.

For example, if you sell a weight loss ebook, you could have an animated 3D ecover with a model losing weight over time. For a business course, you can showcase an office environment coming to life. The possibilities are endless!

Animated ecovers will make any digital product stand out on sales pages, social media, advertisements, and anywhere you promote your product. The unique motion effect compels viewers to stop and take notice. 

So anyone selling information products digitally can benefit from eCoverly to boost sales, build their brand, and create viral buzz on social media. It’s a game-changing technology that makes you look like a professional designer!

eCoverly Benefits and Features

Here are some of the main benefits and features you’ll get access to with eCoverly:

🎨 40+ Done-For-You Animated 3D eCover Templates In Hot Niches – Choose from professionally designed animated 3D ecover templates for eBooks, courses, software boxes and more in all the hottest niches so you can customize them in seconds.

🎨 250+ Done-For-You 2D eCover Templates – For times when you need a traditional flat 2D ecover, you also get access to 250+ non-animated ecover templates covering every niche and product type imaginable so you’re always ready to create a high-converting ecover fast.

🎨 20+ 3D eCover Models – Choose from 3D models including books, boxes, laptops, tablets, membership cards and more to match your offer perfectly.

🎨 Massive Library Of FREE Images – Access a huge library of royalty-free clipart, shapes, web images, and more so you can customize your ecovers with unique graphics that make your brand stand out.

🎨 Animated Gif Uploader – Want to add your own custom animation? No problem! Just upload your own animated gif files seamlessly. 

🎨 Text Editor – Easily customize the placeholder text on ecover templates to include your book title, author name, website, taglines & more to match your brand.

🎨 Drag & Drop Editor – The new “FLOW” drag & drop editor makes customizing ecovers fast and easy without any learning curve or design skills required.

🎨 300 DPI HD Graphics – All ecovers are high quality 300 DPI resolution so they will look crystal clear when displayed on any screen or device.

🎨 Click Export for Instant Download – Finalize your ecover design then export and download your completed animated 3D ecover in seconds as a .GIF file ready for upload anywhere.

🎨 Commercial License Included – Legally create ecovers for clients and charge for your services without worrying about licensing or fees.

As you can see, eCoverly gives you everything you need to create stunning animated 3D ecovers that captivate audiences and make products irresistible.

The done-for-you templates, 3D models, massive image library, drag and drop editor, text customization abilities, animated gif uploader, and more make it so anyone can create amazing ecovers in under 5 minutes without any graphic design skills.

For anyone who sells digital information products online, eCoverly is an absolute must-have tool for boosting sales and standing out from the competition.

eCoverly Pros and Cons

Okay, let’s take a look at some of the PROS and CONS of this hot new ecover creation technology:

eCoverly Pros

✔️ Create Animated 3D eCovers In Under 5 Minutes

Thanks to the library of done-for-you templates and easy drag-and-drop customization, you can create professional 3D animated ecovers faster than ever before.

✔️ No Design Skills Needed 

The step-by-step process is newbie-friendly. Absolutely no graphic design or animation experience is required.

✔️ Commercial License Included

Legally create stunning ecovers for clients without worrying about licensing or fees. Charge money for your services.

✔️ Cloud-Based Software 

There's nothing to download or install. Just login online 24/7 and start creating ecovers from any computer.

✔️ One-Time Payment For LIFETIME Access 

You get unlimited usage forever with one single payment. No monthly fees to worry about.

✔️ Free Product Updates For Life

Enjoy access to new features and updates that are added over time at no additional cost to you. 

✔️ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try eCoverly risk-free and if you don't absolutely LOVE it, get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

eCoverly Cons

❌ Requires Internet Access

An internet connection is needed to access and use the cloud-based eCoverly software and library of templates.

❌ Limited Design Control 

While you can customize colors, text, images and more, the overall template designs cannot be altered significantly.

❌ Annual Payment Option Not Available   

Currently, only a one-time payment option is offered. There is no yearly subscription model available.

When you weigh the PROS and CONS, it’s easy to see how the benefits of eCoverly massively outweigh the limitations. 

The biggest complaint will come from designers who don’t want their clients to know they can create animated 3D ecovers on their own in minutes now!

eCoverly Profitability

Okay, so by now you’re probably wondering…

“How profitable will eCoverly be for me?”

Well, the income potential is limitless!

Firstly, you can create ecovers for your own products to boost sales, engagement, and email list growth. 

An animated 3D ecover shortens sales cycles and helps compel buying decisions faster.

