How Can I Create Apps Without Code For My App Idea? Check Out This visual app builder

How Can I Create Apps Without Code For My App Idea? Check Out This visual app builder
How Can I Create Apps Without Code For My App Idea? Check Out This visual app builder

How Can I Create Apps Without Code For My App Idea?


In today's digital age, mobile apps have become indispensable for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to reach customers and grow their brand. However, developing a high-quality native app requires specialized programming skills and can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. This is where a no-code platform like Nowa comes in.

Nowa is an intuitive drag-and-drop app builder that allows anyone to create professional native apps for iOS, Android, web, and desktop without writing a single line of code. I recently got the chance to try out Nowa through a lifetime deal offered on AppSumo. In this extensive review, I'll provide an in-depth look at Nowa's key features, interface, performance, pros and cons, ideal use cases, and how it compares to alternative no-code app builders.

About Nowa

Nowa is developed by Anasta Tech, a technology company founded in 2021 that focuses on no-code solutions. Their vision is to make app development accessible to all types of businesses and users, not just professional developers.

The Nowa builder is web-based and utilizes Google's open-source Flutter SDK under the hood. Apps created with Nowa can be exported natively for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, MacOS, and as progressive web apps.

Some of the key highlights and capabilities of Nowa include:

– Drag and drop visual interface for designing UIs

– Build logic and workflows visually without coding

– Integrate data from databases, APIs, etc.

– Preview apps on various device types

– Export native source code

– Real-time collaboration

Overall, Nowa aims to provide the features needed to build fully custom apps with beautiful designs and complex functionalities without technical expertise. Next, I'll go hands-on with the product to see how easy it is to use and evaluate its performance.

Hands-On With Nowa

Signing Up and Getting Started

Signing up for a Nowa account is quick and straightforward. You simply enter your email and password on their website. After confirming your email, you can sign in to access the Nowa builder.

The interface greets you with a dashboard showing your recent projects, app analytics, and shortcuts to create a new app or access app templates.

Before diving into app building, I explored the left sidebar, which contains tabs for Projects, UI Design, Logic, Assets, Simulator, and more. The clean sidebar design makes navigating Nowa's features simple.

Nowa offers getting-started tutorials, documentation, and video lessons accessible from the dashboard to help users learn the ropes. The tutorials provide helpful step-by-step walkthroughs for designing your first app, integrating a database, deploying to devices, and more.

Creating an App Design with the Visual Builder

To test out building an app from scratch, I clicked on the “Create App” button which opens Nowa's visual designer.

The editor includes a toolbox of UI elements like text, buttons, inputs, cards, and more that can simply be dragged onto the artboard. I decided to create a simple podcast app and started adding screens like “Home”, “Podcast List”, and “Podcast Details”.

Within each screen, I could populate various layouts like rows, columns, lists, grids, tabs, and dropdowns with the desired elements. Nowa makes modifying the design intuitive through the right sidebar where you can tweak sizing, spacing, colors, text, animations, and other properties visually.

I was impressed by the level of customization and the ability to create beautiful designs just by dragging, dropping, aligning, and styling elements. Lining up containers and buttons perfectly took just seconds without messing with margins or CSS.

Nowa has pre-made element sets for common screens like settings, login, profiles, etc. that you can quickly add then customize for your app. I could also create and save my own reusable custom components.

Building application flows is simple with Nowa. As you add and link screens, it automatically scaffolds the routing code in the background. I could choose transition animations between screens with ease.

Overall, Nowa delivers on its promise of true drag-and-drop app building. Within an hour, I had mocked up a clean, professional design customized exactly how I envisioned.

Adding Interactivity and Data with Logic Designer

While Nowa streamlines designing app interfaces, its Logic feature is what really unlocks bringing your app vision fully to life without coding.

Nowa's Logic designer allows you to visually connect various elements like data sources, app events, conditional logic, actions, notifications, and more to build interactive workflows.

I started by integrating a Supabase database I set up with some sample podcast data. With just a few clicks, I configured a database connector without writing any API code.

After linking my database, I could sync data to UI elements like lists and cards to display the podcast info dynamically. Building reactive UIs was as simple as creating wireframes between data queries and UI outputs.

To add more complex logic, Nowa uses a visual programming approach with drag-and-drop logic blocks. I built a sequencing workflow to fetch podcast episodes from the database when the Podcast Details screen loads.

With easy filter and iterator blocks, I could display the correct episodes specific to whichever podcast was passed to that screen. Adding actions like play/pause episode buttons required no coding whatsoever.

Though advanced logic may require some learning curve, Nowa provides pre-built templates and examples to reference. Overall, I found the logic builder powerful for connecting data and creating dynamic apps visually.

Testing and Exporting an App

Nowa offers a built-in simulator to test your app on various device types in the browser. I could view my podcast app on different iPhone, Android, tablet, and desktop viewports to ensure responsiveness.

When ready to run the app natively, Nowa provides one-click exporting for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, MacOS apps, and PWAs.

For iOS and Android, it generates installable app bundles ready to be deployed to the app stores. Nowa also allows exporting the full Flutter project to use with external IDEs.

I exported an Android APK, installed it on my device, and was impressed to see my fully functional app. The app performed smooth and fast, proving Nowa's ability to output high-quality native apps.

