A Guide On How You Can Create Content for Your Niche While You Still Write Effortlessly

A Guide On How You Can Create Content for Your Niche While You Still Write Effortlessly
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It's easier to keep your readers interested in your content compared to trying to get back their attention.

You will agree with me that Content creation is broad, and that is why you must endeavour to focus on a topic, or else you lose. 

Again, you must know that readers would rather read from a writer who is specialized in an area, to be sure of getting enough information about a particular topic at a shot.

In this article, I will be holding your hands and walking you through how you can create content for your niche and still write anything you want, and how you can achieve it.

The Four Principles I Adopt For My Niche When I create content.

It may interest you to know that although you have chosen a particular niche, there are numerous strategies to write whatever you want. 

Beginning with my first strategy, I endeavour to find a way to relate everything to my target niche. This means that even when I am talking about productivity, I still figure out a way to connect it to writing.

As for the second strategy, I apply the 80/20 principle to divide my content into two segments – what I write for my niche and what I write for myself. This implies that 80% of my articles have to do with content creation, then the remaining 20% is allocated to unconnected topics such as de hustling, personal finance, or even healthy lifestyles.

Furthermore, the third strategy permits me to write everything I want by making instances that directly include my niche. This is to say that even if my topic of discussion has nothing to do with content creation, I will still figure out a way to somehow connect them.

The last but not the least strategy has to do with my schedule. Although I write numerous articles weekly, I endeavour to  publish a minimum amount of information about my niche, that way, people can classify me for what they think I do.

Now, it's time for us to discuss these strategies deeply and learn how to create content for your niche while writing whatever you want.

The Four Principles I Adopt For My Niche.

A Guide On How You Can Create Content for Your Niche While You Still Write Effortlessly

1. Connect everything to your niche.

The most important principle of my strategy is finding a way to connect everything to my niche irrespective of what I am talking about.

In a bid to achieve this,  I organized a content creation map that assists me to connect any interesting topic to my major focus. So if at any point, I need some form of support, I can always refer back to the map to find a way to connect it. 

Furthermore, I just don't depend on my content map to generate ideas,  there are times that I make use of inspirational triggers to broaden my offer.

For example, every time I find an article I enjoy reading on my favourite platforms, I take a few notes to write one myself. Then, I organize them in my idea journal and link them to my map, so it is easier to check them later.

That being said, I always find a relationship between my topic of interest and my niche, and if I don't, I resort to asking myself pertinent questions to confirm the worthiness of the idea.

Questions like is it necessary? Is there a need for me to write about this topic? Will my readers find this topic interesting?

2. Divide your content to accommodate your niche.

A Guide On How You Can Create Content for Your Niche While You Still Write Effortlessly

As a writer, know that your niche is your god and you must always satisfy or create room for it.

While at it, I endeavour to put my readers into consideration because they spend their time reading what I write, and even if I don’t want to be classified as a content creation author, I strive to give my readers what they want.

However, there are times when I want to write about other topics of interest, so in such cases, I  split my content into two parts: 80% of it is specifically for my niche, and the remaining 20% is for anything else, that way, I can strike a balance between the both.

Please, you can as well try out other ratios, maybe a 70/30, or even a 60/40, just choose a ratio, and adhere strictly don't,  especially for publication. 

3. Cite examples that connect to your central topic.

The third strategy you can employ is connecting even those unrelated topics to your niche, and this can be achieved via examples. 

Let's look at it this way, if I am writing about self-improvement, you will agree with me that improving yourself and writing excellent content have a few things in common, and those things are always the same.

To avoid boring my audience by reusing the same links, I settle for making examples of content creation using opinions obtained from self-improvement. 

Most importantly, you must take note of the fact that making examples will not be enough to keep my readers interested, I still need to give them valid proof to back up my claims.

4. Plan your articles with preciseness.

The importance of strictly scheduling your articles can never be overemphasized it's better to quit if you can’t make a schedule and adhere strictly to it.

No doubt,  writers usually go through creative phases, and sometimes,  writing about a topic I researched in every possible means becomes a burden. In times like this, I wish to avoid the requirements of my niche and just follow my passion. 

Scheduling is a passion-saver in the sense that if I schedule my articles while having in mind what is expected of my niche, there is no way  I will lose them. 

That being said, I tend to post something they will appreciate while respecting the 80/20 rule at the same time. It means that if I have to publish ten articles, eight out of the ten will take care of content creation.


Writers are not perfect, and you must understand that becoming a writer requires that you become a strategist, and you are in an unending war against creativity, grammatical errors, adverbs,  and even expectations. 

There are times when you have to break some of the strategies like the 80/20 rule because you are short of links and examples to include in your article.

 You must also admit the fact that irrespective of the number of strategies you incorporate to build the strength of your article,  there will always be little mistakes here and there, unexploited ideas, unsatisfied readers, or misplaced columns. 

Always see it as part of the process, and don't get discouraged.

I hope that you find this article useful and that it has been able to help you know how to create content for your niche and still write effortlessly.