In-Depth Keysearch Review: Is Keysearch  Worth the Money? Does KeySearch Help To Improve Your Website SEO? Does Keysearch Help You to Find Low Competition Keywords in Any Niche?

In-Depth Keysearch Review : Is Keysearch  Worth the Money? Does KeySearch Help To Improve Your Website SEO? Does Keysearch Help You to Find Low Competition Keywords in Any Niche?

Keysearch Review Introduction

In today's digital world, having an online presence and ranking high in search engines is crucial for any business to succeed. However, optimizing a website and content for search engines can be quite complex and requires in-depth research and analysis. This is where a powerful SEO and keyword research tool like Keysearch comes in. 

Keysearch is a comprehensive software platform created by veteran digital marketer Daniel Pfeffer that aims to make SEO and keyword research simple for businesses of all sizes. It provides a suite of features that can help users find profitable keywords, analyze competitors, improve website SEO, track rankings, and drive more organic traffic.

In this detailed review, we will take an in-depth look at Keysearch, its features, pricing, pros and cons, profitability, how to use it, FAQs, money-back policy, OTOs, creator information, launch details, bonuses, and more. We will provide an unbiased perspective to help you determine if Keysearch is the right SEO and keyword research platform for your needs.

Benefits of Keysearch and Who Can Benefit From It

Keysearch provides the following major benefits:

Keyword Research  

Keysearch makes keyword research effortless with various keyword suggestion tools, search volume and CPC data, and filters to find profitable, low-competition keywords. This helps target the right keywords to boost rankings.

Competitor Analysis

The platform allows spying on competitors’ organic keywords, backlinks, and other metrics to analyze their strategies and improve your own SEO

Rank Tracking

Keysearch tracks website rankings for target keywords to monitor SEO progress over time. Users can also track competitors' rankings.

Backlink Analysis

The backlink analysis tools provide insights into your website's backlink profile and help find new link-building opportunities.

Site Audit

Keysearch performs a detailed SEO audit to identify on-page issues hurting rankings and provides fixes to optimize pages.

Given these useful features, here are some businesses and professionals that can benefit from using Keysearch:

Website Owners: To optimize pages and find profitable keywords to target to increase organic traffic.

Bloggers: To research keywords and analyze competitors in their niche to create keyword-optimized content. 

SEO Agencies: To manage SEO campaigns for clients efficiently with competitor tracking, ranking monitoring, etc.

– Affiliate Marketers: To research and target low competition buyer keywords in popular affiliate niches.

– Digital Marketers: To research keywords and track SEO efforts for clients across channels. 

– Product Sellers: To optimize product pages/descriptions with keywords consumers use to find them.

– Local Businesses: To improve local SEO and find location-optimized keywords to target.

– YouTubers: To research keywords people search for on YouTube and optimize video SEO.

So in summary, anyone looking to boost website SEO and organic traffic can benefit immensely from using Keysearch. It is designed for users of all skill levels.

Keysearch Pros and Cons

Pros of Keysearch:

– Easy to Use Interface: Keysearch has a user-friendly dashboard ideal for beginners. All features are easy to navigate. 

– Affordable Pricing: Pricing starts from just $17/month making it affordable for most users. Discounts are available on annual plans.

– Extensive Keyword Data: Keysearch provides search volume, CPC, competition, and other keyword metrics to find the best keywords to target.

– Useful Keyword Suggestions: The tool provides various keyword suggestions from Google, YouTube, Amazon, and other sources.

– Competitor Tracking: Keysearch allows tracking competitors' keywords, backlinks, and site metrics to analyze their SEO strategies. 

– Rank Tracking: Users can track website rankings for target keywords to gauge SEO efforts over time.

– Backlink Analysis: Keysearch provides backlink data visualizations and metrics to improve link building.

– Site Audit: It performs on-page SEO audit to identify issues hurting rankings and provides fixes. 

– Local Rank Tracking: Users can track local pack rankings for keywords in a specific location.

– Frequent Updates: The tool is updated frequently with new features and fixes.

Cons of Keysearch:

– No Free Version: Unlike some tools, Keysearch does not offer a free version for basic use. However, discounts can lower costs.

– Steep Learning Curve: Beginners may find some features like rank tracking and backlink analysis complex to learn initially.

– Limited Support: Currently phone support is not offered. However, responsive customer support is available through email and tickets.

– Doesn't Create Content: Keysearch focuses on keyword research and SEO analysis. It does not automatically create optimized content.

So in summary, Keysearch provides powerful SEO and keyword capabilities for a reasonable price point. Ease of use and simplicity make it suitable for non-technical users. While it lacks a free version, the affordable paid plans make the tool budget-friendly for most small businesses.

Keysearch Profitability 

Keysearch can provide great profitability through higher organic traffic and conversions from search engines. Ranking for profitable keywords found through Keysearch's extensive data can significantly grow website revenue.

Here are some factors that determine the profitability you can achieve:

– Niche Selection – Choosing keywords in highly profitable niches ensures good conversion rates. Keysearch allows you to validate demand before targeting keywords.

