MarketPresso AI Review: The Ultimate AI-Powered Marketplace Builder

MarketPresso AI Review: The Ultimate AI-Powered Marketplace Builder

MarketPresso AI Review Introduction

MarketPresso AI is revolutionizing the world of freelancing and local business marketplaces with its cutting-edge AI-powered platform. This innovative solution allows individuals and businesses to create their own personalized marketplaces, offering a wide range of services, products, and digital assets. With its AI assistant and ready-to-go prompts, MarketPresso AI simplifies the process of building and managing a marketplace, making it accessible to both experienced entrepreneurs and newcomers in the industry. In this MarketPresso AI review, you will learn about its benefit, OTOs, Who is made for and FAQs.

Benefits of MarketPresso AI

1. Build Your Own Marketplace

One of the key benefits of MarketPresso AI is the ability to create your own marketplace from scratch. Whether you're a freelancer, an agency owner, or a service provider, MarketPresso AI empowers you to showcase your skills, products, or services in a professional and branded environment. This personalized marketplace helps you establish your authority, attract more clients, and increase your revenue.

2. AI Assistance for Marketplace Creation

MarketPresso AI takes the hassle out of marketplace creation by providing an AI assistant right inside the platform. This assistant guides you through the process and offers ready-made prompts to help you create your marketplace and compelling marketplace descriptions. With the AI assistant, you can also fulfill a variety of services, such as creating Facebook ad copies, YouTube scripts, Instagram reel scripts, sales page copies, and more. These prompts are designed to save you time and effort, ensuring that your marketplace is up and running smoothly.

3. Wide Range of Products and Services

MarketPresso AI caters to various industries and niches, allowing you to sell physical products, digital products, or offer services across different categories. Whether you're into graphic designing, video marketing, online marketing, copywriting, audio editing, consultation, chatbots, translation, landing page/funnel building, gaming, SEO, or any other field, MarketPresso AI provides the flexibility to showcase your expertise and connect with potential clients.

4. Customizable Pricing and Variables

Marketplace owners have full control over their pricing structure. You can set your charges based on time (per hour, minute, or second), number of words, duration of script, fixed price, flexible price, or any other variables specific to your services. This allows you to tailor your pricing to match the unique requirements of your clients and maximize your profitability.

5. Zero Competition on Your Marketplace

Unlike open platforms like Fiverr or Upwork, MarketPresso AI eliminates competition from other sellers. When you drive traffic to your own marketplace, you don't have to worry about potential clients being redirected to other sellers with better reviews or prices. You retain full control over your business and can focus on building your own brand and reputation.

6. Personalized Customizations and Branding

With MarketPresso AI, you can fully customize your marketplace to reflect your brand identity. You can add your own logo, branding elements, and domain name, giving your marketplace a professional and unique look. This level of personalization helps you establish market authority and build trust with your clients.

7. DFY Marketplaces and AI Fulfillment

MarketPresso AI offers a range of Done-For-You (DFY) marketplaces for the latest tools and services. These pre-built marketplaces cover a wide range of industries and can be easily added to your account. Additionally, with the AI-powered fulfillment feature, you can leverage the power of AI to fulfill popular digital marketing services using customizable prompts. This saves you time and effort while ensuring high-quality service delivery.

8. Advanced Features and Easy Management

MarketPresso AI provides a host of advanced features to enhance your marketplace's functionality. These features include an admin theme, marketplace dashboard, products page, services page, media dashboard, category and sub-category creation, menu creation, payment gateway integration, messaging system, order notifications, and more. With these tools, you can efficiently manage your marketplace, communicate with customers, and streamline your business operations.

Watch MarketPresso AI Demo Video Below:

MarketPresso AI Review: The Ultimate AI-Powered Marketplace Builder

Who Can Benefit from MarketPresso AI?

MarketPresso AI caters to a diverse range of individuals and businesses looking to establish their presence in the freelancing and local business marketplaces. Here are some of the key beneficiaries:

  • Freelancers: Whether you're a graphic designer, content writer, video editor, or any other type of freelancer, MarketPresso AI provides a platform to showcase your skills and attract clients directly without the need for third-party intermediaries.
  • Agency Owners: If you run an agency that offers various services, MarketPresso AI allows you to create a centralized marketplace to display your team's expertise and manage client projects efficiently.
  • Service Providers: From consultants to translators, web developers to SEO specialists, MarketPresso AI offers a platform for service providers to market their skills and connect with potential clients in a professional and branded environment.
  • Product Sellers: Entrepreneurs and businesses selling physical or digital products can leverage MarketPresso AI to create their own marketplace and reach a wider audience. The AI-powered features help simplify product listings, order management, and customer communication.
  • Local Businesses: MarketPresso AI is also beneficial for local businesses looking to expand their reach and offer their services online. Whether you're a local consultant, fitness trainer, or home service provider, MarketPresso AI provides the tools to establish your online presence and attract new customers.