Secondly, with the commercial license, you can offer ecover design services to clients for hefty fees.

Local businesses, authors, bloggers and anyone selling things online will gladly pay you $97 to $197 per ecover when it takes you just minutes to profit with eCoverly.

Thirdly, you can build an entire agency that offers ecover design and animation services at a high level. 

Most ecover designers charge $500 to $1000+ for a single animated 3D ecover project.

But using eCoverly you can deliver top-quality work in minutes and keep the profits all to yourself.

You can easily expect to generate anywhere from $1000 to $10,000+ per month in profits using eCoverly either for your own products or as an agency service for clients.

And the income potential scales exponentially over time. The more products you create and the more clients you take on, the faster your profits will grow.

How To Use eCoverly

Using eCoverly to create stunning animated 3D ecovers in 3 simple steps:

Step 1) Select A Template

Browse the library of done-for-you animated 3D and 2D ecover templates and select one that matches your niche, product, and brand style.

For example, choose from book covers, software boxes, sales letter templates, and more. You can also select a 3D model like a laptop, tablet, or book to build your ecover around. 

Step 2) Customize The Design

Use the drag-and-drop editor to easily customize the template by adding your own text, colors, photos, and other branding elements. 

Change the text to include your book title, product name, author name, taglines and other details. Upload your own product imagery or logo. Modify colors to match your brand.

It’s a breezy point-and-click process thanks to the intuitive editor. No complex tools or technical skills are required. 

Step 3) Export Your Animated eCover

Once your ecover design looks just how you want it, simply click export to download your completed animated 3D ecover as a . GIF file ready for uploading anywhere your heart desires.

And now you’ve created an eye-catching 3D animated ecover masterpiece in just minutes like a pro minus the price tag!

Use your ecovers on your sales pages, websites, social media, email sequences, ads and anywhere else you promote your digital product to boost engagement and sales.

Watch eCoverly demo video below

watch ecoverly demo video

eCoverly One Time Offers (OTOs)

Frontend: eCoverly

Price: $67 (Premium Commercial License)

Price with $20 OFF Coupon: $47 (Use Code: ANIMATE)

Sales Page Url: Click Here

Description: Transform your digital presence with eCoverly, the world's pioneering eCover creator, offering both 3D animated and static designs! Bid farewell to mundane, static eCovers and usher in captivating, animated visuals that will captivate your audience, compelling them to take action. You don't need any coding or design skills – eCoverly boasts an array of stunning templates and models that are not only beautiful but also incredibly user-friendly. In a crowded market, set yourself apart and skyrocket your high-ticket sales. It's time to breathe life into your products like never before with eCoverly.

Key Features:

✅ Animated Magic: 40 animated templates

✅ Static Elegance: 250 static templates

✅ Model Variety: 20 ecover models (2D & 3D)

✅ AI Genius Editor: Effortless and intelligent customization

✅ Visual Feast: Extensive image and font libraries

✅ Image Library: Access to clipart, stock images, and the option to upload your own

✅ Drag, Drop, Done: Create eCovers in just three easy steps

✅ All-In-One Solution: No need for additional software

✅ Tune In: Built-in editor music player

✅ Anti-Theft: Watermark engine for added security

✅ Access Anywhere: Cloud-based accessibility


⭐ Easy Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

⭐ Commercial License

⭐ Agency Website

⭐ Client Manager Dashboard

⭐ 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

⭐ 24/7 Customer Support

⭐ One-Time Low Price!

Revolutionize your digital branding with eCoverly – your gateway to engaging, eye-catching eCovers that drive results.

Here are the OTO upgrade options available after purchasing eCoverly:

Upsell 1: eCoverly Professional

Price: $194 (One-Time Payment)

Price with 50% OFF Coupon: $97 (Use Code: FANTASIA)

Sales Page Url: Click Here

Description: Elevate your eCoverly experience with the eCoverly Professional package. Gain access to an impressive array of enhancements, including 150 additional animated eCover templates, 400 supplementary static cover templates, 40 more ecover models, and a remarkable “1-click magic” tool that streamlines the process of applying a single design to multiple elements with just a click. 

This tool proves exceptionally handy when designing covers for products with multiple components such as boxes, CDs, audio, reports, and more, as it allows you to effortlessly apply your design to all package elements in one go.

