Cookieless Ads Gets You More Leads, Traffic, Sales and Profits by bypassing iOS14 Ads Restrictions using a Loophole Within Facebook’s and Instagram’s Retargeting System. #digitalmaketer #digitalmarketing #sales

Cookieless Ads

What  is Cookieless Ads?

Cookieless Ads App Gets You More Leads, Traffic, Sales and Profits by Unlocking/bypassing iOS14 Restrictions using a Loophole Within Facebook’s and Instagram’s Retargeting System…

Cookiless is brand new and first to market software that use cookieless retargetting and sends all the users data bypassing iOS14 blocks, adblocks using server side tracking and provides to precise and accurate data to minimize your ad spend and maximize clicks, sales and profit

Watch how Cookieless Ads Work in the video below:

Screenshot 20210522 154652 Cookieless Ads Gets You More Leads, Traffic, Sales and Profits by bypassing iOS14 Ads Restrictions using a Loophole Within Facebook’s and Instagram’s Retargeting System. #digitalmaketer #digitalmarketing #sales
Cookieless Ads
Screenshot 20210522 155539 Cookieless Ads Gets You More Leads, Traffic, Sales and Profits by bypassing iOS14 Ads Restrictions using a Loophole Within Facebook’s and Instagram’s Retargeting System. #digitalmaketer #digitalmarketing #sales

Did you know apple just blinded your website?

With the launch of iOS 14 update,  Apple just took away the ability of your website & facebook to analyse your visitors, your  lead, customers and sales

So, what does this mean for you?

This will result in-

-Audience size continuously shrinking

-Poor Ad targeting

-Unable to Generate quality lead and sales

-Negative ROI

-Unable to create Native Facebook Pixel Based Audiences

-Wasting Money on targeting random audiences

And this is just a start because Google and other giants  will follow Apple Soon

but with new challenges we discover new solutions

We would like to introduce you to Cookieless ads -World's easiest Facebook and Instagram targeting and tracking software

Using Cookingless Ads App,  you will be ready to bypass Apple iOS 14 block and you will start getting even better targeting,  high quality leads customers and sales from your Facebook and Instagram ads campaign

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Cookieless Ads Software  is the world easiest Aap which you can  implement in three simple steps

1. Login to your cookieless ads dashboard

2. create a new pixel

3. Connect your Facebook or Instagram ads account 

And you are done

That's not all with your purchase of cookieless today you will also get special access to:

-Our hidden  interest targeting software

-Facebook,  Instagram ads creation tool

-Special image editor and

-Done for you ad campaigns

So what are you waiting for, Clíck the link Belów and secure your special accéss with our exclusive early bird deal

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Bonuses I will give to you when you get Cookieless Ads App are listed below👇:

Bonus 1 Web Conversion Videos

Easily boost your web conversion rates with the help of this effective bonus package. This video training guide cover the factors that will help your website increase its conversion rate beyond anything you have ever hoped for.

This package is of multi-utility when combined with the immense powers of CookielessADs.

Bonus 2 Instant Content Creator

You are all set to rock with CookielessADs, and we are giving you an additional booster to enhance its value.

Inside this package, I am giving you an amazing software that will help you make killer articles that will boost your profits quickly and effectively. Ultimately, you can engage more and more people, and get them attracted to your offers.

Take its benefits in order to become successful in the long run.

Bonus 3 WP Headline Pro

Every marketer tries different headlines on their sales pages and squeeze pages in order to maximize your sales and opt-ins. It’s a fact that the headline on your page determines whether people will even bother to read the rest of your page. It's not easy to tell which headlines will convert well just by looking at them – but finding a good headline can easily double (or more) the response to your offer.

WP Headline Pro let you learn the tricks to write powerful headlines and ear more profit. Now you too can create highly engaging headlines that entice maximum visitors and convert them into lifetime customers.

When combined with CookielessADs, this bonus becomes a lethal combination and boosts traffic and profits hands down.

Bonus 4 Article Indexer Pro

Today, content is king, and online marketers are working day in and day out to add content into their webpages so they can attract lots of targeted traffic.

Keeping this in consideration, here’s an exclusive package that includes a powerful software that will help you insert your articles into pre- designed web pages and upload them to the web in a fast manner and get best results.

When combined with CookielessADs, it becomes a win-win situation for business owners.

Bonus 5 Lead Generation On Demand

Generating more leads is anything but easy and if you don’t have a solid marketing strategy that will drive more traffic to your website, you’ll never be able to generate the leads you need for your business to succeed.

Keeping this in mind, this comprehensive guide shows you how you can generate laser targeted leads for your offers and make the most out of them to boost your success.

Now what are you waiting for? Get laser targeted leads and become successful in the long run.

Bonus 6 Mart Expert

eCommerce is one of the most proven and tested business models that you can tap online.

But if you don't have more experience or proper guidance, you might end up failing in the process. So, here is a helpful package that helps you to start your own online store without making mistakes that you can't afford. Inside this product, you’ll be getting 6 MP4 format videos, Sales copy and squeeze page that you can use right away to sell this whole package, high quality articles, reports, audios and much more…. Now, when combined with the powers of world smartest FB retargeting system CookielessADs, this package becomes a sure-shot business booster.

Bonus 7BIZ Landing Page Plugin

Nowadays online businesses are listed in directories such as Yellow Pages only. This WordPress plugin will help you create an all-in-one website that will pull in multiple sources and display in one place.

Also, you can create a business website in one landing page and add tabbed content to keep your visitors engaged to this page.

So, get in active mode and use this bonus with CookielessADs to intensify your growth prospects, and become an enviable success story.

Bonus 8 X-Treme List Build Plugin

For running businesses email lists are very important. Businesses and individuals use email lists in a variety of ways. With this ultimate bonus package, you can easily start creating engagement with your new leads by making your landing page memorable and enjoyable.

This bonus is a great add-on to the powers of world smartest FB retargeting system CookielessADs possesses and will take your marketing benefits to the next level.

Bonus 9 Marketing Minisite Template

To further boost your efforts, I have this exclusive package that includes website templates, bonus articles, high quality images, PSD files etc. that help to convert random visitors into high paying customers. Stop thinking and get on the road to success with this package instantly.

Bonus 10 Lead Capture Page Match

The money is in the list!! You might have heard this phrase from many successful online entrepreneurs and marketers. That's why, many of the aspiring people who also wants to build their own empire online, also do these things. Some succeed but many also failed or gain the experience.

This ultimate guide will help you create a matching lead capture page for the sales page you are promoting. Now capturing leads and promoting red-hot offers to them is in your hands.

Now, stop being a thinking cow. Create your own list and get more visitors & value to your brand.

Bonus 11 10xtools– A Search Engine Optimization Tools. is a social media marketing tool that allows and helps you to easily auto post, schedule Instagram posts along with Facebook, Twitter and many more!.

Boñus 12 Freshmails – Simple 1 Min Trick to Turn Your Email Marketing into More Sales & Traffic.

Bonus 13 xConvert– 14+ Sales Booster that Can TRIPLE Your Sales & Clicks On Any Website By Just Copy Pasting 1 Line of Code

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