Pros and Cons of MarketPresso AI


  • Easy marketplace creation with AI assistance and ready-made prompts.
  • Customizable pricing and variables to match specific service offerings.
  • Zero competition within your marketplace.
  • Personalized branding and domain customization.
  • DFY marketplaces and AI-powered service fulfillment.
  • Advanced features for efficient marketplace management.
  • Wide range of industries and niches catered to.
  • Increased revenue potential through direct client connections.


  • Requires initial setup and customization.
  • Marketplace promotion and driving traffic may require additional marketing efforts.
  • Marketplace performance and success depend on the quality of services offered and client satisfaction.
  • Limited to digital services and products, may not suit all business models.

How to Use MarketPresso AI:

MarketPresso AI makes it easy for anyone to create their own online marketplace in just a few simple steps:

  1. Sign up for MarketPresso AI and choose a plan
  2. Use the built-in AI prompts to help you set up your marketplace
  3. Add your products/services including pricing options
  4. Customize the design with your logo, colors and branding
  5. Connect your payment gateway to accept payments
  6. Share your marketplace link and start getting sales!

MarketPresso AI allows you to have your online marketplace up and running in just minutes by leveraging the built-in AI prompts. You can then further customize the marketplace as per your specific needs.

MarketPresso AI Money Back Guarantee:

MarketPresso AI comes with a standard 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the software, you can request for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

MarketPresso AI OTOs [ MarketPresso AI Funnels]:

Introducing the Marketpresso AI Funnel, a powerful suite of tools designed to help you create and manage online marketplaces with ease. MarketPresso AI has the following one-time offer (OTO) upsells:

Front End Offer: Marketpresso AI – $47

  • Integration with ChatGPT(OpenAI)
  • Capability to Sell Marketplaces to Clients
  • Ability to Create Up to 10 Marketplaces
  • Design Your Online Marketplace for Any Product
  • Attractive Profile Pages for Branding
  • Organize Products by Category and Sub-Category
  • Smart Menu for User-Friendly Navigation
  • Highly Converting Service Pages
  • Offer Service Packages with Smart Pricing
  • Built-in Messaging System for Seamless Communication with Clients
  • Receive Real-Time Order & Message Notifications
  • Showcase Testimonials & Reviews
  • Add Products to Cart for Easy Purchases
  • Utilize Blazing Fast Servers with Your Branding
  • Integrate Payment Gateways for Smooth Transactions
  • Add Custom Code to Tailor Your Marketplace
  • Include Badges on Offers for Promotions
  • Translate Your Marketplace into Global Languages for Worldwide Sales
  • Track Browsing History for User Insights
  • Seamlessly Integrate Email Services
  • Implement FAQ Section for Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Ensure Mobile-Friendly Platform for All Devices
  • Manage User Accounts and Customer Profiles
  • Access the 100% Cloud-Based App for Convenience
  • Offer User Login for Personalized Experiences
  • Boost Traffic with a Built-In Blog/Content Feature
  • Includes 36 DFY Marketplaces to Jumpstart Your Sales
  • Access One Big DFY Marketplace Encompassing All 36 Marketplaces
  • Take Advantage of the DFY Selling Kit
  • Benefit from 120+ DFY Social Media Ads, Client Selling SMS Funnel, Email Funnel, Outreach Checklist, Master Sales Call, and LinkedIn Funnel

OTO1: Marketpresso AI Pro – $97

  • Unlock Unlimited Marketplaces for Expanding Your Business
  • Multiple Upgrading Abilities for Enhanced Features
  • Immediate Order Upgrade Option
  • Implement Cashback Reward Method (Wallet) to Encourage Customer Loyalty
  • Offer Coupons, Bundle Deals, and Giveaway Deals (1+1, 2+1)
  • Utilize Recommended For You Products Similar to Amazon's Feature
  • Reward Customers with Loyalty Points
  • Enhance Sales with Bump Order Upgrade
  • Customize Pop Ups for Special Offers and Promotions
  • Send Special Offers via Chat for Instant Engagement