Key Features:

✅ 150 Extra Animated eCover Templates

✅ 400 Additional Static eCover Templates

✅ 40 Extra eCover Models

✅ 1-Click Magic Transformation

✅ Expanded Storage Capacity

✅ Unlimited Customization Options

✅ Enhanced Features

✅ Upgraded Performance

✅ Complimentary Software Updates


⭐ Commercial License

⭐ 5000 Premium GIF Packs Bonus

⭐ Easy Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

⭐ 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

⭐ 24/7 Customer Support

⭐ Option for Yearly Subscription or One-Time Low Price

Unlock a world of possibilities with eCoverly Professional and take your eCover designs to the next level. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your creative toolkit.

Upsell 2: eCoverly Groupshots

Price: $97 (One-Time Payment)

(Coupon Discount Available on the Sales Page)

Sales page URL: click here

Description: Elevate your sales game with eCoverly Groupshots, a package that includes 100 groupshot bundle eCovers and 100 real-life mockups. Now, you can effortlessly create both animated and static eCovers for any digital product imaginable. 

These battle-tested designs are the key to enhancing your high-ticket programs. Simply integrate your animated eCover designs into these bundles and mockups, and watch your sales soar.

Key Features:

✅ Groupshot Bundles: Showcase your eCovers within customized groupshot bundles, with a selection of 100 unique bundle styles to choose from!

✅ 100 Groupshot Bundles: Choose from a wide array of 100 bundle styles to create both static and animated designs.

✅ Mockup Skins: Display your eCovers within the latest real-world devices like laptops, phones, monitors, tablets, and more, with a choice of 100 different mockup skins!

✅ 100 Mockup Skins: Select from 100 diverse mockup skin styles to craft both static and animated designs.

✅ Customization: Create your own distinctive eCover bundles with personalized styles and layouts.


⭐ Commercial License

⭐ Easy Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

⭐ 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

⭐ 24/7 Customer Support

⭐ No Monthly Fees, Just a One-Time Payment!

Unlock the potential of eCoverly Groupshots and take your marketing materials to the next level. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your product presentations and drive sales growth.

Upsell 3: eCoverly Prime

Price: $47 (One-Time Payment)

(Coupon Discount Available on the Sales Page)

Sales Page URL: Click Here

Description: Dive into the world of eCoverly Prime and gain access to an uninterrupted stream of 360 niche templates for an entire year, all without any pesky monthly fees. With eCoverly Prime, you can launch your monthly ecover design service effortlessly. 

Each month, you'll receive 30 freshly crafted, exclusive templates that you can offer to eager clients while retaining 100% of every sale. These niche designs are tailor-made just for you, ensuring that you always have something unique to bring to the table.

Key Features:

✅ 10 New Animated Templates Every Month

✅ 20 New Static Templates Every Month

✅ Expands Your Library with More Animated Backgrounds

✅ Enhances Your Library with More Static Backgrounds

✅ Enriches Your Library with Additional Animation Assets

✅ Augments Your Library with More Images and Media

✅ Exclusive to PRIME Members

✅ Showcases the Latest Trending Designs

✅ Covers a Variety of Niche Categories

✅ Handcrafted Templates with a Unique Touch

✅ Captivating Designs Engineered for Conversions


⭐ Commercial License

⭐ Easy Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

⭐ 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

⭐ 24/7 Customer Support

⭐ No Monthly Fees, Just a One-Time Payment!

Elevate your design game with eCoverly Prime and set the stage for your own thriving ecover design service. Join Prime to access a treasure trove of niche templates and offer your clients designs that are both unique and captivating.

Upsell 4: eCoverly Gigs Hero

Price: $47 (One-Time Payment)

(Coupon Discount Available on the Sales Page)

Sales Page URL: click here

Description: Unleash the power of eCoverly Gigs Hero and kickstart your online freelance career. With this comprehensive package, you'll instantly gain access to new clients and gigs, all at your fingertips. 

Plus, eCoverly Gigs Hero comes equipped with essential gig management tools, custom profile templates, and proposal templates, saving you valuable time that would otherwise be spent searching for and managing freelance jobs manually. 

You can now earn quick payments by creating stunning eCovers for clients, with the potential to make anywhere from $250 to $1,000 per job!

Key Features:

✅ Auto Gigs Finder Software: Discover an endless stream of new clients and gigs online, enabling you to generate a profitable income using eCoverly!

✅ Instant Profile Templates: Professionally crafted freelance profiles that you can personalize and use immediately, giving you a polished image right from the start.

✅ Gig Proposal Templates: Expedite your job applications and enhance your chances of securing client projects with our tried-and-true application templates!