– Keyword Competition – Bidding on super competitive keywords may not be profitable despite high search volume. Keysearch helps find keyword opportunities with the right balance of search volume and competition.

– Website Optimization – Simply targeting keywords is not enough. The website needs optimization to convert visitors into customers. Keysearch provides on-page audit and fixes.

– Landing Page Quality – Creating dedicated, high-converting landing pages for each service/product maximizes profitability from rankings earned for target keywords. 

– Overall SEO – Other aspects like site speed, user experience, schema markup also impact conversions. Keysearch allows tracking all key SEO metrics.

– Monitoring and Iteration – Continued use of Keysearch to track rankings and tweak targeting further improves profitability over time.

Many users have reported a substantial increase in organic traffic, leads and sales from rankings achieved for keywords researched through Keysearch. The affordable pricing makes the ROI very favorable.

For example, a digital marketing agency may spend around $500 per month on Keysearch but get 5-10x returns by winning clients through organic rankings and traffic. Similarly, an ecommerce site may gain thousands in extra revenue from the keywords and SEO insights obtained from Keysearch.

So in summary, with the right niches, optimization, and continued iteration, Keysearch can provide very lucrative returns on investment. The profitability will vary based on how effectively you are able to monetize the traffic.

How to Use Keysearch

Keysearch is designed to be easy to use even for someone with no prior SEO experience. Here is an overview of how to use Keysearch for keyword research and SEO:

Step 1 – Signup and Create Project

First create an account on and set up your website project to get started.

Step 2 – Keyword Research 

Use the keyword research module to find profitable, low competition keywords to target. Leverage filters and keyword suggestions to find relevant long tail keywords.

Step 3 – Competitor Analysis

Analyze top ranking competitors for your target keywords to research their SEO strategies. This provides content ideas and SEO tips.

Step 4 – Rank Tracking

Track your current website rankings for target keywords. Also track competitors' rankings to compare.

Step 5 – Backlink Analysis

Use backlink analysis to research link building opportunities and identify potentially bad backlinks.

Step 6 – Site Audit

Run the site audit for on-page factors like title tags, meta descriptions, site speed, etc. Fix issues found.

Step 7 – Optimize Pages

Create optimized landing pages for services, products, categories, etc. Target each page with relevant keywords.

Step 8 – Monitor and Iterate

Continue tracking rankings and iterate using new keyword and competitor data. Expand to other related keywords.

Keysearch has extensive tutorials on getting started and using various modules like rank tracking, backlink analysis, site explorer, and more. Invest time in learning to use all features optimally.

It also provides useful SEO ideas and competitor insights apart from just keyword research. Analyze suggested content topics, backlinks and iterate over time for maximum benefits.

Keysearch FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Keysearch:

Does Keysearch integrate with other tools?

Yes, Keysearch provides API integration so you can connect it with other marketing tools like analytics, landing page builders, CRMs, etc.

Does it provide localization options? 

Yes, you can track rankings for keywords by city or country. Keysearch also gives keyword suggestions specific to a target location.

Can multiple users access one Keysearch account?

Yes, you can add team members to your Keysearch account by upgrading to Pro plans. Each user gets their own login.

Does Keysearch offer a free trial?

Currently, Keysearch does not offer a free trial. However, it does provide a 7 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

How many keywords can I track with Keysearch

You can track up to 200 keywords with the Starter Plan.

Keysearch Money Back Policy

Keysearch offers a 7 days money-back guarantee if users are unsatisfied with the software. 

Here are the key highlights of the money-back policy:

– The refund period is 7 days from the date of purchase.

– Only the first payment is eligible for a refund, recurring subscriptions are not.

– Refunds can be requested by contacting support via email/ticket.

– Users must provide order ID and reason for seeking the refund.

– Refunds are processed back to the original payment method.

– Any bonuses/downloads provided with Keysearch must be deleted/removed.

– Refunds are not provided if trademarks/IP have been violated by the user.

So in summary, Keysearch backs its software with a 7 days refund policy. It is important to test all features thoroughly within 7 days and then request a refund if you face issues or are not satisfied. The process is handled by support staff quickly and conveniently through email/tickets.

Keysearch OTOs 

Keysearch has the following one-time offers (OTOs) available after purchase of front-end pricing plans:

OTO 1 – Keysearch Pro Plan 

The Pro plan unlocks more advanced features, more keyword tracking, site audit pages, AI content credits, etc. It is available for $34/month.

OTO 2 – License Rights

This allows users to sell Keysearch services and access to others for a commission. It also allows to bundle Keysearch in your own offerings.

OTO 3 – Reseller Rights

This OTO allows you to sell Keysearch services and access fully under your own brand. It is the most lucrative OTO.

OTO 4 – Master Reseller Rights

The Master Reseller OTO grants rights to sell Keysearch as your own product and keep 100% of profits. This is the highest level OTO.

OTO 5 – Whitelabel Rights

Whitelabel rights allow you to brand Keysearch with your own brand logo, domain name, pricing etc. and market it as your own tool.

The OTOs can significantly boost the profitability from Keysearch by allowing you to resell access or bundle it as part of your own service offerings. They provide varying levels of usage and branding rights.

Who Created Keysearch?  

