AI POD Maker Review: Kickstart Your Print-on-Demand Business with Private Label Rights Software and Trainings

AI POD Maker Review: Kickstart Your Print-on-Demand Business with Private Label Rights Software and Trainings
AI POD Maker Review: Kickstart Your Print-on-Demand Business with Private Label Rights Software and Trainings

AI POD Maker Review: Kickstart Your Print-on-Demand Business with Private Label Rights Software and Trainings


The world of ecommerce is being transformed by artificial intelligence (AI), and one of the most exciting new developments is AI-powered print-on-demand (POD) services. AI POD Maker is an ingenious new software that leverages AI to make creating and selling customized print-on-demand products easier than ever. 

In this in-depth AI POD Maker review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this game-changing platform, including who it’s for, its key features and benefits, pros and cons, profitability potential, how to use it, FAQs, money-back guarantee, OTO details, pricing, bundle deals, the creator, launch details, bonuses, and more. Read on for the full scoop so you can decide if AI POD Maker is the right fit for your ecommerce business or online selling needs!

Who Can Benefit from AI POD Maker?

AI POD Maker is an extremely versatile platform suitable for a wide range of users, including:

– Ecommerce business owners who want to add customized POD product options to their stores. The software makes it easy to create customized designs on-demand.

– Bloggers and content creators who want to monetize their work by turning their designs into POD merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases and more.

– Graphic designers looking for an easy way to transform their work into customized physical products for extra income streams.

– Entrepreneurs and marketers wanting to capitalize on the booming POD market, which is projected to grow from $6 billion currently to $36 billion by 2030. 

– Anyone interested in passive income opportunities. AI POD Maker takes care of product design, order fulfillment and more, enabling hands-off earnings.

– Complete beginners with no ecommerce experience needed. The software is designed for easy use even for novices.

AI POD Maker Benefits

AI POD Maker delivers an immense array of benefits to users across the board. Here are some of the standout advantages:

Revolutionary AI Design Technology  

At its core, AI POD Maker utilizes cutting-edge AI image generation technology to create stunning customized product designs in seconds. It integrates with AI platforms like Midjourney to provide an endless array of creative design options on-demand.

Automates Print-on-Demand Operations

The software automates nearly every aspect of running a POD business, from designing products to order processing and fulfillment. This enables hands-off passive income earnings.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Despite its sophisticated technology, AI POD Maker features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface ideal for beginners and experts alike. No design or technical skills needed.

Unleashes Entrepreneurial Potential 

By automating tedious tasks like product design, AI POD Maker empowers entrepreneurs to unlock their potential and turn their ideas into thriving POD businesses.

Enables Customized Product Creation

Consumers increasingly expect customized and personalized products that reflect their style and preferences. AI POD Maker lets you deliver exactly that at scale.

Provides End-to-End Business Solution

In addition to automated design and fulfillment, AI POD Maker also provides marketing tools and training to help users build complete end-to-end POD businesses.

Creates Multiple Passive Income Streams

Each customized POD product design provides the potential for passive earnings. More designs means more potential revenue streams!

Requires Minimal Time Investment

The automated AI design technology means spending just minutes, not hours, creating customized designs. More time to focus on marketing and optimization.

Unrestricted Use with Commercial Rights   

AI POD Maker comes with unrestricted commercial rights, meaning users can sell the created designs anywhere for 100% profit. 

Access to Private Coaching Group

Users get access to a private community with coaching to help them maximize their success with the software. Invaluable for newbies!

AI POD Maker Pros and Cons

As with any software platform, AI POD Maker comes with its own unique set of pros and cons. Let’s examine the key advantages and drawbacks:

AI POD Maker Pros:

– Revolutionary AI design technology for creating customized POD products  

– Automates print-on-demand operations for passive income 

– Extremely easy to use – no design experience needed

– Unleashes entrepreneurial potential

– Enables customized product creation at scale

– Provides end-to-end business solution

– Requires minimal time investment

– Unrestricted commercial rights to sell anywhere

– Access to private coaching group

AI POD Maker Cons:

– Requires basic computer skills 

– An internet connection is needed to access software

– For best results, a graphics tablet is recommended

– Not a physical inventory model – fulfillment done via integration with POD services

– Users are responsible for marketing and selling the designs

AI POD Maker Profitability  

A major advantage of AI POD Maker is that it can provide highly profitable passive income earnings with relatively little effort. Here are some key profit drivers:

– Hands-off earnings – AI automation means income from each sale requires minimal ongoing time investment. The more products designed, the more potential profit.

– Massive market reach – by integrating with POD fulfillment networks like Printify and Printful, designs can be sold on platforms like Etsy, Amazon and more. Access to billions of potential buyers.