✅ Bookmark Engine: Easily compile a list of potential gigs for future reference, allowing you to revisit and apply when you're ready!

✅ Job Tracker: Stay organized and keep tabs on all your client applications to avoid confusion.


⭐ Easy Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

⭐ 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

⭐ 24/7 Customer Support

⭐ No Monthly Fees, Just a One-Time Payment!

With eCoverly Gigs Hero, unlock a world of freelance opportunities and harness the tools you need to succeed in the online gig economy. Say goodbye to manual job hunting and start earning quickly with eCoverly Gigs Hero!

Upsell 5: eCoverly Agency

Price: $97 (One-Time Payment)

(Coupon Discount Available on the Sales Page)

Sales Page URL: click here

Description: Embark on a journey to launch your own highly profitable design agency, projected to earn over $100,000 a year, with eCoverly Agency. This comprehensive package equips you with everything you need to become your own boss. 

You can also accelerate project delivery by collaborating with teams. With eCoverly Agency, you can add an impressive 25 additional team members to your account, enabling you to maximize productivity, attract clients, and generate revenue from anywhere in the world, all while working remotely.

Key Features:

✅ One Big Team Account: Collaborate effortlessly with up to 25 team members on any project, each with their own secure login. Achieve faster results by working together seamlessly.

✅ Ready-Made Agency Business in a Box: Start your digital agency effortlessly with our all-in-one package, complete with promotional materials and contracts.

✅ Done-For-You Promotional Web Banners: Attract new clients with pre-designed, attention-grabbing web banners tailored for your online platforms.

✅ Done-For-You Client Attraction Emails: Utilize our pre-written emails to attract leads and introduce your agency.

✅ Done-For-You Client Proposal Brochures: Present your services effectively with customizable brochures featuring animated eCovers.

✅ Done-For-You Legal Binding Contracts: Safeguard your agency with customizable, professional contracts.

✅ Commercial Rights to Design eCovers for Clients: Offer ecover design services to clients, creating an additional revenue stream with no worries about commercial rights.

✅ 24/7/365 Business Support: Access round-the-clock assistance for any business inquiry or project hurdle.


⭐ Easy Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

⭐ 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

⭐ 24/7 Customer Support

⭐ No Monthly Fees, Just a One-Time Payment!

With eCoverly Agency, you have the tools and resources to establish a thriving design agency, offering design services to clients worldwide. Seize the opportunity to become your own boss and enjoy the freedom and financial potential that eCoverly Agency provides!

The one-time payment OTOs provide optional upgrades to get fresh templates on an ongoing basis, find clients and operate an agency business model.

But the core software is more than enough for most people’s needs of creating animated 3D ecovers for their own products.

eCoverly Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to some of the most common questions asked about eCoverly:

Q: Is eCoverly cloud-based?

A: Yes, eCoverly is 100% cloud-based so there is nothing to download or install. You simply login online to access it.

Q: Does eCoverly work on Mac and PC?  

A: Yes, it works on any device and operating system with an internet browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

Q: Can I create both animated and static ecovers?

A: Yes, you can make animated 3D ecovers as well as standard 2D static ecovers if needed.

Q: Do I need design experience to use eCoverly?

A: Not at all. The drag-and-drop editor makes it simple for anyone to customize the done-for-you templates easily.

Q: Can I use my own photos and logos?

A: Absolutely! You can upload your own custom images and logos into the image library to use on ecovers. 

Q: Do I have to pay for stock images? 

A: Nope, you get access to thousands of royalty-free images that are included with no licensing fees.

Q: What file types does eCoverly support?

A: It exports animated ecovers as .GIF files and static ecovers as .PNG files for maximum compatibility.

Q: How do I get help if I need it?  

A: Support is available via email at or you can submit a support ticket from inside your account.

As you can see, eCoverly was designed for simplicity and ease of use. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can create awesome ecovers with a bit of basic computer knowledge.

eCoverly Money Back Guarantee

eCoverly is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free. 

If for any reason you aren't 100% satisfied, you can get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked.

This gives you ample time to test out the software and see firsthand how easy it is to create top-quality animated 3D ecovers that boost your sales and build your brand’s image.

With a generous 30-day money-back guarantee, there’s absolutely zero risk in giving eCoverly a try for your business.

eCoverly Pricing

During a special launch period, eCoverly is available for a heavily discounted one-time price of just $67. 

Considering a single custom animated 3D ecover from a professional designer costs $500 or more, this is an incredible value.

You get unlimited usage and unlimited ecover creations for your own products or clients.