For web deployment, Nowa offers one-click publishing to over 10 platforms like Firebase, Netlify, GitHub Pages, and more.

Pros of Nowa

Here are some of the major advantages I found using Nowa for no-code app development:

– Intuitive drag-and-drop design interface for building UIs visually

– Logic designer allows creating complex workflows without coding

– Integrate data easily from databases, APIs, etc.

– Preview on various device types with built-in simulator

– One-click export for native iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and PWA apps

– Generated native source code can be customized in Flutter

– Collaboration features to work on apps together with a team

– Packed with pre-made templates, UI kits, logic blocks

– Comprehensive documentation and getting started resources

Cons of Nowa

Despite Nowa's many benefits, there are some limitations to note:

– Steep learning curve for advanced logic building

– Limited custom code editing capability in the platform

– No native iPad or macOS previewer yet

– Can't natively export to Linux desktop apps

– Lacks some developer-focused features like debugging

– Being a younger platform, has fewer integrations/plugins

Ideal Use Cases of Nowa

Nowa is an excellent no-code solution for:

– Entrepreneurs – Quickly build custom apps for businesses without coding expertise.

– SaaS Companies – Easily create companion apps for web products to drive engagement.

– Freelancers – Build client apps in a visual way for faster delivery and customization.

– Startups – Rapidly prototype and iterate on app ideas to validate and fundraise.

– SMBs – DIY apps for internal processes, sales, CRMs, logistics and more.

– Students – Learn app development concepts through visual building.

– Agencies – Efficiently design and deliver custom-branded apps for clients.

Nowa enables those with great app ideas but limited technical skill sets to bring their vision to reality. While the quality may not match complex custom coded apps, Nowa fills an important niche for basic to intermediate complexity apps needed by many individuals and teams.

Competitor Comparison

Nowa competes in the rapidly growing no-code mobile app development space alongside platforms like AppSheet, Thunkable, AppMaker, and more. Here is how Nowa compares to some top competitors in terms of key features:

AppSheet – More focused on enterprise app needs. Nowa better for consumer-facing apps.

Thunkable – Similar drag and drop building but no native desktop or backend app options.

Bubble – Web app focused. Nowa's native compilation gives much better performance.

AppMaker – Good for basic CRUD apps but lacks advanced design and logic capabilities.

Overall, Nowa strikes a solid balance empowering makers to build fairly advanced native mobile and web apps visually. The user experience is streamlined while providing robust customization and logic options compared to alternatives.

Nowa Pricing on AppSumo

Nowa currently offers a few lifetime deal options via AppSumo:

– Tier 1: $39 for 5 app deployments per week

– Tier 2: $99 for 10 app deployments per week

– Tier 3: $199 for unlimited app deployments

These provide unlimited access to Nowa's Pro and Premium plans features. The Pro plan normally costs $29/month, while the Premium plan costs $59/month.

Considering the subscription costs, the lifetime deals provide exceptional long-term value. Even at the lowest Tier 1 level, you can build unlimited apps and export up to 5 per week forever.

The Pro features are plenty for individuals and early stage startups to validate and launch apps. Premium unlocks larger projects, white-label apps, and collaboration capabilities.

Overall, the Nowa AppSumo deals make professional no-code app development extremely affordable for bootstrapped entrepreneurs and small teams.

Customer Support

Nowa provides email-based customer support along with live chat during European business hours.

In my experience, the support team was very responsive and able to resolve any issues I ran into promptly. They also invite users to join their Discord community to access help resources and interact with other builders in the Nowa ecosystem.

For self-serve help, Nowa has extensive documentation with getting started guides, tutorials, examples, and references that cover the platform comprehensively. Between the docs and helpful support staff, users should be able to troubleshoot most challenges on their own.


The possibilities of no-code app development platforms like Nowa are extremely exciting. Enabling anyone to design, build, and launch custom native mobile and web apps without coding unlocks tremendous potential.

While experienced developers still have advantages creating complex apps, Nowa blows the door open for new creators to ship their own app ideas. The visual drag-and-drop interface combined with robust logic features strike an impressive balance of usability and depth.

For bootstrapped startups, freelancers, agencies, and entrepreneurs, Nowa provides a rapidly iterating app development environment. The ability to quickly mockup beautiful designs, add advanced interactivity, connect data, and export native iOS and Android apps creates tremendous value.

Overall, Nowa delivers on its promise to empower professionals to build apps like developers without coding expertise. While the learning curve takes some time, the long-term payoff building apps visually far outweighs any initial hassle.

The lifetime AppSumo deals make Nowa highly affordable for individuals and small teams. If you have an app concept you want to make a reality, I highly recommend giving Nowa's no-code platform a try while the deals last!

Get Access To NOWA Visual App Builder here

Disclaimer: I received a lifetime deal for Nowa access through AppSumo in exchange for my honest review and opinion. As a reviewer, I strive for transparency and aim to provide insights for readers to make informed purchasing decisions. Any recommendations are based on my personal experience testing the product's features and capabilities. Nowa and AppSumo did not review or approve this article. This review represents my perspective after spending time using the product and should not be considered professional financial, legal or other advice. Please do your own research before making any purchasing decisions.