How Big Brands are Generating 1000 of Leads on a Daily Basis – Secret Revealed

black How Big Brands are Generating 1000 of Leads on a Daily Basis - Secret Revealed

If you keep a tab on what’s trending, then you must have heard about quizzes being used as one of the engaging content types. Yes, that’s true!
Nowadays, quizzes are being used to engage potential customers. It is by asking them questions concerning their interests.

Surprising Quiz Facts That Will Make You Take Notice!

✔ You would be amazed to know that an average quiz gets shared on Facebook for up to 2,000 times.
✔ Quizzes provide you with user-generated insights on how your audience is thinking about topics that may be relevant to you.
✔ The biggest benefit of using quizzes is that it helps you suggest, or pitch a product that may satisfy the journey of the user.
✔ 81% of marketers think that interactive content like quizzes engages users quickly.
✔ Quizzes engage users when you ask questions concerning their interest. This way, you can get quick leads and drive massive traffic.

Quizzes – The Real Gold Mine for Everyone!

So if you are looking to generating qualified leads, then Quizzes can be your Gold Mine…
Surprised! Yeah, that’s true.
If you can create Dynamic Quizzes which offers a Personalized Solution to your Quiz respondents, then you’ll see an instant jump in Lead Generation and Conversion.
“Because, when you ask Questions and Provide a Solution to your Quiz respondents based onto their Answers, then they are more Engaged and more likely to Buy from you as you are Offering them a Personalized Solution as per their Needs.”
This will open flood gates to massive leads, sales and patronage!

The Biggest Challenge

Now that you know the power of quizzes and how it can help in generating qualified leads, let’s talk about the biggest challenge – And that is how to create these money-making viral lead generation quizzes?
At present, the tools which allows you to create quizzes lack the technology that is needs to build dynamic logic branching quizzes… Plus, existing options are very costly and charge you heavy recurring costs. Don’t forget how complex it’s to use these lead generation apps!
Don’t worry!
Now, there is a solution which is pocket friendly as well as loaded with advanced features. And the best – It’s 100% newbie friendly.
QuizTarget – The Most Powerful and Interactive Quiz Builder on the Planet.

QuizTarget – The Gold Mine Digger!

QuizTarget is that Powerful and Interactive Quiz Builder that lets you grab qualified leads by creating Dynamic Money-Making Quizzes.
Plus, it’s loaded with tons of Awesome Features. (Read on to explore more…)
So, if you are looking to get tremendous leads, then QuizTarget is the only product that you would ever need.

What is QuizTarget?

QuizTarget is a revolutionary SaaS tool that Creates Engaging and Money-Making Quizzes in Just a Few Clicks.
In simple words, QuizTarget is the most Powerful Lead Generation App which helps in grabbing the Targeted Leads using the Power of Quizzes
No matter what your niche is, QuizTarget works for all.
It means that you don’t need to spend tons of money on lead generation tools or to agencies for who give cold leads services.
Instead, you just need to invest a Tiny One-Time Fee in QuizTarget, and then sit back and relax as the tool grabs massive Hot Leads on Auto Pilot.
And that happens without putting much efforts and time! QuizTarget is one such tool that creates engaging quizzes in no time and returns you with killer leads.

What Does QuizTarget Do For You?

⮚ Creates professional-looking quizzes in few clicks.
⮚ Creates dynamic quizzes with logic branching.
⮚ Creates custom audience for re-targeting.
⮚ Saves tons of money that you may have paid to agencies for lead generation.
⮚ Creates any type of quizzes super quick (Funnel quizzes, sales quizzes, lead generation quizzes, feedback quizzes, pre-launch quizzes and more).
⮚ Turns any video into viral lead generation quizzes.
⮚ Comes with the revolutionary Quiz Mindmap Designer.
⮚ Builds your lists in no time.
And many more powerful features…

Checkout the powerful features of QuizTarget here…

Check How Big Brands and Influencers Are Using Quizzes to Grab Hot Leads

Even Big Brands are leveraging the power of quizzes and generating 1000s of leads on a daily basis.
Here is a proof-

blog img2 How Big Brands are Generating 1000 of Leads on a Daily Basis - Secret Revealed

Amazon places different quiz sets on its platform to ask questions to its potential customers to pitch products and fetch rich leads. They have increased their app downloads by almost 78% using this Quiz Lead Gen technology.

blog img4 How Big Brands are Generating 1000 of Leads on a Daily Basis - Secret Revealed

Ben Angel uses quizzes to find out multiple aspects of its respondents to generate quick leads. He generated more than 50,000+ leads which he later used to pitch his product.

blog img3 How Big Brands are Generating 1000 of Leads on a Daily Basis - Secret Revealed

Here is an example of Masterchef Mother’s Day Quiz, which had generated 198,425 leads for them.

blog img5 How Big Brands are Generating 1000 of Leads on a Daily Basis - Secret Revealed

Check out how ClickFunnels is using quizzes to grab hot leads. They are also segmenting the audience and pitching the product to these qualified leads.

What Are You Still Waiting For?

Get onto the fast lanes of profit and grab highly qualified leads for your business using QuizTarget.
Go ahead and start using QuizTarget today and be on your way to welcome massive leads, huge sales and crazy traffic like never before!

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