The regular retail price will be $197 per month after launch. So this is a special limited-time offer to grab eCoverly at a steep discount.

All things considered, $67 is an extremely affordable price point for this game-changing ecover creation technology that can take your online business to the next level.

It’s a wise investment into customized branding assets that will ultimately make you stand out and sell more of your digital products.

eCoverly Bundle Deal

For those wanting the complete suite of tools, eCoverly is offering a special bundle deal during launch week for just $347 one-time.

This includes eCoverly along with:

– Live Training Masterclass 

– Extra Templates Pack

eCoverly Care Elite Support

– 2 Amazing Bonuses

It’s called the “Webinar Bundle” because you also get access to expert training where the creator takes you under their wing in a live masterclass to get the most from the software.

The bundle deal with all the bonuses is an incredible value priced offer for anyone who wants it all. 

It provides even more resources, extra templates and premium support to take things to the next level.

Click here to get access to eCoverly Bundle Deal

Who Created eCoverly? 

eCoverly was created by product launch expert Adeel Chowdhry who is renowned in the industry for creating blockbuster info-products that generate millions in revenue.

His track record includes mega hits like Sqribble, Prezentar and Pixel Studio FX 2.0 which have earned him over $50 million in sales over the years.

Adeel has mastered the art and science of what it takes to create digital products that captivate attention while also providing incredible value. 

Now with eCoverly, his goal is to revolutionize ecovers and enable anyone to stand out visually online in order to maximize sales, engagement and profits.

Having access to Adeel’s expertise through eCoverly training and masterclasses will give you an unfair advantage in your market.

When Is The eCoverly Launch Date?

The official launch date for eCoverly is set for Monday, October 2nd 2023 at 11am Eastern Time. 

A special pre-launch week will provide bonuses, discounts, and early access opportunities for anyone who joins the priority notification list in the lead-up to the launch.

Once the doors are fully open on October 2nd, the price will increase to $197 monthly so this pre-launch period provides maximum savings before the rate jumps higher.

Where Is eCoverly Being Launched?

eCoverly will be launched through Clickbank which is the world’s most trusted digital marketplace for digital products.

What Are The eCoverly Bonuses?

To reward early adopters, eCoverly is offering some cool bonuses including:

– 15 Premium Extra Templates

– Commercial License For Client Work

– Agency Website Template

– Client Portal For Managing Projects

– VIP Coaching & Webinar Bundle Access

– Plus more surprises!

These bonuses provide even more value on top the core software allowing you to hit the ground running and quickly create ecovers that convert visitors into buyers for your business.

Call To Action

If you want to boost sales of your digital products through visually irresistible animated 3D ecovers, the new eCoverly software is a no-brainer investment into your online business and brand.

For a limited time, you can grab eCoverly for a heavily discounted one-time price during the special pre-launch offer period. 

This allows you to get in before the price increases and claim the exclusive bonuses.

With the drag-and-drop editor, done-for-you templates, massive free image library, animated gif uploader, commercial license, and unlimited ecovers creation, it makes visually standing out online easier than ever.

Your competitors will be left in the dust when your ecovers jump off the page and compel buying decisions through Hollywood-style motion effects. 

So if you’re ready to boost sales, grow your list faster, and create a buzz around your personal brand…

…Click here now to get eCoverly before this limited-time pre-launch discount expires!

Conclusion on eCoverly Review

In closing, eCoverly is a total game-changer for anyone who sells digital information products like ebooks, online courses, memberships, and software.

It makes creating mesmerizing animated 3D ecovers as easy as 1-2-3 so you can visually captivate audiences and turn window shoppers into buyers more consistently.

Thanks to the templates, models, massive image library, drag and drop editor, and animated gif uploader, you can design ecovers like a pro graphic designer in under 5 minutes even if you have no technical skills.

The unlimited commercial license allows you to create ecovers for clients and charge premium fees to grow your agency.

And by making your own digital products stand out visually online, you will boost sales, grow your list faster, and maximize profits. 

At the affordable pre-launch price point, eCoverly is an investment that will pay for itself almost immediately.

So don’t wait around and miss your chance to get eCoverly at a huge discount!

Click here to lock in discounted pre-launch access plus claim bonuses now before the timer expires!

FTC Affiliate Disclaimer 

This review contains affiliate links, meaning commissions can be earned if you decide to purchase through my link. I wanted to let you know I do earn a commission if you end up buying through me. I only recommend products & services I have either used myself or vetted thoroughly and believe your purchase would provide good value in return.