How Can I Make Money From America’s Love for Pets?

Make Money From America's Love for Pets

It is not surprising when people say that opportunities are lurking around everywhere, you just have to look closely, one such opportunity lies in the fact that Americans love pets, therefore, you can start a business that allows you to set your schedule, make additional income, and probably work from home

Studies carried out by the American Pet Products Association show that pet owners are expected to spend above $55 billion across the world on pet-related products and services yearly.

Make Money From America's Love for Pets

Therefore, it is a good idea if you utilize the opportunity and earn some money from the country’s passion for pets?

 We know you may be wondering if we are talking about the same pet service industry you know that are low-paying, entry-level positions (think kennel attendant or pet store clerk), we are here to let you know that there are enticing possibilities in the pet business that can be leveraged.

Interestingly, you do not have to break a bank to start this company because the costs of starting and marketing a company in this category are relatively low, also, this is ideal if you want to work part-time because you can set your hours and work as much or as little as you wish.

We have listed below the four paw-sibilities you can consider:

1. Work as a dog walker  

If you are considering this, there are certain requirements expected of you but they may be minimal, such requirements include; you must be comfortable with handling a variety of dogs, you must be in good shape healthwise, and love outdoor activities irrespective of the weather or season.

 In addition to what we earlier mentioned, you should expect to work for a minimum of five days a week because a lot of pet owners wish to hire dog walkers who will cover up for them consistently during the workweek. That being said, you will benefit from this job by having free time between walks.

Speaking of how much you can make from this job, it depends on some factors such as your location, the number of dogs you walk daily, and marketing savvy. However, you can guess your pay by multiplying the number of dogs you’d walk times the number of walks in a week times the amount you would charge per half-hour. 

Need we say that this does not require any special training, nevertheless, just like any other business, you are advised to check with your local governmental agencies to know their zoning, insurance, and other regulations if any before you start searching for customers.

2. Work as a pet sitter 

Just like people hire babysitters, in the same vein, they also hire sitters to care for everything ranging from dogs, cats, fish to guinea pigs. Well, this job is most suitable for people who just want to earn an additional income from time to time because most sitters work on an as-needed basis and not frequently.

 However, there is an increase in demand rate during the weekends and summer or other peak vacation times, therefore if you fall under the category of people who would rather have their weekends free and love to get away for long stretches during the summer, then this is not a good job for you. 

Just like the former, you cannot say exactly how much you will earn due to the variables involved. But we advise you to channel your energy into researching local rates for pet sitters in your area through the Internet search. 

There is no special training needed just like dog walking, all you need to do is to contact local governmental agencies to make sure that you operate your business following their rules.

3. Work as a dog trainer 

There is a wide range of services offered by dog trainers beginning from instructing basic obedience skills to teaching dogs how to perform in animal shows. It is not different from training, either way, you need to have effective communication skills and also be patient working with animals and humans.

What you should be bothered about is how, where, and when to run your dog-training business. You can choose to start a full-service training school and this will require some amount of money, or go to clients’ homes to have private sessions or teach dog owners occasionally at community colleges.

With what we have said, you should know that your income will vary accordingly, however, on payscale, an online salary site says that the median yearly income for a new independent dog trainer is about $39,000.

Interestingly, studies from the Association of Professional Dog Trainers show that most people in this field are self-educated which means that they have taken out time to read extensively about dog behavior, gone for seminars and workshops, and have possibly sat under the mentorship of other trainers.

In as much as there is no required certification, be it federal or state, however, you can stand out as a professional trainer by obtaining certification from any of the top five organizations recognized by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. 

4. Work as an animal masseuse

The responsibility of a masseuse is to assist animals in managing chronic pain and speed their recovery process from injury or surgery. Aside from massage, they offer other forms of bodywork, such as canine water therapy which has to do with building up the strength of a dog in a pool, and acupressure which is a healing art based on the principles of acupuncture.

A Masseuses can work from anywhere, including out of their own homes, at a vet’s office, or by traveling to their client’s homes and they earn similar to what massage therapists and bodyworkers for humans earn but this depends on the level of your training, experience, and specialty, according to Megan Ayrault.

Unlike other aforementioned jobs, you need to undergo some training to become an animal masseuse which can cost you from $1,000 to $2,000 or more, and this program can take up to 50 to 200 hours.

We will advise that you don’t invest in training without knowing your state’s rules on who is permitted to carry out such therapy because some places require you to be a certified veterinarian or work under the supervision of one to practice this.

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Make Money From America's Love for Pets Make Money From America's Love for Pets Make Money From America's Love for Pets Make Money From America's Love for Pets Make Money From America's Love for Pets