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How Can I Get More Instagram Followers?

You cannot talk about famous social media platforms out there and not mention Instagram. A lot of people have made the mistake of thinking that it is all about cat pictures and selfies – it has also become an important marketing tool. In fact, when it comes to a brand establishment, having an Instagram account is so important that after you create a website, the next thing is to create an account on Instagram. You must also know how to Get More Instagram Followers.

Studies have shown that marketing on Instagram is a very useful way to reveal your brand and help your business reach new customers, prompt more traffic to your website thereby increasing conversions.

Nevertheless, it is never easy to grow your account because it will cost you time and hard work to gather all those followers.

However, with these 12 strategies listed below, you will be able to get more Instagram followers right away:

  • You should ensure that you post high-quality images
  • Your content should cut across a wide range of topics
  • Make sure you use the appropriate hashtags
  • Employ the use of CTAs in your content
  • Do not ignore your bio- make sure it is engaging
  • You should add user-generated content (UGC)
  • You should have a consistent schedule for posting
  • Make sure you post at the right times
  • You can pay for sponsored posts
  • Make sure that you cooperate with other influencers
  • You should save your stories as highlights
  • Make sure that your presence is felt online by increasing it   

Why should I use Instagram to grow my business?

Over 1 billion active daily users who are majorly between the age of 18-29 make use of Instagram. Instagram is a great platform for you to reach out and connect with them if your target audience falls within this demographic.

One of the things that will assist you in building brand awareness and recognition is having a strong presence, this will permit you to promote a sense of trust and familiarity with your followers, and you know that this means more money especially if you are partnering with brands. 

How do I use Instagram to get more followers?

Organic growth and paid ads are two major ways you can increase your following. While organic growth seems to be a slow and steady ride because there are thousands of content creators on Instagram, therefore getting people to notice your profile is a herculean task but you need consistency and strong visual imagery to achieve your aim, choosing paid ads will market you to a wide variety of potential customers and Instagram makes available useful marketing insights that can be used for future marketing purposes.

Just before you delve into creating content, you should, first of all, ask yourself what your brand stands for and what message do you wish to pass to your audience. Analyze and come up with what makes you unique and what importance your content can bring to your followers. This way, you can define the focus of your content thereby narrowing down your strategy.

A summary of 12 Strategies with which you can get more Instagram followers

01. You should ensure that you post high-quality images

The place of showcasing high-quality content cannot be mitigated in every successful Instagram account. Note that in this platform, there are numerous highly sought-after talented content creators who post beautiful images, therefore you have to think of a way to stand out.

One thing that draws the attention of viewers is visually pleasing content, chances are that people will not visit your profile if they see a blurry, unprofessional photo, irrespective of how interesting your caption is.

You must not employ the services of a photographer, illustrator, or any expensive gear to achieve this, just use your smartphones to create, capture and edit stunning images. Another helpful tip is the use of apps like Snapseed and VSCO, they will help you in editing your photos making them look as professional as possible.

02. Your content should cut across a wide range of topics

Your followers will get bored upon seeing the same thing over and over again, this is why we advise you to post a medley of content ranging from pictures, Instagram stories to video posts. Aside from this, you may attract new audiences that may have slightly different interests by diversifying your content.

Most Instagram accounts you recognize as being successful exhaust all available options, therefore they avoid being repetitive. The underlining factor is that irrespective of what you want to post, make sure it conforms with your branding and what you stand for, that is the golden rule.

03. Make sure you use the appropriate hashtags

One of the primary tools Instagram provides with the aim of helping users reach new audiences organically is Instagram hashtags. However, please try as much as possible to add hashtags that are pertinent to your niche or market if you wish to boost your exposure. The trick is that a post that is rated as a well-performing post as a result of massive engagement may either appear in the Top Posts section of a hashtag or pop up on people’s Explore page thereby making your post to be more visible and having a high possibility of getting more followers.

While using popular hashtags can help you to be visible, nevertheless, your post is most probably going to fly under the radar because it is going to be buried under lots of new ones within minutes thereby restricting your exposure. You may at this point try out less popular ones, besides, Instagram permits you to add up to 30 hashtags per post.

04. Employ the use of CTAs in your content

One fundamental way of directing your followers what to do after viewing your post is by using call-to-actions (CTAs). This way, they are engaged, therefore, they come back to your page again and again. Examples of such calls-to-action are asking your followers to check out your other social media platforms, leave comments, view your stories, return to your page the next day for a sale,  click links in your bio, or tag their friends in your post. We also recommend the use of a teaser like posting an image and asking your followers to come back the following day for a big reveal of some sort. The most important thing is to be creative while at it.

05. Do not ignore your bio- make sure it is engaging

On arrival to your page, one of the first things people will see is your Instagram bio and this is where you advertise yourself and what you represent. Because your bio is confined to 150 characters, you should make sure to add the most relevant points while keeping it attractive visually. The aim is to grab the interest of your visitor and bring them to stick around and scour more of your page.