– High profit margins – POD platforms handle printing & shipping, so the creator earns most of the revenue from each sale after the production cost. Profit margins around $10-$25 per sale are common.

– Evergreen potential – well-designed artwork and patterns can continue generating sales for months or years after creation.

– Low overhead – no need to deal with printing, inventory, shipping etc. User is responsible only for design creation and marketing.

– Unrestricted use – commercial rights allow users to sell designs anywhere they choose and keep 100% of profits.

– Volume potential – by creating multiple design options, users can leverage economies of scale for higher sales and earnings. More throughput means lower production costs and bigger profits.

With its game-changing automation technology andreach, it’s easy to see why AI POD Maker provides such immense profit potential even for beginners. It empowers everyday people to build hands-off passive income POD businesses with minimal investment or technical skills.

How to Use AI POD Maker

One of the biggest advantages of AI POD Maker is how incredibly easy it is to master. Here is a brief step-by-step overview:

Step 1 – Sign Up:

First create an account on the AI POD Maker website to gain access.

Step 2 – Generate Designs:  

Use the built-in AI image generation to create product design mockups or upload your own artwork.

Step 3 – Customize:

Use the editor to customize designs with your own text, colors, rearrange elements and more. 

Step 4 – Choose Products:

Select the types of products you want to apply the design to like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases etc.

Step 5 – Integrate with POD Platform:

Connect your POD Maker account to a print-on-demand fulfillment service like Printify. 

Step 6 – List & Sell:  

Add your finished products to online marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon to reach millions of buyers.

Step 7 – Monitor Sales:

Track sales and orders within the AI POD Maker dashboard. The POD service handles order fulfillment.

That’s it! By leveraging AI to automate the design process and integrating with POD for fulfillment, you can have a profitable online business up and running in no time. AI POD Maker makes launching and scaling a breeze.


Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about AI POD Maker:

How much does AI POD Maker cost?

AI POD Maker is currently available for a special discounted price of just $9.99 for a limited time. The regular retail cost is $97.

What are the payment options for AI POD Maker?

Payments can be made via all major credit cards or PayPal.

Is there a money back guarantee for AI POD Maker? 

Yes, AI POD Maker comes with a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. Just contact support for a full refund.

What AI platforms does AI POD Maker integrate with?

Currently it integrates primarily with Midjourney for image generation. More AI platforms may be added in the future.

Do I need a graphics tablet for AI POD Maker?

A graphics tablet is recommended for the best editing experience but not strictly required.

Can I sell the designs made by AI POD Maker anywhere?

Yes, the commercial rights are unrestricted so you can sell your customized designs anywhere you want.

Does AI POD Maker work for physical or digital products?

The software is optimized primarily for physical/printed products fulfilled via POD services. Digital products may be supported in the future.

What design assets are included in AI POD Maker?

AI POD Maker comes with a library of fonts, graphics, templates, mockups and more to customize your designs.

Is there post-purchase support for AI POD Maker? 

Yes, 24/7 customer support is provided via live chat and a private online community.

AI POD Maker Money-Back Guarantee

AI POD Maker comes with a comprehensive 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. This allows buyers to try out the software risk-free with the option to receive a full purchase price refund if they are unsatisfied for any reason within 30 days of purchase. 

To request a refund, a user simply needs to contact AI POD Maker customer support via email and provide their order details. Typically, refunds will be processed within 2-3 business days after approval unless there are exceptional circumstances. 

The AI POD Maker refund process is designed to be as quick and hassle-free as possible. Support staff are available 24/7 to assist with any refund inquiries. As long as the refund request is made within 30 days of purchase, users can expect a prompt refund to be issued to the original payment method.

The comprehensive money back guarantee provides peace of mind for customers to try out the software risk-free. AI POD Maker stands behind its product quality and aims for complete buyer satisfaction. This reflects the company's outstanding commitment to customer service.


AI POD Maker comes with several optional upsell offers (OTOs) to enhance the capabilities of the core software:

OTO 1 – VIP Training 

The VIP Training OTO provides access to an elite masterclass with step-by-step video training on optimizing profits with AI POD Maker. It covers advanced tactics and pro tips for taking your POD business to the next level.

OTO 2 – Unlimited Designs

This OTO lifts all limits on AI design generation, allowing users to create an endless number of custom designs for their Print-on-Demand products and merchandise.

OTO 3 – eCom Accelerator

The eCom Accelerator OTO integrates AI POD Maker with Shopify and WooCommerce to streamline creating online stores to sell your designs.

OTO 4 – Supercharge Bundle 

This bundle deal combines OTO 1, OTO 2 and OTO 3 for maximizing profits, designs, and ecommerce capabilities in one complete package.