OTO2: Marketpresso AI TemplateClub – $77

  • Gain Access to the TemplateClub
  • Access DFY Packages to Save Time and Effort
  • Package Includes Both TemplateClub and DFY Package Access

OTO3: Marketpresso AI Business – $197

  • Receive Comprehensive Training on Getting Clients
  • Learn Social Media Marketing Agency & Scaling Techniques
  • Master Local Business Walk-Ins & “$500/Month/Client” Campaigns
  • Engage in Q&A Training
  • Get Expert Insights on Traffic & Conversion Strategies
  • Access Advanced Facebook Ads Program
  • Learn to Generate & Control Traffic
  • Discover Secrets of Advanced Funnel Creation for Increased Conversions
  • Uncover Copywriting Secrets to Boost Sales
  • Benefit from 8 Conversion Booster Apps for Optimal Results
  • Stay on Track with Accountability & Tracking

OTO4: Marketpresso AI Whitelabel – Agency – $297

  • Start Your 6-Figure Business with Marketpresso AI
  • Allow Others to Sell in Your Marketplace and Earn Commissions
  • Get Unlimited Sellers for Rapid Growth
  • Obtain WhiteLabel Rights to Marketpresso AI
  • Sell Brand New Marketplaces to Your Clients and Keep 100% Profits
  • Branded WhiteLabel Login with Your Logo & Branding
  • Set Your Own Price and Retain 100% Profits
  • Charge Monthly Recurring or One-Time Premium Amounts
  • Ability to Sell to Clients and Enable Each Client to Create Marketplaces

OTO5: Marketpresso AI – Justap Special – $47

  • Create 100 Workspaces for Multiple Projects
  • Design 100 Digital Business Cards per Workspace
  • Initiate 100 Local Business Campaigns per Workspace
  • Access 25 DFY Business Card Templates
  • Utilize 25 DFY Local Business Templates
  • Manage up to 10 Client Accounts with Agency Technology
  • Add Multiple Blocks to Your Campaigns for Flexibility
  • Generate up to 10,000 Leads through Your Campaigns
  • Leverage Multiple NFC Publish Options and QR Code Technology
  • Enjoy Commercial & Agency Rights for Maximum Benefits

Unlock the power of Marketpresso AI Funnel and revolutionize the way you create, manage, and scale your online marketplaces!

MarketPresso AI FAQs:

1. What is MarketPresso AI?

MarketPresso AI is an AI powered freelance and local business marketplace builder that helps you create your own online marketplace to sell digital products, physical products or services. It comes with AI assistance to create marketplaces using DFY prompts and fulfill services using AI.  

2. How does MarketPresso AI work?

MarketPresso AI works by integrating with OpenAI to provide AI assistance within the MarketPresso interface. You can use the ready made DFY prompts to create marketplace descriptions, product descriptions, profile pages, testimonials and more. The AI prompts can also be used to fulfill popular services like creating Facebook ad copies, video scripts, sales page copies, and other digital marketing services.

3. What features does MarketPresso AI offer?

The key features of MarketPresso AI include:

• AI assistance to create and manage your marketplace

• DFY prompts for creating marketplaces and fulfilling services

• Ability to create unlimited marketplaces 

• Pricing options based on time, words, duration, units, etc.

• Payment gateway integration  

• Messaging system 

• Real time order and message notifications

• Reviews and testimonials

• Add to cart 

• Blog integration

• Mobile responsive platform

• User management

4. What services can I sell using MarketPresso AI?

You can create marketplaces to sell almost any service using MarketPresso AI, including:

• Physical products  

• Graphic design    

• Video marketing

• Copywriting

• Online marketing

• Audio editing 

• Consultation

• Chatbots 

• Translation

• Web development

• Digital products

• Content writing  

• And many more.

