Hey Friend,

Despite the conspiracy going on about CONVID19 lockdown I still bring you good news. See it below;


If you suck at creating video (excuse my french) and want

an awesome way to make sure your videos get watched

each and every time, then go check out Mugjam here

Mugjam is the first app of its kind that lets anyone (newbies

included) create Mugjams of any face on the planet in only

a few seconds.

Now if you’re wondering what a Mugjam is, basically it’s a

talking spokesperson created from a photo. 

There’s realistic

head turns, natural looking eyes and teeth, the whole shebang.

But what you may not have known is that trying to use this

technology in other applications will cost you an arm and a



I know of one app that does something ‘similar’ (not exactly and

it can’t compete with Mugjam) that is easily going to run you

a couple of hundred buckeroos for the lowest level of their software.

But with the launch of Mugjam, you’re not only getting the

ability to create Mugjams fast, but also you’ll be getting an incredible

discount on the software platform!

That’s right. In only minutes from now you could create realistic

looking spokespersons from any photo you want and use them

in a number of ways such as:

[+] Load up a Mugjam template (there’s over 50 of them) and

put your Mugjam on top. Great for creating all types of videos.

Even video ads!

[+] Use green screen – great for putting your Mugjam in any

scenario you like.

[+] Use existing video – Use your Mugjam like a spokesperson

for tutorials, presentations, and more. Just overlay it on top of

your existing video inside of Mugjam and you’re good to go!

And that’s only a snippet of what Mugjam can do.

To see everything that Mugjam has to offer, along with the

early bird discount – click here

But you’ll need to hurry because that discount is available for

a limited time. Once the timer runs out on that page, you’ll

be forced to pay more.

So go ahead and head over now to start creating your own

Mugjams in seconds.

You won’t regret it. I guarantee it.

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