Top Online MBAs: The Top-Ranked 14 Business Schools In Europe Offering Online MBAs

The Top-Ranked 14 Business Schools In Europe Offering Online MBAs business school rankings

Over the years, the rate of online and distance education is on the increase. In addition to this, Online MBAs programs are mostly offered to study from a distance thereby giving you the opportunity to integrate academic knowledge with practical business management while still having a flexible study schedule.

There are certain factors that you must not overlook when searching for a fully online or blended (lessons are partly taught on campus) MBA, they include employability, accreditation from the principal international management education bodies, quality of peers, and the competitiveness of entry. 

The second factor to be considered is if the program befits your professional interests and needs and also the networking opportunities offered by the school. In as much as students are not required to be present on campus, where the business school is located has an influence on how degrees are taught alongside the course curriculum.

The trick is this, if you intend to follow a management career in Europe, the best thing you should do is to attend an online MBA presented by an institution in Europe.

In accordance with the latest Distance Online MBA Rankings 2021 by the Financial Times, European business schools are becoming famous in the field of digital learning business administration, and they are able to compete with their North American contemporaries.

In this article, we have added a list of 14 outstanding European business schools, and the first 6 are ranked in the 2021 Financial Times Rankings while others are undoubtedly good online study options to consider.

Below are business school offering Online MBAs:

1. The First Is Warwick Business School, UK

Warwick University knows its onion when it comes to research excellence, little wonder why it is ranked among the top universities in the United Kingdom and in the world. In addition to this, the university prompts access to jobs and internships for its students.

2. The Second Is IE Business School, Spain

IE Business School is a private IE Spanish university and it is notably one of the leading higher education institutions in the world known for the high value it places on innovation and learning technologies. The pioneer online MBA in Europe was launched in the year 2,000 by IE. 

The good thing about the programs is that they are combined, have a 20% face-to-face ratio, and take 15 months to be completed. They make use of multimedia materials like games and tutorials, simulations, and the faculty employs the same intensive practical method in teaching the full-time programs.

3. The Third Is Imperial College Business School, United Kingdom

Imperial College Business focuses on assisting students in building a competitive mindset that is result-oriented through opening their arms to a wide range of professions and cultural backgrounds.

Teachers are not left out in projecting the mission of the institution, they are committed to academic excellence and keep a research-focused mindset. To achieve this, they work and engage themselves in interdisciplinary work and combine with recognized industry experts.

4. The Fourth Is Durham University, United Kingdom

The quality of education provided at Durham University is challenging and at the same time intriguing. The institution invests heavily in leading research, class cooperation, and assists students in developing both professionally and personally. In addition to this, the school has an enviable and engaging digital learning environment for providing great business education.

5. The Fifth Is MIP Politecnico di Milano

We can best describe MIP Politecnico di Milano as one of the best business schools in Italy known to be a polytechnic and recently launched a new online-based MBA program which was jointly developed with Microsoft.

As a student of this noble institution, you will be exposed to and benefit from an innovative digital learning platform that provides you with easy access to pre-recorded video content and permits students to participate actively in life lessons.

Nevertheless, it is important to know that the language used as a medium of instruction is Italian, therefore, this could be seen as a good opportunity to enhance your Italian skills while taking business and management classes.

6. The Sixth Is The University of Bradford School of Management

The University of Bradford boasts of its excellent student support services. Since its inception, Bradford University has been head-bent on producing professionals that are well-trained, equipped with skills relevant to the present economic climate.

In addition to this, they take it upon themselves to provide placements for their students and ensure that they have access to all necessary industry equipment while learning from the best teachers who have wealth of experience.

7. The Seventh Is The EMAS Business School, Russia

EMAS Business School is known to be one of the biggest business-oriented Russian universities yet they have a distinct approach on how to teach and consult in Business and Management projects in a better way. They collaborate with other universities to bring their dreams to reality.

Best Masters rated EMAS as the 12th in Eastern Europe and has a rating of up to 4.9 out of 5 from EduOpinions, which is truly above average.

8. The Eight Is The Open University UK

In the United Kingdom, the Open University UK is defined as one of the biggest public distance-learning universities having a campus, with all the necessary research facilities to the extent of having where Ph.D. students carry out their academic work for the purpose of their theses.

Furthermore, they take part in numerous cultural projects and have carried out quite a number of admiringly recognized documentaries, some of which can be seen on Netflix.

9. The Ninth Is The University of Birmingham Online, United Kingdom

This is a university that originated from an industrial city, nurtured and instructed some of the greatest minds of the 20th century hence the name “red brick” and the motto “Through efforts to heights”.

One of the advantages of attending such school is that if you obtain a degree from this institution, it will be recognized across the world, and, seeing how high the University of Birmingham is ranked, what other evidence do you need to know this place is worth having your Master's degree?

10. The Tenth Is Nottingham Trent University Online, United Kingdom

This is yet another big university in the United Kingdom and is named Nottingham Trent University Online, commonly known to be one of the top places in the country for graduate employment, and earned a spot in the  “Student Choice Awards” thereby making it one of the widely preferred universities for students.

11. The Eleventh Is The IU University of Applied Sciences, Germany

This is a German University offering some mind-blowing online MBAs, that concentrates on equipping its students for work-life after graduation.

They make sure to use real-life examples to teach students thereby utilizing marketing and entrepreneurship theories. This will in turn get students prepared for the job market including the challenges they might encounter.

12. The Twelveth Is The Swiss School Of Business and Management, Switzerland

The Swiss School of Business and Management is an all-encompassing school situated in the city of Geneva providing excellent research and education with the help of more than 30 well-known industry partners.

Furthermore, they welcome a variety of students thereby embracing student diversity and not compromising on their standards of teaching excellence. 

13. The Thirteenth Is The London School of International Business, United Kingdom

Popularly known as LSIB, this institution offers more than 90 online Master's degrees in Business & Management and concentrates on providing students the opportunity to pick from great programs and great possibilities, and at the end of the day, everyone can focus on the department he/she wants to. 

14. The Last But Not The Least Is The European University Cyprus (EUC), Cyprus

The European University of Cyprus, founded in the year 1961 is counted as one of the leading institutions of higher education in Cyprus.

What draws most students to this institution is their ability to offer two years online MBA degrees at an inexpensive price when compared to most universities in Europe. Also, the language which they use in instructing is entirely in the English Language, and students are encouraged to work with recent learning materials that were solely made for the distance education teaching model.

Finally, we will like to reiterate that this list is not in any way complete, there are numerous good universities and business schools offering a great range of online degrees. 

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