5. How much does MarketPresso AI cost?

MarketPresso AI has the following pricing:

• Front End – $47   

• OTO1 – MarketPresso AI Pro $97

• OTO2 – MarketPresso AI TemplateClub $77

• OTO3 – MarketPresso AI Business $197

• OTO4 – MarketPresso AI Whitelabel – Agency $297  

• OTO5 – MarketPresso AI – Justap Special $47

. MarketPresso AI Bundle $347.00

6. What are the benefits of using MarketPresso AI?  

The key benefits are:

• No competition – You have your own private marketplace

• Higher profits – You keep 100% of the profits

• Build authority – Manage customer reviews and testimonials

• Charge higher prices – Create a premium branded marketplace

• Simpler fulfillment – Use AI prompts to fulfill services easily

• More buyer data – Access buyer contact details and history

7. Who should use MarketPresso AI?

MarketPresso AI is ideal for freelancers, service providers, agency owners and entrepreneurs who want to:

• Sell their services and products online

• Build their own branded marketplace       

• Increase profits and earn more per sale

• Access more qualified buyers

• Reduce time spent fulfilling orders

• Grow their business and customer base

Conclusion on MarketPresso AI Review

MarketPresso AI is the ultimate AI-powered marketplace builder that empowers freelancers, agencies, and service providers to create their own branded marketplaces. With its AI assistance, customizable pricing, and DFY marketplaces, MarketPresso AI simplifies the process of marketplace creation and service fulfillment. Whether you're a freelancer looking to showcase your skills or a local business aiming to expand your reach, MarketPresso AI offers the tools and features to establish your online presence and boost your profitability.

With its advanced functionality and zero competition within your marketplace, MarketPresso AI opens up new opportunities for individuals and businesses in the world of freelancing and local business services.

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MarketPresso Bonuses:

Introducing the MarketPresso Regular Bonuses – a collection of valuable resources to supercharge your online marketplace business:

Bonus 1: Free Advertising Credits Worth $600-$800

  • Drive unlimited traffic and sales instantly by using free advertising credits on premium networks like LinkedIn, Bing, Yahoo, and Amazon.
  • Limited time offer, act fast!

Bonus 2: MarketPresso Getting Clients – LinkedIn Training

  • Unlock the potential of LinkedIn to attract high-ticket clients with our done-for-you scripts and comprehensive training.
  • From finding clients to converting them, this training covers it all.

Bonus 3: Hands-on Workshop With a Level 2 Fiverr Seller

  • Learn the secrets of creating and scaling a successful Fiverr profile to earn $2,000 or more within the first month.
  • Get buyer contact details to pitch higher-priced services on your own marketplace and increase profits.

Bonus 4: AI Logo Creator Software (Worth $697)

  • Create professional logos effortlessly with our AI-based logo creator software.
  • Offer logo creation services in your marketplace and sell them for $100-$300 each.

Bonus 5: AI BrandDomain Software (Worth $497)

  • Discover the best domain name for businesses and check its availability on various social media channels with just one click using our advanced AI software.
  • Offer domain research services on your marketplace and meet the demands of thousands of new businesses every day.

Bonus 6: Hands-On Workshop To Help You Build Your First Marketplace

  • Access an exclusive hands-on workshop conducted by the founders of MarketPresso, guiding you through the step-by-step process of building your first marketplace.

MarketPresso Custom Bonuses:

1.) Ultimate Guide to Ad Creation for Beginners (7 Platforms)

  • Master the art of creating high-performing ads on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • Magnify your click rates, ROI, and conversions with expert guidance.

2.) SMMA Audit & Proposal Checklist

  • Conduct thorough SMMA audits using our comprehensive checklist and evaluate your efforts in running a successful social media marketing agency.

3.) Social Media Marketing Agency Resources And Tools

  • Access a collection of essential tools to manage your digital marketing agency and services business efficiently.

4.) Perfect Ad Copy Cheatsheet

  • Craft persuasive ad copies that highlight the uniqueness of your products or services with our helpful cheatsheet.

5.) Handpicked Ads Screenshots From World’s Top Marketers

  • Learn from successful brands with handpicked high-converting ad examples to inspire your creativity.

6.) 150+ FREE Online Marketing Tools

  • Explore a curated list of more than 150 free online marketing tools to take your business to new heights.

7.) The Copywriting Checklist You Need To Follow

  • Follow our proven checklist to write captivating ad copies that generated $250,000 in revenue in just 7 days.

8.) Checklist To Start a Social Media Marketing Agency

  • Start your social media marketing agency with confidence by following our ultimate checklist for success.

9.) High Paying Clients Acquisition Cheatsheet

  • Close high-ticket clients effectively with our cheat sheet, saving your time and efforts on unqualified leads.


  • Boost the impact of your marketing materials with 390+ power words that trigger emotional responses and drive sales.

Take advantage of these bonuses to elevate your online marketplace business and achieve remarkable success!

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