Instagram Affiliate

Instagram Affiliate: what to know:

After rolling out Reels support in the Instagram Lite app late last month, the Facebook-owned image sharing platform is now working on a host of new features. These include a new affiliate marketing program, an option to mute specific keywords in direct messages, and more.

Android developer and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi recently shared screenshots highlighting all the aforementioned features. As you can see in the attached tweets, Instagram is working on an affiliate marketing program that will let influencers monetize their content on the platform.


The new Affiliate setting will appear in the Creator section on the app, and users will be able to sign up for it by following a few simple steps. However, the affiliate marketing feature may not be available for all users at launch.

Additionally, Instagram is working on a new “Content controls” setting that will let users block specific keywords in their direct messages. The setting will show up in the Privacy section of the app, and users have the option to add keywords they wish to mute. The app will then block all direct messages containing said keywords automatically. Users will also get the option to choose if they want to turn on keyword blocking for everyone or for specific accounts.


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