Oftentimes, when scrolling through the streets of Instagram, you will see things like “link in bio”, it is just a way of directing your followers to a distinct link. From time to time as you post new content, you can switch this link out. Alternatively, you can employ the use of a third-party app such as Linktree which permits you to work around the one-link rule and establish all of your links in one setting.

06. You should add user-generated content (UGC)

We can best describe User-generated content (UGC) as any picture or video your followers create that cites your brand. A very commendable way of building a sense of community is by integrating UGC into your Instagram strategy thereby making your audience feel like an essential part of your brand. This way you can market your brand or expose your product to happy customers.

With the use of CTAs, you can indirectly prompt your followers to create and share content suitable to you, this can be done by posting photos with your products, subscribing to dance challenges to advertise a particular cause. The only thing that will restrict you is your inability to be creative.

You can share the content through your Instagram stories or share it on your profile then tag them. Also note that here, quality is not necessarily considered, it is basically about bonding with your followers and promoting it for all to see.

07. You should have a consistent schedule for posting

You should not at any point forget that Instagram’s algorithm loves consistency which means that the ability to keep a consistent posting schedule will surely increase your visibility and assist you in getting new followers. Aside from algorithms, people love consistency too. 

It will make your followers get used to your posting tempo and expect new content at set times, especially if you have a well-known account. Note that the more you post, the more engagement and exposure you have, however, this can yield more fruit if you post regularly at a pace you can maintain instead of posting sporadically and unexpectedly.

Summarily, the trick is to be able to design a schedule that is most suitable for you.

08. Make sure you post at the right times

If you have useful content, Instagram will mostly try to present you. Most persons do not know that your visibility can be influenced by the time of day that you made your post. Post when you know that your audience is active, it will make them willing to comment, like, and share.

The principal thing is to carry out your personal research to know when your followers are active, maybe you should monitor your posts to see what days and times get the most engagement.

Another factor that should be put into consideration is where most of your audience is located, for instance, if you reside in New York, but you’re huge in Japan, you will discover that posting at 2pm EST won’t be fruitful.

Keep it at the back of your mind that there is no need to pressure yourself about being online to post anything at the right time if you aren’t available. You can always use third party Instagram tools, such as Agorapulse or Later , to make schedule posts or create ready-to-publish drafts. With drafts that are ready-to-publish , you will only have to go on the Instagram platform to press the publish button.

09. You can pay for sponsored posts

Instagram permits its users to run paid ads in the form of sponsored posts or stories and it has proven to be a valuable tool for businesses and marketers, thereby permitting you to contact enormous audiences without having lots of followers.

The first thing to do in Instagram advertising is to simply create a business account and once it is ready, you can sponsor any of your posts for a particular time duration at a fee. It is the responsibility of Instagram to show it within your selected market. 

10. Make sure that you cooperate with other influencers

Another relevant means of marketing your brand is by uniting with other Instagrammers. You can mutually share posts or create content together, this way, you can succeed in introducing each other’s audiences to both of your pages.

Influencer marketing is yet another well-known marketing tactic, it has to do with when you sponsor, pay, or supply free products to influencers in your niche to advertise your products or trade.

We must reiterate that influencer marketing is not the same as sponsored ads. The former can be done without Instagram’s intervention, all you need do is to find influencers that are most suitable for your brand’s personality and strike a deal between the two of you. Be careful not to be scammed while searching because some of these accounts though they have thousands of followers,  if the “comments” section is littered with generic responses like “Amazing,” or “Nice pic,” watch out because it may be a fake account. 

To mitigate being defrauded, you can find an influencer to work within platforms like Tap Influence or Upfluence, interestingly, they narrow down to what you are looking for and provide audience data and insights about individual influencers.

11. You should save your stories as highlights

One of the well-known features that can be utilized on Instagram is stories. It may interest you to know that there are people who do not use regular posts, they only post and view stories, therefore we advise you to use this tool to your advantage.

Normally, stories disappear after 24 hours, as a result of this, Instagram permits you to pin them to your profile as highlights without having a time limit. Feel free to categorize your saved stories into different highlights and ascribe a name to each one.

12. Make sure that your presence is felt online by increasing it  

It is possible for you to leverage your following on other platforms to get people to follow you on Instagram such as using Twitter to broadcast your Instagram handle or running a promotion on Facebook, nevertheless, you should have a strong social media presence across these channels.

Your website is another great tool to expand what you have on your Instagram by adding every possible detail ranging from yourself, your brand, or your product also making sure that your visuals have high quality with the same on your Instagram page.

Make sure you add your Instagram feed too so that visitors will see what they’re missing out on and be prompted to follow you. 

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