The upsell OTOs provide optional upgrades but the core software is fully functional on its own. Users can choose to purchase the OTOs that best fit their individual business needs and goals.

AI POD Maker Pricing

AI POD Maker is currently available at these pricing options:

Front-End Package: the discounted price is $9.99 during this launch period instead of $215.00

The core software package includes AI design creator, training, and commercial rights. 

OTO 1: $97  

VIP Training masterclass modules.

OTO 2: $67

Unlimited designs upgrade removes all limits.

OTO 3: $47  

eCom Accelerator provides ecommerce integrations.

OTO 4: $127

Combined supercharge bundle with all major OTOs.

At just $9.99, the main AI POD Maker software provides immense value and is an extremely affordable entry point into AI-powered print-on-demand. The OTOs offer optional upgrades for more advanced capabilities.

AI POD Maker Bundle Deals

In addition to the individual OTOs, AI POD Maker also offers complete bundle deals combining the core software with all the major upsells at a discounted package price.

These bundles represent huge savings compared to purchasing each OTO individually. The two bundle options are:  

Lite Bundle – $27

Includes front-end software plus OTO 2 Unlimited Designs module. 

Pro Bundle – $47

Contains front-end software, OTO 1, OTO 2, and OTO 3 for everything you need to maximize profits.

The bundles are discounted by over 90% compared to purchasing separately. They provide complete all-in-one solutions for boosting profits and capabilities to their highest potential.

Who Created AI POD Maker? 

AI POD Maker was created by entrepreneur and ecommerce expert Vivek Sharma. 

Vivek has extensive experience with print-on-demand and interest in leveraging artificial intelligence for business applications. His vision for AI POD Maker was to empower everyday people to build profitable AI-powered POD businesses without needing design or technical skills.

When Was AI POD Maker Launched?

AI POD Maker initially launched on:

October 3, 2022

It first became available to the public for purchase on this launch date. Vivek worked closely with a small group of beta testers prior to launch to refine the software and work out bugs.

The official launch date marked the first time access was opened to all users. As a brand new and innovative software, AI POD Maker is just getting started on its journey helping entrepreneurs harness the power of artificial intelligence and print-on-demand.

On Which Platform/Website Was AI POD Maker Launched?

AI POD Maker launched on the proprietary company website and on

These dedicated sites were specially designed to provide information about the software, showcase its capabilities, and offer it for sale. 

These websites continues to serve as the hub for purchasing AI POD Maker as well as accessing product support and community forums.

AI POD Maker Bonuses

To boost the value even further for early adopters and launch customers, AI POD Maker came with a robust package of special bonuses including:

– 10 Done-For-You Print Templates 

– Guide to Selling on Etsy

– Midjourney AI Image Creation Video Course

– Copywriting Secrets for POD Products 

– Marketing on Pinterest for Print-on-Demand

– Access to Private Customer-Only Facebook Group

These bonuses complement the core software, providing additional training and resources to shortcut users’ success. They represent over $527 in extra value stacked on top of the already feature-packed core software.

The bonuses were only available for the first 72 hours of the initial launch period, after which they expired. They helped power a hugely successful launch that saw AI POD Maker hit several bestseller milestones within the first 30 days.

Call to Action  

If you're an entrepreneur, ecommerce business owner, or anyone interested in leveraging AI and print-on-demand to build your own passive income business, AI POD Maker is an absolute must-buy. 

The revolutionary automation, limitless design potential, and hands-off income opportunity contained within this software package is unmatched. And at its current introductory price of just $9.99, the value proposition is incredible. 

Don't miss the chance to get in on the ground floor of this game-changing opportunity. Pick up AI POD Maker today to start harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to unlock your true entrepreneurial and earning potential!

Click here now to purchase AI POD Maker and claim your bonuses while this unbeatable launch offer lasts!


AI POD Maker delivers immense value across the board, from its innovative AI design automation to comprehensive educational components. By leveraging technologies like Midjourney and integrating with Print-on-Demand fulfillment networks, it makes tapping into the multi-billion dollar POD industry easier than ever before.

Novice and experienced online entrepreneurs alike can benefit from the hands-off passive income stream, automated print product creation, and huge ecommerce reach provided by this revolutionary software. If you have any interest in AI, design, print-on-demand or ecommerce, AI POD Maker absolutely deserves your consideration. 

Backed by a 30-day money back guarantee, there's zero risk to giving it a try for yourself. The future of AI content creation and selling is here – click below to learn more and claim this exclusive discounted offer today!

FTC Affiliate Disclaimer: I may get compensated for sales generated based on my recommendations via links in this article. All opinions in this review are my own unbiased feedback as a genuine user and reviewer of this software platform.