Is 1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals Worth It? My Honest 1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals Service Review

Is 1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals Worth It? My Honest 1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals Service Review


1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals is a forex trading signals service provided by 1000pipbuilder. Forex trading can be complicated for many traders due to the need for technical analysis skills and market knowledge. With 1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals, traders of all experience levels can gain access to profitable Forex trading opportunities without having to do the analysis themselves. In this review, I will take a comprehensive look at what 1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals offers traders as well as address common questions, pricing, and overall pros and cons of the service.

Benefits and Who Can Benefit

1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals can benefit both new and experienced traders. For beginner forex traders just getting started, following the signals provides a great learning opportunity as they can observe an experienced trader's analysis and trades. This minimizes the learning curve at the start of their forex journey. Even experienced traders can benefit from having additional trading opportunities presented to them.

The site claims the signals are sent by their lead trader Bob James who has over 10 years of forex trading experience. His goal is to help home traders achieve profitable results. Some key benefits traders can expect from 1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals include:

  • Access to vetted trading opportunities with clear entry/exit points
  • Trading flexibility – signals can be followed as seen fit without obligations
  • Potential profits from the experience and analysis of a seasoned trader
  • Option to learn about forex trading through observation of analysis
  • The convenience of having trades presented directly rather than finding one's own

Pros and Cons

Pros of 1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals

  • Strong track record of verified profitable trading according to their website
  • Clear and easy-to-follow signal alerts provided via email and SMS
  • Low price point for access starting at just $77/month
  • Signal provider has over 10 years of documented forex trading experience
  • Direct messaging access to signal provider for questions
  • Covers major forex pairs providing diversification
  • Risk management emphasized with clear stop losses on all signals

Cons of 1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals

  • No guarantees of continued future profitability
  • Limited ability to verify or audit the provider's live trading results
  • SMS alerts may incur additional carrier fees depending on subscriptions
  • Requires discipline to follow signals as received and not deviate from parameters
  • Missing a signal if not continuously monitoring for alerts could reduce potential profits
  • Success depends on users' proper money management and risk control skills


1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals claims to average 350 pips profit per month based on their lead trader Bob James' trading history. This is verified through a MyFXBook account, providing transparency. For example past weekly trading results have ranged from 100-400 pips. While past performance does not guarantee future results, consistent profitability is the goal.

To give traders an idea of potential profits based on hypothetical $100 micro lots and a $0.10/pip broker, a monthly 350-pip average could equate to $350 in gross profits before accounting for commissions and spreads. Proper position sizing relative to an individual trader's account would be recommended. The signals aim to produce strong and consistent results with minimized drawdown.

How to Use 1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals

After signing up, traders will receive a welcome email with instructions on how the signal service works. Signals are sent via email and SMS (optional additional fee) with all the key details needed – currency pair, entry price, stop loss, and profit target. Traders then have the flexibility to take the trades if/when it fits their schedule or choose not to.

It's recommended traders practice proper risk management procedures like using small position sizes of no more than 2% of their overall account per trade. When receiving a signal, traders open a position mirroring the details provided, using the recommended stop loss and taking profit levels. Traders then monitor their open positions and close them according to the predetermined parameters.

1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals FAQs

Can a beginner use these signals?

Yes, the site claims many members using the signals are new to forex trading. The signals provide a learning opportunity for beginners in a low-pressure environment.

How many signals are sent per day?

Generally 1-5 signals per day, depending on market conditions and available opportunities that align with the trader's strategy.

What timeframes are used for analysis?

Multiple timeframes are monitored including daily, 4hr, 1hr, and 15min charts. The 4hr is preferred for longer-term trades, 1hr for medium-term, and 15min for short-term trades.

Is there a minimum account size?

No, small micro-lot accounts are acceptable for following the signals. Position sizing should still match an individual's means.

How long are trades usually held?

Trades are aimed to be held from a few hours up to a couple of days at most. They are not intended as long-term investments.

Do stops or targets get adjusted?

Stops and targets provided in alerts generally do not change. Updates would be communicated if adjustments were made.

What's its typical risk:reward ratio?

Target ratios range from 1:1 for smaller movements up to 1:4 or higher for bigger trends, depending on the trade setup and market conditions.

Money-Back Guarantee

1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If within 30 days a subscriber is unhappy with the service for any reason, they may request a full refund with no questions asked.

This risk-free trial period allows new members to assess the quality of the signals and service before fully committing. If profits, trade alerts, or customer support do not meet expectations, a refund ensures subscribers can cancel worry-free within the first month.

OTOs – One-Time Offers

2000pipbuilder Advanced Forex Training: For an additional one-time $297 fee, traders will receive access to advanced training videos and webinars. This provides supplementary education on additional trading concepts and strategies from the creator.

Personalized Mentoring: For $497, subscribers can schedule personal mentoring sessions with Bob James over webcam to get direct feedback on their trading plans, analysis skills, and more.

Bundle Deals

Traders can save by opting for bundled longer-term subscription deals. The 12-month subscription is available for just $247 rather than the usual $924 price – a 73% discount. Traders lock in a lower price per month and avoid renewal costs by paying annually upfront.

A 3-month subscription is discounted by $74 to $157 when purchased as a bundle, saving subscribers 32% over individual months. Bundles provide both long-term access and financial savings versus month-to-month passes.

Creator – Bob James

Bob James is listed as the lead trader and founder behind 1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals. His biography claims over 10 years of trading experience including a prior role with a major London financial institution giving him education and resources to refine his skills. His goal is to help home traders achieve profitable results using his own trading as an example to follow.

1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals Pricing

As mentioned earlier, the base monthly subscription costs just $77. Longer 3-month and 12-month bundles are also offered at discounted rates of $157 and $247 respectively. Additionally, one-time purchases provide access to supplementary training products priced at $297 and $497 each. Overall the entry-level individual monthly pass is very affordably priced.

1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals Platform

All signal alerts are sent via email and SMS directly to subscribers. No specific trading platform or broker is required, allowing the following trades on any personal MT4 or MT5 account. MyFXBook is integrated for third-party performance tracking and transparency. The promotional website is hosted at


No upfront bonuses or incentives are explicitly offered or promised for subscribing to the 1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals service. The low introductory pricing and extended money-back trial period provide their own value without additional bonuses needed to attract new members. Members receive the core service of real-time forex trading signals.

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For traders looking to supplement their trading with new opportunities, gain ongoing market insight, or get started profiting from forex without extensive skills or time commitment, 1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals appears to provide a low-risk trial opportunity.

The affordable monthly rates, performance transparency, and reliability of daily alerts based on a seasoned trader's analysis could help many achieve their forex profit goals quicker without stress. Subscribe risk-free today to start profiting from the next trading day's signals.

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Conclusion and Recommendation

In summary, 1000pipbuilder Trusted Forex Signals seems to offer a streamlined way for forex traders to gain actionable trading insight and benefit from an experienced analyst's vetted set-ups on major pairs. Backed by industry-standard performance tracking and a generous refund policy, it allows members to verify results before fully committing financially long-term. While past performance is no guarantee of future success, the affordable pricing provides a reasonably priced testing ground for those interested in supplementing or starting their efforts in the international forex markets


My reviews and recommendations are based on my own experiences using the described products. While I aim to promote only legitimate and helpful resources, please be aware that any purchase you make through my links may result in an affiliate commission for me. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.