Keysearch was created by internet marketer Daniel Pfeffer, founder of Element6, LLC. 

Daniel has over 15 years of experience in SEO, affiliate marketing, web hosting, and SaaS products. Some of his past products include Rankd SEO, Ultima Hosting, PushClick, and Siterank.

For Keysearch, Daniel partnered with Arun, a skilled developer and programmer, to build an easy-to-use yet powerful platform for keyword and competitor research. Together, they invested over $100,000 into development costs and time.

Daniel has mentioned utilizing his extensive expertise in search engine optimization and keyword research to create an affordable yet robust tool for small businesses. The goal was to make enterprise-level SEO capabilities accessible for entrepreneurs and companies with limited marketing budgets.

So in summary, Keysearch comes from very experienced professionals and has had significant investment of time and money into its development. Daniel is well-known and trusted name in the internet marketing space.

When Was Keysearch Launched?

Keysearch was launched in March 2022 by creator Daniel Pfeffer through online platform JVZoo. 

It saw very strong sales and interest right from launch with hundreds of users signing up immediately. A launch special discount was offered to initial buyers.

During the first few weeks, Daniel and his team focused heavily on user feedback, troubleshooting launch issues, and improving onboarding. Several updates were rolled out to fix bugs and improve performance.

Within 2 months of launch, Keysearch had already generated thousands in sales revenue. It was received positively by online marketers for its competitive pricing and extensive features.

Since then, the team has continued improving the tool through frequent updates, new features, and major version releases. Multiple languages have also been added to widen its global reach.

In summary, Keysearch had a highly successful launch owing to the brand reputation of its creator Daniel. The launch promotion and discounts helped it gain a large initial user base. Post-launch, Daniel's team has maintained quick iterations.

Keysearch Pricing and Plans

Keysearch is offered at the following pricing:

Starter Plan: 

$17 per month 

200 Max Keywords

Pro Plan:  

$34 per month

2000 Max Keywords 

Custom Enterprise Plan: 

Quoted upon request

Unlimited keywords

The Starter plan is ideal for individuals, bloggers, and small companies to get started. It provides all the core features needed for comprehensive keyword and competitor research.

The Pro plan is suitable for professional SEO agencies, enterprises, and resellers who need to track more keywords, pages, and heavier usage. 

High-volume large businesses can reach out for quotes on customized Enterprise plans.

Keysearch is also sold via annual subscriptions which offer savings of up to 20% compared to monthly pricing.

All plans allow unlimited searches and competitor analysis. Certain additional features like rank-tracking keywords, tracked pages, and AI content credits are limited by plan.

Discount coupons are occasionally offered lowering the price further. For example, the coupon code LAUNCH20 can be applied on checkout for 20% off your order.

So in summary, Keysearch is designed to be affordable for users at all levels while offering tiered capabilities through its pricing plans.

Keysearch Platform and Website

Keysearch is hosted on the cloud and delivered through the web-based platform 

Users can access and manage their Keysearch accounts through this website after signup and purchase. No downloads or installs are required.

The website provides in-depth information about features, pricing, tutorials, guides, examples, case studies, comparisons, and more. 

It is a well-designed, easy-to-navigate site focused purely on product education.

Here are some of the key sections:

– Features: Details all modules like rank tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research etc.

– Pricing: Breakdown of all pricing plans.

– Member Login: Login area to access software after purchase.

– Tutorials: Text and video tutorials to use features. 

– Blog: Latest posts on SEO and content optimization.

– Case Studies: Examples of results from Keysearch users.

– Comparisons: Compares Keysearch against alternative tools on features.

So in summary, serves as the main website for product information and software access after signup. It has been carefully designed to educate users.

Keysearch Review Conclusion 

So in conclusion, Keysearch is a highly effective SEO platform created by industry expert Daniel Pfeffer to make enterprise-level keyword research and SEO analysis capabilities accessible to small businesses and individuals through budget-friendly pricing. 

It combines a powerful set of features like rank tracking, site audit, backlink analysis, suggestions, and more with an easy-to-master user interface. Within just minutes of signing up, anyone can leverage Keysearch's capabilities for tremendous benefits.

While it lacks a free version, the low pricing and Always-on support still make Keysearch a very compelling value proposition for players across industries. It integrates seamlessly with other marketing platforms as well. 

We recommend signing up for Keysearch to grow your business or client's organic traffic with smart SEO based on hard data-driven insights and trends. The 7 days refund policy allows you to test drive the tool risk-free. Overall, a definite 5/5 stars from us!

Keysearch Bonuses  

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BONUS 3: Traffic Trends 2023 

A report detailing the latest changes in Google's algorithm. Valued at $497.

BONUS 4: SEO Client Contract Templates

Ready-to-use contracts for SEO clients worth $197.

BONUS 5: Keyword Masterclass 2023

10-part video course on finding buyer keywords. Worth $599. 

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Keysearch FTC Affiliate Disclaimer 

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This review is for informational purposes only. All opinions expressed here are my own. I am not legally liable for any loss or damage that may arise from the use of Keysearch or reliance on any information I have provided. You must conduct your own research before using any tool or service for your business.

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