Instantly Transform ‘Text-Only’ Reviews into Authentic, Powerful Video Stories [STOREY]

Instantly Transform 'Text-Only' Reviews into Authentic, Powerful Video Stories [STOREY]

Storey leverages the most powerful and effective medium on the internet right now.

Your subscribers can take old, boring ‘block’ testimonials from their sales page, ecom page or anywhere else, and then immediately transform them into beautiful, engaging and high-converting ‘customer stories’ for your subscriber’s prospects to watch.

These ‘Customer Experience Stories’ increase conversions and can be placed anywhere on a user’s website.

Prospects are DRAWN to these stories, because they’re so used to seeing them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more. They grab attention and look engaging. People want to click these and they want to watch.

Position Storey’s ‘Customer Stories Widget’ above or below your buy button on your sales page to experience improved conversions, visitor engagement and more sales. Or, simply place it in the corner of your website so it’s always visible, even when visitors are scrolling.


Create your own storey experience in under 2 minutes.

1. Copy & Paste Reviews

Copy and paste any existing reviews directly into Storey.

2. Select a Story Template

Select a template out of our high-converting animated designs.

3. Flexible Design

Customize the look and feel of your stories on your website. Colors, sizing, placement (such as below “buy now” button, or even in website corner) and call to actions.

4. Plug into Your Website

Go live by pasting one small snippet of code and watch conversions go up as visitors view your authentic social proof as the #1 most engaging medium right now… STORIES!


  • Instantly Transform ‘Text-Only' Reviews into Authentic, Powerful Video Stories
  • Creating a New Experience is as Simple as Copying & Pasting Any Reviews into Storey
  • Customizable High-Converting Storey Templates (Light & Dark Modes Available)
  • Design a 100% Customizable Widget Just Like You See on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & More!
  • Embed in Corner of Your Website
  • Embed Anywhere on Your Web Page (Such as below your ‘buy now' button)
  • Once Added to Your Website, Publish NEW Video Stories to Your Website Without Having to Replace Codes
  • Widget is Mobile-Optimized & Stories Play on Mobile Devices
  • Access MeetStorey Via Any Web Browser. No Software Installation or Downloads Required!
  • No Technical Skills Required
  • Low Introductory One-Time Fee
  • Commercial Rights Included!


Storey allows you to use the most engaging medium right now to increase sales… stories!

Using Storey, you can transform boring ‘text-only' testimonials into engaging (fully customizable) video stories.

Place a widget (that looks just like the one at the top of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp and more) anywhere on your website (such as below your ‘buy now' button).

When a visitor clicks the widget; authentic, powerful social proof stories will begin playing – urging the visitor to purchase.

You know reviews are the single most impactful conversion factor for any product. Everyone these days looks at reviews before deciding whether or not to buy.

Stop making your visitors scroll away from your buy button to read your ‘text-only’ reviews, and keep them engaged right below your buy now button so they can checkout immediately after viewing.

Use your new social proof widget for your own business, or sell them to clients and keep 100% of the profits (no licensing or royalties).


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